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1831 U.S. Patents

<< - 1830 Patents
Foot, Aaron on January 4, 1831
#X006315 saving water power Williamstown, MA

Rutherford, Ira W. on January 4, 1831
#X006316 vertical tooth extractor Albany, NY

Reed, Jesse on January 5, 1831
#X006317 furnace to generate steam for culinary purposes Marshfield, MA

Vanderslice, Thomas R. on January 5, 1831
#X006318 adjusting metallic plates to artificial teeth Philadelphia, PA

Norton, Isaac on January 6, 1831
#X006319 thrashing machine Schuylersville, NY

Townsend, Edward and Durfee, Philo on January 6, 1831
#X006320 manufacturing ropes Palmyra, NY

Gorham, Abijah on May 7,1831
#X006321 stump machine Turner, ME

Grater, George W. on May 7,1831
#X006322 stereotype extendible blocks New York, NY

Mann, M. D & Sturdevant, Stephen on May 7,1831
#X006323 vertical type caster New York, NY

Sturdevant, Stephen on May 7,1831
#X006324 type rubber or machine for smoothing the bodies of types New York, NY

Cushman, N. and Loomis, Isaac on January 8, 1831
#X006325 boats, transporting passengers White Hall, NY

Lester, Ebenezer A. on January 8, 1831
#X006326 cottongin frame Boston, MA

Cairon, John on January 10, 1831
#X006327 distilling New York, NY

Weed, Henry on January 10, 1831
#X006328 portable grist mill Sandwich, NH

Gold, Stephen J. on January 11, 1831
#X006329 thrashing machine Cornwall, CT

Newbill, Tyree G. on January 11, 1831
#X006330 mode of curing tobacco Franklin County, VA

Rugg, Samuel on January 11, 1831
#X006331 revolving harrow Lancaster, MA

Stoudinger, George on January 11, 1831
#X006332 springs, edging and drawing steel points Newark, NJ

Turner, Samuel on January 11, 1831
#X006333 thrashing machine Aurelius, NY

Williston, Gordin on January 11, 1831
#X006334 baker tin New London, CT

Goodyear, Charles on January 12, 1831
#X006335 manufacturing buttons called the safe eye button Philadelphia, PA

Kendall, William on January 12, 1831
#X006336 mode of applying water to mill wheels Fairfield, ME

Oram, Elizabeth on January 12, 1831
#X006337 globe for teaching geography New York, NY

Waggenet, Edmond M. on January 12, 1831
#X006338 plough bar shear Adair County, KY

Dawley, Stafford on January 14, 1831
#X006339 double tooth saw for sawing timber Annesville, NY

Hidden, Enoch on January 14, 1831
#X006340 percussion lock for cannon New York, NY

VanLoan, William W. on January 15, 1831
#X006341 navigation and application of steam, ME
n, etc. New York, NY

Sherman, Levi on January 18, 1831
#X006342 manufacturing saddles Bridgeport, CT

Turner, John on January 18, 1831
#X006343 reaction water wheel Augusta, ME

Macomber, Laban L. on January 19, 1831
#X006344 composition for stiffening hats Gardiner, ME

Smith, P. & Arnold, Theodore H. on January 20, 1831
#X006345 planting corn Haddam, CT

Dart, Jehiel W. and Webster, Willard (6346½) on January 21, 1831
#X006346 propelling power of water, steam, etc. for mills Truxton, NY

Marvin, Dudley on January 21, 1831
#X006346 furnace for heating tire Canandaigua, NY

Mapes, James T. on January 22, 1831
#X006347 tobacco knife New York, NY

Newsom, Thomas D. on January 22, 1831
#X006348 propelling machinery Nashville, TN

Clarke, James on January 25, 1831
#X006349 self regulating conduit Westmoreland County, PA

Newhall, John on January 25, 1831
#X006350 bevel wheel plane Washington, ME

Ross, Talmage on January 26, 1831
#X006351 churn and working it Pickaway, OH

Smith, Jacamiah on January 27, 1831
#X006352 saw mill Morris, NJ

Omitted on January 27, 1831
#X006353 see 6346½

Sutton, Thomas on January 28, 1831
#X006354 rotary pump Norwich, CT

Cogswell, Osmond on January 29, 1831
#X006355 tanning leather Cincinnati, OH

Conser, John G. on January 31, 1831
#X006356 machine for dressing staves Rebersburg, PA

Hinkley, Benjamin on January 31, 1831
#X006357 washing machine Fayette, ME

Miller, Lewis L. on January 31, 1831
#X006358 cleaning sheep's wool from burs Rochester, NY

Anthony, John on February 1, 1831
#X006359 plough bar shear Zanesville, OH

Fahrney, Samuel on February 1, 1831
#X006360 machine for cutting and stuffing sausage meat Boonsborough, MD

Sherman, Thomas H. on February 2, 1831
#X006361 manufacturing pot ash Hastings, NY

Steinhauer, Emma on February 3, 1831
#X006362 cylindrical sheet iron stove used in burning anthracite coal by appropriating heated air to culinary purposes Philadelphia, PA

Reilley, Boyd on February 5, 1831
#X006363 medicated steam bath Cincinnati, OH

Squires, William H. and White, Coral C. on February 5, 1831
#X006364 inclined water wheel Ledyard, NY

Cooper, Isaac on February 7, 1831
#X006365 boxes for wheel hubs Baltimore, MD

Emmons, William on February 7, 1831
#X006366 thrashing machine New York, NY

Shepardson, Daniel on February 7, 1831
#X006367 bending tire, hoops, etc. Hamilton, NY

Fox, Truman and Borland, William G. on February 8, 1831
#X006368 thrashing machine Little Falls, NY

Strode, Joseph C.(6368.5) on February 8, 1831
#X006368 reaction water wheel East Bradford, PA

Bacon, Reuben & Marshall, W.E. on February 9, 1831
#X006369 double oven in chimneys Walpole, NH

Meigs, Phinehas on February 9, 1831
#X006370 carpenter's plane Madison, CT

Bigelow, Elisha on February 11, 1831
#X006371 grist mill Georgetown, DC

Boston, Joseph on February 11, 1831
#X006372 manufacturing gas New York, NY

Chamberlain, Samuel G. on February 11, 1831
#X006373 securing porcelain teeth Philadelphia, PA

Cornell, James on February 11, 1831
#X006374 felting and napping hats Randolph, VT

Harman, John, Jr. on February 11, 1831
#X006375 thrashing machine Upper Wakefield, PA

Hornback, Simon on February 11, 1831
#X006376 machine for cutting sickles, files, etc. Lafayette, IN

Hetzel, Jacob and Bevier, Jesse on February 14, 1831
#X006377 thrashing machine Ithaca, NY

Hurlbut, Stephen on February 14, 1831
#X006378 hat bodies Glastonbury, CT

Pulsifer, John S. & Pulsifer, Ebenezer on February 14, 1831
#X006379 cheese press, called the eccentric wheel and lever press Ipswich, MA

Wooster, David S. on February 14, 1831
#X006380 spinning wool Sheldon, NY

Miller, Timothy on February 15, 1831
#X006381 plough Pittsburg, PA

Tuck, Davis G. on February 15, 1831
#X006382 drying tobacco by flues or stoves Halifax County, VA

Howard, Dean S. on February 16, 1831
#X006383 overshot bucket wheel for hydraulic works Lyonsdale, NY

