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1827 U.S. Patents

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Valentine, Abraham S. on January 3, 1827
#X004629 rolling iron Bellefonte, Centre County, PA

Potes, Henly on January 9, 1827
#X004630 water gate for pentstocks or flumes Christiansburg, Montgomery County, VA

Bulkley, Chauncey on January 10, 1827
#X004631 making hoes by rolling cast steel Colchester, CT

West, Charles E. on January 10, 1827
#X004632 making irons for planes or jointers Colchester, CT

Guilford, Simeon on January 16, 1827
#X004633 water proof mortar or cement Washington, DC

Bencine, Anthony on January 16, 1827
#X004634 grist mill Caswell County, NC

Russell, Hermon on January 16, 1827
#X004635 plough for planting corn Litchfield, ME

Capen, Edmund on January 17, 1827
#X004636 construction of stills Boston, MA

Metcalf, Silas on January 17, 1827
#X004637 improvement called the bearded chisel mortising machine Wilmington, VT

Jones, Samuel I. on January 17, 1827
#X004638 charring wood for procuring gases Philadelphia, PA

Poitiaux, Michael B. on January 17, 1827
#X004639 method of heating ovens, rooms, etc. Richmond, VA

Putnam, Joseph on January 17, 1827
#X004640 mode of making pipes, tubes, etc. Salem, MA

Benbow, William on January 19, 1827
#X004641 grist mill Guilford County, NC

Silliman, Levi on January 19, 1827
#X004642 mode of generating steam Albany, NY

Powles, Daniel on January 26, 1827
#X004643 stirrup irons Baltimore, MD

Powles, Daniel on January 26, 1827
#X004644 bedstead, sacking bottom Baltimore, MD

Curtis, Benjamin R. on January 29, 1827
#X004645 press for cotton, tobacco, etc. Richmond, VA

Bacon, Robert on January 31, 1827
#X004646 machine for planking hats Boston, MA

Clark, Elijah B. on January 31, 1827
#X004647 machine for jointing boards Damascus, PA

Fessenden, Thomas G. on January 31, 1827
#X004648 lamp for boiling water Boston, MA

Giraud, John James on January 31, 1827
#X004649 machines for navigation Baltimore, MD

Robinson, J. & Shaw, Luke on February 1, 1827
#X004650 pumps Bath, ME

Smylie, Edmund on February 1, 1827
#X004651 pedestal feet for andirons New York, NY

Cromwell, Simon on February 3, 1827
#X004652 gun lock Edgecomb, ME

Newman, Thomas on February 6, 1827
#X004653 grist mill Guilford County, NC

Benbow, Thomas on February 6, 1827
#X004654 machine for cutting straw Guilford County, NC

Jones, Thomas P. on February 6, 1827
#X004655 horizontal wind mill New Castle, DE

Newman, Thomas on February 7, 1827
#X004656 machine for shelling corn Guilford County, NC

Barken, John on February 7, 1827
#X004657 boilers for using anthracite coal Baltimore, MD

Daley, Jacob on February 9, 1827
#X004658 chair Baltimore, MD

Crossman, Alfred B. on February 9, 1827
#X004659 machinery for pressing bricks Huntington, Suffolk County, NY

Packard, Origen on February 12, 1827
#X004660 horizontal cast iron paint mill Wilmington, VT

Packard, Origen on February 12, 1827
#X004661 opening and shutting the water gate of mills Wilmington, VT

Hill, Solomon on February 12, 1827
#X004662 burning lime and brick and boiling kettles New Milford, CT

Phillip, John G. on February 15, 1827
#X004663 rocking churn Kinderhook, NY

Sitton, John on February 15, 1827
#X004664 improvement called the Wheelright's assistant Pendleton, SC

Thomas, William C. on February 15, 1827
#X004665 mode of packing cotton Richmond County, NC

Jeans, Abel on February 15, 1827
#X004666 perpetual kiln for burning lime Mill Creek Hundred, DE

Tyson, Isaac on February 15, 1827
#X004667 method of making copperas Baltimore, MD

McConaughery, William on February 16, 1827
#X004668 apparatus for making harrow teeth New Garden Township, Chester County, PA

Stone, Chester on February 17, 1827
#X004669 washing machine Middlebury, CT

Storm, Samuel on February 17, 1827
#X004670 mode of preventing moths from destroying hides New York, NY

Hill, Benjamin K. on February 17, 1827
#X004671 machine for mixing earth for bricks Richmond County, GA

