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1832 U.S. Patents

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Stern, David on January 5, 1832
#X006887 stones for grist mills Vanderburgh County, IN

Walsh, Richard on January 5, 1832
#X006888 cement for wood, brick, stone or iron work Boston, MA

Chase, Ebenezer C. on January 6, 1832
#X006889 breaking and dressing flax and hemp Jay, ME

Douglass, Archibald O. on January 6, 1832
#X006890 machine for cutting books Philadelphia, PA

Fitch, Samuel on January 6, 1832
#X006891 fanning mill Edmeston, NY

Lewis, William on January 6, 1832
#X006892 tin bake oven Franklin, NY

VanNoy, Cornelius on January 10, 1832
#X006893 bedsteads Lexington, KY

Granger, Moses on January 11, 1832
#X006894 restoring sour or musty beer or ale to its orginal purity by rebrewing Lowville, NY

Irvine, Robert on January 12, 1832
#X006895 steamboat ice Baltimore, MD

Meneely, James on January 12, 1832
#X006896 manufacturing locks Watervleit, NY

Keefer, John on January 13, 1832
#X006897 dressing stones Williamsport, PA

Taylor, Joel & Brown, Charles on January 13, 1832
#X006898 manufacturing hats Danbury, CT

Whities, Thomas A. on January 14, 1832
#X006899 plough Bellefontaine, OH

Kimball, Tristam on January 16, 1832
#X006900 bending felleys Salem, NH

Simmons, Seth on January 16, 1832
#X006901 throstle frame for spinning cotton Providence, RI

Young, William J. on January 17, 1832
#X006902 surveying compass Philadelphia, PA

Bogardus, James on January 18, 1832
#X006903 universal mill for grinding paint, grain, etc. New York, NY

Holloway, Thomas on January 20, 1832
#X006904 gudgeon for wing valve Philadelphia, PA

Holloway, Thomas on January 20, 1832
#X006905 sliding valve for steam engine Philadelphia, PA

Holloway, Thomas on January 20, 1832
#X006906 valve of the vibratory steam engine Philadelphia, PA

Sawyer, James on January 21, 1832
#X006907 pulm strainer Newbury, VT

Faber, Edward on January 24, 1832
#X006908 card for carding wool, cotton, etc. Pittsburgh, PA

Harvey, Thomas W. on January 24, 1832
#X006909 manufacturing wrought nails Jamestown, NY

Mullier, Daniel on January 24, 1832
#X006910 corn, clover, shelling and thrashing machine combined with a grist mill Wooster, OH

Payne, Philenzo and Rundell, Joshua (6910½) on January 26, 1832
#X006910 cotton press Claiborne County, MS

Snyder, John on January 26, 1832
#X006911 manufacturing buck shot New York, NY

Woodcock, Bancroft on January 26, 1832
#X006912 self sharpening plough Mount Pleasant, PA

Hotchkiss, Gideon on January 27, 1832
#X006913 grist mill Windsor, NY

Jones, George on January 27, 1832
#X006914 manufacturing spruce beer Boston, MA

Douglas, John C. on January 30, 1832
#X006915 piston safety valve New York, NY

Drinkhouse, Samuel on January 30, 1832
#X006916 washing hats Eastonborough, PA

Quimby, Jonathan T. on January 30, 1832
#X006917 truss for vessels Belfast, ME

Hurd, Orlando on January 31, 1832
#X006918 thrashing machine Bridgeport, CT

Phillips, Benjamin on January 31, 1832
#X006919 generating and applying high steam Philadelphia, PA

Rives, Thomas, Sr. on February 3, 1832
#X006920 machine for washing gold Hall County, GA

Holmes, John on February 6, 1832
#X006921 pressing cheese, cider, etc. Paris, ME

Varden, Robert B. on February 6, 1832
#X006922 warming rooms and management of heat Baltimore, MD

Carriel, George on February 7, 1832
#X006923 machine for cleaning rags Manchester, CT

Urquhart, Norman on February 7, 1832
#X006924 saw set for mills Madison County, AL

Booker, George on February 8, 1832
#X006925 tobacco press Richmond, VA

Bruner, John H. on February 9, 1832
#X006926 churn McKean, OH

Brown, David on February 11, 1832
#X006927 dry docks New York, NY

Muser, Joseph and Gitchell, Levi B. on February 11, 1832
#X006928 labor saving rotary gate purchase Canton, OH

Hathaway, Sylvanus on February 13, 1832
#X006929 machine for pressing flour Massillon, OH

Hathaway, Sylvanus on February 13, 1832
#X006930 washing machine Massillon, OH

Dare, Reneer on February 14, 1832
#X006931 mode of fastening handles to hoes Greenwich, CT

Gomperts, Benjamin on February 14, 1832
#X006932 bleaching bayberry wax New York, NY

Miller, Clark, Jr. on February 14, 1832
#X006933 machine for dressing stone or marble Williamsport, PA

McAll, William & Higgins, H.H. and Rogers, Reuben G. on February 15, 1832
#X006934 washing machine Athens, AL

McArthur, Duncan & McKibben, Thomas on February 15, 1832
#X006935 shingle sawing machine Urbana, OH

Miller, Jacob on February 16, 1832
#X006936 distilling Lancaster, PA

Richardson, Israel B. on February 17, 1832
#X006937 percussion lock Palmyra, NY

Powers, William (administratrix, Deborah Powers administratrix ) on February 18, 1832
#X006938 manufacturing oil cloth by machinery Lansingburg, NY

Costill, Stacy on February 20, 1832
#X006939 steam and power engine Philadelphia, PA

Hawkins, John on February 28, 1832
#X006940 machine for cutting leather visors for caps Roxbury, MA

Fairbanks, Thaddeus and Fairbanks, Erastus on February 21, 1832
#X006941 weighing heavy bodies St. Johnsbury, VT

Prine, Peter & Huestis, Lott on February 23, 1832
#X006942 fanning mill Auburn, NY

Corey, James H. on February 27, 1832
#X006943 portable horse power Bethel Township, OH

Gifford, James T. on February 27, 1832
#X006944 bark mill Veteran, NY

Lambert, Roger N. on February 27, 1832
#X006945 cane rifles Upton, MA

Mills, Richard on February 27, 1832
#X006946 water proof hats Baltimore, MD

Whetmore, Jared B. on February 27, 1832
#X006947 compound balance lever Rush, NY

Sinclair, John on February 28, 1832
#X006948 head block for saw mill Richland, OH

