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1826 U.S. Patents

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Rodman, Lewis C. & Rodman, Philip on January 6, 1826
#X004305 refrigerators for distilleries Baltimore, MD

Small, William on January 10, 1826
#X004306 machine for threshing grain Augusta, ME

Mitchel, John on January 11, 1826
#X004307 bevel grooved, dovetail joints for bedsteads Harrisburg, PA

Deane, Oliver on January 11, 1826
#X004308 washing machine Walpole, MA

Guilford, Simeon on January 11, 1826
#X004309 water cement Lebanon, PA

Slifer, Ezra on January 16, 1826
#X004310 mode of retarding carriages when descending hills Boonsborough, MD

Heermance, Jacob A. on January 16, 1826
#X004311 machine for threshing grain and clover and for breaking and dressing flax Red Hook, NY

Billings, J. S. and Billings, B.J. on January 16, 1826
#X004312 horizontal spinners of wool and cotton Moreau, NY

Kendall, William on January 16, 1826
#X004313 method of extending motion and multiplying power Waterville, ME

Kendall, William on January 16, 1826
#X004314 machinery for sawing boards Waterville, ME

Bouis, John on January 19, 1826
#X004315 manner of preparing food Baltimore, MD

Whitney, Warham on January 19, 1826
#X004316 machinery for mashing in distilleries Rochester, NY

Smith, Elisha on January 20, 1826
#X004317 tincture for curing corns New Brunswick, NJ

Curtis, Theodore & Curtis, Daniel on January 23, 1826
#X004318 bushing for blocks, hubs of wheels, etc. Washington, DC

Brookings, John M. on January 23, 1826
#X004319 machine for mixing mortar and moulding and pressing brick Wiscasset, ME

Foster, Willard on January 25, 1826
#X004320 washing machine Oswego, NY

Foster, Willard on January 25, 1826
#X004321 machine for sawing shingles Oswego, NY

Mason, David H. on January 26, 1826
#X004322 ornamenting rolls and stamps for bookbinders Philadelphia, PA

Dexter, Jeremiah on January 27, 1826
#X004323 mode of obtaining water Salisbury, CT

Smith, Junius on January 28, 1826
#X004324 application of steam in washing London, England

McCormick, Stephen on January 28, 1826
#X004325 plough Fauquier, VA

Stillman, Orsemus M. on January 30, 1826
#X004326 making temples for weaving Brookfield, NY

Little, David on February 1, 1826
#X004327 cooking stove Hagerstown, MD

Reed, Jesse on February 3, 1826
#X004328 mode of cleaning cotton from the seed Marshfield, MA

Russell, Sylvanus on February 4, 1826
#X004329 pumps Olean, NY

Miller, Amassa on February 8, 1826
#X004330 construction of ways for drawing up vessels New London, CT

Johnson, Israel, Jr. on February 8, 1826
#X004331 saw mill for sawing boards Villenovia, NY

Brainard, Jeremiah on February 10, 1826
#X004332 digging canals and in removing the earth Rome, NY

Whitney, Nathan on February 15, 1826
#X004333 machine for pressing hay, cider, oil, etc. Augusta, ME

Smith, Francis H. on February 15, 1826
#X004334 machine for planting and cultivating cotton Richmond, VA

Sclater, Adam on February 15, 1826
#X004335 shape and formation of hickory brooms Oxford Township, Adams County, PA

Long, George W. on February 16, 1826
#X004336 steam pump US Artillery, Old Point Comfort, VA

Wilson, Joseph on February 17, 1826
#X004337 machine for pressing hops, hay, etc. Otsego, NY

Potter, Joseph on February 18, 1826
#X004338 machine for threshing grain and hulling clover seed Reading, PA

Hurlbut D. and Etheredge, N. and McCombs, J.M. on February 21, 1826
#X004339 machine for thrashing grain, breaking flax and hemp Herkimer County, NY

Holbrook, Benjamin on February 2, 1826
#X004340 tube picker used in weaving Providence, RI

Breasted, Peter on February 21, 1826
#X004341 improvement called a bisected bedstead Green County, NY

Flagg, David, Jr. on February 23, 1826
#X004342 improvement called the family mill Gardiner, Kennebeck County, ME

Foley, James G. on February 23, 1826
#X004343 steam still Harrisburg, PA

Gustin, John S. on February 23, 1826
#X004344 power loom for weaving wire New York, NY

