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1828 U.S. Patents

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Rodgers, Daniel on January 4, 1828
#X004958 making locks in canals Little Falls Town, Herkimer County, NY

McCreary, James on January 5, 1828
#X004959 hydrostatic and hydraulic elevator Noblestown, Alleghany County, PA

Baker, Samuel H. on January 10, 1828
#X004960 machine for churning Wells Township, Bradford County, PA

McKay, Robert & McKensie, Donald and Woodhull, Joseph on January 16, 1828
#X004961 manufacturing artificial stone Caledonia, Livingston County, NY

Throckmorton, Reid R. on January 17, 1828
#X004962 tubular steam generator New York, NY

Wenzle, John C. on January 17, 1828
#X004963 machine for dressing flax and hemp Louisville, KY

Ward, Minus & Hall, Richard Wilmot on January 19, 1828
#X004964 generating inflammable gases from antracite coal Baltimore, MD

Moore, Jefferson on January 19, 1828
#X004965 common turning lathe Leverett, Franklin County, MA

Duncan, Samuel on January 21, 1828
#X004966 vibrating machine for napping cloth Northampton, Montgomery County, NY

Comstock, J. L. on January 21, 1828
#X004967 making leather and cloth water proof Hartford, CT

Campbell, Harvey W. on January 22, 1828
#X004968 floating excavator Lockport, NY

Wells, Samuel Adams on January 23, 1828
#X004969 suspending the yards of vessels Boston, MA

Adams, William and Adams, Marcus on January 24, 1828
#X004970 machine for making barrels Odgen, Monroe County, NY

Kellogg, John J. on January 24, 1828
#X004971 mortising machine Richmond, Oswego County, NY

Harvey, Thomas on January 24, 1828
#X004972 spring saddle Middletown, DE

Beard, Ebenezer on January 25, 1828
#X004973 screw water wheel Charlestown, MA

Wiard, William on January 26, 1828
#X004974 plough Avon, Livingston County, NY

Rouse, Robert C. on January 26, 1828
#X004975 cooking stove Athens, Green County, NY

Bliss, Moses B. on January 26, 1828
#X004976 hay press Pittstown, Kennebeck County, ME

Taylor, William L. on January 28, 1828
#X004977 grist mill McMinn County, TN

Rising, David on January 29, 1828
#X004978 machine for making brick Colchester, Chittenden County, NY

Broadmeadow, Simeon on January 29, 1828
#X004979 steam engine New York, NY

Willis, William on February 1, 1828
#X004980 spring teeth rack frame steam engine Charleston, SC

Thompson, Alexander on February 2, 1828
#X004981 making an oil paint for plastered houses Bethany, NY

Deane, Ezra on February 2, 1828
#X004982 rheumatic pills Biddeford, ME

Bailey, Uriah on February 2, 1828
#X004983 pressing horns for combs with steel plates West Newbury, Essex County, MA

Powell, Truman on February 2, 1828
#X004984 remedy for dysentry, dyspepsia, etc. Burlington, VT

Cocke, William J. on February 4, 1828
#X004985 machine for packing cotton Cabin Point, Sussex County, VA

Cocke, William J. on February 4, 1828
#X004986 mode of distilling spirituous liquors Cabin Point, Sussex County, VA

Beach, Waldren on February 5, 1828
#X004987 excavator or self loading cart Philadelphia, PA

Holbrook, John C. & Thomas, Elihu H. on February 7, 1828
#X004988 printing press Brattleborough, VT

Holbrook, John C. and Thomas, Elihu H. on February 7, 1828
#X004989 printing press Brattleborough, VT

Thomas, Hercules on February 8, 1828
#X004990 hubs for carriage wheels Midway, Norfolk County, MA

Christian, Evans on February 8, 1828
#X004991 machine for breaking and dressing flax and hemp Philadelphia, Jefferson County, NY

Pratt, Linus & Bush, Fenner on February 9, 1828
#X004992 machine for junking ivory by steam Meriden, New Haven County, CT

Webster, David W. on February 9, 1828
#X004993 machine for thrashing grain and grass seed Amesbury, MA

Giraud, John J. on February 10, 1828
#X004994 improvement in stoves, chimneys, furnaces, etc. Baltimore, MD

Commins, Warren on February 11, 1828
#X004995 machine for cutting straw Livingston County, NY

Jennings, Isaiah on February 11, 1828
#X004996 high pressure steam engine New York, NY

Pratt, Philo on February 12, 1828
#X004997 grailing machine Meriden, New Haven County, CT

Pratt, Philo on February 12, 1828
#X004998 machinery for slitting ivory Meriden, New Haven County, CT

Kirk, Augustus S. on February 13, 1828
#X004999 specific steam engine Smithfield Township, Jefferson County, OH

Folger, William H. on February 13, 1828
#X005000 machine for separating and collecting gold Spartensburg, SC

Emmons, Uri on February 13, 1828
#X005001 improvement called the apple grater New York, NY

Wright, John F. on February 14, 1828
#X005002 canal steamboats Erie, PA

Bennett, Ezekiel E. on February 15, 1828
#X005003 improvement called an apparatus for cooking Kingsbury, Washington County, NY