Ogle, Samuel (assignee, Samuel Witherow) on February 28, 1832
#X006949 self sharpening plough Adams County, PA

Allen, Ebenezer on February 29, 1832
#X006950 winch and gin for loading vessels New York, NY

Remington, Jesse on March 1, 1832
#X006951 ventilating vessels and purifying the air in them Baltimore, MD

Adams, Nathaniel on March 2, 1832
#X006952 thrashing machine Westmoreland, NY

Francis, John B. on March 2, 1832
#X006953 cutting hubs and boring the ends to let in boxes Loudon County, VA

Drummond, John on March 6, 1832
#X006954 machine for moulding bricks Whitestown, NY

Emmons, Uri on March 6, 1832
#X006955 horizontal knife and roller plane for planeing wood New York, NY

Seabold, Christopher, Jr. on March 6, 1832
#X006956 machine for hulling clover seed New Berlin, PA

Badean, Nicholas W. on March 8, 1832
#X006957 medicine for the cure of syphilis, etc., denominated the "Unfortunate's Friend" New York, NY

Brannan, John on March 8, 1832
#X006958 machine for cutting sausage meat Baltimore, MD

Newson, Lewis on March 8, 1832
#X006959 machinery for preparing hides for tanning Gallipolis, OH

Washburn, Philo on March 8, 1832
#X006960 saddle tree harness Taunton, MA

Richards, Jedediah on March 9, 1832
#X006961 railways and cars used thereon Elbridge, NY

Harris, Edmund and Newton, James & Webster, Willard and Dart, Jehiel W. on March 10, 1832
#X006962 machine for grinding and shelling apples, potatoes, etc. Truxton, NY

Bruce, John & Bruce, Charles on March 13, 1832
#X006963 crackers, ship biscuits, etc. King's County, NY

Fox, Jesse on March 14, 1832
#X006964 mode of supplying boilers with water Lowell, MA

Morrison, Noah and Lewis, John on March 14, 1832
#X006965 horizontal double washing and scouring machine Uniontown, PA

Harris, Oliver C. on March 15, 1832
#X006966 machine for grinding indigo paints, etc. Waterville, NY

Goodyear, Charles on March 16, 1832
#X006967 spring lever faucet Philadelphia, PA

Snow, Eliphalet on March 16, 1832
#X006968 silk reel for winding from cocoons Mansfield, CT

Willard, Simon on March 16, 1832
#X006969 revolving machine for cutting laths Cincinnati, OH

Smith, Silas on March 17, 1832
#X006970 smoke ventilator Hamilton, OH

Hatch, John on March 21, 1832
#X006971 printing machinery Boston, MA

Look, Abel & Coleman, William, Jr. on March 21, 1832
#X006972 separating grain, grass seeds, RI
ce, etc. from straw Fredericktown, MD

Prior, Samuel on March 22, 1832
#X006973 vice for fastening clothes on a line Salem, NY

Wolf, George on March 22, 1832
#X006974 shingle cutting machine Clear Creek Township, OH

Blaylock, VA
chel on March 24, 1832
#X006975 saw mill Bellefontaine, OH

Curtis, Philo C. on March 27, 1832
#X006976 forge backs and for other fires where a blast is required Utica, NY

Humberd, Daniel and Downs, George on March 27, 1832
#X006977 bark mill McConnelstown, PA

Calvert, William W. & Southwick, Royal and Messenger, Alfred on March 31, 1832
#X006978 spinning wool and the manufacture of heavy fabricks Lowell, MA

Badger, Edmund on April 5, 1832
#X006979 stock for the neck Philadelphia, PA

Ball, Eastman R. on April 5, 1832
#X006980 doors Oswego, NY

Dean, Jonathan R. on April 5, 1832
#X006981 machine for grinding apples Augusta Township, Carroll County, OH

Faber, George on April 5, 1832
#X006982 machine for hulling clover seed Chambersburg, PA

Grinnel, William V. on April 5, 1832
#X006983 packing for steam engines Middletown, CT

Lancaster, Moses on April 5, 1832
#X006984 planeing boards, grinding and polishing marble and sawing tenons with circular saws North Liberties, Philadelphia, PA

Register, Thomas on April 5, 1832
#X006985 hulling buckwheat, barley, etc. West Township, OH

Gray, Frederick on April 6, 1832
#X006986 machine for pegging boots and shoes Rowley, MA

Pier, William B. & Mack, Andrew on April 6, 1832
#X006987 elongated, spiral, flanged shell and shot Detroit, MI Territory

Plumb, Abraham on April 6, 1832
#X006988 mode of seasoning, drying, and fitting boards for use Buffalo, NY

Pratt, Josiah, Jr. on May 16, 1832
#X006989 machine for making axes Charlemont, MA

Wilson, David G. on April 6, 1832
#X006990 washing machine Machias, ME

Gedney, Robert on April 7, 1832
#X006991 coaches, barouches, etc. New York, NY

Parker, George on April 7, 1832
#X006992 striking part of clocks Utica, NY

Dowler, Francis on April 9, 1832
#X006993 percussion lock Wayne Township, OH

Cornell, Philip on April 11, 1832
#X006994 jointing staves by a circular saw and for sawing bilging staves by means of convex concave circular saws Brutus, NY

Savage, Simeon on April 11, 1832
#X006995 washing machine East Machias, ME

Costill, Stacy on April 13, 1832
#X006996 face plate valve Philadelphia, PA

Holland, Harrison on April 13, 1832
#X006997 manufacturing boxes of wood Belcherstown, MA

Carrington, James on April 14, 1832
#X006998 parallel ruler Wallingford, CT

Minton, Sylvanus on April 14, 1832
#X006999 washing machine Pendleton, SC

Rees, Francis on April 14, 1832
#X007000 reduced friction roller axle tree Clarksville, GA

Branch, Hardin on April 18, 1832
#X007001 thrashing machine New York, NY

Branch, Hardin on April 18, 1832
#X007002 bedstead fastenings New York, NY

Branch, Hardin on April 18, 1832
#X007003 revolving churn dasher New York, NY

Washburn, Calvin on April 18, 1832
#X007004 fastenings for doors Bridgewater, MA

Wilson, MA
thew on April 18, 1832
#X007005 thrashing machine and attached grist mill Springfield, VA