Pennock, Moses and Pennock, Samuel on February 17, 1827
#X004672 hay and grain horse rake East Marlboro, Chester County, PA

White, Philemon on February 19, 1827
#X004673 machine for pressing cotton Chatham County, NC

Brown, John & Robinson, George W. on February 20, 1827
#X004674 mode of making locks for doors Providence, RI

Rhodes, Ryland on February 20, 1827
#X004675 plough Charlottenville, VA

Hart, William A. on February 20, 1827
#X004676 precussion gun lock Fredonia, NY

Byington, Benajah on February 21, 1827
#X004677 mode of making salt Salina, NY

Bakewell, Thomas W. on February 21, 1827
#X004678 building vessels Cincinnati, OH

Collins, Squire on February 22, 1827
#X004679 improvement called a bogging machine Hillsdale, NY

Bailey, Uriah on February 22, 1827
#X004680 art of inlaying gold in tortoise shell West Newbury, MA

Smylie, Edward on February 22, 1827
#X004681 preparing and finishing andirons New York, NY

VanHorn, Abraham L. on February 22, 1827
#X004682 manufacture of suspenders Philadelphia, PA

Judson, Alfred on February 23, 1827
#X004683 pump used for steam boilers Sweden, NY

Johnson, Chester on February 24, 1827
#X004684 manufacture of sofas Albany, NY

Wiggins, Cuthbert on February 27, 1827
#X004685 bee hive Fayette County, PA

White, Ira and Gale, L. on February 28, 1827
#X004686 art of finishing paper Newburgh, VT

Wilson, James G. on February 28, 1827
#X004687 square for cutting garments New York, NY

Overman, Benjamin on February 28, 1827
#X004688 grist mill Greensborough, NC

Fuller, Elisha on March 2, 1827
#X004689 improvement in propelling vessels Providence, RI

Hoyt, Lewis & Pierce, E. on March 3, 1827
#X004690 mode of blowing and striking for blacksmiths Pulteney, NY

Myerle, David on March 3, 1827
#X004691 improvement called the combined jacks and breastwork rope layer Philadelphia, PA

Davis, S. and Babbitt, H.P. & Grinnell, B.P. on March 2, 1827
#X004692 making watch seals Providence, RI

Ames, Oliver on March 5, 1827
#X004693 making shovels Easton, MA

Sweet, J.W. and Stedman, William on March 5, 1827
#X004694 machine for turning tenons for rake teeth Berkshire, MA

Paine, H. E.;Russell, S.H. on March 5, 1827
#X004695 mill for grinding apples for cider Le Roy, OH

Woodmansee, William on March 6, 1827
#X004696 bridges Kingston, NY

Collins, James on March 6, 1827
#X004697 machine for shearing cloth Anson, ME

Shute, Thomas on March 6, 1827
#X004698 water wheel for saw mills TN

Hall, John H. on March 7, 1827
#X004699 machine for cutting metallic and other hard substances Harpers' Ferry, VA

Rainey, James on March 7, 1827
#X004700 spring hammer for blacksmiths Orange County, NC

Matthey, Louis on March 7, 1827
#X004701 composition for making marbles, granites, etc. Brooklyn, NY

Bigelow, Elijah A. on March 8, 1827
#X004702 engrafting teeth Brandon, VT

Neer, Charles on September 3, 1827
#X004703 spur or bevel gearing Waterford, NY

Reilly, James & Flanagan, John on March 10, 1827
#X004704 crank and wheel dampers for chimneys Waynesburg, PA

Reynolds, Jonathan on March 15, 1827
#X004705 horizontal mill America, Dutchess County, NY

Chamberlin, Calvin on March 15, 1827
#X004706 machine for cutting straw, shelling corn, etc America, Dutchess County, NY

Seely, Joseph C. on March 15, 1827
#X004707 making hatters' cards or jacks Dutchess County, NY

Griffiths, John on March 15, 1827
#X004708 construction of the feet of brass andirons New York, NY

Beach, Cyrus W. on March 16, 1827
#X004709 improvement called the Wheelwright's assistant Schoharie, NY

Waring, George E. on March 16, 1827
#X004710 improvement called the longitudinal cornsheller Poundridge, NY

Wolcott, Anson and Wolcott, Norman on March 19, 1827
#X004711 extracting alcohol by steam from common spirits Bloomfield, Ontario County, NY