Spalding, William E. on February 15, 1828
#X005004 mode of drawing lotteries Brooklyn, CT

Hort, Elias B. on February 18, 1828
#X005005 thrashing machine Charleston, SC

McAllister, Archibald on February 18, 1828
#X005006 machine for sawing and polishing marble Salem, Washington County, NY

Achey, Samuel on February 18, 1828
#X005007 machine for swingling flax Heidelberg Township, Lebanon County, PA

Bartholomew, Truman on February 19, 1828
#X005008 mode of fastening window shutters New York, NY

Torrey, Joseph on February 20, 1828
#X005009 water wheel Ravenna, Portage County, PA

Richards, Joseph on February 20, 1828
#X005010 hammer for cutting and dressing stone Braintree, Norfolk County, MA

Dickinson, George on February 21, 1828
#X005011 preparing cotton yarn wicks for candles New York, NY

Kelly, James on February 21, 1828
#X005012 spiral water wheel Jackson County, OH

Hall, Christopher on February 22, 1828
#X005013 mode of filtering water Norfolk, VA

Warren, Edmund on February 22, 1828
#X005014 machine for thrashing rice New York, NY

Wilson, James G. on February 22, 1828
#X005015 improvement in steam boilers New York, NY

McNary, Isaac on February 23, 1828
#X005016 cast iron window sashes Stafford, CT

Abbot, Theodore Thomas on February 26, 1828
#X005017 machine for spinning wool Greenland, NH

Bulkeley, Chauncey (Elizabeth H. Bulkeley,widow) on February 28, 1828
#X005018 mode of making shovels, scythes Colchester, CT

Holland, Samuel on March 1, 1828
#X005019 grist mill Hanover, Columbia County, OH

First, Michael on March 3, 1828
#X005020 thrashing machine Uniontown, MD

Garnsey, Daniel G. [8th?] on March 3, 1828
#X005021 cooking stove Pomfret, Chatauque County, NY

Reeder, Jesse on March 4, 1828
#X005022 making carriage bodies Lebanon, Warren County, OH

Baker, Martin & Baker, Thomas on March 4, 1828
#X005023 mode of curing tobacco Louisa County, VA

Galbraith, John on March 6, 1828
#X005024 lever for working horse mills Maury County, TN

Buell, Enos H. on March 6, 1828
#X005025 making tongs from cast iron Marlborough, CT

Loomis, William on March 6, 1828
#X005026 thrashing machine Springfield, Oswego County, NY

McIntosh, William J. on March 7, 1828
#X005027 improvement in clarifying the juice of the cane GA

Magaw, William on March 8, 1828
#X005028 material for making paper Meadville, Crawford County, PA

Salisbury, Hezekiah on March 8, 1828
#X005029 machine for raising vehicles Springfield, MA

Loveridge, Richard on March 8, 1828
#X005030 improvement in the construction of ploughs Knox County, OH

Lester, Ebenezer A. on March 10, 1828
#X005031 improvement in generating steam gas, or vapor Boston, MA

Gibbs, George Morgan on March 10, 1828
#X005032 mode of applying water in propelling machinery Prince William's Parish, SC

Post, Calvin on March 11, 1828
#X005033 machine for bending sheet iron boilers Springport, Cayuga County, NY

Arnold, Ichabod on March 12, 1828
#X005034 improvement in making cast iron shoes for sleighs Oswegatchie, NY

Warren, Admiral on March 12, 1828
#X005035 grist mill Saugerties, Ulster County, NY

Overall, Israel on March 14, 1828
#X005036 machine for boring rocks Liberty, Smith County, TN

Skinner, Joseph on March 14, 1828
#X005037 improvement in the appplication of steam Mantua, OH

Knox, Thomas on March 15, 1828
#X005038 carriages Sniggersville, Loudon County, VA

Davis, Timothy on March 15, 1828
#X005039 mode of propelling boats Lawrence, Dearborn County, IN

Williams, John on March 15, 1828
#X005040 construction of wash stands Baltimore, MD

Rosenkrans, Levi on March 17, 1828
#X005041 trip hammer Town of Big Flats, Tioga County, NY

Brown, John on March 18, 1828
#X005042 machine for shelling corn Providence, RI

Albrecht, C. F. L. on March 18, 1828
#X005043 piano fortes Philadelphia, PA

Flagg, David, Jr. on March 19, 1828
#X005044 moulding and pressing bricks Gardiner, ME

Palmer, Rufus R. on March 21, 1828
#X005045 maching for washing clothes, churning Caroline Township, Tompkins County, NY

Mitchell Richard and Butterworth, Nathaniel on March 22, 1828
#X005046 sattinet power loom Troy, Bristol County, MA

Harris, Perry on March 25, 1828
#X005047 mode of applying the Archimedian screw in raising water Preble County, OH

Nott, Eliphalet on March 26, 1828
#X005048 evolution and management of heat Schenectady, NY

Bull, Aaron on March 27, 1828
#X005049 machine for grinding bark Caroline, Tompkins County, NY

Bull, Aaron on March 28, 1828
#X005050 washing machine Caroline, Tompkins County, NY