Angevine, Caleb on April 19, 1832
#X007006 balanced lever churn New York, NY

Duffey, George H. on April 19, 1832
#X007007 machine for drawing soda water Alexandria, DC

Flint, Daniel on April 19, 1832
#X007008 cutting plugs for ships by a centre point spring-bit Nobleborough, ME

Harland, Jacob on April 19, 1832
#X007009 machine for cutting straw, hay, stalks, etc. Tompkinsville, KY

Medeira, George A. on April 19, 1832
#X007010 machine for holding and guiding tools Chambersburg, PA

Cooke, Lucius on April 20, 1832
#X007011 pressing opium from the poppy plant Shrewsbury, NJ

Morgan, Frederick on April 27, 1832
#X007012 applying varnish to whip staffs Westfield, MA

Peabody, Francis and Dixon, Joseph on April 20, 1832
#X007013 preventing conterfeit bank notes by lithography Salem, MA

Adams, John J. on April 21, 1832
#X007014 flattening glass Washington, DC

Barnes, Amos on April 27, 1832
#X007015 grist mill Colesville, NY

Coston, Benton P. on April 27, 1832
#X007016 washing machine Philadelphia, PA

Dayton, Giles & Mallory, Andrew on April 27, 1832
#X007017 whip engine for turning stock Westfield, MA

Drake, John R. on April 27, 1832
#X007018 saw mill Owego, NY

Drummond, John on April 27, 1832
#X007019 planeing, tongueing, and grooving boards Whitestown, NY

Green, William on April 27, 1832
#X007020 turning lathe Bedford County, TN

Harvey, Thomas W. on April 27, 1832
#X007021 rotary toggle joint press Jamestown, NY

Moffit, John on April 27, 1832
#X007022 water wheel Richmond, OH

Monohon, George on April 27, 1832
#X007023 machine for hulling clover seed Augusta Township, Carroll County,OH

Nash, Adkins on April 27, 1832
#X007024 wind and water wheel Addison, ME

Newborough, David on April 27, 1832
#X007025 spinning wool and cotton Riley Township, Butler County, OH

Norton, Job B. on April 27, 1832
#X007026 self sharpening plough Utica, NY

Philips, David on April 27, 1832
#X007027 cotton press Natchez, MS

Rhodes, William on April 27, 1832
#X007028 lever power machinery propelling mills, boats, etc., Trenton, TN

Springer, Barnabas on April 27, 1832
#X007029 manufacturing barrels for oil Henry County, IN

Stinchfield, Stephen F. on April 27, 1832
#X007030 floating screw docks New Orleans, LA

Sullivan, Jeremiah on April 27, 1832
#X007031 preventing smokey chimneys and extinguishing fire in them Washington, DC

Whittemore, Homer on April 27, 1832
#X007032 preparing and finishing card boards for the handle Newton, NY

Bamford, Daniel on April 28, 1832
#X007033 machine for moulding and pressing bricks Deerfield, NY

Gardiner, Morris J. on April 30, 1832
#X007034 preparing luminous glasses for orreries, etc. York, PA

Schultze, John N. on April 30, 1832
#X007035 bleaching yellow bees' wax New York, NY

Carpenter, Ira on May 2, 1832
#X007036 machine for cutting laths Cincinnati, OH

Dugdale, Benjamin on May 3, 1832
#X007037 propelling mills, boats, land vehicles, etc. by wind Trenton, NJ

Hank, Caleb on May 3, 1832
#X007038 limeing and handling hides in tanning Monroe County, VA

Johnston, William G. on May 3, 1832
#X007039 universal mill for grinding paint, dye-stuffs, etc. Philadelphia, PA

Pritchard, George on May 3, 1832
#X007040 saddle, steel spring worm Clarksburg, VA

Colman, Jeremiah L. on May 4, 1832
#X007041 self-regulating horizontal wind mill Vincennes, IN

Boston, Joseph on May 5, 1832
#X007042 seidlitz or rochelle water New York, NY

May, Oliver N. on May 5, 1832
#X007043 grist mill Hancock, NY

Zwahlen, Louis on May 5, 1832
#X007044 seraphina or harmonicon organ New York, NY

Dudley, Joseph on April 8, 1832
#X007045 plough Fleming County, KY

Potter, Edward on April 8, 1832
#X007046 cooking stove and fire place Providence, RI

Fraley, James and Kirkpatrick, Andrew on April 9, 1832
#X007047 soda water fountain Urbana, OH

Willard, Simon on April 9, 1832
#X007048 shearing board Cincinnati, OH

Andrews, Solomon on May 10, 1832
#X007049 gas lamp Perth Amboy, NJ

Beach, Joseph & Starr, Sylvester on May 10, 1832
#X007050 hulling, cleaning, and polishing rice Middletown, CT

Gee, William on May 10, 1832
#X007051 corn shelling machine Prince George County, VA

Kable, Samuel on May 10, 1832
#X007052 thrashing machine Beaver Creek Township, Greene County, OH

Sowle, George W. on May 11, 1832
#X007053 rivets for coopers New Bedford, MA

Taft, Frederick A. on May 11, 1832
#X007054 manufacturing paper for covering buildings Dedham, MA

Bartlett, Horace on May 12, 1832
#X007055 cooking stove Bridgeport, CT

Beale, Robert on May 12, 1832
#X007056 safety carriage or mode of disengaging horses therefrom Washington, DC

Dart, Joseph, Jr. and Wells, William and Omstead, Daniel on May 12, 1832
#X007057 napping hats Buffalo, NY

Witherby, Silas on May 12, 1832
#X007058 machine for crimping boots Essex, VT

Graham, Seth on May 15, 1832
#X007059 forming hat bodies Fayette, ME

Phillips, David & Drummond, John on May 15, 1832
#X007060 machine for mixing clay and making brick Whitestown, NY

Ewbank, Thomas on May 16, 1832
#X007061 coating pipes with tin New York, NY

Maffit, Joseph on May 16, 1832
#X007062 improvement in Filler's machine for preparing cigars Lancaster, PA

