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1825 U.S. Patents

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Abbey, Roswell on January 1, 1825
#X004004 machine for hulling coffee New York, NY

Reading, Peirson on January 3, 1825
#X004005 machine for breaking flax Trenton, NJ

Currey, Samuel on January 3, 1825
#X004006 forcing pump Williamson County, TN

Summers, William M. on January 13, 1825
#X004007 cast iron mile marks New York, NY

Kolb, Augustus on January 14, 1825
#X004008 pan and furnace for evaporating liquids Steubenville, OH

Daggett, Ezra & Kensett, Thomas on January 19, 1825
#X004009 method of preserving animal substances New York, NY

Crosby, George on January 21, 1825
#X004010 machine for ruling paper Augusta, ME

Darby, Calvin on January 22, 1825
#X004011 casting the boxes for carriages, carts, etc. Worcester, MA

Elliott, Catherine on January 26, 1825
#X004012 moccasins New York, NY

Bay, John C. on January 26, 1825
#X004013 pharmaceutic composition Mount Pleasant, OH

Gerrard, Daniel on January 28, 1825
#X004014 manufacture of salt Clay County, KY

Pennock, Moses on February 8, 1825
#X004015 revolving hay and grain horse rake East Marlborough, PA

Kellsey, Franklin on February 8, 1825
#X004016 machinery for making cordage Middletown, CT

Hyde, James on February 8, 1825
#X004017 machine for thrashing and cleaning grain South Pembroke, NY

Blanvelt, Abraham on February 9, 1825
#X004018 spiral spring latch, bolt, and lock New Brunswick, NJ

Joslin, Benjamin F. on February 9, 1825
#X004019 condensing steam and cooling the liquor New York, NY

Secor, Elijah on February 9, 1825
#X004020 sign for lottery offices and other purposes New York, NY

Kingsbury, Lewis on February 9, 1825
#X004021 construction of chimneys and fire places Livonia, NY

Wood, James on February 10, 1825
#X004022 making shovels and spades Philadelphia, PA

Rich, John, Jr. on February 10, 1825
#X004023 side hill plough Troy, NY

Honey, John W. on February 10, 1825
#X004024 screening tables for separating shot Herculaneum, MI

Sutton, Benjamin on February 10, 1825
#X004025 machine for hulling and cleaning clover seed Romulus, NY

Trott, Adolphus G. on February 11, 1825
#X004026 mode of dying nankeen New York, NY

Rowell, Thomas on February 11, 1825
#X004027 pointing, splitting, and waxing pegs for shoes Hartford, Windsor County, VT

Pettis, Phineas on February 15, 1825
#X004028 plough Portage County, OH

Avery, George D. on February 15, 1825
#X004029 plough Georgetown, DC

Colby, John on February 16, 1825
#X004030 making stove pipe Salisbury, MA

Fletcher, Jabez B. on February 16, 1825
#X004031 floom for water wheels Richmond, Lincoln County, ME

Whitlaw, Charles on February 16, 1825
#X004032 administering medicine by means of steam New York, NY

Asher, David on February 18, 1825
#X004033 portable cooking machine Philadelphia, PA

Watchman, J. and Bratt, J. on February 18, 1825
#X004034 mud machine for deepening harbors Baltimore, MD

Hale, Ezekiel, Jr. & Hale, S. and Hale, James on February 18, 1825
#X004035 wool carding machine Haverhill, MA

Rogers, Solomon A. on February 19, 1825
#X004036 scale beams and balances Philadelphia, PA

Cooper, Isaac on February 22, 1825
#X004037 bedsteads Baltimore, MD

Whitin, Paul on February 22, 1825
#X004038 hoes Northbridge, MA

Wheeler, Reuben on February 26, 1825
#X004039 lever washing machine Vergennes, VT

Adams, Charles on February 26, 1825
#X004040 windlass bedstead Boston, MA

Burdick, Francis on February 28, 1825
#X004041 flax dressing machine Kortright, NY

Weed, Shadrach H. on February 28, 1825
#X004042 certain grasses for making brushes, brooms, etc. New York, NY

Cohen, Jacob I. on March 3, 1825
#X004043 drawing lotteries Baltimore, MD

Hoyt, William on March 3, 1825
#X004044 bells Brookville, IN

Cooper, William on March 3, 1825
#X004045 carriage wheels Columbia, SC

Pierce, Thomas on March 3, 1825
#X004046 shovel for excavating earth Hartwick, NY