Marble, Luke on March 28, 1828
#X005051 tools for cutting soal leather Henrietta, Monroe County, NY

Draper, Samuel on March 31, 1828
#X005052 machine for boring pump logs Camillus, Onondaga County, NY

Read, Cheney on April 2, 1828
#X005053 improvement called the gang saw shingle machine Western, MA

Brady, Elijah on April 3, 1828
#X005054 constructing bellows or blowing machines Mount Pleasant, West Chester County, NY

Waters, Hiram on April 3, 1828
#X005055 manufacture of cooper's work Watertown, Jefferson County, NY

Moody, Eli on April 5, 1828
#X005056 oven for baking over a cooking furnace Northfield, Franklin County, MA

Feinour, Joseph, Jr. on April 5, 1828
#X005057 improvement called the safety compass lamp Philadelphia, PA

Plantou, Anthony on April 5, 1828
#X005058 making terro-magnetic teeth Philadelphia, PA

Shannon, Henry A. on April 5, 1828
#X005059 machine for carding wool Colunbia County, NY

Fox, Joseph S. on April 5, 1828
#X005060 raising water by vacuum produced by steam Otto, Cattaraugus County, NY

Barr, Benjamin on April 5, 1828
#X005061 distilling by steam Strasburg Township, Lancaster County, PA

Kellogg, Isaac & Kellogg, George C. on April 7, 1828
#X005062 machine for shearing cloth New Hartford, Litchfield County, CT

Robinson, Moncure on April 9, 1828
#X005063 transporting carriages on inclined planes Henrico County, VA

Bennett, John H. on April 10, 1828
#X005064 thrashing machine Aurelius, Cayuga County, NY

Daboll, Ezekiel on April 12, 1828
#X005065 fire engine Canaan, Litchfield County, CT

Diven, George on April 14, 1828
#X005066 locking hind wheels of wagons Franklin County, PA

Davis, Timothy on April 14, 1828
#X005067 mode of obtaining water Lawrence Township, Dearborn County, IN

Collier, Elisha Hayden on April 15, 1828
#X005068 making paper from the "Ulva Maria" Plymouth County, MA (now in London, England)

Pearson, Paul and Howe, John on April 15, 1828
#X005069 making sugar boxes by machinery Atna, Lincoln County, ME

Bird, Fitzgerald on April 16, 1828
#X005070 improvement in medicine Hancock, GA

Brown, William on April 17, 1828
#X005071 reel for handling hides, skins, etc. Frankford, near Philadelphia, PA

Emmons, Calvin on April 17, 1828
#X005072 thrashing machine New York, NY

Marsh, William E. on April 18, 1828
#X005073 mortising machine Westfield Township, Essex County, NJ

Herbert, Richard on April 19, 1828
#X005074 machine for planting and cultivating cotton Williamson County, TN

Phillips, Benjamin on April 21, 1828
#X005075 canal boats Philadelphia, PA

Hoe, Robert on April 22, 1828
#X005076 improvement in Brown's standing press frame New York, NY

Hubbard, Asabel on April 22, 1828
#X005077 revolving hydraulic engine Windsor, VT

Post, James A. on April 23, 1828
#X005078 bogging machine Warwick Township, Orange County, NY

Phillips, Daniel W. & Maher, William on April 23, 1828
#X005079 common carriage axle Covington, NY

Spain, Edward on April 23, 1828
#X005080 churn Mount Holly, Burlington County, NJ

Critchfield, Arthur on April 24, 1828
#X005081 machine for spinning wool, cotton, etc. Union Township, Licking County, OH

Greer, David on April 25, 1828
#X005082 a composition for making roofs fire and water proof Pittsburg, PA

Linn, William on April 25, 1828
#X005083 lever press Danville, Pittsylvania County, VA

Deats, John on April 26, 1828
#X005084 plough Middleton, Bucks County, PA

Hedenberg, Francis L. on April 26, 1828
#X005085 portable oven New York, NY

Cooper, Peter on April 28, 1828
#X005086 mode of converting alternate rectilinear in rotary motion New York, NY

Call, Isaiah on April 28, 1828
#X005087 saw mills Woodstock, Windsor County, NY

Vreeland, John on April 29, 1828
#X005088 oyster platform New York, NY

Cartwright, George W. on April 29, 1828
#X005089 printing machine or roller press Mount Pleasant, Westchester County, NY

Packard, Theophilus on April 29, 1828
#X005090 process of testing leaden pipes for conveying water Shelburn, Franklin County, MA

Hoyt, William on April 29, 1828
#X005091 corn shelling machine Vernon, Jennings County, IN

Marshall, Alexander on April 30, 1828
#X005092 saddle Pikeland Township, Chester County, PA

Eve, Joseph on May 1, 1828
#X005093 metallic bands for communicating motion, etc. Augusta, GA

Slayton, Phineas on May 1, 1828
#X005094 machine for sawing hoops, basket stuff, etc. Lockport, NY

Gibbs, Eli M. on May 1, 1828
#X005095 improvement on Isaac Leavitt's washing machine Chenango County, NY