Wilson, William on May 16, 1832
#X007063 manufacturing andirons Greenfield, MA

Plummer, Joseph W. and Clarke, John on May 17, 1832
#X007064 fire arms Wayne Township, OH

Plummer, Joseph W & Clarke, John on May 17, 1832
#X007065 manufacturing rifles Wayne Township, OH

Sheffield, John and Ingraham, Jonas on May 17, 1832
#X007066 propelling steamboats and other vessels Erie County, NY

Bogardus, James on May 18, 1832
#X007067 striking part of clocks New York, NY

Kyle, James on May 18, 1832
#X007068 door locks New York, NY

Turk, Evans on May 18, 1832
#X007069 brush, brooms and other handles Harrisburg, PA

Aborn, John on May 19, 1832
#X007070 machine for dipping candles Trenton, NJ

Allen, John P. on May 19, 1832
#X007071 bedsteads, sofas, settees, etc. Manchester, MA

Ruple, James on May 19, 1832
#X007072 winnowing mill Washington, PA

Webster, Wait on May 19, 1832
#X007073 boots and shoes, attaching soles to gum elastic New York, NY

Greene, Charles G. on May 31, 1832
#X007074 silk reel Windsor, VT

Hackett, Bradbury on May 21, 1832
#X007075 stereotype blocks, improvement in moving forward the "hooker" Boston, MA

Pulsifer, John S. & Pulsifer, Ebenezer on May 21, 1832
#X007076 double cylinder washing machine for cloth in garments Ipswich, MA

Blood, Jackson and Hurd, Samuel A. on May 22, 1832
#X007077 sawing wood by hand, horse, or water power Fairfield County, CT

Gregg, Thomas on May 22, 1832
#X007078 blast furnace for smelting iron ore Connellsville, PA

Munson, Reuben on May 22, 1832
#X007079 fluting and bending comb press New York, NY

Adams, Seth on May 23, 1832
#X007080 improvement in the Faustus printing press Boston, MA

Fellows, Stephen on May 24, 1832
#X007081 smut mill Sandwich, NH

Prescott, William on May 24, 1832
#X007082 reflecting baker tin Boston, MA

Fahnestock, William B. on May 25, 1832
#X007083 tonsillarum sector Lancaster, PA

Fisk, Ezra on May 25, 1832
#X007084 washing machine Fayette, ME

Fisk, Ezra on May 25, 1832
#X007085 washing machine Fayette, ME

Foster, Samuel E. on May 25, 1832
#X007086 washing and cleaning felts, PA
per makers Brattleborough, VT

Judd, Bethel on May 25, 1832
#X007087 bedsteads New London, CT

French, Thomas on May 26, 1832
#X007088 filtering for paper making Ithaca, NY

Mayo, Ebenezer on May 26, 1832
#X007089 washing machine called the wash drum Hallowell, ME

Sawyer, Samuel on May 28, 1832
#X007090 stereotype blocks Boston, MA

Stoddard, Sheldon on May 28, 1832
#X007091 horizontal water wheel Jackson Township, PA

Green, John B. on May 29, 1832
#X007092 bleaching cotton, linens, etc. Portsmouth, NH

Knapp, David C. & Knapp, Charles H. and Howland, AL
len H. on May 29, 1832
#X007093 manufacturing fish, whale, and sperm oil Oswego, NY

Stahl, Jacob on May 29, 1832
#X007094 hot air furnace and bake oven and heating rooms Baltimore, MD

Watson, David on May 29, 1832
#X007095 boxes and hubs and hanging coach bodies Fayette, MA

Mott, Jordon L. on May 30, 1832
#X007096 anthracite coal stove New York, NY

Byram, Robert J. on May 31, 1832
#X007097 door locks or spring catch Boston, MA

Booth, Samuel on June 1, 1832
#X007098 brazing and bronzing bells for cows or sheep Berlin, CT

Chapin, Levi on June 1, 1832
#X007099 saw mill Walpole, NH

Foster, Samuel E. on June 1, 1832
#X007100 machine for cleaning and dusting rags Brattleborough, VT

Harley, George & Sedgwick, John on June 1, 1832
#X007101 ventilator or machine for pumping air Philadelphia, PA

Chapman, Jesse on June 2, 1832
#X007102 machine for mixing clay Mad River Township, OH

Bacon, Asahel on June 4, 1832
#X007103 grist mill Windsor, NY

Bacon, Asahel on June 4, 1832
#X007104 letting water on horizontal wheels Windsor, NY

Prentiss, Sever (7104½) on June 4, 1832
#X007104 grist mill, gate pressure New York, NY

Colver, David on June 6, 1832
#X007105 raising water by steam engine Deer Creek, OH

Darrow, Jedediah on June 2, 1832
#X007106 churn Warren, OH

Mason, Emerald on June 6, 1832
#X007107 cutting and heading nails Milton, VT

Sellers, Coleman on June 6, 1832
#X007108 pulp dresser Philadelphia, PA

Loomis, William on June 7, 1832
#X007109 churn Ashford, CT

Mason, David H. on June 7, 1832
#X007110 figure lathe to prevent counterfeiting Philadelphia, PA

Smith, James on June 7, 1832
#X007111 machine for cutting tenons for spokes Fayette, ME

Wiswell, Andrew on June 7, 1832
#X007112 tailor's square for delineating garments Exeter, NH

Day, Samuel D. and Day, William T. on June 8, 1832
#X007113 cooking apparatus Westfield, MA

Parmelee, David & Mooers, Jonathan on June 12, 1832
#X007114 grinding, scouring, and hulling grain New Troy, PA

Burrall, Thomas D. and Axtell, Jehiel F. on June 13, 1832
#X007115 thrashing machine and other machines propelled by animal power Geneva, NY

Richardson, George on June 14, 1832
#X007116 kitchen tin South Reading, MA

Winslow, Elijah and Chandler, Thomas & Milliken, John M. and Winslow, Hezekiah on June 4, 1832
#X007117 paint or composition for rendering silk, etc. water proof Unity, ME

Omitted on June 4, 1832
#X007118 see 7115

Avery, Ira on June 22, 1832
#X007119 washing machine Springville, PA

Batchelder, Samuel on June 22, 1832
#X007120 machinery for dressing yarn preparatory to weaving Saco, ME

Bright, Jacob on June 22, 1832
#X007121 spigot or cock Sunbury, PA

Cobb, James D. on June 22, 1832
#X007122 friction wheels or rollers for machinery Lebanon, OH