Thomas, John on February 24, 1826
#X004345 ship rail way dock New York, NY

Jacobs, Leonard on March 1, 1826
#X004346 improvement on the old method of tanning Richmond, VA

Wing, Calvin on March 2, 1826
#X004347 improvement called the perpetual lever vice Gardiner, Kennebeck County, ME

Treadwell, Daniel on March 2, 1826
#X004348 improvement called the power printing press Boston, MA

Wheeler, John R. & Wheeler, Joseph B. on March 3, 1826
#X004349 improvement called the fancy spinner Galway, NY

Terry, Eli on March 4, 1826
#X004350 thirty hour wooden clocks Plymouth, CT

Terry, Eli on March 4, 1826
#X004351 improvement on the thirty hour wooden clocks Plymouth, CT

Delano, Jesse on March 7, 1826
#X004352 fire proof wrought iron chests New York, NY

Ferris, Elijah on March 7, 1826
#X004353 machinery for rubbing or scouring marble West Chester, NY

Thurston, Edward on March 8, 1826
#X004354 washing machine Burlington, VT

Deming, George on March 10, 1826
#X004355 steam engine Niagara, NY

Lye, Henry on March 10, 1826
#X004356 machine for facilitating the sewing of leather Philadelphia, PA

Norton, John L. on March 10, 1826
#X004357 machine for hulling and cleaning rice New York, NY

Day, William on March 11, 1826
#X004358 mode of dipping candles by machinery Gardiner, Kennebeck County, ME

Whitney, Abiezer H. on March 15, 1826
#X004359 machine for raising stumps, stones, etc. Bowdoinham, ME

Severson, Stephen on February 15, 1826
#X004360 mode of measuring for cutting out garments Baltimore, MD

Brown, J and Robinson, George W. on February 16, 1826
#X004361 fire proof window shutters Providence, RI

Robinson, George W. on February 16, 1826
#X004362 mode of spinning wool and cotton by hand Providence, RI

Palmer, Freeman on February 17, 1826
#X004363 currying knife Littleton, NH

Rodgers, Daniel on February 17, 1826
#X004364 making paddle grates for locks in canals Little Falls, NY

Sawyer, Joseph & Clark, Edson on February 18, 1826
#X004365 concave and convex mill stones Royalston, MA

Farr, Bela on February 13, 1826
#X004366 spiral spring truss Norwich, NY

Cooper, James on February 22, 1826
#X004367 machinery to supersede the use of cog wheels Staunton, VA

Nott, Eliphalet on February 23, 1826
#X004368 evolution and management of heat Schenectady, NY

Brown, J and Robinson, George W. on February 24, 1826
#X004369 rack bolts for doors Providence, RI

Brown, John Mills on February 24, 1826
#X004370 steering wheels for vessels Boston, MA

Barker, William on March 24, 1826
#X004371 sight gauge for a steam boiler Kingston, PA

Barker, William on March 24, 1826
#X004372 machine for slitting timber Kingston, PA

Berry, Alric & Berry, Cyrus on March 25, 1826
#X004373 concentrating the power of the pendulum and lever Poughkeepsie, NY

Garretson, Isaac on March 25, 1826
#X004374 mode of applying steam, wind, and water as a power Bellefontaine, OH

Parker, James on March 28, 1826
#X004375 spiral moulding brick press Gardiner, Kennebeck County, ME

Parker, James on March 28, 1826
#X004376 improvement called a mortar tub mill Gardiner, Kennebeck County, ME

Craft, Chauncey on March 29, 1826
#X004377 machinery for propelling boats Woodbury, CT

Morey, Samuel on April 1, 1826
#X004378 gas or vapor engine Orford, NH

Place, Alonson on April 1, 1826
#X004379 dry docks New York, NY

Brimhall, Joel and Keyes, Thomas, Jr. on April 1, 1826
#X004380 heating callender rolers for glazing West Boylston, MA

Badger, Edwin H. on April 3, 1826
#X004381 bedstead fastenings Petersburg, VA

Frask, John on April 5, 1826
#X004382 making boots and shoes Hadfield, MA

Ross, Greenbury on April 5, 1826
#X004383 art of tayloring Carlisle, KY

Allen, Timothy on April 5, 1826
#X004384 machinery attached to slitting mills Plymouth, MA