Wiard, William on May 1, 1828
#X005096 mode of raising and lowering canal boats Avon, Livingston County, NY

Parker, Moses P. on May 1, 1828
#X005097 washing machine Lowville, Lewis County, NY

Willis, William on May 2, 1828
#X005098 spring and valve marine propeller Charleston, SC

Hyde, Silas on May 2, 1828
#X005099 construction of bedsteads Arcadia, Wayne County, NY

Moses, Oren on May 3, 1828
#X005100 percussion lock for firearms Malone, Franklin County, NY

Josslyn, James (re-issued) on May 3, 1828
#X005101 machine for cutting plugs for vessels New York, NY

Sitton, John and Black, James A. on May 5, 1828
#X005102 improvement in the machine called the wheelwright's felloe-lathe Columbia, SC

Boring, Abraham & Jones, William W. on May 5, 1828
#X005103 rope-reeding machine Thornville, Perry County, OH

Mosher, Silas and White, Noble on May 5, 1828
#X005104 double shooting gun or rifle Hamilton, Madison County, NY

Caswell, Jedediah on April 8, 1828
#X005105 percussion gun locks Manlius, Onondaga County, NY

Fisher, Abraham on April 9, 1828
#X005106 cooking stove Claremont, Sullivan County, NH

Bell, John on April 9, 1828
#X005107 water wheel Sycamore Township, Hamilton County, OH

Van de Graaff, John S. on May 12, 1828
#X005108 machine for breaking hemp Scott County, KY

McCall, William R. on May 12, 1828
#X005109 machine for spinning wool and cotton from the roll Knox County, IN

Wickersham, Thomas on May 13, 1828
#X005110 clay pipes Newbury, York County, PA

Shove, Ebenezer & Hunt, Thomas on May 13, 1828
#X005111 tanning and manufacturing hides into leather Locke, Cayuga County, NY

Bakewell, Thomas and Bakewell, John P. on May 14, 1828
#X005112 making glass furniture, knobs, or handles Pittsburg, PA

Attaire, James P on May 14, 1828
#X005113 boilers of steam engines New York, NY

Mitchell, George P. on May 15, 1828
#X005114 machine for cutting leather in making shoes Burlington, NJ

Ravenel, John on May 17, 1828
#X005115 mortar for pounding rice Charleston, SC

Hugus, Jacob on May 17, 1828
#X005116 distilling spirits from grain and fruit Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County, PA

Thurber, Hezekiah on May 22, 1828
#X005117 machine for cutting pegs Town of Painted Post, Steuben County, NY

Howe, Stilman & Chaffin, Charles on May 22, 1828
#X005118 mode of making shingles by machinery Holden, Worcester County, MA

Crehore, Benjamin on May 22, 1828
#X005119 saw frame for sawing veneers Milton, MA

Durand, Cyrus on May 22, 1828
#X005120 copperplate printing press New York, NY

Magaw, William on May 22, 1828
#X005121 preparing vegetable substances for making paper Meadville, Crawford County, PA

Treadwell, Stephen on May 22, 1828
#X005122 machine for cutting wooden screws Weston, Fairfield County, CT

Case, Norton on May 23, 1828
#X005123 thrashing machine North Granville, Licking County, OH

Howe, Charles and Brewster, Frederick & Johnson, John on May 24, 1828
#X005124 mode of presing oil out of flaxseed, etc. Burlington County, VT

Hobart, Robert E. on May 24, 1828
#X005125 machine for making horse shoes Pottstown, Montgomery County, PA

Lawrence, Joseph on May 24, 1828
#X005126 percussion gun lock New Berlin, Chenango County, NY

Hancock, Joseph on May 24, 1828
#X005127 washing machine Maysville, Mason County, KY

Green, John H. on May 26, 1828
#X005128 marine railway Providence, RI

Archibald, William Augustus on May 29, 1828
#X005129 bain-marie for refining sugar, etc. New York, NY

Archibald, William Augustus on May 29, 1828
#X005130 double boiler for refining sugar, etc. New York, NY

Archibald, William Augustus on May 29, 1828
#X005131 filtering apparatus for refining sugar New York, NY

Montgomery, John on May 29, 1828
#X005132 mill for breaking and grinding tanner's bark Sangerfield, Oneida County, NY

Saltonstall, Nathaniel on May 29, 1828
#X005133 gun lock New London, CT

Williams, Charles G. on May 29, 1828
#X005134 cylindrical printing press New York, NY

Thatcher, George L. on May 31, 1828
#X005135 manufacturing hat bodies by machinery at one operation Brooklyn, NY

Hermange, Anthony on May 31, 1828
#X005136 machinery for propelling ships and other vessels Baltimore, MD

Greenleaf, Abel on June 5, 1828
#X005137 water wheels for mills Mexico, Oswego County, NY

Duty, Ebenezer and Duty, Daniel W. on June 7, 1828
#X005138 machine for striking brick Painesville, Geauga County, OH

Goodall, Nathaniel. & Tainter, Loren on June 9, 1828
#X005139 machinery for making barrels, kegs, etc. Watertown, Jefferson County, NY

Read, Daniel on June 16, 1828
#X005140 churn and washing machine Slaterville,Tompkins County, NY