Howe, John J. on June 22, 1832
#X007123 manufacturing pins North Salem, NY

Korn, Henry on June 22, 1832
#X007124 nets for horses Philadelphia, PA

Laning, Joseph H. on June 22, 1832
#X007125 soda water apparatus Philadelphia, PA

McCay, William on June 22, 1832
#X007126 method of extracting alcohol by the process by distillation, used in stiffening hats Northumberland, PA

Merrill, Joseph on June 22, 1832
#X007127 screw lever for extending crooked or setting fractured limbs Glasgow, KY

Nuckolls, John & Wheeler, Solomon P. on June 22, 1832
#X007128 horizontal water wheel, current and inclined race wheel Bolivar, TN

Overman, Benjamin on June 22, 1832
#X007129 destroying bed bugs by steam Greenborough, NC

Parker, Edmund and White, Herman on June 22, 1832
#X007130 coffee and spice mill Meriden, CT

Porter, Rufus on June 22, 1832
#X007131 striking part of clocks Bellerica, MA

Tibbitts, LaFayette on June 22, 1832
#X007132 steam engine and its operation New Glasgow, VA

Wilson, Mark L. on June 22, 1832
#X007133 spreading lime on land Quakertown, PA

Ladd, Jesse on June 22, 1832
#X007134 churn lever Holdeness, NH

Goodell, N. P. on June 23, 1832
#X007135 increasing the power of steam Kirtland, OH

Hinkley, Benjamin on June 23, 1832
#X007136 hoe Fayette, ME

Philips, David on June 23, 1832
#X007137 machine for moulding and pressing bricks Natchez, MS

Power, Simeon on June 23, 1832
#X007138 churn Lawrenceville, PA

Griscom, Samuel on June 26, 1832
#X007139 lime kiln for anthracite coal Reading, PA

Hale, Aaron on June 26, 1832
#X007140 standing or Boston press Boston, MA

Crowl, George on June 27, 1832
#X007141 plough Sleepy Creek, VA

Keen, Elisha L. on June 27, 1832
#X007142 protecting vessels from lightning in or out of port New York, NY

Magee, William on June 27, 1832
#X007143 lamps for burning compound spirits of oil New York, NY

Showerman, Timothy on June 27, 1832
#X007144 propelling machinery by horse power Covington, NY

VanGorder, Isaac on June 27, 1832
#X007145 churn Warren, OH

Wolf, George on June 28, 1832
#X007146 self sharpening plough Fairfield County, OH

Brown, William on June 28, 1832
#X007147 tan-vats, or letches and conveying trough Herkimer, NY

Huse, Samuel on June 28, 1832
#X007148 brand for barrels Newburyport, MA

Bush, Thacker V. on June 29, 1832
#X007149 machine for curing croup in poultry Clark County, KY

Reynolds, Allen B. on June 29, 1832
#X007150 saw mill, circular railway and propelling machinery Cincinnati, OH

Howe, Nathan D & McCollam, James on June 30, 1832
#X007151 washing machine New Petersburgh, OH

Clark, Edward on July 3, 1832
#X007152 metallic salts (date of patent Dec. 4, 1828) New York, NY

Kirk, Isaac D. on July 3, 1832
#X007153 sawing marble with a revolving saw Philadelphia, PA

Wilson, Robert on July 3, 1832
#X007154 alarm for time pieces Williamsport, PA

Davis, Daniel on July 5, 1832
#X007155 winnowing mill Cornish, NH

Flaglor, M. L. on July 7, 1832
#X007156 thrashing machine New York, NY

Hall, James on July 7, 1832
#X007157 pointing pegs or pins North Bridgewater, MA

Reynolds, William B. on July 7, 1832
#X007158 double iron trying plane St. Clairsville, OH

Cook, Ebenezer on July 9, 1832
#X007159 manufacturing oakum from junk Haddam, CT

Stanton, Nathaniel, Jr. on July 9, 1832
#X007160 corn and grain harrow and cultivator Florida, NY

Wortham, Hiram and Petty, Garrard S. on July 9, 1832
#X007161 application of hot water in napping hats Lancaster, KY

Blauvelt, John C. on July 11, 1832
#X007162 rail carriage Rockland Co., NY

Gassner, David on July 11, 1832
#X007163 coal cooking stove New York, NY

Boynton, Thomas on July 12, 1832
#X007164 painting, elastic stamp, for ornamenting walls, floors, etc. Windsor, VT

Chandler, Abiel on July 13, 1832
#X007165 blocks, cam and spring for fastening stereotype plates Concord, MA

Richmond, Charles & Caswell, S., Jr. on July 13, 1832
#X007166 spade socket Taunton, MA

Crittenden, Artemus on July 14, 1832
#X007167 can for conveying milk to market West Turin, NY

Gentry, Joseph C. on July 14, 1832
#X007168 grist mill Philadelphia, PA

Carman, Luther on July 16, 1832
#X007169 rotary steam engine Oxford, ME

Witherby, Thomas and Torrey, Joseph on July 17, 1832
#X007170 double coffee mill Millbury, MA

Armstrong, Thomas on July 18, 1832
#X007171 sawing circles Anderson Township, Hamilton County, OH

Goulding, Joseph on July 18, 1832
#X007172 machine for separating iron ore Reeseville, NY

Woodburn, Watson W. on July 18, 1832
#X007173 washing machine Greensburgh, NC

Wright, Isaac S. on July 18, 1832
#X007174 washing machine Weedsport, NY

Angell, William on July 19, 1832
#X007175 punching holes in raw hides Providence, RI

Baldwin, Ephraim on July 19, 1832
#X007176 stove and furnace for coal Gibbonsville, NY

Clark, Ammi on July 20, 1832
#X007177 coffee and spice mill Berlin, CT

Whitton, John C. on July 20, 1832
#X007178 machine for spreading and picking cotton Northbridge, MA

Bush, Fenner & Pratt, Linus on July 21, 1832
#X007179 gridirons Meriden, CT

Bridges, Jonathan on July 24, 1832
#X007180 grinding cylinders, called the traverse grinder Troy, NY

Wales, George on July 24, 1832
#X007181 machine for hulling clover seed and chopping grain Centre Township, PA