Wright, Lemuel W. on March 12, 1825
#X004047 making pins Manchester, England

Turner, John on March 12, 1825
#X004048 circular propelling levers Marcellus, NY

Rider, Nathaniel on March 12, 1825
#X004049 construction of the carding machine Sturbridge, MA

Hord, Edwin & Browning, B. on March 12, 1825
#X004050 preserving flour for exportation Fleming County, KY

Gray, Edward on March 15, 1825
#X004051 construction of rail ways Boston, MA

Comstock, Darius on March 15, 1825
#X004052 machine for excavating earth Lockport, NY

Lowber, William on March 15, 1825
#X004053 water press for extracting tannin from bark Philadelphia, PA

Fountain, Garret on March 15, 1825
#X004054 increasing the speed of vessels by a centre board Staten Island, NY

Pettee, Otis on March 15, 1825
#X004055 changing the motion of machinery Newton, MA

Jennings, Isaiah on March 15, 1825
#X004056 steam engine and other machinery New York, NY

Baily, Jeremiah on March 18, 1825
#X004057 bedstead and bed for the sick and lame Philadelphia, PA

Edwards, John on March 19, 1825
#X004058 elevator for pots, kettles, and other vessels New York, NY

Baily, Jeremiah on March 21, 1825
#X004059 machine called the "Neplus Ultra" Philadelphia, PA

Wilcox, Roswell on March 21, 1825
#X004060 weaving loom Columbus, OH

Thomson, Ebenezer on March 24, 1825
#X004061 horizontal water wheel Manchester, NY

Bretney, Henry on March 24, 1825
#X004062 tanning Lebanon, OH

Leavitt, Joshua and Lane, Comfort. & Leavitt, Thaddeus on March 24, 1825
#X004063 machine for separating the seed from cotton Suffield, CT

Disbrow, Levi on March 24, 1825
#X004064 machine for boring for water New Brunswick, NJ

Avery, George D. on March 25, 1825
#X004065 plough Georgetown, DC

Baird, Abiram on March 25, 1825
#X004066 churn Schoharie, NY

Eells, John, Jr. on March 25, 1825
#X004067 machine for lasting boots Unadilla, NY

Wheeler, William. on March 26, 1825
#X004068 machine for dressing flax Warren, NY

Hickox, Horace on March 26, 1825
#X004069 machine for scouring and fulling cloth Rutland, NY

Gray, George on March 26, 1825
#X004070 ship's deck lights Lynn, MA

Crane, Luther on March 26, 1825
#X004071 manufacturing cotton into yarn Ware, MA

Walker, Enoch on March 26, 1825
#X004072 fanning mill for cleaning grain Springville, PA

Hovey, Jesse R. on March 31, 1825
#X004073 conical sprial spring truss Sangerfield, NY

Thomas, John on April 2, 1825
#X004074 dowelling bit used in ship building Washington, DC
Slater, Samuel on April 4, 1825
#X004075 vertical spinner Middletown, CT

Macauley, Isaac on April 4, 1825
#X004076 making furniture oil cloth Philadelphia, PA

Smith, Francis H. on April 7, 1825
#X004077 musical glasses called the Grand Harmonicon Northampton, VA

Blood, Cyrus on April 7, 1825
#X004078 fire places and chimneys Washington County, MD

Giles, Joseph on April 11, 1825
#X004079 Desmond's mode of obtaining the tanning principle of bark Guilford, VT

Mattby, Benjamin on April 11, 1825
#X004080 mode of applying horse power to machinery New York, NY

Whitehead, William on April 11, 1825
#X004081 machinery for roving cotton or wool Paterson, NJ

Haight, Henry, Jr. and White, H. on April 11, 1825
#X004082 machine for cutting bark and dye woods Stamford, CT

Houston, J. P and Batchelder, Otis on April 11, 1825
#X004083 machine for shaving leather Bedford, NH

McIntosh, W.W. and Barnheart, William on April 13, 1825
#X004084 pendulum power regulated by a fly wheel Aurelius, OH

Thomas, John on April 14, 1825
#X004085 naval architecture Washington, DC

Dotterer, Henry on April 14, 1825
#X004086 construction of bellows for furnaces Philadelphia, PA