Jenks, Alfred & Clewell, Jesse on March 19, 1827
#X004712 improvement called a spring temple Holmesburg, PA

Morse, John G. on March 20, 1827
#X004713 grist mill, crusher, and sheller Randolph County, NC

Rising, David on March 21, 1827
#X004714 machine for making brick Atchester, VT

Brownell, Thomas on March 23, 1827
#X004715 mode of pumping water out of vessels by wind New York, NY

Page, Joseph R. on March 24, 1827
#X004716 construction of domestic cooking stoves Philadelphia, PA

Westerfield, David on March 24, 1827
#X004717 cooking apparatus New York, NY

Andrews, Samuel on March 24, 1827
#X004718 improvement called steelyard lever power Bridgetown, ME

Cryer, Noble G. on March 24, 1827
#X004719 twin plough Wentworth, NC

Bagley, Samuel L. on March 24, 1827
#X004720 churn Hillsdale, NY

Green, Benjamin on March 27, 1827
#X004721 machine for polishing hard and soft substances Hartford, VT

Brewster, Gilbert on March 28, 1827
#X004722 manufacturing cotton roven Poughkeepsie, NY

Brunel, Mark J. on March 30, 1827
#X004723 obtaining power by certain fluids London, England

Hawes, Paul on April 30, 1827
#X004724 manufacturing shingles Lockport, NY

Bailey, Jeremiah on March 30, 1827
#X004725 horse rake for hay Philadelphia, PA

McClintic, John on March 31, 1827
#X004726 machine for trimming the edges of paper Chambersburgh, PA

Allen, John, Jr. and Geoghegan, Charles on April 3, 1827
#X004727 manufacture of tobacco Richmond, VA

Davis, Joseph S. on April 3, 1827
#X004728 making watch keys Providence, RI

Baily, Jeremiah on April 7, 1827
#X004729 machine for cutting wood for the sides of tubs Philadelphia, PA

Baily, Jeremiah on April 7, 1827
#X004730 art of carpentering Philadelphia, PA

Campbell, Robert on April 9, 1827
#X004731 machine for making homony Martinsburg, VA

Weeks, Constant H. on April 9, 1827
#X004732 machine for grinding apples for cider Paris, Oneida County, NY

Stevens, Robert L. on April 10, 1827
#X004733 water wheel for a steamboat Hoboken, NJ

Grant, Joseph on April 10, 1827
#X004734 improvement in Grant's winding machine for setting up hat bodies Providence, RI

Sperry, David on April 18, 1827
#X004735 machinery for boring and tenoning Colchester, CT

Reminton, Nathaniel on April 21, 1827
#X004736 spinning machine Geneva, NY

Stanton, William on April 23, 1827
#X004737 propelling machinery of all kinds Centre Township, Union County, IN

Fleming George on April 24, 1827
#X004738 application of steam power in raising water Goochland , VA

Patrick, William on April 24, 1827
#X004739 common turning lathe Leverett, Franklin County, MA

McDonald, James on April 24, 1827
#X004740 machinery for moulding and pressing brick New York, NY

Edmundson, Thomas on April 26, 1827
#X004741 mode of preserving eggs, butter, etc. Pipe Creek, Frederick County, MD

Goulding, John on April 27, 1827
#X004742 manufacturing wool Denham, MA

Rowell, John H. & Wise, Henry on May 10, 1827
#X004743 machine for making tubes of clay Fredericktown, PA

Davis, Gideon and Price, Jeremiah on May 12, 1827
#X004744 scraper or team shovel Lockport, NY

Poole, John on May 14, 1827
#X004745 steam engine boilers Sheffield, England

Lester, Ebenezer A. on May 14, 1827
#X004746 construction of the steam boiler Boston, MA

Daley, Jacob on May 14, 1827
#X004747 improvement called a portable bedstead Baltimore, MD

Holcomb, Allen on May 14, 1827
#X004748 mill for grinding paint Butternuts, NY

Dodge, David on May 14, 1827
#X004749 extracting oil from flaxseed Hamilton, MA

Lester, Ebenezer A. (4749½) on May 14, 1827
#X004749 oscillating steam engine Boston, MA

Webb, Joseph on May 14, 1827
#X004750 marine rail ways New York, NY

VanDorn, Jacob on May 14, 1827
#X004751 safety gate for canals Glen, NY

Towson, Joseph on May 14, 1827
#X004752 stocks Baltimore, MD

Stancliffe, Benjamin on May 15, 1827
#X004753 valve cock for hydrants Philadelphia, PA