Bennett, James on July 25, 1832
#X007182 punching, pressing, cutting, and slitting iron, steel, etc, and trimming hoes, saw plates, jointing and cutting the teeth of saws, and gumming them Brutus, NY

Bennett, James on July 25, 1832
#X007183 churn Brutus, NY

LeRoy, Tennis V. and Sandford, Abel on July 25, 1832
#X007184 saw strainer New York, NY

Lucas, Lewis on July 25, 1832
#X007185 cramping boots Barre, VT

Bennett, James on July 25, 1832
#X007186 cooking apparatus Brutus, NY

Presbrey, Simeon, Jr. on July 26, 1832
#X007187 spools and bobbins used in spinning revolving cutters for truing and equalizing the ends

Woodside, James D. on July 28, 1832
#X007188 revolving cylindrical harrow Washington, DC

Reading, Pierson on July 31, 1832
#X007189 machine for hulling clover seed Trenton, NJ

Reilley, Boyd on July 31, 1832
#X007190 applying simple or medicated steam bath Philadelphia, PA

Howard, William on August 2, 1832
#X007191 switches or turn-outs for railways Baltimore, MD

Knowles, Caleb C. on August 2, 1832
#X007192 churn Fayette, ME

Foss, Cotton on August 4, 1832
#X007193 spiral pump Perry, OH

Foss, Cotton on August 4, 1832
#X007194 inclined water wheel Perry, OH

Porter, James B. on August 4, 1832
#X007195 fire arms Girrard, PA

Badger, Orestes & Lull, Orrin (7196½) on August 9, 1832
#X007196 double hydrostatic oil press Otsego, NY

Randall, William B. on August 6, 1832
#X007196 pegging machine Fayette, ME

Bennet, James on October 25, 1832
#X007197 tide or current mill, propelled by a suspended water wheel and head blocks Vigo County, IN

Crillis, David M. on August 11, 1832
#X007198 brick press Sandwich, NH

Goodyear, Charles on August 11, 1832
#X007199 manufacturing spoons Philadelphia, PA

Ustick, Stephen on August 11, 1832
#X007200 manufacturing saws Washington, DC

Moore, John on August 17, 1832
#X007201 plough Cynthiana, KY

Parmer, George W. on August 17, 1832
#X007202 plough Jefferson Township, OH

Weaver, John on August 17, 1832
#X007203 self sharpening plough Brownsville, PA

Reisinger, Henry on August 18, 1832
#X007204 bedsteads York, PA

Omitted on August 18, 1832
#X007205 see 7196½

Forse, Charles on August 24, 1832
#X007206 water wheel and saw mill Boonville, MS

Howard, Horton on August 25, 1832
#X007207 medicine ( antispasmodic tincture) Columbus, OH

Howard, Horton on August 25, 1832
#X007208 medicine (bitter tonic) Columbus, OH

Howard, Horton on August 25, 1832
#X007209 medicine (diaphoretic or sweating powders) Columbus, OH

Howard, Horton on August 25, 1832
#X007210 medicine (compound tincture of myrrh) Columbus, OH

Howard, Horton on August 25, 1832
#X007211 medicine (astringent tonic) Columbus, OH

Lull, Orrin on August 25, 1832
#X007212 hulling and cleaning grain Otsego, NY

Disbrow, Levi and Sullivan, John L. on August 28, 1832
#X007213 raising water New York, NY

Gold, Stephen J. on August 29, 1832
#X007214 portable cooking stove Cornwall, CT

Strong, Theodore F. & Moody, MA
rcus T. on August 29, 1832
#X007215 hulling, cleaning and polishing rice and barley Northampton, MA

Jennison, Timothy L. on August 30, 1832
#X007216 preparing and applying fomentations Cambridge, MA

Perkins, Oliver on August 30, 1832
#X007217 wedge press for pressing cloth, paper, books, spermaeeti, etc. or raising ponderous bodies as the extraction of stumps Oxford, ME

Ames, John on September 1, 1832
#X007218 preparing and dressing pulp Springfield, MA

Ames, John on September 3, 1832
#X007219 sizing paper Springfield, MA

Thomas, Christian on September 3, 1832
#X007220 corn shelling machine Lancaster, PA

Myers, Davidson on September 4, 1832
#X007221 water wheel, chain paddle for mills, boats, etc. Benton, MO

Willis, Oscar on September 5, 1832
#X007222 gold, swinging, riddle, being an improvement on the railway car, for gold riddle, previously patented by him Morgantown, NC

Omitted on September 17, 1832
#X007223 reissued patent of Eliphalet Nott
date of patent March 26, 1828, evolution and management of heat

Omitted on September 5, 1832
#X007224 see reissued patent of Eliphalet Nottdate of patent March 23, 1826, evolution and management of heat

Fairbanks, Erastus and Fairbanks, Thaddeus on September 22, 1832
#X007225 balance steelyard St. Johnsbury, VT

Henderson, George W. & Russell, Joseph on September 22, 1832
#X007226 re-acting water wheel Millburn, ME

Morineau, Philip A. on October 10, 1832
#X007227 loading and discharging fire arms Philadelphia, PA

Faber, George and Faber, Edward on October 13, 1832
#X007228 machine for hulling clover seed Pittsburgh, PA

Ames, John on October 25, 1832
#X007229 manufacturing paper (reissued) Springfield, MA

Atwater, James on October 25, 1832
#X007230 common fire grate New Haven, CT

Bartlett, Robert on October 25, 1832
#X007231 carding machine Ripley, OH

Beach, Waldren on October 25, 1832
#X007232 cultivator or harrow, two winged shifting tooth Philadelphia, PA

Bennet, William on October 25, 1832
#X007233 stones, bed Chesterville, ME

Bent, William on October 25, 1832
#X007234 cog wheels for propelling railway and locomotive cars up inclined planes Philadelphia, PA

Buchlin, Moses on October 25, 1832
#X007235 pump Grafton, NH

Buskey, Joshua M. on October 25, 1832
#X007236 hulling, cleaning, and polishing rice New York, NY

Bryant, William on October 25, 1832
#X007237 mode of supplying houses with water Davidson Co., TN

Carrel, Anthony C. on October 25, 1832
#X007238 churn Granville, OH

Carpenter, Michael on October 25, 1832
#X007239 corn shelling machine Lancaster, PA