Goddard, Oliver on April 6, 1826
#X004385 mode of sawing shingles Bridgeton, MA

Gleason, David & Frisbee, Hiram on April 8, 1826
#X004386 machine for jointing and malching boards Bethany, NY

Town, Salem. and Oliphant, Robert W. on April 8, 1826
#X004387 wheel power for pumping ships North Granville, NY

Mudge, Richard V. on April 12, 1826
#X004388 washing machine Durham, NY

Glenn, Gideon on April 12, 1826
#X004389 cotton press Louisburg, NC

Burbank, Gardner on April 12, 1826
#X004390 machinery for making paper Worcester, MA

Brown, Ezra on April 12, 1826
#X004391 improvement of the wire harness for weaving, patented by Chandler & Brown Cazenovia, NY

Schirer, John on April 12, 1826
#X004392 mode of crooking gun stocks Charleston, SC

Shepherd, John on April 12, 1826
#X004393 hill-side, double nosed, cast iron plough De Reuyter, NY

Phillip, John G. on April 12, 1826
#X004394 rocking washing machine Kinderhook, NY

Green, Thomas on April 12, 1826
#X004395 improvement called the lever power mortising machine Manlius, NY

Brooks, Theodore on April 13, 1826
#X004396 pump Rutland, NY

Beach, Waldren on April 13, 1826
#X004397 tooth of the cultivator or harrow Philadelphia, PA

Baker, Horace on April 14, 1826
#X004398 loom for weaving carpeting North Salem, NY

Waterhouse, Benjamin on April 15, 1826
#X004399 mode of raising vessels for repairing New York, NY

Harwood, Samuel, 3rd on April 15, 1826
#X004400 distilling Braintree, NY

Warren, Admiral on April 15, 1826
#X004401 boring and tenoning machine Saugerties, NY

Warren, Admiral on April 17, 1826
#X004402 horse mill Saugerties, NY

Stockman, Moody on April 18, 1826
#X004403 improvement in the grist mill patented by Mr. Bricknell Hampton, NH

Fairbanks, Thaddeus on April 19, 1826
#X004404 cast iron plough St. Johnsburg, VT

Wilcox, Boswell on April 19, 1826
#X004405 conical water wheel Franklin County, OH

Wilcox, Boswell on April 21, 1826
#X004406 loom Franklin County, OH

Boothe, Ebenezer & Boothe, Charles on April 22, 1826
#X004407 vertical saw and sawing fret work Southbury, CT

Barton, Gardner, Jr. on April 22, 1826
#X004408 machine for splicing cotton and woollen rolls Shaftsbury, VT

Curtis, Marcus on April 22, 1826
#X004409 varnish for furniture Troy, NY

Waterhouse, Ezekiel on April 24, 1826
#X004410 picking oakum by machinery Gardiner, Kennebeck County, ME

Wortham, Charles on April 24, 1826
#X004411 improvement called the combined screw geer Warren County, NC

Higgins, Aaron on April 24, 1826
#X004412 constructing tan vats Florence, OH

Lee, Lemuel and Maston, Cornelius on April 25, 1826
#X004413 machine for cleansing grain from smut Penn Yan, NY

Hidden, Enoch on April 26, 1826
#X004414 elevating screw box and cap of carronades New York, NY

Clark, Stephen G. & Stimson, George on April 26, 1826
#X004415 steering all kinds of vessels Charleston, MA

Pinkus, H. and Williams, Thomas R. on April 27, 1826
#X004416 improvement called forest rail roads London, England

Phillips, Benjamin on April 28, 1826
#X004417 steam boats for running in shallow water New York, NY

Cock, William on April 28, 1826
#X004418 plough Luzerne Township, Fayette County, PA

Hunt, Bemsle & Wheelock, Seth on May 2, 1826
#X004419 improvement on the horizontal spinner patented by Calvin Merrill Knox, NY

Willerd, Julius on May 2, 1826
#X004420 machine for pressing bricks Baltimore, MD

Matthews, James on May 2, 1826
#X004421 vertical jenney for spinning Schenectady, NY

Annin, William B. on May 4, 1826
#X004422 making artificial globes Boston, MA

Holliday, Elias on May 5, 1826
#X004423 inclined horse wheel Schoharie, NY

Watson, David on April 6, 1826
#X004424 machine for moulding brick Fayetteville, ME