Wilbur, Hervey on June 16, 1828
#X005141 improvement called the drum sacking bedstead Newburyport, MA

Cowan, William on June 16, 1828
#X005142 Franklin or open stove Watertown, Jefferson County, NY

White, David on June 17, 1828
#X005143 making spiritous liquors from still slop Fredonia, Chatauque County, NY

Sperry, Samuel on June 18, 1828
#X005144 armed saw frame Nashville, TN

Crail, Joseph on June 19, 1828
#X005145 grist mill Warren,Trumbull County, OH

Talbot, Edward Allen on June 21, 1828
#X005146 Talbot's atmospheric propelling engine Dublin, Ireland

Hale, John on June 21, 1828
#X005147 machinery for making casks, barrels, etc. Oakum, Worcester County, MA

Langley, Lemuel on June 23, 1828
#X005148 mode of fixing the mariner's compass Gosport, Norfolk, VA

Casey, James K. on June 23, 1828
#X005149 improvement called the dormant balance, for the spine New York, NY

Miller, John and Clemmons, Benton on June 24, 1828
#X005150 setting stills, boilers, kettles, etc. Clemmonsville, Davison County, NC

Harrington, Isaac H. on June 26, 1828
#X005151 currier's knife Albany, NY

Walker, Thomas on June 26, 1828
#X005152 mule for spinning cotton Chester County, PA

Greene, John H. on June 26, 1828
#X005153 raising vessels for repairing Providence, RI

Penny, Edward on June 27, 1828
#X005154 domestic spinner Adams, Jefferson County, NY

Smith, Daniel E. on June 30, 1828
#X005155 drops for the cure of coughs, colds, etc. Cornwall, Litchfield County. CT

Straub, Abraham on June 30, 1828
#X005156 making leather waterproof Milton, PA

Dent, John on July 2, 1828
#X005157 medicine Augsta, GA

Miller, Amasa on July 7, 1828
#X005158 construction of ways for drawing up vessels New London, CT

Murray, Abner on July 8, 1828
#X005159 wind wheel Athens, Bradford County, PA

Freeborn, Gideon on July 8, 1828
#X005160 attaching tubes to boilers for generating steam New York, NY

Benton, Levi on July 12, 1828
#X005161 machine for dressing and jointing staves Hanover, Chatauque County, NY

Seely, Holly on July 14, 1828
#X005162 self-adjusting spring for window blinds Unadilla, Otsego County, NY

Post, Calvin on July 15, 1828
#X005163 improvement called the rotary washer Springport, Cayuga County, NY

Bayrd, Abel on July 16, 1828
#X005164 machine called the longimeter South Reading, Middlesex County, MA

Haddock, Marsden on July 17, 1828
#X005165 machine for making paper in the sheet New York, NY

Underwood, Noah on July 17, 1828
#X005166 application of power to the pump Baltimore, MD

Nourse, Asa on July 19, 1828
#X005167 machine for thrashing and cleaning grain Beaufort, SC

Reckers, John J. on July 21, 1828
#X005168 means of transport and conveyance Baltimore, MD

Felton, Samson on July 22, 1828
#X005169 improvement called the universal drub Killbuck Township, Holmes County, OH

Rice, Levi on July 23, 1828
#X005170 machine for making siding lathe Lockport, NY

Hitchcock, D & Stone, C. on July 24, 1828
#X005171 self-acting press for pressing cheese, etc. New York, NY

Laporte, Peter on July 28, 1828
#X005172 cloth for boots of stages, etc. Augusta County, VA

Eubank, Joseph, Jr. on July 29, 1828
#X005173 gin feeder Glasgow, Barrea County, KY

Grosjean, Philip on July 29, 1828
#X005174 machine for shelling corn Louisville, KY

Lawes, Thomas and Grosjean, Philip on July 30, 1828
#X005175 distilling Louisville, KY

Jones, Thomas on July 31, 1828
#X005176 cast iron hammers Glasontonbury, CT

Bratt, Nicholas on July 31, 1828
#X005177 improvement on P. Slayton's machine for sawing hoops, etc, Lockport, NY

Gouley, Louis on August 1, 1828
#X005178 hydrant fountain Philadelphia, PA

Feinour, Joseph & Feinour, Joseph, Jr. on August 1, 1828
#X005179 signal lamp Philadelphia, PA

Willard, Simon, Jr. on August 2, 1828
#X005180 washing machine Cincinnati, OH

Knight, William on August 5, 1828
#X005181 raising and lowering canal boats on inclined planes Morristown, NJ

Barney, Matthew on August 5, 1828
#X005182 thrashing machine Nantucket, MA

Barker, Peter on August 6, 1828
#X005183 construction of breakfast and dining tables Worthington, Franklin County, OH

Baker, Daniel on August 7, 1828
#X005184 curvilinear saw-mill Ipswich. MA

Lane, Samuel on August 8, 1828
#X005185 machine for reaping and thrashing grain Hallowell, ME

Ferris, Ira on August 12, 1828
#X005186 construction and application of the quadruple forcing pump Ellicott, Chatauque County, NY