Case, Jeremiah on October 25, 1832
#X007240 gumming saw mill saws Sodus, NY

Chaney, Josiah on October 25, 1832
#X007241 setting boxes in wheels Chesterville, ME

Colburn, David G. on October 25, 1832
#X007242 percussion lock Port Byron, NY

Collins, Asahel on October 25, 1832
#X007243 oval axes Winstead, CT

Cooper, Isaac on October 25, 1832
#X007244 carriages for railroads Baltimore, MD

Curtis, Russel on October 25, 1832
#X007245 cutting pliers Springfield, MA

Dorman, Albert on October 25, 1832
#X007246 constructing boats and other vessels Norfolk, VA

Downs, George W. on October 25, 1832
#X007247 stiffening for water proof hats Circleville, OH

Fuller, Thomas F. on October 25, 1832
#X007248 planeing machine Bristol, PA

Gambell, Squire on October 25, 1832
#X007249 thrashing machine Onondaga, NY

Guiteau, Calvin on October 25, 1832
#X007250 manufacturing salt Geddes, NY

Hinkley, Benjamin on October 25, 1832
#X007251 cheese press Fayette, ME

Hotchkiss, Gideon on October 25, 1832
#X007252 re-acting water wheel Windsor, NY

Houck, Jacob on October 25, 1832
#X007253 medicine for the cure of cholera Baltimore, MD

King, Henry on October 25, 1832
#X007254 wrench rack Springfield, MA

Knowlton, Stillman on October 25, 1832
#X007255 machine for hardening taps for soles of boots and shoes Athol, MA

Larkin, John E. on October 25, 1832
#X007256 machine for extracting stumps and removing houses Salem, NY

Mead, Whitman on October 25, 1832
#X007257 paint or composition of matter for, and libricating or greasing ships' ways for launching Greenwich, CT

Nott, Eliphalet on October 25, 1832
#X007258 anthracite coal stove adapted to open fire places Schenectady, NY

Palmer, Freeman on October 25, 1832
#X007259 manufacturing nails Buffalo, NY

Rickey, Joseph on October 25, 1832
#X007260 churn Centre Township, OH

Ring, Jarvis on October 25, 1832
#X007261 propelling boats Ogden, NY

Shrader, John H. on October 25, 1832
#X007262 endless cutting screws Philadelphia, PA

Smith, David M. on October 25, 1832
#X007263 awl haft Gilsum, NH

Tirrell, Artemas on October 25, 1832
#X007264 building and altering fire places for burning coal Boston, MA

Willemin, Eli on October 25, 1832
#X007265 churn Salem Township, OH

Williams, DE
nison on October 25, 1832
#X007266 machine for cutting fur from pelt New York, NY

Williams, Denison on October 25, 1832
#X007267 moccasins, socks, etc. New York, NY

Wilmot, Samuel on October 25, 1832
#X007268 lancet or guard spring Bridgeport, CT

Winslow, Nathaniel on October 25, 1832
#X007269 smut machine Poughkeepsie, NY

Winslow, Thomas on October 25, 1832
#X007270 water wheel with folding ladle boards Jay, ME

Zellnor, Arnold on October 25, 1832
#X007271 breaking and dressing flax and hemp Giles County, TN

Moore, Camm on October 30, 1832
#X007272 washing machine rolling for clothes, wool, and scouring leather Guilford County, NC

Boyden, Seth on October 31, 1832
#X007273 applying steam to machinery Newark, NJ

Shumard, Francis on October 31, 1832
#X007274 saw mill, circular saws for cutting laths Cincinnati, OH

Hinman, David on November 2, 1832
#X007275 axes, hatchets, etc. Winchester, CT

Parish, Nathan on November 2, 1832
#X007276 cooking stove Mendon, NY

Smith, Benjamin on November 2, 1832
#X007277 axes Canton, OH

Cumming, William H. on November 3, 1832
#X007278 washing machine Guilford County, NC

Rider, Nathaniel on November 3, 1832
#X007279 cotton spindle Dudley, MA

Soule, Elijah on November 3, 1832
#X007280 steering vessels Duxbury, MA

Hotchkiss, Gideon (7281½) on November 6, 1832
#X007281 reacting water wheel Windsor, NY

Jervis, Asahel H. & French, Thomas on November 6, 1832
#X007281 hot and cold paper press cylinder Ithsca, NY

Tusing, Philip on November 7, 1832
#X007282 raising water Brock's Gap, VA

Bisbee, John on November 8, 1832
#X007283 turning lathe Plainfield, MA

Johnston, Lewis on November 9, 1832
#X007284 distilling Easton, PA

Myers, Abraham on November 9, 1832
#X007285 sawing gun stocks Boonsborough, MD

McWilliams, Alexander (7286½) on November 9, 1832
#X007286 heating carriages Washington, DC

Page, George and Page, Edwin on November 9, 1832
#X007286 planking hats Manchester, CT

Jones, William on November 10, 1832
#X007287 rotary steam engine Bradford, VT

Snyder, Samuel on November 10, 1832
#X007288 railroad cars Lancaster, PA

Hall, Daniel on November 12, 1832
#X007289 corn shelling machine Strasburg Township, Lancaster County, PA

Berrian, Richard on November 13, 1832
#X007290 wheels and axles of locomotive engines and in rails for the road New York, NY

Schevenell, Richard S. on November 13, 1832
#X007291 horse power and accelerating machine Orangeburg, SC

Lawrence, William on November 14, 1832
#X007292 binnacle lamps Meriden, CT

Smith, Edward B. on November 15, 1832
#X007293 circular, eliptical, or conic stairs Buffalo, NY

White, Leonard on November 15, 1832
#X007294 marine railway Norfolk, VA

Strong, Theodore F. & Moody, Marcus T. on November 17, 1832
#X007295 hulling, cleaning, and polishing rice Northampton, MA

Thomas, Thomas and Fuller, Robert on November 19, 1832
#X007296 shaping fire fenders New York, NY

Colburn, Luther on November 20, 1832
#X007297 carding machine Fairfield, VT

Davis, William on November 22, 1832
#X007298 machine for washing gold Fauquier County, VA

Mix, Ebenezer on November 22, 1832
#X007299 securing buildings against fire Batavia, NY

Nicholls, Eli on November 24, 1832
#X007300 cylindrical washing machine Union Township, OH