Loud, Thomas, Jr. on May 15, 1827
#X004754 horizontal piano Philadelphia, PA

Ward, Minus on May 15, 1827
#X004755 use of heated air, gases, etc. in the aid of steam power Baltimore, MD

Wilkinson, Garner on May 15, 1827
#X004756 method of building wooden bridges with draws White Creek, Washington County, NY

Jernigan, Richard on May 15, 1827
#X004757 press for pressing cotton Waynesborough, NC

Bakewell, John P. on May 15, 1827
#X004758 construction of bridges Pittsburg, PA

Tyler, John on May 18, 1827
#X004759 machine for cleaning grain Claremont, Cheshire County, NH

Price, Jeremiah on May 18, 1827
#X004760 carts for removing earth Lockport, NY

Wales, Hiram on May 18, 1827
#X004761 air funnel stoves Randolph, MA

Howe, John on May 18, 1827
#X004762 machine for pressing brick Alna, Lincoln County, ME

Sweeny, Robert on May 18, 1827
#X004763 cast iron plough Warren County, OH

Rosenkrans, Levi on May 19, 1827
#X004764 churn Urbana, Steuben County, NY

Fuller, Robert & Thomas, Thomas on May 22, 1827
#X004765 coal grate blower New York, NY

Leonard, William B. on May 23, 1827
#X004766 power loom by delivering the yarn uniformly Fishkill, NY

Leonard, William B. on May 23, 1827
#X004767 power loom by taking up the cloth uniformly Fishkill, NY

Gauntt, Samuel K. on May 25, 1827
#X004768 machine for crushing corn with the cobs Greenville, Green County, TN

Hempstead, Stephen, Jr. on May 25, 1827
#X004769 water proof stiffening for hats St. Charles County, MO

McCulloch, Robert and McCulloch, Thomas T. on May 26, 1827
#X004770 mode of applying water power to wheels Albemarle County, VA

Pennock, Moses on May 26, 1827
#X004771 improvement called the vibrating threshing machine Kennett Square, Chester County, PA

Nott, Eliphalet on May 30, 1827
#X004772 evolution and management of heat Schenectady, NY

Delap, Abraham & Coe, Avery on May 31, 1827
#X004773 grist mills Guilford County, NC

Campbell, John on May 31, 1827
#X004774 machine for hulling and cleaning rice Winnsborough, Fairfield District, SC

Doolittle, Isaac on June 1, 1827
#X004775 supplying a uniform quantity to steam boilers Bennington, VT

Jessup, William and Jessup, Josiah on June 1, 1827
#X004776 riding carriages Guilford, NC

Robinson, George W. on June 2, 1827
#X004777 construction of cast iron foot stones New York, NY

Bencine, Anthony on June 4, 1827
#X004778 saw mill Milton, Caswell County, NC

Norton, Lewis Mills on June 4, 1827
#X004779 mode of applying nets to pineapple cheeses Litchfield, CT

Thomas, Robert S. on June 4, 1827
#X004780 grist mill, by grinding with the periphery of the stone Rockingham, NC

Wilson, Thomas D. on June 6, 1827
#X004781 cotton or hay press Corydon, IN

Wilson, Thomas D. on June 7, 1827
#X004782 water wheel Corydon, IN

Whitney, Nathan on June 7, 1827
#X004783 churn Augusta, ME

Ammon, Jacob on June 8, 1827
#X004784 mode of letting water on water wheels Rockingham County, VA

Walters, Jacob F. on June 8, 1827
#X004785 construction of culinary fixtures for anthracite coal Philadelphia, PA

Church, William on June 11, 1827
#X004786 apparatus for spinning wool and cotton Birmingham, England

Dixon, Jesse on June 11, 1827
#X004787 bellows Pitsborough, Chatham County, NC

Lawing, Samuel & Monteith, James on June 11, 1827
#X004788 improvement in the grist mill patented by M. Mendenhall Statesville, Iredell County, NC

Streeter, Thomas and Wibert, James S. on June 12, 1827
#X004789 preparing mortar or grinding apples Chili, Monroe County, NY

Failing, John R. on June 13, 1827
#X004790 machine for boring earth Canajoharie, NY