Otis, Charles on February 16, 1831
#X006384 distilling apparatus Tunkhannock, PA

Hayden, Josiah, Jr. on February 17, 1831
#X006385 metallic buttons flexible shank Williamsburg, MA

Hunt, Timothy on February 17, 1831
#X006386 paddle wheel for steamboats Boston, MA

Disbrow, Levi on February 18, 1831
#X006387 compound furnace steam boiler New York, NY

Eastman, Joel on February 18, 1831
#X006388 double rotary steam engine Bath, NH

Eastman, Joel on February 18, 1831
#X006389 water wheel with floats working upon hinges Bath, NH

Greenwood, William A. on February 19, 1831
#X006390 machine for pointing pegs Palmer, NY

Belt, Rufus on February 22, 1831
#X006391 bedstead Centreville, KY

Davis, Shadrack, Jr. on February 22, 1831
#X006392 machine for removing earth, stone, etc. North Dartmouth, MA

Jacobs, Renel on February 22, 1831
#X006393 sawing boards called economical sawyer Wilton, NY

Pierce, Nathan on February 23, 1831
#X006394 fire engine Whitehall, NY

Haslup, Rezin on February 24, 1831
#X006395 axle trees Baltimore, MD

Foster, Leonard on February 25, 1831
#X006396 fastening mortise door Boston, MA

Metcalf, Chandler on February 25, 1831
#X006397 composition of matter for paints Hanover, NH

Sherman, Anson on February 25, 1831
#X006398 printing press New York, NY

Angevine, Caleb on February 28, 1831
#X006399 pendulum churn New York, NY

Gordon, Hugh on February 28, 1831
#X006400 steam engine New York, NY

Omitted on February 28, 1831
#X006401 see 6368½

Barlow, Peleg on March 1, 1831
#X006402 rifle for sharpening tools Dutchess County, NY

Hyde, Stephen on March 2, 1831
#X006403 oval axes Williamsburg, MA

Roe, Stephen C. on March 3, 1831
#X006404 conical stove New York, NY

Cleeves, Joshua on March 5, 1831
#X006405 raising vessels out of the water Elmyra, NY

Kimber, Emmor on March 5, 1831
#X006406 rails adapted to locomotive carriage Kimberton, PA

McMullen, John and Hollen, Joseph, Jr. on March 5, 1831
#X006407 knitting stockings Huntington County, PA

Gentry, Joseph C. on March 7, 1831
#X006408 thrashing machine Philadelphia, PA

Cross, Fayette on March 8, 1831
#X006409 improvement on Douglass' thrashing machine Sweden, NY

Hackett, Bradbury on March 8, 1831
#X006410 block for stereotype plates Boston, MA

Boyden, Seth on March 9, 1831
#X006411 manufacturing malleable cast iron Newark, NJ

Gallup, Lewis F. on March 9, 1831
#X006412 applying the principle of argand to common lamps Woodstock, VT

Michenor, Joseph on March 9, 1831
#X006413 water applied to mill wheels Clinton, OH

Pawling, Abraham on March 9, 1831
#X006414 propelling railroad carriages Philadelphia, PA

Robinson, Henry on March 10, 1831
#X006415 gas meters Boston, MA

Wilson, Increase on March 11, 1831
#X006416 cast iron door knockers with brass plates New London, CT

Detterich, George & Conger, Jonathan on March 12, 1831
#X006417 weaving figured cloth Tompkins County, NY

Morrison, John on March 12, 1831
#X006418 wood screws for pressing hay, cider, and cotton Hardinsburg, IN

Stimpson, Solomon on March 12, 1831
#X006419 making paper Newbury, VT

Freeman, Silas, Jr. on March 14, 1831
#X006420 rotary cylinder cider mill New Marlborough, MA

Turner, William A. on March 15, 1831
#X006421 preventing explosion of boilers Washington County, NC

Woolley, John on March 16, 1831
#X006422 edging machine for tin, copper, sheet iron, etc. New York, NY

Forbes, Samuel on March 17, 1831
#X006423 boiler and furnace for steam engines New York, NY

Yeamans, Joseph on March 8, 1831
#X006424 grist mill Ashtabula, OH

Earl, Jesse C. on March 19, 1831
#X006425 truss Baltimore, MD

Shulz, John W. and Trull, Joel on March 19, 1831
#X006426 construction of lamps Medford, MA

Millis, Nichoson on March 21, 1831
#X006427 manufacturing boots and shoes with nails and pegs New York, NY

Shetter, George on March 21, 1831
#X006428 serpentine screw auger York, PA

Summers, Abraham W. on March 21, 1831
#X006429 float and tooth thrashing machine Gates, NY

Dawley, Augustus S. on March 22, 1831
#X006430 shaving and cutting leather Boston, MA

Lawrence, William on March 23, 1831
#X006431 chandelier Meriden, CT

Chapman, Harvey on March 24, 1831
#X006432 rolling lever carriage Corinth, NY

Revere, John on March 24, 1831
#X006433 compound for sheathing ships Boston, MA

Blanchard, Thomas on March 25, 1831
#X006434 steamboat for the passage of rapids Springfield, MA

McClung, Archibald on March 26, 1831
#X006435 brick press Fairfield, VA

Linnell, Jonathan, Jr. on March 26, 1831
#X006436 mode of mixing paint Orleans, MA

Bill, Asa G. & Spalding, George on March 28, 1831
#X006437 loom for weaving, webbing, tape, etc. Middletown, CT

Casey, James K. on March 28, 1831
#X006438 instituting and drawing lotteries New York, NY

Sites, John on March 29, 1831
#X006439 brick press Harrisonburg, VA

Cande, Gideon and Tousey, Joseph on April 1, 1831
#X006440 thrashing machine Rochester, NY

Knowles, Hazard on April 1, 1831
#X006441 wood screws Colchester, CT

Powell, John on April 1, 1831
#X006442 washing gold ores and alluvial auriferous earth Salisbury, NC

Madison, Chaning on April 4, 1831
#X006443 circular saw for sawing laths Miamisburg, OH

Mulford, Miller D. on April 5, 1831
#X006444 washing machine Bloomfield, NY

Willcox, Richard on April 5, 1831
#X006445 metallurgical operations by chemical agents Paterson, NJ

Willcox, Richard on April 5, 1831
#X006446 metallurgical operations by anthracite coal Paterson, NJ

Willcox, Richard on April 5, 1831
#X006447 metallurgical operatons by bituminous coal, charcoal Paterson, NJ

Ames, John on April 6, 1831
#X006448 machine for washing rags Springfield, MA

Boyden, Seth on April 6, 1831
#X006449 manufacturing malleable cast iron Newark, NJ

Lane, Samuel on April 6, 1831
#X006450 thrashing machine Hallowell, ME

Mudge, Elisha & Tenney, Rufus on April 6, 1831
#X006451 scoop shovel Alexander, NY

Scott, John on April 6, 1831
#X006452 glass frame for pictures Philadelphia, PA

Turner, Willliam A. on April 6, 1831
#X006453 preventing explosion of boilers and burning Washington County, NC

Beach, Richard M. on April 7, 1831
#X006454 boiling liquids of all kinds Franklin, NY

Carman, Luther on April 7, 1831
#X006455 inclined friction roller press Oxford, ME