Case, Hull on August 13, 1828
#X005187 mode of propelling vessels Norwalk, Huron County, OH

Lanuza, Cayetano on August 13, 1828
#X005188 method of ruling paper New York, NY

Mackay, John on August 14, 1828
#X005189 fitting hammer heads for pianos Boston, MA

Averill, Henry on August 14, 1828
#X005190 washing and pressing machine Richland, Oswego County, NY

Laird, Joshua on August 16, 1828
#X005191 roller printing press Pittsburg, PA

Phillips, Benjamin on August 16, 1828
#X005192 apparatus for propelling vessels Southwark, Philadelphia, PA

Burt, H. and Boyd, O. D. & Boyd, A. H. on August 19, 1828
#X005193 check and plaid power loom Manchester, Hartford County, CT

Ingalls, Walter on August 19, 1828
#X005194 horizontal windmill Sambornton Bridge, Strafford County, NH

Price, Isaac, Jr. on August 19, 1828
#X005195 machine for sawing hoops, lathe, etc. Lockport, NY

Smith, Samuel on August 20, 1828
#X005196 mode of raising water from wells, etc. Mendou, Monroe County, NY

Johnson, William M. on August 21, 1828
#X005197 process of casting printers' types New York, NY

Richards, Lemuel M. on August 21, 1828
#X005198 boiler or steam generator Chagrin River, Cayahoga County, OH

Williams, Samuel S. on August 22, 1828
#X005199 manufacture of mats from Manilla, etc. Roxbury, MA

Hathaway, Joseph on August 22, 1828
#X005200 churn Canandiagua, NY

Starr, Orson on August 22, 1828
#X005201 machine for planting grain, etc. Richmond, Ontario County, NY

Wilder, Danforth on August 25, 1828
#X005202 machine for making shingles Rome, NY

Failing, John R. on August 25, 1828
#X005203 machine for boring earth Canajoharie, NY

Crandell, Benjamin K. on August 25, 1828
#X005204 slitting gauge for laths, hoops, etc. Lockport, NY

Miller, Henry B. on August 25, 1828
#X005205 boot trees Mayville, NY

Kelsey, Francis on August 26, 1828
#X005206 mode of managing honey bees Lockport, NY

Phillips, John S. on August 27, 1828
#X005207 construction of fitters Philadelphia, PA

Cohen, J. J. on August 28, 1828
#X005208 constructing and drawing lotteries Baltimore, MD

Robbins, A. H. and Robbins, Levi, Jr. on August 28, 1828
#X005209 machine for planting seeds Denmark, NY

Faries, Samuel L. on August 29, 1828
#X005210 water-proof self-priming percussion gun lock Middleton, Butler County, OH

Turner, Robert on August 29, 1828
#X005211 self-regulating brake for wagons, etc. Ward, Worcester County, MA

Bump, Lewis R. on August 29, 1828
#X005212 circular or cylindrical saw Wareham, MA

Waterman, Richard & Annis, George W. on August 30, 1828
#X005213 manufacturing paper on machines Providence, RI

Danforth, Charles on September 2, 1828
#X005214 construction and management of bobbins and flyers for spinning cotton Ramapo, Rockland County, NY

Davis, Jonathan R. on September 2, 1828
#X005215 washing machine Hartland, Niagara County, NY

Coburn, James on September 3, 1828
#X005216 fire and water cement Middlesex County, MA

Hemenway, Luther on September 4, 1828
#X005217 socket vice Sullivan, Cheshire County, NH

Hathaway, Joseph and Hathaway, R. on September 5, 1828
#X005218 washing machine Canandaigua, NY

Medley, Reuben on September 5, 1828
#X005219 mill for grinding corn, etc. Bloomfield, Nelson County, KY

Smith, James & Sapp, William on September 9, 1828
#X005220 grist mill Mount Vernon, Knox County, OH

Tyler, Rufus on September 10, 1828
#X005221 dividing engines, circular and straight lined Philadelphia, PA

Jackson, William and Speed, J. J., Jr. on September 10, 1828
#X005222 machine for mortising and tenoning timber Speedville, Tompkins County, NY

Grout, John on September 10, 1828
#X005223 washing and churning machine Caroline, Tompkins County, NY

Bacon, Don M. on September 10, 1828
#X005224 machine for carding wool Huntington, Luzerne County, PA

Pinnell, James & Maxon, Haber on September 10, 1828
#X005225 machine for picking cotton Barbourville, Cabell County, VA

Post, John W. and Ryan, John on September 10, 1828
#X005226 thrashing machine Philadelphia, PA

Wood, Richard L. on September 10, 1828
#X005227 application of pine resin as fuel Philadelphia, PA

Dyott, Thomas W. on September 10, 1828
#X005228 art of melting and fusing glass Philadelphia, PA

Swift, William & Ottiwell, William on September 11, 1828
#X005229 fastenings for bedsteads New Bedford, MA

Pitkins, Levi on September 11, 1828
#X005230 pump for drawing beer, cider, etc. Rochester, Monroe County, NY

Williams, Daniel, Jr. on September 11, 1828
#X005231 construction of doors for guarding against cold Colchester, CT