Evans, Cadwallader & Evans, Oliver on April 14, 1825
#X004087 self-sharpening plough Philadelphia, PA

Tanner, Archibald on April 15, 1825
#X004088 double inclined plane for canals Warren, PA

Stansbury, Daniel on April 15, 1825
#X004089 construction of furnaces for burning fossil coal Belleville, NJ

Taylor, S.W. and Martin, J.W. on April 16, 1825
#X004090 buildings for school rooms, academies, etc. Lowville, Lewis County, NY

Bortle, John P. on April 19, 1825
#X004091 churn Claverack, Columbia County, NY

Pratt, Philo on April 20, 1825
#X004092 machine for sawing the teeth in combs New York, NY

Reed, Jesse on April 22, 1825
#X004093 machine for slitting iron Marshfield, MA

Reed, Jesse on April 22, 1825
#X004094 feeding apparatus for nails and tacks Marshfield, MA

Reed, Jesse on April 21, 1825
#X004095 machine for cutting and heading nails and tacks Marshfield, MA

Nones, Joseph B. on April 28, 1825
#X004096 making yellow nankeen or buff colors Philadelphia, PA

Sutton, Noah on April 28, 1825
#X004097 machine for splaying or flaring iron New York, NY

Grant, Joseph on April 28, 1825
#X004098 winding machine for setting up hat bodies Providence, RI

Bergh, Christian on April 29, 1825
#X004099 dry docks for repairing vessels New York, NY

Fowks, Samuel on May 4, 1825
#X004100 machine for shelling and grinding corn Catskill, NY

Price, Francis on May 4, 1825
#X004101 machine for shelling corn New York, NY

Hart, Webb on May 4, 1825
#X004102 mode of packing cotton Petersburg, VA

Miller, Henry on May 5, 1825
#X004103 construction of astronomical clocks East Hanover, PA

Babcock, Jonathan, Jr. on April 6, 1825
#X004104 water pump Edmiston, NY

Sealy, Richard on April 6, 1825
#X004105 beer and cider pumps New York, NY

Sargent, Henry on April 6, 1825
#X004106 transportation of merchandise on a single rail Boston, MA

Whitman, Stephen W. on May 7,1825
#X004107 plough Harpersfield, OH

Davis, Moses on April 9, 1825
#X004108 constructing and drawing lotteries Cumberland County, ME

Humphrey, Asa on April 9, 1825
#X004109 churn Gray, ME

Seely, Holly on May 12, 1825
#X004110 lever purchase, rivet and bolt cutter Unadilla, NY

Wilkinson, Job. on May 12, 1825
#X004111 raising the nap of cloth New York, NY

Woolsey, Richard on May 13, 1825
#X004112 family and factory spinner Kortright, NY

Avery, William on May 13, 1825
#X004113 distilling spirits by steam Pompey, NY

Bailey, Henry on May 14, 1825
#X004114 cast iron mill for grinding grain Hartford, CT

Togno, John W. on May 16, 1825
#X004115 construction of lottery schemes Philadelphia, PA

Wentworth, Thomas on May 18, 1825
#X004116 union of the cooking with the Franklin stove Oswego, NY

Cope, Ezra & Hoopes, T., Jr. on May 18, 1825
#X004117 mowing machine Chester County, PA

Terry, Eli on May 18, 1825
#X004118 wooden wheeled thirty hour clocks Plymouth, CT

Reminton, Abner and Reminton, N. on May 19, 1825
#X004119 machine for thrashing grain and breaking flax, etc. Genoa, NY

Hale, Elisha on May 20, 1825
#X004120 rotary steam engine Pomfret, NY

Reading, Pierson on May 20, 1825
#X004121 thrashing grain and shelling corn Trenton, NJ

Holden, Richard on May 20, 1825
#X004122 thrashing machine Philadelphia, PA

Seger, William on May 25, 1825
#X004123 calculating and drawing lotteries Bergen, NJ

Wheeler, J.R & Wheeler, J.B. on May 26, 1825
#X004124 improvement on Brown's vertical spinner Kingsbury, NY

Burden, Henry on May 26, 1825
#X004125 manufacture of wrought nails Troy, NY

Ford, Christopher on May 26, 1825
#X004126 mode of planting cotton Paineville, VA

Cherry, George W. on May 27, 1825
#X004127 being a geographical garden Derby, CT

Wilkinson, Job. on May 28, 1825
#X004128 machinery for boring and mortising Pennfield, Monroe County, NY