Coe, Elias V. on April 7, 1831
#X006456 churning cream by atmospheric air Warwick, NY

Emmons, Uri on April 7, 1831
#X006457 accenting meteronome for teaching music New York, NY

Isaacs, Moses on April 7, 1831
#X006458 manufacturing coke from anthracite or other coal Philadelphia, PA

Knight, John on April 7, 1831
#X006459 improvement in Sneed's scythe Woodbury, NJ

Richmond, Charles and Caswell, Samuel, Jr. on April 7, 1831
#X006460 spades and shovels Taunton, MA

Anthony, David on April 8, 1831
#X006461 horse shoes Adams, MA

Appleton, James on June 13, 1831
#X006462 washing machine Richmond, VA

Eastman, Joel on April 8, 1831
#X006463 bellows for blowing by steam Bath, NH

Marks, William B. on April 8, 1831
#X006464 thrashing machine Petersburg, VA

Davis, Elias on April 9, 1831
#X006465 tread or tube wheel Bangor, ME

Parker, Jabez & Smith, Hiram M. on April 9, 1831
#X006466 corn shelling machine Richmond, VA

Parkhurst, Aaron on April 11, 1831
#X006467 machine for mixing clay Scriba, NY

Parkhurst, Aaron and Bacon, Silas on April 11, 1831
#X006468 propelling power for mills Scriba, NY

Richards, George H. on April 11, 1831
#X006469 caoutchouc, fluid to render articles water proof Washington, DC

White, John on April 11, 1831
#X006470 washing and churning machine South Union, KY

Coney, Martin on April 12, 1831
#X006471 water wheel Portland, NY

Hayward, Levi on April 12, 1831
#X006472 smut machine Phelps, NY

Mead, William on April 12, 1831
#X006473 mineral water Newburg, NY

Barnes, Joel & Loomis, N.T. on April 13, 1831
#X006474 corn shelling machine Cornwall, CT

Lodge, Benjamin F. and Cox, Ezekiel T. on April 13, 1831
#X006475 machine for breaking stone Zanesville, OH

Eby, George on April 14, 1831
#X006476 jointing staves Clarence, NY

Omitted on April 14, 1831

Munroe, Newton C. on April 14, 1831
#X006478 thrashing machine Windham, NY

Palmiter, Phineas, Jr. on April 14, 1831
#X006479 water wheel for propelling boats Jamestown, NY

Andrews, Solomon on April 15, 1831
#X006480 generating gas and continuing light from oil Perth Amboy, NJ

Deming, Joseph R. on April 15, 1831
#X006481 mode of constructing ships New York, NY

Beckwith, Jedediah on April 16, 1831
#X006482 pump or engine for raising water and ejecting air Saratoga, NY

Joralemon Richard P. & Lockman,Isaac on April 16, 1831
#X006483 moving vessels on rollers Northfield, NY

Kilburn, Samuel on April 16, 1831
#X006484 machinery, apparatus for communicating motion Sterling, MA

Partridge, John on April 16, 1831
#X006485 wooden ware without staves Zanesville, OH

Shaw, Oliver H. on April 16, 1831
#X006486 art of teaching arithmetic Richmond, VA

Adams, Charles on April 18, 1831
#X006487 chairs, coaches, etc. Boston, MA

Davis, Samuel on April 18, 1831
#X006488 manufacturing hollow ware of zince New York, NY

Greenleaf, Abel on April 18, 1831
#X006489 rotary steam engine Paris, NY

Johnson, James on April 18, 1831
#X006490 life escape and fire ladder Baltimore, MD

Wolfe, Andrew on April 18, 1831
#X006491 locks for doors Pittsburg, PA

Ingham, Samuel D. on April 19, 1831
#X006492 canal navigation by boats New Hope, PA

Titus, Burroughs on April 19, 1831
#X006493 pipes or tubes Ulysses, NY

Wood, William J. on April 19, 1831
#X006494 thrashing machine Rochester, NY

Woodworth, William on April 19, 1831
#X006495 machine for cleaning fur New York, NY

Curtis, Caleb and Smith, Thomas C. on April 20, 1831
#X006496 sheaves of blocks Boston, MA

Emes, Robert on April 20, 1831
#X006497 polishing, graining, etc. Morocco Boston, MA

Hale, John on April 20, 1831
#X006498 washing machine Hollis, NH

Hale, John on April 20, 1831
#X006499 toggle press Hollis, NH

McCormick, Robert, Jr. on April 20, 1831
#X006500 grist mill, self stopper Augusta County, NY

Conser, John G. on April 21, 1831
#X006501 washing machine Miles Township, Centre County, PA

Dawes, Isaac on April 21, 1831
#X006502 tanning leather Goshen Farm, MD

Kearsing, Thomas & Kearsing, Henry O. and Kearsing, George T. & Kearsing, William F. on June 13, 1831
#X006503 piano forte New York, NY

McCormick, Robert on April 21, 1831
#X006504 art of teaching violin Augusta County, NY

Smith, David on April 21, 1831
#X006505 churn Emmettsburg, MD

Taylor, Jesse and Woodhead, Joseph on April 21, 1831
#X006506 power loom Middletown, PA

Currier, Ebenezer R. on April 22, 1831
#X006507 horizontal piano forte Boston, MA

Deitz, John on April 22, 1831
#X006508 horse shoes New York, NY

Foster, Willard on April 22, 1831
#X006509 stump machine Owego, NY

Harrington, Daniel on April 22, 1831
#X006510 ink holder Philadelphia, PA

Richison, Andrew on April 22, 1831
#X006511 thrashing machine New Carlisle, OH

Barton, James on April 23, 1831
#X006512 cast or wrought iron spindle and cast iron driver Millford, PA

Cook, Calvin W. on April 23, 1831
#X006513 woollen dressing cloths Lowell, MA

Harrington, Daniel on April 23, 1831
#X006514 machine for exercising invalids in their rooms Philadelphia, PA

Howard, William on April 23, 1831
#X006515 carriage for railroads by which the flanges of the wheels are prevented from impinging on the rails Baltimore, MD

Palmer, Green B. on April 23, 1831
#X006516 machine for separating gold ore from earth Pendleton, NC

Richardson, Alpha on April 23, 1831
#X006517 machine for splitting leather Boston, MA

Dean, Oliver & Woodhull, Joseph on April 25, 1831
#X006518 thrashing machine Caledonia, NY

Andrews, Anson on April 26, 1831
#X006519 saw mills for dogs Spencer, NY

West, Joshua S. on April 26, 1831
#X006520 thrashing machine Portland, NY

Farling, John R. and Nellis, Robert G. on April 27, 1831
#X006521 saw trimmer Canajoharie, NY

Judge, John on April 27, 1831
#X006522 timbers, hewing, dubbing, and dressing for ships Washington, DC

Smith, Alonzo L. on April 27, 1831
#X006523 thrashing machine shelling corn Weedsport, NY

Bangs, Henry on April 28, 1831
#X006524 machine for cutting beef or cold slaw New York, NY

Warren, Edmund on April 28, 1831
#X006525 thrashing machine New York, NY

Giraud, John J. on April 29, 1831
#X006526 propelling vessels by screw or spiral lever Baltimore, MD

Newton, Phinehas on April 29, 1831
#X006527 gumming saws Sidney Plains, NY

Montandevert, James L. on April 30, 1831
#X006528 extracting gold from ore pulverized or amalgamating and washing residuums