Beach, Moses Y. on September 11, 1828
#X005232 machine for cutting rags for paper Springfield, MA

Parkerson, John on September 11, 1828
#X005233 window blinds Boston, MA

Ward, Allen on September 11, 1828
#X005234 improvement called a triangular measure case ruler Philadelphia, PA

Kidder, Jonathan on September 11, 1828
#X005235 making and working the circular saw for clapboards Gorham, ME

Smedes, Abraham K. on October 11, 1828
#X005236 preparing back lint for manufacturing Lexington, KY

Blake, Stillman on October 11, 1828
#X005237 operating the rotary steam engine Providence, RI

Wheeler, John W. on October 11, 1828
#X005238 machine for spinning and roping cotton and wool Galway, Saratoga County, NY

Post, Garrit on October 11, 1828
#X005239 revolving rail and round tenon beadstead Auburn, Cayuga County, NY

Sanford, Isaac on October 11, 1828
#X005240 machine for carding, winding, and making hats Blockley, Philadelphia County, PA

Hatch, John on October 11, 1828
#X005241 machinery for cutting files Roxbury, Norfolk County, MA

Knowles, Hazard on October 11, 1828
#X005242 mode of covering buildings Colchester, CT

Goodrich, Samuel G. on October 11, 1828
#X005243 stereotype blocks Boston, MA

Dickinson, William on October 11, 1828
#X005244 cast hub for coaches, wagons, etc. Batavia, Genesee County, NY

Potter, Alden on October 11, 1828
#X005245 pipe boilers for steam engines New York, NY

Howell, Benjamin B. on October 11, 1828
#X005246 furnace used in the manufacture of iron Philadelphia, PA

Winans, Ross on October 11, 1828
#X005247 railway carriages Vernon, Sussex County, NJ

Bennett, John on October 11, 1828
#X005248 improvement called the microscopic pen machine Lowell, MA

Black, James A. on October 13, 1828
#X005249 manufacture of hoes Columbia, SC

Peterson, George F. on October 13, 1828
#X005250 machine for casting printing type New York, NY

Howell, Benjamin B. on October 14, 1828
#X005251 furnace for generating steam by anthracite coal Philadelphia, PA

Hunting, Mason on October 20, 1828
#X005252 top press roller for making paper Watertown, Middlesex County, MA

McCormick, Stephen on October 22, 1828
#X005253 improvement on the plough patented to him Jan. 28, 1826 Fauquier County, VA

Travis, John J. on October 22, 1828
#X005254 method of preparing hides for belts, etc. Franklin, PA

Andrews, George on October 24, 1828
#X005255 fellows of wheels for trucks, carts, etc. Tolland, CT

Shaw, Joshua on October 24, 1828
#X005256 purcussion canon lock [percussion] Philadelphia, PA

Steuart, James on October 24, 1828
#X005257 application of water to flutter wheels Muloy's P. O., Robertson County, TN

Slayton, Phinehas on October 27, 1828
#X005258 hubs and axeltrees for wheels of pulleys Lockport, NY

West, Henry F. and Stevens, Andrew H. on October 29, 1828
#X005259 mode of forming hat bodies Richland, Oswego County, NY

Ross, Stephen on October 30, 1828
#X005260 method of propelling boats across ferries Troy, NY

Brown, Ezra on October 30, 1828
#X005261 improvement in the wire harness for weaving, patented to Chandler and Brown, Jan. 26, 1821 Cazenovia, Madison County, NY

Sprague, Andrew & Sprague, Nicholas A. on October 31, 1828
#X005262 manufacture of paper Fredonia, Chatauque County, NY

Coburn, William on November 1, 1828
#X005263 mode of applying steam in extracting tannin Gardiner, ME

Staples, Norman on November 1, 1828
#X005264 hill side plough Penn's store, Patrick County, VA

Allen, Samuel S. on November 1, 1828
#X005265 thrashing machine Skeneatalas, Onondaga County, NY

Howell, Benjamin B. on November 6, 1828
#X005266 called an improved blooming furnace, etc. Philadelphia, PA

Clarke, Henry on November 7, 1828
#X005267 collars for dress coats, etc. Brooklyn, CT

Bille, Steen Anderson on November 8, 1828
#X005268 mode of drawing and corking sparkling liquors New York, NY

Bille, Steen Anderson on November 8, 1828
#X005269 management of combustion in producing meat New York, NY

Bille, Steen Anderson on November 8, 1828
#X005270 mode of washing, filling, and corking bottles New York, NY

Stephens, Abiel on November 11, 1828
#X005271 mode of cutting off pins, rivets, etc. Andover, Essex County, MA

Richards, Jedediah, Jr. on November 12, 1828
#X005272 machinery for making window sash Elbridge, Onondaga County, NY

Cooper, Henrietta on November 12, 1828
#X005273 mode of whitening leghorn, straw, and gimp Washington Township, Franklin County, PA

Nelson, William on November 13, 1828
#X005274 improvement called the spiral curvilinear compressor Batavia, Genesee County, NY

Symington, Thomas on November 17, 1828
#X005275 making slates and slate pencils by machinery Baltimore, MD