Gibbs, Eli M. on May 28, 1825
#X004129 improvement on B. Farr's improvement on Hull's patented truss Norwich, NY

Latham O and Bennet, L. & Green, J. on May 28, 1825
#X004130 horizontal water wheel Oneida County, NY

Burdick, Francis on May 30, 1825
#X004131 machine for roping and spinning wool and cotton Kortright, NY

Woodhouse, Joseph on May 30, 1825
#X004132 art of cutting paper, books, etc. Otsego, NY

Smith, Joseph F. on June 1, 1825
#X004133 lighting the binnacles of ships, street lamps, etc. Baltimore, MD

Bell, William on June 1, 1825
#X004134 machine for making thread of wood Fayette County, KY

Freeman, Peter on June 1, 1825
#X004135 mode of lessening friction in canal boats Morris County, NJ

Dillingham, John on June 2, 1825
#X004136 machinery and art of locking doors Turner, ME

Ward, Richard on June 2, 1825
#X004137 making post and other coaches Schenectady, NY

Hoyt, William on June 3, 1825
#X004138 jack for raising wagons Brookville, IN

Hoyt, William on June 3, 1825
#X004139 fire places Brookville, IN

Tyrer, James on June 3, 1825
#X004140 mode of making percussion guns Petersburg, VA

Whiting, Ruggles on June 6, 1825
#X004141 water tight bulkhead for steam boats Louisville, KY

Joyce, Ezra on June 6, 1825
#X004142 hatter's planking kettle Brooklyn, NY

Boyd, J.C. and Kitchin, Andrew on June 7, 1825
#X004143 improvement on S. Ballon's thrashing machine Rush Township, Northumberland County, PA

Smith, Robert on June 9, 1825
#X004144 alternate propelling lever Port Gibson, MS

Lee, James & Ring, Jarvis on June 11, 1825
#X004145 machine for moulding and making bricks Ogden, NY

Fickett, Scott on June 11, 1825
#X004146 mode of raising water New York, NY

Parke, Larmon Z. on June 14, 1825
#X004147 machine for making wooden ware Windham, NY

Lovatt, John on June 16, 1825
#X004148 stove for burning Lehigh coal Philadelphia, PA

Curtis, Philo C. on June 16, 1825
#X004149 machinery for templing cloth Paris, NY

Williamson, Peregrine on June 18, 1825
#X004150 improvement on his machine for roasting coffee Baltimore, MD

Knownslar, Conrad on June 20, 1825
#X004151 kiln for charring coal Mill Creek, Berkley County, VA

Kneeland, Timothy P. on June 21, 1825
#X004152 improvement on James Lee's machine for moulding bricks Ogden, NY

Shaw, Jonathan on June 21, 1825
#X004153 mode of rectifying distilled spirits by steam South Port, NY

Hawley, William C. on June 22, 1825
#X004154 corn shelling machine New York, NY

Durden, Josiah on June 23, 1825
#X004155 water power press for cotton Washington, Autauga County, AL

Loweree, William R. on June 23, 1825
#X004156 floating dry docks for repairing vessels New York, NY

Barlow, Benjamin on June 25, 1825
#X004157 mode of manufacturing salt by steam Geddes, NY

Clark, Edward on June 27, 1825
#X004158 construction of inclined planes for drawing up vessels New York, NY

Moon, John on June 27, 1825
#X004159 improvement on his machine for shelling corn Morrisville, PA

Richardson, William F. on June 28, 1825
#X004160 plough, called the Auburn Plough Auburn, NY

Farnham, Joel on June 28, 1825
#X004161 machine for grinding or grating apples Tioga, NY

Wittse, A.S. and Farnham, Joel on June 28, 1825
#X004162 machine for spinning wool and cotton Tioga, NY

Cunningham, Henry on June 29, 1825
#X004163 method of applying ice to conduit pipes Johnstown, NY

Buck, Ephraim & Crehore, Henry and Gerry, Robert & Bayard, Abel on July 11, 1825
#X004164 marine elevating dock Boston, MA

Miner, Amos on July 20, 1825
#X004165 making keelers or pans for holding milk Camillus, NY

Marsh, Stephen on July 20, 1825
#X004166 machine for knapping cloths Fairfax, VT

Showerman, Timothy on July 20, 1825
#X004167 construction of cider mills Covington, NY