Osborn, William E. on April 30, 1831
#X006529 thrashing machine Brighton, NY

Stone, William J. on April 30, 1831
#X006530 polishing plates by revolving cylinders, buffs, & brushes Washington, DC

Waters, Asa on April 30, 1831
#X006531 water wheel for propelling boats Millbury, MA

Jencks, James K. on May 2, 1831
#X006532 distilling Sackett's Harbour, NY

Meriam, Reuben on May 2, 1831
#X006533 set machine for filletting, cutting, or pricking cards Leicester, MA

Anderson, John F. on May 3, 1831
#X006534 grist mill Louisville, KY

Curtis, Philo C. on May 3, 1831
#X006535 steam engine boiler Utica, NY

Hurd, Merritt on May 3, 1831
#X006536 machine for grinding bark Augusta, NY

Lange, Urban B. A. on May 3, 1831
#X006537 stove for stone coal Philadelphia, PA

Perkins, Justus on May 3, 1831
#X006538 soda water apparatus Brutus, NY

Manning, William on May 3, 1831
#X006539 machine for cutting grass and grain Plainfield, NJ

Hewitt, Thomas, Jr. on May 4, 1831
#X006540 manufacturing candles, mould, called the candledrawer and endless wick nipper Philadelphia, PA

Andrews, Solomon on May 5, 1831
#X006541 generating gas by means fo a spirit lamp Perth Amboy, NJ

Baker, Joseph on May 5, 1831
#X006542 medicine Jefferson Township, OH

Crail, Joseph on May 5, 1831
#X006543 churn Warren, OH

Nunns, John F. on May 5, 1831
#X006544 piano forte action New York, NY

Ore, Caleb A. on May 5, 1831
#X006545 manufacturing boots and shoes Philadelphia, PA

Arnold, William E. on May 7,1831
#X006546 applying horse power to mechanical purposes Chatham, CT

Fahrney, Samuel on April 9, 1831
#X006547 thrashing machine Boonsborough, MD

Strobel, Daniel, Jr. on April 9, 1831
#X006548 blowing wind for furnaces Washington, DC

Strobel, Daniel, Jr. on April 9, 1831
#X006549 sirup or cane juice, concentrated by steam Washington, DC

Hinds, Stephen on May 11, 1831
#X006550 composition for making beer Montrose, PA

Phipps, John P. & Holliday, John on May 12, 1831
#X006551 grist mill Wilmington, DE

Evans, Thomas and Parsons, John on May 13, 1831
#X006552 hydrostatic suspension dock New York, NY

Ambler, John, Jr. & Ambler, Daniel C. on June 13, 1831
#X006553 grist mill New Berlin, NY

Ambler, John, Jr. on June 13, 1831
#X006554 soda water apparatus New Berlin, NY

Eckstein, Samuel on June 13, 1831
#X006555 machine for washing rags Philadelphia, PA

Baker, Cyrus on June 13, 1831
#X006556 churn Charlton, NY

Barlow, Peleg on June 13, 1831
#X006557 rifle for sharpening tools Amenia, NY

Barron, James on June 13, 1831
#X006558 improvement on patent of Nov. 27, 1830 mechanical fam Norfolk, VA

Bond, Ezra on June 13, 1831
#X006559 corn shelling machine and family mill Mendon, NY

Brown, John on June 13, 1831
#X006560 spinning cotton and other fibrous material Stonington, CT

Brown, John and Standish, John on June 13, 1831
#X006561 throstle frame and bobbin regulator Cranston, RI

Bryant, William & Hiett, Isaac on June 13, 1831
#X006562 railway carriage Davidson County, TN

Case, Jeremiah on June 13, 1831
#X006563 propelling machinery and driving mill stones without cogs Sodus, NY

Catlin, John and Fletcher, Calvin on June 13, 1831
#X006564 lever steam rotary steam engine Cincinnati, OH

Chase, Mark L. on June 13, 1831
#X006565 balancing and adjusting stones in mills Baltimore, MD

Clark, Joseph and Henderson, H on June 13, 1831
#X006566 machine for cutting crackers, biscuits, etc. Baltimore, MD

Coston, Benton P. on June 13, 1831
#X006567 meat chopping Philadelphia, PA

Crane, Jonathan on June 13, 1831
#X006568 stone drilling Schenectady, NY

Craw, Martin on June 13, 1831
#X006569 combined steelyard Rush, NY

Elliot, Moses on June 13, 1831
#X006570 winnowing mill Boscawen, NH

Embree, John L. on June 13, 1831
#X006571 purifying sperm and whale oil New York, NY

Evans, Charles on June 13, 1831
#X006572 standing press Philadelphia, PA

Fairbanks, Thaddeus & Fairbanks, Erastus on June 13, 1831
#X006573 weighing heavy bodies St. Johnsbury, VT

Fairlamb, Jonas P. and Dunot, Miller on June 13, 1831
#X006574 machine for cutting crackers Wilmington, DE

Fowler, DeGrasse on June 13, 1831
#X006575 dead eyed wood buttons Branford, CT

Fyler, Orsamus R. on June 13, 1831
#X006576 manufacturing wooden clocks Chelsea, VT

Gillet, Rinaldo P. on June 13, 1831
#X006577 thrashing machine Victor, NY

Coolidge, George on June 13, 1831
#X006578 self balanced hand cart Watertown, MA

Hale, Ebenezer R. on June 13, 1831
#X006579 rotary steam engine Hyde Parke, NY

Hewitt, Thomas, Jr. on June 13, 1831
#X006580 manufacturing candles, sliding mandril mould Philadelphia, PA

Heriges, John J. on June 13, 1831
#X006581 tobacco twisting Philadelphia, PA

Hitchcock, David on June 13, 1831
#X006582 cornshelling machine New York, NY

Hoyt, William on June 13, 1831
#X006583 corn shelling machine, Patent of Apr. 29, 1828, cancelled

Hurlbut, Stephen on June 13, 1831
#X006584 hat manufacturing by hardening on a cone Glastonbury, CT

Jennings, Isaiah on June 13, 1831
#X006585 distilling or preparing alchohol or spirits from grain and employing the residuum advantageously New York, NY

Jennings, Isaiah on June 13, 1831
#X006586 producing light by a combination of liquids as a substitute for oil New York, NY

Jinkham, Samuel on June 13, 1831
#X006587 washing machine Enfield, MA

Judson, Abel on June 13, 1831
#X006588 percussion gun lock New Lebanon, NY

Judge, John on June 13, 1831
#X006589 planks, piles, etc. and sticking mouldings on them

Kimball, Philip H. on June 13, 1831
#X006590 lever churn Salem, MA

Kirk, Josiah W. on June 13, 1831
#X006591 making ornaments from coal Schuylkill County, PA

Look, Abel on June 13, 1831
#X006592 separating rice, grain, etc. Pittsfield, MA

Mackrell, William H. on June 13, 1831
#X006593 securing window blinds Bushwick, NY

Marsh, Henry on June 13, 1831
#X006594 mortising machine Morristown, NJ

Matthews, Alexander on June 13, 1831
#X006595 distilling and evaporation Island Creek Township, Jefferson County, OH

McCormick, Cyrus H. on June 13, 1831
#X006596 hill side plough Rockbridge County, VA