McGregor, Malcolm on June 15, 1827
#X004791 stills New York, NY

Maynard, John on June 15, 1827
#X004792 steam engine Ovid, NY

Forwood, William W. on June 15, 1827
#X004793 grist mill Harford County, MD

Moore, Sidney & Moore, Portius on June 15, 1827
#X004794 improvement called the sugar loaf mill Mount Tirzah, Person County, NC

Pinistri, Salvadore on June 18, 1827
#X004795 making scagliola shining New York, NY

Hills, Luther on June 18, 1827
#X004796 cork cutter Boston, MA

Morehouse, Samuel on June 19, 1827
#X004797 boot crimping machine Eastport, ME

Chesterman, Edwin on June 19, 1827
#X004798 suspenders New York, NY

Hedge, Lemuel on June 20, 1827
#X004799 engine for dividing scales Windsor, VT

Turner, William A. on June 27, 1827
#X004800 grist mill Plymouth, NC

Couillard, Samuel, Jr. on June 27, 1827
#X004801 machine for dying and polishing leather Boston, MA

Swift, Nathan on June 27, 1827
#X004802 machine for sawing shingles Lebanon, CT

Beard, David on June 27, 1827
#X004803 washing machine Buffalo, NY

Beach, William on June 27, 1827
#X004804 plough Philadelphia, PA

Reed, Charles B. on June 27, 1827
#X004805 machine for hewing and hammering stone West Bridgewater, MA

Lapham, Benjamin on June 29, 1827
#X004806 machine for spinning wool Queensbury, NY

Allen, Adolphus on June 29, 1827
#X004807 improvement called a horse yoke Troy, NY

Sholze, Johann Gottleib on July 6, 1827
#X004808 preventing friction on spindles Pickaway Township, Pickaway County, OH

Davis, Marvell on July 10, 1827
#X004809 percussion gun locks Mayville, NY

Leroy, Simon on July 10, 1827
#X004810 mortising machine Mexico, NY

Harris, Francis on July 10, 1827
#X004811 making steam and rotary wheel engines Albany, NY

Goulding, John on July 10, 1827
#X004812 mode of manufacturing wool Dedham, MA

Wilson, Henry on July 13, 1827
#X004813 machine for roping and spinning wool Pomfret, NY

Bell, Robert P. on July 13, 1827
#X004814 taking boats from one level to another New York, NY

Clinton, Charles on July 13, 1827
#X004815 cement for roofs or walls of buildings New York, NY

Smith, Judson on July 13, 1827
#X004816 screw auger Derby, CT

Couillard, Samuel, Jr. on July 14, 1827
#X004817 hand printing press Boston, MA

Brundred, Benjamin on July 14, 1827
#X004818 spindle for spinning cotton Oldham, Bergen County, NJ

Jones, Walter on July 14, 1827
#X004819 machine for bending the tire of wheels Ashford, Windham County, CT

Cooper, John M. on July 16, 1827
#X004820 rotative piston Guildhall, Essex County, VT

Phelps, Oliver on July 16, 1827
#X004821 mode of hauling earth from canals Lansing, Tompkins County, NY

Adams, Washington on July 18, 1827
#X004822 grist mill Guilford County, NC

Belknap, Ira on July 20, 1827
#X004823 fermenting and distilling spirits Millersburg, Dauphin County, PA

Olmstead, Denison on July 21, 1827
#X004824 manufacture of gas lights from cotton seed New Haven, CT

Mann, Ezekiel and Hill, George on July 21, 1827
#X004825 portable crane from raising brick Rochester, NY

Coe, Avery & Coe, John on July 21, 1827
#X004826 grist mill Guilford County, NC

Taylor, Nathan on July 23, 1827
#X004827 bush for a mill stone Urbana, Steuben County, NY

Graves, Robert on July 26, 1827
#X004828 mode of making cordage by machinery Brooklyn, NY

Graves, Robert on July 25, 1827
#X004829 mode of passing boats up and down elevations in canals Brooklyn, NY

Amsden, Amory on July 27, 1827
#X004830 machine for making coopers' staves ready for the tress hoop Bloomfield, Ontario County, NY

Jones, William W. on July 27, 1827
#X004831 family spinner Thornville, Perry County, OH

Morgan, Richard P. on July 27, 1827
#X004832 construction of railway carriages Stockbridge, MA

Durham, L. and Pleasants, John S. on July 27, 1827
#X004833 machine for cutting straw Halifax County, VA

Durham, L. & Pleasants, John S. on July 28, 1827
#X004834 machnie for cutting grain by horse power Halifax County, VA