Gore, Silas on July 20, 1825
#X004168 strap auger Sheshequin, PA

Barker, William on July 20, 1825
#X004169 making salt from sea water and saline springs Smithfield, RI

Omitted on July 20, 1825
#X004170 see 4172½
Skinner, Ezekiel on August 23, 1825
#X004171 prepondering scale Camillus, NY

Abbot, Samuel and Prentis, Joseph (4172½) on August 23, 1825
#X004172 manufacture of window and bed curtains Chester, PA

Rafinesque, Constan'e Samuel on August 23, 1825
#X004172 mode of making divitials and preventing forgery Lexington, KY

Moore, John on August 24, 1825
#X004173 method of pressing brick Gardiner, Kennebeck County, ME

Hoyt, William on September 9, 1825
#X004174 machine for thrashing grain Brookville, IN

Godfrey, Ezra on September 9, 1825
#X004175 plaster called the three fold cement New York, NY

Small, William on September 9, 1825
#X004176 machine for thrashing grain Augusta, ME

Lane, Samuel on September 9, 1825
#X004177 corn shelling machine Hallowell, ME

Conant, Rufus on September 9, 1825
#X004178 making window shades Lynn, NH

Bakewell, Joseph P. on September 9, 1825
#X004179 method of making glass furniture Pittsburg, PA

Clarke, Edward on September 9, 1825
#X004180 propelling carriages by steam New York, NY

Williamson, Peregrine on September 9, 1825
#X004181 construction of plane irons Baltimore, MD

Scholfield, Joseph on September 9, 1825
#X004182 loom Stonington, CT

Meredith, Joseph on September 9, 1825
#X004183 machine for bending the tire of wagon wheels Lebanon, PA

Barton, John, Jr. on September 9, 1825
#X004184 roller applied to the springs of pleasure wagons Providence, RI

Genet, Edmond Charles on September 9, 1825
#X004185 fender to protect steam boats New York, NY

Terry, Eli on September 9, 1825
#X004186 wooden wheeled 30 hour clocks Plymouth, CT

Wickes, Jonas on September 9, 1825
#X004187 delineator for giving facsimiles New York, NY

Eddy, Josiah J. on September 9, 1825
#X004188 making bellows Providence, RI

Nott, Eliphalet on September 9, 1825
#X004189 American lottery, being a system of arithmetical chances Union College, NY

Perry, Sanford S. on September 9, 1825
#X004190 making milk pans of stone ware Troy, NY

Baker, William on September 9, 1825
#X004191 warming rooms Springfield, NY

Guiteau, Calvin on September 9, 1825
#X004192 making salt Geddes, Onondago County, NY

Pratt, Philo on September 9, 1825
#X004193 machine for cutting teeth in ivory combs New York, NY

Holloway, George on September 9, 1825
#X004194 construction of a carriage with a calash top Baltimore, MD

Pittee, Simon on September 14, 1825
#X004195 mode of pressing straw bonnets Foxborough, MA

Brown, J & Robinson, G.W. on September 24, 1825
#X004196 mode of securing lightning rods to houses Providence, RI

Twitchell, Mark on September 24, 1825
#X004197 press for pressing brick Gray, ME

Griffith, Philo N. on September 26, 1825
#X004198 kettle and boiler for heating water Orange, Essex County, NJ

Reip, Henry on September 27, 1825
#X004199 bake oven Baltimore, MD

Newton, Charles on September 27, 1825
#X004200 apparatus for keeping the teeth free from saliva whilst stopping New York, NY

Smith, Richard W. on September 27, 1825
#X004201 making fire bricks Baltimore, MD

Wadsworth, John A. on September 27, 1825
#X004202 steam enginery, called the power wheel Portsmouth, RI

Morris, Ephraim on September 27, 1825
#X004203 machine for cutting and chipping dye woods Bloomfield, NJ

Laysard, Lewis on September 28, 1825
#X004204 machine for packing cotton Halifax, NC

Cooper, Charles and Tustin, Abraham on September 28, 1825
#X004205 machine for bending the tire of carriage wheels Lebanon, PA

Teller, Henry R. on September 28, 1825
#X004206 machinery for propelling boats Schenectady, NY

Whiston, Abraham on September 28, 1825
#X004207 method of distilling spirits Staunton, VA