Omitted on June 13, 1831

Omitted on June 13, 1831
#X006597 see 6611½

McKinney, John on June 13, 1831
#X006598 cradle swinging by the pendulum power of a clock West Chester, OH

Newhall, John on June 13, 1831
#X006599 washing, pressing, ironing, crimping, etc. Dayton, OH

Nicholas, Joseph on June 13, 1831
#X006600 mode of destroying insects on plants Lafourche, LA

Palmer, Nathan on June 13, 1831
#X006601 window blinds New York, NY

Patterson, John on June 13, 1831
#X006602 blast furnace and cupola for melting iron Warwick, NY

Phillips, Benjamin on June 13, 1831
#X006603 paddle wheel and manner of connecting two vessels to be propelled by said wheels and steam Philadelphia, PA

Reekers, John J. on June 13, 1831
#X006604 reducing friction in all kinds of machinery Baltimore, MD

Smith, Alonzo L. on June 13, 1831
#X006605 soda water apparatus Brutus, NY

Smith, Daniel on June 13, 1831
#X006606 labor saving pump China, NY

Sutton, David on June 13, 1831
#X006607 manufacturing hats by steam Lancaster, KY

Swett, Samuel, Jr. on June 13, 1831
#X006608 churn Readfield, ME

Tees, Jacob on June 13, 1831
#X006609 planing, edging, and grooving boards Kensington, PA

VanDoren, Isaac on June 13, 1831
#X006610 thrashing machine Hopewell Township, NJ

McGrew, AL
exander (6611½) on June 30, 1831
#X006611 safety railway and car Cincinnati, OH

VanDoren, Isaac on June 13, 1831
#X006611 portable horse power engine to propel all kinds of machinery by the application of the endless screw Hopewell Township, NJ

Alden, M. & Boyd, William T. on July 20, 1831
#X006612 excavator and self loading cart Northumberland, PA

Bassford, Abraham on July 20, 1831
#X006613 cushions for billiard tables New York, NY

Bates Elisha and Updegraff David on July 20, 1831
#X006614 cooking stove Mount Pleasant, OH

Butterworth, John on July 20, 1831
#X006615 cards, and drawing can hoops Philadelphia, PA

Church, Ambrose on July 20, 1831
#X006616 soda water apparatus Canandaigua, NY

Coleman, Noah H. on July 20, 1831
#X006617 soda water apparatus Mentz, NY

Converse, Edward M. on July 20, 1831
#X006618 ware manufacturing from tinned plate Southington, CT

Crawford, Ira on July 20, 1831
#X006619 thrashing machine Sweden, NY

Cushing, Alvin D. on July 20, 1831
#X006620 percussion lock and walking cane, rifle, and pistol Troy, NY

Dart, Jehiel W & Webster, W.W. and Webster, Hiram on July 20, 1831
#X006621 grist mill Truxton, NY

Domett, George on July 20, 1831
#X006622 cutting leather at one operation Boston, MA

Douglas, John C. on July 20, 1831
#X006623 safety steam boiler New York, NY

Dyre, T.G. & Richmond, A.D. on July 20, 1831
#X006624 moulds for making candles New Bedford, MA

Everts, E.C. and Lockwood William on July 20, 1831
#X006625 boring and drilling stone Colesville, NY

Harrington, Philip on July 20, 1831
#X006626 thrashing machine Petersburg, VA

Harrison, George A. on July 20, 1831
#X006627 manufacturing white lead New York, NY

Heintzelman, John J. on July 20, 1831
#X006628 gum elastic pad truss Philadelphia, PA

Klipstine, Philip A. on July 20, 1831
#X006629 paint composition New Baltimore, VA

Mather, Joseph H. on July 20, 1831
#X006630 manufacturing lamps from wood Saybrook, CT

Mintzer, Peter on July 20, 1831
#X006631 nets for horses Philadelphia, PA

Palmer, Iniss B. on July 20, 1831
#X006632 thrashing machine Baltimore, MD

Parce, Ephraim on July 20, 1831
#X006633 manufacturing pot ash and leaching ashes Lincklaen, NY

Payne, Philenzo & Rundell, Joshua on July 20, 1831
#X006634 cotton press Port Gibson, MA

Peebles, AL
bert on July 20, 1831
#X006635 double plough Henry County, GA

Percival, Joseph on July 20, 1831
#X006636 planing boards Philadelphia, PA

Pine, Edward on July 20, 1831
#X006637 paper cutting machine Troy, NY

Prescott, John D. on July 20, 1831
#X006638 winnowing and cleaning grain Chesterville, ME

Reese, Thomas on July 20, 1831
#X006639 machine for cleaning grain Baltimore, MD

Renoir, Alexander on July 20, 1831
#X006640 propelling boats by the power of man New Orleans, LA

Seely, Oran W. on July 20, 1831
#X006641 mortar for preparing for brick Williamson, NY

Seger, James S. on July 20, 1831
#X006642 weighing machine New York, NY

Silliman, Levi on July 20, 1831
#X006643 chimneys, smoke preventer Albany, NY

Skinner, Elijah on July 20, 1831
#X006644 mantels for fire places Sandwich, NY

Stewart, James on July 20, 1831
#X006645 making hooks and eyes Boston, MA

Shugert, John on July 20, 1831
#X006646 punching machine for copper Pittsburg, PA

Tackels, John G. on July 20, 1831
#X006647 dressing staves Pomfret, NY

Taft, Fred A. on July 20, 1831
#X006648 manufacturing paste board Dedham, MA

Thacker, Barnabas, Jr. on July 20, 1831
#X006649 plough Barnstable, MA

Varela, Felix on July 20, 1831
#X006650 easy motion and pavement saving wheel New York, NY

Vosburgh, John on July 20, 1831
#X006651 thrashing machine Kinderhook, NY

Winans, Ross on July 20, 1831
#X006652 axle trees for railway and other carriages Baltimore, MD

Whitman, Asa and Baker, Joel on July 20, 1831
#X006653 manufacturing rope by a compound revolver Walpole, MA

Wood, James on July 20, 1831
#X006654 cast iron rollers for lamenating metals Philadelphia, PA

Woolson, Thomas on July 20, 1831
#X006655 stove Claremont, NH

Wykoff, Peter on July 20, 1831
#X006656 lever power and inclined wheel Westport, KY

Turner, William A. on July 21, 1831
#X006657 steam engine machinery Washington County, NC

Allen, Shadrack W. on July 21, 1831
#X006658 double piston pump Geneva, NY

Stanton, Nehemiah P. on July 21, 1831
#X006659 thrashing machine Syracuse, NY

Post, James R. on July 21, 1831
#X006660 window and door fastenings New York, NY

Kendall, Jonas, Jr. on July 21, 1831
#X006661 metallic mould for casting butt hinges Watertown, MA

Balch, Benjamin & Webster, Luke on July 22, 1831
#X006662 thrashing machine Sweden, NY

Hurd, Merrit on July 22, 1831
#X006663 machine for cutting dye wood Augusta, NY

Underwood, Silas on July 22, 1831
#X006664 circular wedge Hardwick, VT

Etheridge, Nathaniel, Heath, George and Glynn, Ira G. on July 23, 1831
#X006665 corn plough Little Falls, NY

Redifer, Jacob on July 25, 1831
#X006666 thrashing machine Philadelphia, PA

Rogers, Samuel on July 25, 1831
#X006667 thrashing machine Ashville, NC

Carriel, George on July 27, 1831
#X006668 machine for washing rags Manchester, CT