Miller, Henry on July 28, 1827
#X004835 improvement called an up-and-down revolving wheel for raising water Allentown, PA

Carmichael, William on July 28, 1827
#X004836 cast iron horse hoe for weeding Sand Lake, NY

Hunt, Walter on July 30, 1827
#X004837 improvement called the coach alarm New York, NY

Briggs, Elisha on July 30, 1827
#X004838 manufacture of hollow wooden ware Perry, Genesee County, NY

Thornton, William on July 31, 1827
#X004839 method of cooling fluids Washington, DC

Schreiner, Joseph G. on July 31, 1827
#X004840 improvement called the chimney smoke and safety valve Philadelphia, PA

Brown, Simeon on July 31, 1827
#X004841 mode of moving brick, stone, etc. New York, NY

Cheatham, Isham on July 31, 1827
#X004842 harrow and plough hoe Providence Inn, Chesterfield County, VA

Lamb, Joshua on August 1, 1827
#X004843 machine for cutting card teeth Leicester, MA

Spedden, Robert on August 1, 1827
#X004844 tide mill Talbot County, MD

Bourne, Hermon on August 3, 1827
#X004845 machine for dressing and drilling stone Salem, MA

Rice, Lewis on August 3, 1827
#X004846 improvement called the sack shoulderer Clarksborough, Gloucester County, NJ

Burdett, Benjamin C. on August 4, 1827
#X004847 improvement called the economical victualler New York, NY

Simpson, John K. on August 10, 1827
#X004848 mode of tightening bed sacking Boston, MA

Reed, Jesse on August 10, 1827
#X004849 improvement called the sea island cotton cleaner Marshfield, MA

Warren, Edmund on August 11, 1827
#X004850 threshing, winnowing, and flax breaking machine New York, NY

Pratt, Abijah on August 17, 1827
#X004851 removing stumps and other heavy and fixed bodies Jackson, Washington County, NY

Wing, Warren P. on August 17, 1827
#X004852 steam engine Greenwich Village, MA

Barker, Peter on August 20, 1827
#X004853 machnie for threshing and breaking flax Worthington, OH

Dofler, George on August 20, 1827
#X004854 right and left plough Fredericktown, MD

Cornell, William on August 20, 1827
#X004855 method of determining the strength of liquors Brooklyn, NY

Deniston, James on August 22, 1827
#X004856 water wheel for saw and grist mills Lanier Township, Preble County, OH

Penniman, John R. on August 22, 1827
#X004857 sofa bedstead united Boston, MA

Mayhew, Truman F. on August 22, 1827
#X004858 gearing of cones for bowing hats Boston, MA

Knowles, Hazard on August 24, 1827
#X004859 plane stocks of cast iron Colchester, CT

Goulding, John on August 24, 1827
#X004860 composition to start the animal oil which wool contains Dedham, MA

Goulding, John on August 24, 1827
#X004861 mode of manufacturing wool Dedham, MA

Goulding, John on August 24, 1827
#X004862 mode of scouring and washing clothes Dedham, MA

Goulding, John on August 24, 1827
#X004863 mode of throwing the shuttle in weaving Dedham, MA

Cass, Moses on August 29, 1827
#X004864 improvement called the accelerating washer Caroline, NY

Benham, John M. on August 29, 1827
#X004865 making aqueducts of water proof lime Bridgewater, NY

Baker, Horace on August 30, 1827
#X004866 loom for weaving figured goods North Salem, West Chester County, NY

Aiken, John M. on August 30, 1827
#X004867 distilling Philadelphia, PA

Cass, M. and Bull, A. on August 31, 1827
#X004868 two-edged saw Caroline, Tompkins County, NY

Thorpe, Thomas on August 31, 1827
#X004869 construction of boats Washington, DC

Flint, Daniel on August 31, 1827
#X004870 improvement called a pitch syringe Nobleborough, ME

Corey, David on August 31, 1827
#X004871 hydraulic elevator New York, NY

Tillon, John on September 8, 1827
#X004872 carding machine Newtown, CT

Fisk, Ezra & Hinkley, Benjamin on September 8, 1827
#X004873 machine for moulding brick and tile Fayette, ME

Lowry, James B. on September 11, 1827
#X004874 magazine percussion gun lock Mayville, NY

MacDonald, John on September 11, 1827
#X004875 machine for separating the hair from fur New York, NY