Baldwin, Ethan on April 6, 1826
#X004425 rail way with a lift of 16 feet Harrisburg, PA

Venear, Emanuel on May 10, 1826
#X004426 combined lever bottom press Halifax, NC

Benedict, Jeremiah on May 10, 1826
#X004427 mode of relieving water wheels from back water Fabius, NY

Shaw, John on May 10, 1826
#X004428 machine for threshing grain Kenebeck County, ME

Bakewell, Samuel R. on May 10, 1826
#X004429 covering or platting brick kilns Wellsburg, VA

Forrester, Lot on May 10, 1826
#X004430 machine for excavating canals Ridgefield, CT

Grattan, Edward on May 16, 1826
#X004431 scheme of lotteries Providence, RI

Herwick, Charles on May 16, 1826
#X004432 boys' dresses New York, NY

Gether, John on May 16, 1826
#X004433 sponges for artillery Philadelphia, PA

Bartholomew, Erastus on May 17, 1826
#X004434 making cordage Boston, MA

Bartholomew, Erastus on May 17, 1826
#X004435 making chain cables Boston, MA

Treadwell, Ephraim on May 18, 1826
#X004436 art of manufacturing biscuit and sugar bread New York, NY

Mercer, Asa on May 18, 1826
#X004437 mode of constructing water wheels and flumes Providence, RI

Kendall, William, Jr. on May 18, 1826
#X004438 circular saw Kennebeck, ME

Watt, J. and Priest, F.A. & Freeborn, Guy on May 20, 1826
#X004439 family spinning machine Jefferson County, OH

Collier, James (Phoebe Collier, widow) on May 20, 1826
#X004440 machine for sawing felloes for wheels Catskill, NY

West, William on May 20, 1826
#X004441 art of ornamenting walls, ceilings, etc. Philadelphia, PA

Hoeg, William H. on May 20, 1826
#X004442 press for pressing out oil, cider, etc. Ashtabula County, OH

Post, Garret on May 22, 1826
#X004443 construction of stoves or furnaces for heating iron hoops Auburn, NY

Knap, Liscomb on May 22, 1826
#X004444 machine for pumping water for machinery Brighton, NY

Knap, Liscomb on May 22, 1826
#X004445 raising water for domestic purposes Brighton, NY

Tyler, Rufus and Coston, Benton P. on May 23, 1826
#X004446 pressing leghorn, straw, and other hats Philadelphia, PA

Osborn, Noah on May 23, 1826
#X004447 mode of loading carts, wagons, etc. Fairfield, CT

Ballon, Seth on May 25, 1826
#X004448 threshing machine Livermore, ME

Fairlamb, Samuel & Bruce, David, Jr. on May 25, 1826
#X004449 rotary steam engine New York, NY

Collins, William H. on May 27, 1826
#X004450 construction of saddles Cincinnati, OH

Doll, William H. on May 29, 1826
#X004451 machine for removing earth Harrisburg, PA

Cooper, James and Barnett, Theodore on May 31, 1826
#X004452 machine for finishing hats Philadelphia, PA

Reading, Pearson on June 1, 1826
#X004453 machine for removing earth Trenton, NJ

Coburn, William on June 2, 1826
#X004454 construction of wind mills Gardiner, Kennebeck County, ME

Williams, Charles on June 3, 1826
#X004455 lever press for packing cotton Petersburg, VA

Reading, Pearson on June 3, 1826
#X004456 threshing machine Trenton, NJ

Janes, Walter on June 6, 1826
#X004457 springs to a wagon Asford, CT

Brown, John & Robinson, George W. on June 6, 1826
#X004458 construction of rail ways Providence, RI

Tuthill, Abraham G. D. on June 8, 1826
#X004459 construction of chimneys Utica, NY

Hunt, John on June 8, 1826
#X004460 turning lathe Shutesbury, MA

Harris, Francis and Wilson, John on June 9, 1826
#X004461 grist mills Albany, NY

Thompson, Elijah on June 9, 1826
#X004462 carding machine Lowell, MA

Thayer, Elijah on June 9, 1826
#X004463 machine for making boots and shoes Leicester, MA

Fish, Ezra on June 9, 1826
#X004464 machine for moulding bricks Fayette, ME

Carmichall, William on June 10, 1826
#X004465 machine for roping and spinning cotton Sandlake, NY