Clyde, John on July 27, 1831
#X006669 running stones in flour mills Crawford County, PA

Heatwool, Gabriel on July 27, 1831
#X006670 machine for shaving hoops Harrisonburg, VA

Irick, Thomas A. on July 27, 1831
#X006671 brick press Harrisonburg, VA

Munch, Philip on July 27, 1831
#X006672 beehive Putnam, OH

Bolton, John on July 28, 1831
#X006673 bolt for separating clover chaff from straw Harrisburg, PA

Horstman, William H. on July 28, 1831
#X006674 nets for horses Philadelphia, PA

Maltby, Benjamin on July 30, 1831
#X006675 thrashing machine Gates, NY

Mewhinney, Johnson on July 30, 1831
#X006676 churn Liberty Township, OH

Genung, Ira on July 30, 1831
#X006677 leather punching for straps Newark, NJ

Greathouse, William on July 30, 1831
#X006678 machine for breaking hemp Mason County, KY

Tufts, Otis on July 30, 1831
#X006679 printing press Boston, MA

Jennings, Isaiah on August 1, 1831
#X006680 lamp for burning evaporable ingredients New York, NY

Mallory, Asa & Miles, Charles on August 1, 1831
#X006681 uniting cast iron with steel Concord, OH

Emmons, Calvin on August 2, 1831
#X006682 propelling machinery by horse power New York, NY

Strong, Elisha on August 2, 1831
#X006683 percussion side lock for rifles Claridon, OH

Fobes, Isaac on August 3, 1831
#X006684 jointing staves Bridgewater, MA

Tyson, Nathan on August 3, 1831
#X006685 kiln for drying flour by means of heated air Baltimore, MD

Broughton, Peter on August 5, 1831
#X006686 revolving jointed horizontal screen Charleston, SC

Reed, Jesse on August 5, 1831
#X006687 pump Marshfield, MA

Hockett, Nathan on August 6, 1831
#X006688 washing with or without steam Snow Hill, OH

Oxnard, Thomas on August 6, 1831
#X006689 sirup, apparatus for filtering and washing animal black, used in clarifying sugar Cumberland, ME

Thompson, Jesse on August 6, 1831
#X006690 piano forte action New York, NY

Carlock, William on August 9, 1831
#X006691 stock for the neck Baltimore, MD

Stiles, John S. on August 9, 1831
#X006692 machine for cutting crackers, biscuits, etc. Baltimore, MD

Wallace, James on August 9, 1831
#X006693 moulds for shaping timbers of boats Rochester, NY

White, Samuel on August 10, 1828
#X006694 clover seed machine Chambersburg, PA

Davis, Samuel on August 11, 1831
#X006695 manufacturing various zinc articles New York, NY

Stewart, John H. on August 11, 1831
#X006696 standing press Philadelphia, PA

Hardy, Alvah on August 12, 1831
#X006697 shears for cutting paste board Boston, MA

Williams, William on August 12, 1831
#X006698 clover seed machine Buckingham Township, Bucks County, PA

Estes, Joel on August 15, 1831
#X006699 propelling mills by rolling and balance wheel power Brownsville, TN

Fox, David on August 15, 1831
#X006700 brick moulding Ashtabula, OH

Phillips, William on August 15, 1831
#X006701 rake horse New Brunswick, NJ

Piper, Daniel A. on August 15, 1831
#X006702 edging metal plates for roofing houses Cincinnati, OH

Richardson, Ithiel S. on August 15, 1831
#X006703 self-acting fire alarm New Market, NH

Spencer, Joseph on August 15, 1831
#X006704 gumming and trimming saws Canajorharie, NY

Archibald, William A. on August 16, 1831
#X006705 manufacturing sugar New York, NY

Hull, Amos G. on August 17, 1831
#X006706 truss New York, NY

Hobbs, Jonathan, Jr. on August 18, 1831
#X006707 machine for sawing shingles Falmouth, MA

Narracong, David on August 18, 1831
#X006708 wheat rubber Skaneatelas, NY

Tileston, Wales on August 18, 1831
#X006709 soling and heeling boots and shoes with pegs Charlemont, MA

Furbish, Webber on August 19, 1831
#X006710 washing machine Hallowell, ME

Shull, John on August 19, 1831
#X006711 washing machine New Petersburg, OH

Cairon, John on August 22, 1831
#X006712 distilling Boston, MA

Loring, Daniel on August 23, 1831
#X006713 weighing machine Newark, NJ

Stimpson, James on August 23, 1831
#X006714 ascending and descending inclined planes, rivers, etc. Baltimore, MD

Stimpson, James on August 23, 1831
#X006715 rails or plates for railroad carriage wheels Baltimore, MD

Stimpson, James on August 23, 1831
#X006716 opening and shutting switches upon railroads Baltimore, MD

Stimpson, James on August 23, 1831
#X006717 turnabouts, used upon railroads and elsewhere Baltimore, MD

Stimpson, James on August 23, 1831
#X006718 turning short curves upon railroads Baltimore, MD

Stimpson, James on August 23, 1831
#X006719 wheels for railroad carriages Baltimore, MD

Weed, Henry and Fellows, Stephen on August 23, 1831
#X006720 smut machine for mills Sandwich, NH

West, Uel & Loring, Daniel on August 23, 1831
#X006721 improvement on Dearborn's balance New York, NY

Clarke, Adam, Jr. on August 24, 1831
#X006722 saw trimmer Bern, NY

Jameson, Jacob on August 24, 1831
#X006723 cutting laths from boards Springfield, OH

Savage, William and Davidson, Hezekiah on August 24, 1831
#X006724 plough Horse Well, KY

Todd, Billy on August 24, 1831
#X006725 propelling mills by supporting chains Marietta, OH

Eldred, Joseph E. on August 25, 1831
#X006726 level and plumb instrument Rochester, NY

Downing, Joseph M. on August 25, 1831
#X006727 kiln for burning lime Bristol, PA

French, Josiah on August 25, 1831
#X006728 manufacturing spring beds Ware, MA

Gambel, William on August 25, 1831
#X006729 bedstead Baltimore, MD

Thomas, William on August 25, 1831
#X006730 manufacturing shingles Farmington, MI Territory

Wright, Lemuel W. on August 25, 1831
#X006731 manufacturing sugar London, England

Alley, Abijah on August 26, 1831
#X006732 beehive Cincinnati, OH

Evans, David on August 26, 1831
#X006733 fly wheel press Philadelphia, PA

Skinner, Elijah & Webster, John on August 26, 1831
#X006734 vertical lathe mill Sandwich, NH

Whittemore, Herald on August 26, 1831
#X006735 making clapboards from round logs Worcester, MA

Ewbank, Thomas on August 27, 1831
#X006736 hydrostatic safety-valve for steam boilers New York, NY

Fay, Josiah on August 29, 1831
#X006737 cutting tenons Hollis, NH

Barber, Jesse on August 30, 1831
#X006738 washing machine Sweden, NY

Barron, James, US Navy on August 30, 1831
#X006739 filtrating water and other liquids Philadelphia, PA