Skinner, Elijah on September 11, 1827
#X004876 improvement called the open screw water wheel Sandwich, NH

Torrey, William on September 13, 1827
#X004877 cast iron bark mill Westbrook, Cumberland County, ME

Shelden, Daniel on September 13, 1827
#X004878 churn Pulteney, Steuben County, NY

Giraud, John James on September 18, 1827
#X004879 improvement called the propelling water paddle Baltimore, MD

Cogswell, Ormond on September 18, 1827
#X004880 mode of tanning leather Cincinnati, OH

Wilson, Joseph on September 20, 1827
#X004881 hoe, called the prong hoe Marlborough, NH

Hoard, George A. on September 20, 1827
#X004882 improvement on Hawe's machine for making shingles Antwerp, Jefferson County, NY

Walker, Enoch on September 20, 1827
#X004883 fanning mill Springfield, PA

Dana, George W. on September 20, 1827
#X004884 machine for cutting shingles Lowville, Lewis County, NY

Armour, James W. on September 28, 1827
#X004885 composition for preventing scurvy Fredericktown, MD

Graham, Anson B. on September 28, 1827
#X004886 improvement on I. Johnson's saw mill Lee, MA

Kellsey, Franklin on September 28, 1827
#X004887 washing machine Middletown, CT

Boggs, John on October 4, 1827
#X004888 improvement called a spring saw-set Philadelphia, PA

Couillard, Samuel on October 5, 1827
#X004889 printing press Boston, MA

Fitch, Edward G. on October 5, 1827
#X004890 improvement called a power-gained lever Blakely, AL

Pike, Ebenezer B. on October 5, 1827
#X004891 threshing machine Litchfield, ME

Robinson, John on October 6, 1827
#X004892 making pressed glass knobs at one operation Pittsburg, PA

Wood, Jesse and Sabbatam, Paul A. on October 6, 1827
#X004893 flexible rack for marine railways New York, NY

Roup, Jacob on October 6, 1827
#X004894 hydraulics Kenhawa County, VA

Trask, Edward on October 6, 1827
#X004895 cast iron sleigh shoe Sangerfield, Oneida County, NY

McClintic, John on October 8, 1827
#X004896 machine for mortising and tenoning timber Chambersburg, PA

Wright, Thomas & Howell, Abraham P. on October 9, 1827
#X004897 machine for making plastering laths Cincinnati, OH

Blaisdel, Samuel on October 10, 1827
#X004898 improvement on Dearborn's balance Lancaster, OH

Miner, Charles on October 12, 1827
#X004899 improvement called the screw cradle for raising ships Lyme, CT

Ambler, John, Jr. on October 16, 1827
#X004900 lever percussion gun lock South New Berlin, NY

Dummer, Phineas C. on October 16, 1827
#X004901 moulds for pressing glass Jersey City, NJ

Dummer, G. and Dummer, P.C. & Maxwell, James on October 16, 1827
#X004902 combination of moulds in forming glass Jersey City, NJ

Costill, Stacy on October 17, 1827
#X004903 verticle bucket in propelling boats Philadelphia, PA

Hutchinson, Benjamin on October 18, 1827
#X004904 bobbin tube for spinning cotton Philadelphia, PA

Broyles, Cain on October 19, 1827
#X004905 propelling machinery by weight Tellico, TN

Pierce, Ebenezer and Hathaway, Joseph on October 19, 1827
#X004906 trip hammer propelled by the foot Pulteney, NY

Crowninshield, John on October 19, 1827
#X004907 mode of heaving down vessels Salem, MA

Sturdevant, John & Starr, Edwin on October 23, 1827
#X004908 improvement called the mechanical type caster Boston, MA

Hempstead, Stephen, Jr. on October 26, 1827
#X004909 water-proof stiffening for hats St. Charles County, MO

Rawlings, George on October 30, 1827
#X004910 machine for cutting corks Philadelphia, PA

Brown, Alexander on October 30, 1827
#X004911 application of the escape heat of the steam engine Salina, NY

Mason, D. H. and Baldwin, M.W. on October 30, 1827
#X004912 biting the figures on steel cylinders for calico printers Philadelphia, PA

Cocke, William J. on October 30, 1827
#X004913 distilling Surrey County, VA

Reihm, Josiah on November 1, 1827
#X004914 planing machine Savage Factory, MD

Dyar, Harrison G. on November 6, 1827
#X004915 construction of clocks New York, NY