Deakyne, John on November 18, 1828
#X005276 bar share plough Petersburg,VA

McDonald, James and McQueen, Robert, Jr. on November 19, 1828
#X005277 improvement on the machine patented by James McDonald, for moulding and pressing brick at one operation, April 24, 1827 New, York, NY

Thorp, John on November 20, 1828
#X005278 improvement called the knot shuttle Providence, RI

Thorp, John on November 20, 1828
#X005279 improvement in spinning and twisting Providence, RI

Thorp, John on November 25, 1829
#X005280 improvement in spinning or filling slack twisted yarn Providence, RI

Howard, William on November 22, 1828
#X005281 railway carriage Baltimore, MD

Hermange, Anthony on November 26, 1828
#X005282 steam boilers for steam engines Baltimore, MD

Hermange, Anthony on November 26, 1828
#X005283 machinery for propelling ships Baltimore, MD

Hermange, Anthony on November 26, 1828
#X005284 machinery for propelling ships Baltimore, MD

Ayars, Joshua on November 27, 1828
#X005285 boot tree Brookfield, Madison County, NY

Carman, Aaron on November 27, 1828
#X005286 method of feeding horses Hyde Park, Dutchess County, NY

Parker, James, M.D. on November 29, 1828
#X005287 machine for pressing bricks and tile, etc. Gardiner, ME

King, John F. on November 29, 1828
#X005288 paddle gate for the locks of canals Waterford, Saratoga County, NY

Judge, John on November 29, 1828
#X005289 machine for providing cables, etc. Washington, DC

Jarves, Deming on December 1, 1828
#X005290 mode of pressing melted glass into moulds Boston, MA

Nicolson, Samuel on December 1, 1828
#X005291 ship windlass for weighing anchor Boston, MA

Olcott, Sands on December 3, 1828
#X005292 improvement in extracting vegetable matter from flax and hemp Harsimus, Bergen County, NJ

Clarke, Edward on December 4, 1828
#X005293 manufacture of metallic salts New York, NY

Thompson, Orpheus on December 6, 1828
#X005294 improvement called the inclined water wheel Jerico, Chittenden County, VT

Hazard, James P. & Hazard, Rowland G. on December 6, 1828
#X005295 improvement in the manufacture of cloth Providence, RI

Wright, Lemuel W. on December 6, 1828
#X005296 machinery for making screws London, England

Evans, James on December 6, 1828
#X005297 snatch block Charlestown, MA

Dean, Thomas J. on December 8, 1828
#X005298 machine for shelling corn Virgil, Cortlandt County, NY

Holmes, Samuel L. on December 8, 1828
#X005299 increasing water power by atmospheric pressure Westchester County, NY

Foster, Aaron on December 9, 1828
#X005300 improvement called the self-feeding dyewood cutter Rochester, NY

Mayo, Ephraim on December 9, 1828
#X005301 pressing unburnt brick and tile Hallowell, ME

Williams, Israel P. and Rea, Samuel G. on December 9, 1828
#X005302 pump boxes Salem, MA

Fahrney, Samuel on December 9, 1827
#X005303 apparatus for cutting sausage meat, etc. Washington County, MD

Fahrney, Samuel on December 9, 1828
#X005304 machine for sawing felloes for wheels Washington County, MD

Blodget, Eber on December 10, 1828
#X005305 washing machine Watervliet, NY

Howard, William on December 10, 1828
#X005306 improved locomotive carriage Baltomore, MD

Pitkin, Edward on December 13, 1828
#X005307 mode of repairing fences East Hartford, CT

Bingham, Nathaniel & Warner, Pliny on December 15, 1828
#X005308 machine for propelling boats on canals Rochester, NY

Smith, Elisha on December 15, 1828
#X005309 nostrums for curing the gout, etc. New York, NY

Hedl, Paul on December 18, 1828
#X005310 construction of iron fences, (re-issued, bearing date Feb. 21, 1822) New York, NY

Brown, Matthew D. on December 19, 1828
#X005311 hinged water wheel Mason County, VA

Paign, Henry on December 23, 1828
#X005312 machine for rolling leather Alexander, Genesee County, NY

Carpenter, Townsend on December 24, 1828
#X005313 machine for cleaning smut, white caps, etc. Elmira County, NY

Brownson, Samuel A. on December 26, 1828
#X005314 washing machine Montrose, Susquehanna County, PA

Woodworth, William on December 27, 1828
#X005315 machine for planing boards, etc. Hudson, NY

Nance, James R. on December 27, 1828
#X005316 distilling Indian corn Floyd County, IN

Bayrd, Abel on December 29, 1828
#X005317 mode of polishing leather South Reading, MA

Lamson, Silas on December 29, 1828
#X005318 common sythe sheath Sterling, MA

Butterworth, John on December 30, 1828
#X005319 preparing grooves for mule drums Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, PA

Woodhull, Joseph on December 31, 1828
#X005320 compound zigzag screw Rochester, Monroe County, NY

Davidson, John M. on December 31, 1828
#X005321 mode of locking wagons Brownsville, Fayette County, PA

Thorp, John on December 31, 1828
#X005322 improvement called the ring groove spinner Providence, RI

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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