Doty, Zuri S. on August 31, 1831
#X006740 churn Massillon, OH

Tinkler, Joseph on August 31, 1831
#X006741 art of pressing Massillon, OH

Colley, John G. on September 1, 1831
#X006742 marine railway Norfolk, VA

Reed, Jesse on September 1, 1831
#X006743 corn shelling machine Marshfield, MA

Marvin, Dudley on September 2, 1831
#X006744 inclined plane excavator Canandaigua, NY

Marvin, Dudley on September 2, 1831
#X006745 excavating scraper Canandaigua, NY

Pudney, John on September 3, 1831
#X006746 machine for cutting garments, called the American system Waterford, NY

Sample, William P. on September 3, 1831
#X006747 cotton cultivating machine Bedford County, TN

Barnes, Aaron on September 25, 1831
#X006748 manufacturing coarse salt Deerfield, NY

Graham, William on September 5, 1831
#X006749 excavating canals, ditches, etc. New Orleans, LA

Warrington, Joseph and Scattergood, William on September 5, 1831
#X006750 pessary Philadelphia, PA

Goodyear, Charles on September 7, 1831
#X006751 steel spring fork Philadelphia, PA

Stone, William, Jr. on September 8, 1831
#X006752 hemp machine Williamson County, TN

Stone, William, Jr. on September 8, 1831
#X006753 manufacturing rope Williamson County, TN

Britton, Eben on September 9, 1831
#X006754 beehive Little Falls, NY

Gregory, Wilson on September 9, 1831
#X006755 washing machine Richmond, VA

Clibborn, Edward on September 12, 1831
#X006756 furniture, house, ship, and camp Cincinnati, OH

Bruff, Benjamin on September 13, 1831
#X006757 raising vessels, weighing anchors, discharging cargoes, removing buildings by the elevating power engine Rochester, NY

Bryent, Walter on September 13, 1831
#X006758 anthracite cooking stove Boston, MA

Brees, Ezra on September 28, 1831
#X006759 grist mill Kingston, PA

Buck, James on September 28, 1831
#X006760 spring door catch fastenings Bucksport, ME

Bull, Mordacai on September 28, 1831
#X006761 shovels, scoops, etc. Greenwich, NY

Carpenter, Thomas, 2nd on September 28, 1831
#X006762 thrashing machine Elmyra, NY

Clark, Levin on September 28, 1831
#X006763 self guiding car and locomotive carriage Baltimore, MD

Cooper, Isaac on September 28, 1831
#X006764 reducing friction Baltimore, MD

Eastman, Joel on September 28, 1831
#X006765 wheel and applying water thereto Bath, NH

Foster, Ambrose & Avery, William on September 28, 1831
#X006766 reacting steam engine Salina, NY

Myers, Benjamin on September 28, 1831
#X006767 stones to grind grain and hull clover seed Chambersburg, PA

Page, George on September 28, 1831
#X006768 applying horse power to move machinery Keene, NH

Richards, Jedediah on September 28, 1831
#X006769 punching or cutting iron Elbridge, NY

Tolles, Elisha on September 28, 1831
#X006770 suction and lifting pump Litchfield, CT

VanAnken, James, 2nd on September 28, 1831
#X006771 churn Knox, NY

VanTuyl, John Y. on September 28, 1831
#X006772 wind power applied to mills Rahway, NJ

Wickwire, Ezra on September 28, 1831
#X006773 thrashing machine Alexander, NY

Willcox, Philip on September 25, 1831
#X006774 economical baker and roaster Springfield, MA

Woolley, William on September 28, 1831
#X006775 bedstead or hospital chair New York, NY

Wright, Lemuel W. on September 28, 1831
#X006776 distilling London, England

Cole, John and Miller, Samuel on September 29, 1831
#X006777 manufacturing barrels Washington County, OH

Truman, Joseph M. on September 29, 1831
#X006778 coating tin plate with lead Philadelphia, PA

Green, Charles H. & Montgomery, RI
chard on September 30, 1831
#X006779 bark mill Sangerfield, NY

Beals, Samuel on October 1, 1831
#X006780 Boston cooking stove Boston, MA

Hull, Alonzo G. on October 1, 1831
#X006781 elastic spring bed with an elevating and depressing surface New York, NY

Todd, Henry on October 1, 1831
#X006782 planting corn Pembroke, NH

Woolley, William on October 3, 1831
#X006783 bedstead secret for sofas and settees New York, NY

Black, William on October 4, 1831
#X006784 plough Ann Arundel County, MD

Bechtler, Christian on October 5, 1831
#X006785 machine for washing gold from sand and gravel Rutherfordton, NC

Bechtler, Christian on October 5, 1831
#X006786 machine for washing gold from sand and pounded ore Rutherfordton, NC

Bailey, Amon on October 6, 1831
#X006787 churn Poultney, VT

Sherr, E. N. on October 6, 1831
#X006788 guitar Philadelphia, PA

Chase, Paul on October 7, 1831
#X006789 coal, anthracite, high steam and hydrogen gas applied to produce combustion New York, NY

Hinkley, Thomas on October 7, 1831
#X006790 cleaning chimneys Hallowell, ME

Groning, Rodolph on October 10, 1831
#X006791 shaving hair from deer skin New Orleans, LA

Parke, Larmon and Brewster, Iram on October 10, 1831
#X006792 cutting stone Schoharie, NY

Macomber, Laban L. on October 11, 1831
#X006793 manufacturing caps and rendering them water proof Gardiner, ME

Treadwell, Daniel on October 11, 1831
#X006794 spinning hemp and flax Boston, MA

Goddard, William on October 12, 1831
#X006795 portable oven Portsmouth, NH

Cooper, Peter on October 13, 1831
#X006796 steam engine boiler New York, NY

Coulter, James on October 13, 1831
#X006797 weighing machine Philadelphia, PA

Billings, Billy J. & Billings, John S. on October 15, 1831
#X006798 machine for scraping broom corn Gorham, NY

Zimpel, Charles F. on October 15, 1831
#X006799 railroad car running on a single rail New Orleans, LA

Holt, Horace on October 17, 1831
#X006800 reeds or sleys for weaving Rutland Township, Meigs County, OH

Richardson, J. S. on October 17, 1831
#X006801 steam engine New Market, NH

Staniford, John on October 17, 1831
#X006802 phials, essence Boston, MA

Stimpson, Charles, Jr. on October 17, 1831
#X006803 book binder's cutting press Boston, MA

Phelps, Noble on October 20, 1831
#X006804 pump Turin, NY

Robbins, Joshua N. on October 20, 1831
#X006805 parturient invalid bedstead Troy, MO

Sullivan, John L. on October 20, 1831
#X006806 cemented pavement New York, NY

Henderson, James and Watson, Cooper K. on October 22, 1831
#X006807 machine for cutting garments Zanesville, OH

Tibbitts, Lafayette on October 22, 1831
#X006808 flax and hemp machine New Glasgow, VA

Tibbitts, Lafayette on October 22, 1831
#X006809 thrashing machine New Glasgow, VA

Antes, Henry on October 24, 1831
#X006810 constructing chimneys Harrisburg, PA

Prescott, William on October 25, 1831
#X006811 thrashing machine Pottsville, PA

Reading, Pierson on October 25, 1831
#X006812 clover seed machine Trenton, NJ

Lane, Ebenezer on October 26, 1831
#X006813 planing boards Cincinnati, OH

Gordon, Ebenezer & Gordon, David T. on October 27, 1831
#X006814 thrashing machine Oswego County, NY