Palmer, Walter C., MD (Medical Doctor) on November 24, 1832
#X007301 bath cot New York, NY

Hall, David W. on November 27, 1832
#X007302 saw mill Sparta, GA

Seger, James S. on November 27, 1832
#X007303 striking part of clocks New York, NY

Morley, John on November 28, 1832
#X007304 annular mill stones New York, NY

Clinton, David on November 29, 1832
#X007305 fanning mill New Haven, CT

Omitted on November 29, 1832

Otis, Charles on November 29, 1832
#X007307 machine for cutting sausage meat Greene, PA

Blunt, Joseph on November 30, 1832
#X007308 tanning leather New York, NY

Cooke, Horatio on November 30, 1832
#X007309 turning chair tops New York, NY

Dickinson, John on November 30, 1832
#X007310 setting diamonds Philadelphia, PA

Barlow, Robert on December 1, 1832
#X007311 manufacturing bungs Philadelphia, PA

Hugus, Jacob on December 1, 1832
#X007312 making wine from cider Hempfield, PA

Shaw, Joshua on December 3, 1832
#X007313 percussion for cannon primers Philadelphia, PA

Shaw, Joshua on December 3, 1832
#X007314 portable cannon lock Philadelphia, PA

Shaw, Joshua on December 3, 1832
#X007315 compression cannon lock Philadelphia, PA

Thurston, John on December 1, 1832
#X007316 constructing cast iron hubs Providence, RI

Lockwood, Charles & Arnold, John, Lockwood, Ransom on December 4, 1832
#X007317 machine for separating fur from hair Fairfield County, CT

Rublee, Norman on December 4, 1832
#X007318 lamps for burning tallow, lard, bees-wax, etc. Montpelier, VT

Kendall, Eli on December 5, 1832
#X007319 spring or drop valve pump Ashbury, MA

Thompson, Charles on December 6, 1832
#X007320 manufacturing window sashes (date of patent Dec. 6, 1830) Poughkeepsie, NY

Foot, Henry A. on December 7, 1832
#X007321 cooking stove Dover, NH

Bradshaw, John A. on December 8, 1832
#X007322 roving cotton Foxborough, MA

Gordon, Alexander and Bakewell, John P. on December 8, 1832
#X007323 glass hones Pittsburgh, PA

Bevier, Jesse on December 11, 1832
#X007324 thrashing machine, shelling corn and grinding apples Sempronius, NY

Higley, Henry on December 11, 1832
#X007325 plough and harrow Canaan, CT

McConnel, James on December 13, 1832
#X007326 water wheel Shenango, PA

Steinhauer, Daniel on December 13, 1832
#X007327 abstracting heat from smoke by basket grates Philadelphia, PA

Callender, Norman on December 14, 1832
#X007328 manufacturing sheet iron, boiler, slit, and bar, also castings Cumberland County, PA

Fossard, Felix on December 14, 1832
#X007329 dying with alkaline prussiates Pittsburgh, PA

Laird, Joshua on December 14, 1832
#X007330 machine for blowing glass Pittsburgh, PA

Graham, Asa on December 15, 1832
#X007331 forge backs for fires requiring a blast Hamilton, NY

Reynolds, Sandford on December 15, 1832
#X007332 co-action water wheel with a box or cylinder to turn in Pitcher, NY

Stanley, Henry on December 17, 1832
#X007333 cooking stove Poultney, VT

Green, Asahel & Osgood, Jason C. on December 18, 1832
#X007334 picking, twisting, curling hair for mattresses Hamilton, NY

Hunter, John W. and Hunt, M.L. & Holman, Sullivan on February 18, 1832
#X007335 fanning mill Oakland County, MI Territory

Bates, Stephen on December 28, 1832
#X007336 cork applied to filling beds, matrasses, etc. Boston, MA

Beach, Waldren on December 28, 1832
#X007337 self sharpening plough Philadelphia, PA

Buch, John on December 28, 1832
#X007338 plough East Rushville, OH

Codman, John on December 28, 1832
#X007339 vertical wire door spring Boston, MA

Crenshaw, Henry on December 28, 1832
#X007340 water power multiplied by applying water to a number of wheels in succession Anderson, SC

Evans, Edward on December 28, 1832
#X007341 tanning without the use of lime or sweating the hides Salem Township, PA

Flagg, David, Jr. on December 28, 1832
#X007342 shingle, stave, headings, etc. New York, NY

Flagg, David, Jr. on December 28, 1832
#X007343 portable horse power New York, NY

Flagg, David, Jr. and Parker, Amos on December 28, 1832
#X007344 brick, stock, tile, etc. Sweden, NY

Graham, Asa on December 28, 1832
#X007345 building stoves and chimneys Rumford, ME

Green, John V. on December 28, 1832
#X007346 manufacturing wrought nails New York, NY

Hasey, Samuel on December 28, 1832
#X007347 double reflecting baker and roaster Rensselaerville, NY

Huffman, Moses on December 28, 1832
#X007348 barshare plough Elizabeth, TN

Kirk, Isaac D. on December 28, 1832
#X007349 sawing marble, etc. (date of patent July 3, 1832) Philadelphia, PA

Lindsey, Jacob on December 28, 1832
#X007350 washing machine Canajoharie, NY

Long, Stephen H. on December 28, 1832
#X007351 locomotive steam engine and other railroad carriages Philadelphia, PA

Long, Stephen H. (7351½) on December 28, 1832
#X007351 car wheel Philadelphia, PA

Moss, Ephraim C. on December 28, 1832
#X007352 purifying oil, whale sperm, cotton seed, etc. New York, NY

Plimpton, Otis on December 28, 1832
#X007353 pressing straw, leghorn, bonnets, hats,etc. Foxborough, MA

Richman, John on December 28, 1832
#X007354 bedstead fastenings Lancaster, OH

Willet, Nimrod C. on December 28, 1832
#X007355 machine for kneading dough Jonesborough, TN

Walker, DE
an on December 28, 1832
#X007356 drilling and boring wheels for cars Gunpowder, MD

Pierce, Thomas on December 29, 1832
#X007357 washing machine and drying clothes Hartwick, NY

Dewees, Jacob on December 31, 1832
#X007358 saving water in passing boats through canal locks Pottsville, PA

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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