Whitehead, William, Jr. on June 14, 1826
#X004466 rolling or twisting roving of cotton Patterson, NJ

Williams, Thomas R. on June 14, 1826
#X004467 instrument for operating in the cataract Philadelphia, PA

Bergen, Cornelius on June 14, 1826
#X004468 loom New York, NY

Dodson, Jeremiah on June 15, 1826
#X004469 improvement in Paul Pillsbury's machine for shelling corn Guilford, NC

Willard, Elijah on June 15, 1826
#X004470 mode of emptying the well bucket Egremont, MA

Corrill, John & Rogers, William P. on June 15, 1826
#X004471 machine for spinning wool Harpersfield, OH

Jones, Seth C. on June 16, 1826
#X004472 machine for lifting canal boats out of the water for repair Rochester, NY

Medbery, Joseph and Kellogg, Silvester on June 16, 1826
#X004473 percussion lock for the rifle Rochester, NY

McKenzie, D. & Barbor, M.L. and Dean, S. and McNaughton, J. on June 19, 1826
#X004474 mode of applying one head of water to any number of water wheels Caledonia, NY

James, Walter on June 19, 1826
#X004475 machine for bending tire for wheels Ashford, CT

Bull, Benjamin on June 20, 1826
#X004476 machinery for weighing canal boats New York, NY

Nott, Eliphalet on June 21, 1826
#X004477 relation to the evolution of heat Schenectady, NY

Brownson, Abraham on June 21, 1826
#X004478 machine for shaving and smoothing wood Lockport, NY

Hunt, Walter & Hoskins, Willis on June 22, 1826
#X004479 machine for spinning flax and hemp Martinsburgh, NY

Isnard, Maximin on June 22, 1826
#X004480 bouyant dock New York, NY

Mayo, Ephraim on June 24, 1826
#X004481 machine for pressing unburnt brick Hallowell, ME

Ross, William on June 24, 1826
#X004482 machine for planting and working Indian corn Middle Paxton Township, Dauphin County, PA

Josselyn, Christopher on June 28, 1826
#X004483 machine for cutting plugs for waists and decks for ships New York, NY

Ruggles, Barnabas on June 29, 1826
#X004484 mode of sawing wood for felloes Poultney, VT

Ryon, Isaac on June 29, 1826
#X004485 grist mills Bridgewater, MA

McCurdy, John on July 1, 1826
#X004486 generating steam London, England
Terry, Eli on July 5, 1826
#X004487 wooden wheeled 30 hour clocks Plymouth, CT

Church, Seth and Clark, Hiram on July 6, 1826
#X004488 washing machine Utica, NY

Coffin, Ebenezer S. on July 10, 1826
#X004489 steering wheel Boston, MA

Kingsbury, Rhodes & Rowse, E on July 10, 1826
#X004490 mode of steering vessels Bath, ME

Thorp, John on July 10, 1826
#X004491 improvement on his patented braiding machine Providence, RI

Starr, Nathan B. on July 10, 1826
#X004492 scale for draughting garments Philadelphia, PA

Guilford, Simeon on July 10, 1826
#X004493 mode of preserving wooden locks in canals Lebanon, PA

Tam, Lemuel on July 11, 1826
#X004494 cleave harrow for clearing ground Sussex County, DE

Conn, Stephen T. on July 12, 1826
#X004495 mode of manufacturing salt by steam Georgetown, DC

Barnard, Cyrus on July 14, 1826
#X004496 raising and removing earth and sand Newlin, PA

Ives, John B. on July 17, 1826
#X004497 making cartridges for blasting rocks Lebanon, PA

Key, Thomas on July 18, 1826
#X004498 mode of letting water on water wheels Henry County, GA

Conn, Stephen T. on July 20, 1826
#X004499 improvemend on the steam generator patented Nov. 18th, 1825 Washington, DC

Nichols, Reuben on July 21, 1826
#X004500 mode of applying steam power to the sawing of timber New Orleans, LA

Hathaway, Joseph on July 24, 1826
#X004501 machine for spinning cotton and wool Poultney, NY

Sholes, Charles on July 26, 1826
#X004502 mode of evaporating liquids Phelps, NY

Northorp, Jedediah on July 31, 1826
#X004503 construction of grist mills Woodbridge, CT

Webster, Jarvis on July 31, 1826
#X004504 machine for grinding shelled corn Philadelphia, PA