Baker, John on October 28, 1831
#X006815 chimney valve Lancaster, PA

Hooper, Dummer H. on October 31, 1831
#X006816 boiler, and regulating the heat of water therein New Albany, IN

Richards, Spencer on October 31, 1831
#X006817 glass knobs Cambridge, MA

Williams, Thomas on October 31, 1831
#X006818 scraping flesh and hair from hides in the process of tanning Rochester, NY

Brown, William on November 2, 1831
#X006819 tanning apparatus removing the bark from the letches by means of water Mooresville, NY

Burgonzio, Eugene on November 2, 1831
#X006820 tricylindric machine operating by water fall New York, NY

Krauser, Samuel on November 2, 1831
#X006821 wheels for railroad cars to prevent friction Reading, PA

Bent, Charles and Bush, Francis on November 3, 1831
#X006822 composition for stiffening hats

Shaw, Erastus & Burk, Robert H. on November 3, 1831
#X006823 axes manufactory Canton, CT

Conwell, Abraham on November 4, 1831
#X006824 tan yard Fayette County, IN

Parker, William A. on November 4, 1831
#X006825 cure for gout and rheumatism Accomack County, VA

Cromelin, Rowland on November 7, 1831
#X006826 matresses, sofas, etc. New York, NY

Spencer, Henry on November 7, 1831
#X006827 thrashing machine Maryland, NY

Tufts, Otis on November 7, 1831
#X006828 strengthening toggle joint in the hand press Boston, MA

Allen, Oliver on November 8, 1831
#X006829 rotary or pump steam engine Norwich, CT

Mason, Maynadier on November 8, 1831
#X006830 iron borings rendered available in furnaces Georgetown, DC

Tuthill, Daniel L. on November 8, 1831
#X006831 furnace for heating hatter's irons New York, NY

Sullivan, John L. on November 9, 1831
#X006832 cemented pavement New York, NY

Dawkins, Johnson on November 10, 1831
#X006833 thrashing machine Westport, KY

Holdredge, William on November 10, 1831
#X006834 drilling and boring stone Albany, NY

Jennings, Isaiah on November 11, 1831
#X006835 pictures with looking glass back grounds New York, NY

Stewart, James R. on November 11, 1831
#X006836 dying cotton in the staple New York, NY

Hinkle, Charles on November 12, 1831
#X006837 elliptical steel springs Lehigh County, PA

Kirkpatrick, Andrew on November 12, 1831
#X006838 machine for mixing mortar Urbana, OH

Rice, Levi on November 14, 1831
#X006839 spinning cotton and wool Milburn, MA

Newberry, John W. on November 15, 1831
#X006840 accelerating plane Avon, NY

Shaffer, Philip on November 16, 1831
#X006841 thrashing machine Richmond Township, PA

Wernwag, Lewis on November 16, 1831
#X006842 self directing railroad car Harper's Ferry, VA

Porter, Noah on November 17, 1831
#X006843 combined grist and saw mill Boston, MA

Lucky, James on November 19, 1831
#X006844 washing and wringing clothes and heating water Troy, NY

Smith, Benjamin M. (6844½) on November 20, 1831
#X006844 screw propeller Rochester, NY

Emes, Robert on November 21, 1831
#X006845 scouring leather Boston, MA

Emes, Robert on November 21, 1831
#X006846 polishing, graining, and diceing Morocco Boston, MA

Lowe, Jonathan on November 21, 1831
#X006847 metamorphosic alleviator bedstead Whitesborough, NY

Beach, Waldren on November 23, 1831
#X006848 thrashing machine Philadelphia, PA

Eaton, Rufus on November 24, 1831
#X006849 saw mill Concord, NY

Fall, John S. on November 25, 1831
#X006850 dropsy and epilepsy cure Rattle Snake Springs, GA

Carter, George on November 26, 1831
#X006851 steps for coaches Newark, NJ

Ferrin, Otis on November 28, 1831
#X006852 painting cloth Lansingburgh, NY

Fletcher, Calvin on November 23, 1831
#X006853 chemical water proof cement Boston, MA

Geoghegan, Charles and Allen, James, Jr. on December 6, 1831
#X006854 manufacturin tobacco Richmond, VA

Palmer, Isaac S. on December 6, 1831
#X006855 thrashing machine concave bed Philadelphia, PA

Wells, Elias on December 6, 1831
#X006856 machine for gathering apples Duxbury, VT

Wilkinson, Garner on December 6, 1831
#X006857 axle tree hubs and spokes White Creek, NY

Korn, Henry on December 9, 1831
#X006858 nets for horses Philadelphia, PA

Carothers, John on December 10, 1831
#X006859 plough Shirleysburg, PA

Hale, Luke on December 12, 1831
#X006860 toggle press joint screw Hollis, NH

Matthews, Alexander on December 13, 1831
#X006861 clover seed machine Island Creek, OH

Hand, Miles B. on December 14, 1831
#X006862 washing with or without steam Lockport, NY

Lammon, John on December 14, 1831
#X006863 thrashing machine and horse power Macedon, NY

Knight, Jonathan on December 15, 1831
#X006864 fire place and overn Stoddard, NY

Smith, Lewis T. C. on December 15, 1831
#X006865 horse shoes Scott County, KY

Cram, John S. (6866½) on December 17, 1831
#X006866 self propelling hanging lever cheese press Hanover, NH

Hidden, Enoch & Ringold, Samuel and Moore, John P. on December 16, 1831
#X006866 percussion lock for cannon New York, NY

Fuller, Orlando A. on December 21, 1831
#X006867 machine for letting in boxes for wagons Vernon, NY

Jennings, Isaiah on December 21, 1831
#X006868 steam engine boiler New York, NY

Mathies, J. L. D. on December 21, 1831
#X006869 perpetual rotary oven Rochester, NY

Messenger, James W. on December 21, 1831
#X006870 cross cut sawing machine Windham, OH

Willis, Oscar on December 21, 1831
#X006871 gold, washing machine, called the railway car gold riddle Burke County, NC

Bishop, Luna on December 22, 1831
#X006872 bellows Readsborough, VA

Fitzgerald, Daniel on December 22, 1831
#X006873 cocoanut cutting New York, NY

Sizer, Amasa on December 22, 1831
#X006874 coffee and spice mill Cheshire, CT

Stackhouse, Powell on December 22, 1831
#X006875 stove Philadelphia, PA

Sower, Brook W. on December 23, 1831
#X006876 quilting frame Leesburg, VA

Watson, David on December 23, 1831
#X006877 washing machine Fayette, ME

Chavalier, Nicholas W. on December 27, 1831
#X006878 caulking ships and other vessels Baltimore, MD

Omitted on December 27, 1831
#X006879 see 6866½

Hackley, Philo M. on December 27, 1831
#X006880 boiler for generating steam Herkimer, NY

Starr, William on December 27, 1831
#X006881 cheese netting Norway, NY

Dearborn, Nathan H. on December 28, 1831
#X006882 sawing furrow boards Conway, NH

Deats, John on December 28, 1831
#X006883 plough Roxburg, NJ

Aldebert, John G. on December 29, 1831
#X006884 propelling mills by manual or other power Opelousas, LA

Bull, Aaron on December 29, 1831
#X006885 tow lines, rope, cordage, etc. Caroline, NY

Whitaker, Welcome on December 30, 1831
#X006886 skates Troy, NY

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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