Lyman, Benjamin on November 6, 1827
#X004916 cast iron hubs for wheels Manchester, CT

Wilder, Elijah on November 6, 1827
#X004917 method of cleaning and polishing rice Jersey City, NJ

Beach, Charles C. K. on November 10, 1827
#X004918 machine for cutting the fur from skins Portland, ME

Shattuck, Joseph on November 10, 1827
#X004919 percussion gun lock Jefferson County, OH

Syms, John on November 10, 1827
#X004920 making moccasins water proof New York, NY

Hildebrand, Michael on November 10, 1827
#X004921 mode of letting water on water wheels McMinn County, TN

Seymour, Bradford on November 10, 1827
#X004922 retention and discharge of fluids Westmoreland, NY

Willis, Richard on November 10, 1827
#X004923 improvement in the Kent bugle West Point, NY

Wheeler, Oliver on November 10, 1827
#X004924 machine for making shingles Rochester, NY

Trembley, Benjamin on November 13, 1827
#X004925 mode of installing all kinds of marble New York, NY

Bailey, Uriah on November 15, 1827
#X004926 making side and neck combs West Newbury, Essex County, MA

Miner, Charles on November 16, 1827
#X004927 hydrostatic steam cradle Lyme, CT

Bishop, Nathaniel on November 17, 1827
#X004928 rolling the backs of combs Danbury, CT

Leslie, David on November 19, 1827
#X004929 improvement called the frame chain New York, NY

Kizer, David on November 19, 1827
#X004930 making leather water-proof New York, NY

Kendall, William, Jr. on November 23, 1827
#X004931 improvement called the improved reciprocal saw mill Waterville, ME

Rice, Benjamin on November 23, 1827
#X004932 machine for washing clothes and shelling corn Denmark, Lewis County, NY

Embree, Davis on December 3, 1827
#X004933 using the scape-steam of an engine New Richmond, OH

Shepardson, William & Sperry, Joseph C. on December 3, 1827
#X004934 machine for turning rake and hoe handles Hamilton, NY

Shute, James G. on December 5, 1827
#X004935 vest spring and stiffener Boston, MA

Brooks, Theodoric and Eames, D.W. on December 6, 1827
#X004936 construction of four-wheel carriages Rutland, NY

Ballard, William on December 6, 1827
#X004937 machine for punching copper Boston, MA

Nourse, Samuel on December 8, 1827
#X004938 mode of holding boots or shoes whilst pegging Danvers, MA

Schoonhoven, Henry on December 11, 1827
#X004939 machine for breaking flax Pulteney, Steuben County, NY

Carver, Isaac, Jr. on December 11, 1827
#X004940 slinging the yards of vessels Prospect, ME

Overman, Benjamin on December 11, 1827
#X004941 saw mill Greensborough, NC

Robinson, James on December 11, 1827
#X004942 grist mill Buckskin Township, Ross County, OH

McAllester, A. & Iggett, John on December 15, 1827
#X004943 warming rooms Salem, Washington County, NY

Foster, Ambrose on December 19, 1827
#X004944 common hand rake for hay Auburn, NY

Petre, Michael on December 20, 1827
#X004945 machine for cutting fur Womelsdorf, PA

Watson, Cornelius on December 22, 1827
#X004946 tread wheel Addison Township, Gallia County, OH

Bryan, Elijah on December 22, 1827
#X004947 machine to propel vessels at sea New York, NY

Lusk, James on December 22, 1827
#X004948 art of distilling Butler County, OH

Newton, S. on December 22, 1827
#X004949 common spectacles and single eye-glasses Washington, DC

Pugh, Eli on December 24, 1827
#X004950 barshear plough Chatham County, NC

Sperry, Anson on December 26, 1827
#X004951 machine for turning rake handles Rotterdam, Schenectady County, NY

Sparrow, Jonathan on December 26, 1827
#X004952 improvement called the sliding plane turner Portland, ME

Dewees, John C. on December 28, 1827
#X004953 machine for spinning cotton bagging Mason County, KY

Greenleaf, Abel and Amidons, Hollis on December 28, 1827
#X004954 mortising machine Mexico, Oswego County, NY

Seymour, Francis on December 29, 1827
#X004955 cast iron shives for shipping Plymouth, MA

Murphy, Bird on December 31, 1827
#X004956 plough for planting cotton Union District, SC

Kendall, William on December 31, 1827
#X004957 reciprocating saw mill Waterville, ME

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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