Barron, James (Captain US Navy) on August 2, 1826
#X004505 improvement called a carrying and lifting trunk dock Norfolk, VA

Bostwick, Henry on August 2, 1826
#X004506 representing by lines, genealogy, chronology New York, NY

Foss, Cotton on August 2, 1826
#X004507 application of steam to the blast of furnaces Madison, OH

Crowell, Elisha on August 4, 1826
#X004508 method of moving the trip hammer Gardiner, Kennebeck County, ME

Branch, Harden on August 7, 1826
#X004509 mode of turning any number of augers New York, NY

Smith, John A. on August 7, 1826
#X004510 mode of elevating liquors New London, CT

Holdridge, Zebulon S. and Lawson, Henry S. on August 9, 1826
#X004511 plough Berne, NY

Lebman, Samuel on August 9, 1826
#X004512 ladder to be used at fires Philadelphia, PA

Hines, Joseph & Bain, William on August 12, 1826
#X004513 machine for dressing flax New York, NY

Laning, Joseph H. on August 12, 1826
#X004514 plan for working steam twice over Nashville, TN

Hastings, Joseph on August 15, 1826
#X004515 mode of making lampblack Cambridge, MA

Clarkson, Joseph on August 16, 1826
#X004516 machine for laying and twisting cotton seine twine Baltimore, MD

Van Riper, Thomas on August 16, 1826
#X004517 trussel bobbin or spool for factories Patterson, NJ

Eve, Joseph on August 16, 1826
#X004518 steam enginery London, England

Burton, William, Jr. on August 16, 1826
#X004519 mode of washing by steam Annsville NY

Schreiner, Joseph H. on August 17, 1826
#X004520 improvement applied to the auger Philadelphia, PA

Floyd, John on August 17, 1826
#X004521 floating dry dock Kittery, ME

Wilse, Benjamin on August 19, 1826
#X004522 suspenders Utica, NY

Parkhurst, Ziba on August 19, 1826
#X004523 composition to be applied before carding Grafton, MA

Schreiner, Joseph H. on August 19, 1826
#X004524 mode of setting saws Philadelphia, PA

Wheeler, J. R. and Wheeler, J. B. on August 28, 1826
#X004525 machine for roping and spinning wool Galway, NY

Cantelo, W.J. and Kerrison, R.M. on August 30, 1826
#X004526 dress called the jubilee stock New York, NY

Padley, Moses on August 31, 1826
#X004527 windmill Ontario, NY

Lanphier, William on September 2, 1826
#X004528 improvement called the relieving value Alexandria, DC

Chidester, Samuel on September 2, 1826
#X004529 loom Windham, NY

Douglas, Archibald on September 8, 1826
#X004530 machine for threshing and cleaning grain Marcellus, NY

Robeson, Andrew on September 8, 1826
#X004531 machine for singeing all kinds of cloth New Bedford, MA

Nichol, George on September 8, 1826
#X004532 improvement called the screw boot tree Madison, VA

Berry, Sanford S. on September 12, 1826
#X004533 burning stone ware without the use of salt Troy, NY

Cooper, Edward on September 14, 1826
#X004534 making iron keyed bands Richmond, VA

Phelps, David on September 15, 1826
#X004535 printing press Boston, MA

Overman, Benjamin on September 15, 1826
#X004536 mode of sawing circular timber Greensborough, NC

Giraud, John James on September 15, 1826
#X004537 wheels for propelling steamboats Baltimore, MD

Price, Jeremiah on September 15, 1826
#X004538 improvement called the portable endless rail way New York, NY

Krauser, Joseph on September 23, 1826
#X004539 machine for manufacturing nails Philadelphia, PA

Shalk, George & Tintoff, William on September 23, 1826
#X004540 fire engine Lebanon, PA

Arnold, James H. on September 25, 1826
#X004541 wool carding machine Belmont, OH

Collins, Samuel on September 26, 1826
#X004542 machine for raising earth, mud, etc. New York, NY

Collings, Daniel and Gallup, James D. on October 12, 1826
#X004543 applying anthracite coal in generating steam Wilkesbarre, PA

Mendenhall, Moses on October 20, 1826
#X004544 gristmill Greensborough, NC

Tyler, H. on October 20, 1826
#X004545 bells Utica, NY

Willard, Elijah on October 23, 1826
#X004546 method of drawing water from wells Egremont, MA

Hallark, Henry on October 24, 1826
#X004547 constructing cellars, vaults, etc. New York, NY

Read, Daniel A. on October 24, 1826
#X004548 manufacture of bridles New York, NY

Russell, Elijah on October 24, 1826
#X004549 machine for shelling corn Greensborough, NC

Johnson, Solomon R. on October 25, 1826
#X004550 horse saw mill New York, NY

Whitcomb, Henry on October 25, 1826
#X004551 method of discharging cannon Adams, NY

Foss, Cotton on October 25, 1826
#X004552 barkmill Madison, OH

Whitney, Henry & Robinson, E. on November 4, 1826
#X004553 making glass knobs for doors Cambridge, MA

Fairlamb, Samuel on November 4, 1826
#X004554 printing press New York, NY

Hubbard, Jeremiah on November 4, 1826
#X004555 machine for cutting fur from the skin Jamestown, NC

Thomas, John on November 6, 1826
#X004556 improvement called bilge levers for supporting ships New York, NY

Thomas, John on November 6, 1826
#X004557 improvement called the sub-marine rail way New York, NY

Hubbard, Jeremiah on November 6, 1826
#X004558 domestic loom Jamestown, NC

Barnes, Isaac B. on November 6, 1826
#X004559 common foot gin for ginning cotton Beaufort, SC

Bigelow, Elisha on November 6, 1826
#X004560 steam engine Baltimore, MD

Bell, William on November 7, 1826
#X004561 bedsteads Lexington, KY

Pinney, Ovid and Olmestead, James on November 7, 1826
#X004562 fanning mill Caledonia, NY

Johnson, Ebenezer on November 7, 1826
#X004563 machine for boring, reaming out, etc. Lexington Heights, Green County, NY

Hersey, Sylvanus C. on November 7, 1826
#X004564 machine for threshing and winnowing grain Rochester, NY

Rolph, Social on November 8, 1826
#X004565 construction of furnaces, stoves, etc. Wales, NY

Read, Elijah H. on November 10, 1826
#X004566 rotary steam engine Lancaster, KY

Raymond, Benjamin, Jr. on November 13, 1826
#X004567 water wheel for propelling boats Beverly, MA

Brooks, Samuel on November 13, 1826
#X004568 constructing and grinding the currying knife New York, NY

Berkeymeger, Ferdinand & Dengler, J. on November 14, 1826
#X004569 machine for cutting cabbage Greenwich, PA

Conine, William C. on November 14, 1826
#X004570 method of drawing lotteries Baltimore, MD

Price, William on November 14, 1826
#X004571 method of fastening commode knobs Pittsburgh, PA

Phelps, Daniel on November 14, 1826
#X004572 steam generator Bath, NY

Waterhouse, Ezekiel on November 14, 1826
#X004573 double box for pressing hay Gardiner, Kennebeck County, ME

Woodhull, Joseph on November 14, 1826
#X004574 machine for spinning and reeling wool Chester, NY

Willis, William on November 14, 1826
#X004575 two cylinder atmospheric steam engine Charleston, SC

Bushnell, Howlett on November 14, 1826
#X004576 instrument for husking corn Norwich, New London County, CT

Warner, Alfred on November 16, 1826
#X004577 machine for raising boats and vessels Rochester, NY

Herring, Joseph on November 16, 1826
#X004578 mode of dying hair on seal skins New York, NY

Bemis, James on November 17, 1826
#X004579 improvement on Bicknell's grist mill Worcester, MA

Caldwell, Sheldon on November 20, 1826
#X004580 set auger for boring hubs of wheels Windham, CT

Church, William on November 20, 1826
#X004581 construction of furnaces for anthracite coal Boston, MA

Boatwright, James & Nathans, James on November 21, 1826
#X004582 machine for pressing cotton Richland, SC

Sleeper, William on November 22, 1826
#X004583 umbrella and parasol Philadelphia, PA

Wilkes, George on November 22, 1826
#X004584 making saddle trees Fredonia, IN

Totten, Lafford on November 22, 1826
#X004585 improvement called the domestic spinner Schoharie, NY

Ruggles, Fordyce on November 24, 1826
#X004586 fire arms Hardwick, MA

Beach, Burroughs on November 24, 1826
#X004587 washing machine New Milford, CT

Berry, W.G. and Osborn, J.T. on November 26, 1826
#X004588 locomotive steam saw mill Cincinnati, OH

Mott, S C and Holmes, W. on November 26, 1826
#X004589 grate and blower for Lehigh coal New York, NY

Godfrey, William H. on November 27, 1826
#X004590 application of the screw in propelling machinery Rochester, NY

Bower, John on December 1, 1826
#X004591 mode of making clay pipes East Bethlehem, PA

Whitmer, David on December 7, 1826
#X004592 dairy cooler Paradise, PA

Gale, William on December 7, 1826
#X004593 manufacture of silver spoons New York, NY

Dunham, David G. on December 7, 1826
#X004594 washing machine New Brunswick, NJ

Knox, Peter on December 7, 1826
#X004595 mode of propelling the cotton gin Augusta, GA

Read, Philip Pitts on December 7, 1826
#X004596 trip hammer Mercer, ME

Boyden, Seth on December 7, 1826
#X004597 mode of spinning wool, cotton, etc. Foxborough, MA

Kearsing, William F. on December 8, 1826
#X004598 paddle wheel for propelling boats New York, NY

Winslow, John on December 8, 1826
#X004599 self feeding brick press Portland, ME

Avery, William on December 8, 1826
#X004600 circular reacting saw Cazenovia, NY

Wolcott, Norman & Wolcott, Anson on December 8, 1826
#X004601 distilling all kinds of liquor Bloomfield, NY

Allen, John P. on December 8, 1826
#X004602 mode of sawing veneers Manchester, MA

Hyde, James on December 9, 1826
#X004603 threshing machine Pembroke, NY

Giraud, John James on December 12, 1826
#X004604 mode of propelling boats and vessels Baltimore, MD

Goulding, John on December 15, 1826
#X004605 mode of manufacturing wool Denham, MA

Pendleton, Edmund on December 18, 1826
#X004606 kiln for drying and curing tobacco Louisa County, VA

Caswell, Lebbeus on December 18, 1826
#X004607 machine for pressing cheese, cider, etc. Harrison, ME

Clark, Hezekiah S. on December 22, 1826
#X004608 machine for breaking hides Randolph County, NC

Madison, James and Mattes, Porter & Mattes, Philip S. on December 22, 1826
#X004609 machine for manufacturing slate Easton, PA

Rives, John C. on December 22, 1826
#X004610 mode of drawing lotteries Washington, DC

Allen, Herman on December 22, 1826
#X004611 machine for plaining boards Randolph County, NC

Lobdell, John on December 26, 1826
#X004612 machine for planting cotton, corn, etc. Warren County, MS
Payne, George J. on December 27, 1826
#X004613 heating and boiling water Lockport, NY

McClelland, James H. on December 28, 1826
#X004614 machine for pressing and packing cotton Fairfield, SC

Lyon, Garretson on December 28, 1826
#X004615 machine for making hubs of wheels New York, NY

Willbur, Isaac on December 28, 1826
#X004616 machine for drawing water from wells for cattle Madison, NY

Smith, Daniel N. on December 28, 1826
#X004617 improvement called the revolving timber plane Warwick, MA

Ward, Richard on December 28, 1826
#X004618 marine rail way New York, NY

Harkins, William on December 29, 1826
#X004619 making hats by the application of steam Wheeling, VA

Boyden, Seth on December 29, 1826
#X004620 machine for spinning wool, cotton, etc. Foxborough, MA

Jacob, Justin on December 29, 1826
#X004621 pendulum motion for machinery Montreal, Canada

Nott, Eliphalet on December 29, 1826
#X004622 evolution and management of heat Schenectady, NY

Davis, Samuel on December 29, 1826
#X004623 bedsteads Catskill, NY

Boott, John W. and Lyman, William on December 29, 1826
#X004624 construction of fire places, furnaces, etc. Boston, MA

Lukens, Isaac on December 30, 1826
#X004625 lithontriptor Philadelphia, PA

Moore, Camm on December 30, 1826
#X004626 machine for grating corn, apples, etc. Guilford County, NC

Borbridge, Thomas & Martin, Anson on December 30, 1826
#X004627 improvement called the revolving coal sifter Kingston Township, Luzerne County, PA

Flagg, David and Peck, Charles on December 30, 1826
#X004628 machine for pressing hay, cotton, etc. Gardiner, Kennebeck County, ME

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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