Buffum, Arnold on September 28, 1825
#X004208 mode of preparing fur for hatters Troy, MA

Booth, Benjamin W. on September 28, 1825
#X004209 setting up the standing rigging of vessels U.S. Navy, Washington, DC

Stewart, Adam on September 29, 1825
#X004210 compound rotary saw Boston, MA

Raymond, Garret V. on September 29, 1825
#X004211 furnace for heating hatter's finishing irons Richmond, VA

Stockton, Lucius W. on September 29, 1825
#X004212 leading bars (or tongues) of four horse carriages Uniontown, PA

Blood, Asa on September 29, 1825
#X004213 forge and furnace water back and tewel Conhocton, Steuben County, NY

Whitehouse, Turner on September 29, 1825
#X004214 mortice and common door lock Boston, MA

Waterhouse, Ezekiel on September 29, 1825
#X004215 mode of making butter by machinery Gardiner, Kennebeck County, ME

Avery, William & Scoville, Hiram on September 30, 1825
#X004216 steam engine Pompey, NY

Prettyman, Thomas G. on September 30, 1825
#X004217 saddles Alexandria, DC

White, Lacy on September 30, 1825
#X004218 saddles New York, NY

Martelley, Lewis on September 30, 1825
#X004219 mode of extracting the strength from coffee New York, NY

Lane, Samuel on September 30, 1825
#X004220 mode of pressing bricks and tiles Hallowell, ME

Bodmann, Lewis C. and Bodmann, Philip on September 30, 1825
#X004221 apparatus for rectifying spirits Baltimore, MD

Davis, Gideon on October 1, 1825
#X004222 plough Georgetown, DC

Norcross, Thomas & Pollard, George on October 1,1825
#X004223 compressing and smoothing unburnt bricks Hallowell, ME

Planton, Anthony on October 1, 1825
#X004224 mode of preventing the decay of ships Philadelphia, PA

Briggs, Joseph on October 1, 1825
#X004225 machine for breaking and dressing flax Schoharie, NY

Staniford, Nathaniel on October 5, 1825
#X004226 brick furnace (kiln) unknown

Gordon, Jacob N. on October 8, 1825
#X004227 machine for pressing cotton Plymouth, NC

Doolittle, Silvester on October 25, 1825
#X004228 machine for raising canal boats to be repaired Rochester, NY

Lyman, Benjamin on October 29, 1825
#X004229 cast iron hubs for wheels Manchester, CT

Duff, John on October 31, 1825
#X004230 kiln for burning brick, tiles, etc. Washington, DC

Genet, Edmond Charles on October 31, 1825
#X004231 hydrostatic and aerostatic machinery Albany, NY

Whiting, Ebenezer on November 1, 1825
#X004232 saw mills Ithica, NY

Barker, Gideon on November 1, 1825
#X004233 improvement called the chiro velocipede Providence, RI

Mayo, Robert on November 1, 1825
#X004234 reverberating grate Richmond, VA

Rowley, Jireh on November 1, 1825
#X004235 horse wheel barrow Pittsford, NY

Torrey, Harlow J. on November 1, 1825
#X004236 method of grooving and beading marble New York, NY

Torrey, Harlow J. on November 1, 1825
#X004237 method of smoothing and polishing marble New York, NY

Bailey, Amon on November 1, 1825
#X004238 machine for shelling corn Poultney, VT

Berry, Cyrus on November 1, 1825
#X004239 improvement called the compound pendulum lever Poughkeepsie, NY

Lippitt, Abraham on November 2, 1825
#X004240 horizontal water wheel Windsor, OH

McClintic, John on November 2, 1825
#X004241 bedsteads Chambersburg, PA

TenEyk, James on November 2, 1825
#X004242 reaping and cutting machine Bridgewater Township, Somerset County, NJ

Willard, Elijah on November 2, 1825
#X004243 mode of drawing water from wells Egremont, MA

Dennis, Robert on November 3, 1825
#X004244 converting rectilenear into circular motion Rahway, NJ

Clowes, Isaac on November 3, 1825
#X004245 machine for pressing oil Hampton, VA

Batchelder, James on November 3, 1825
#X004246 currier's knife for shaving leather Lancaster, NH

Knowles, Hazard on November 4, 1825
#X004247 springs for wagons Colchester, CT

Davis, Luther on November 4, 1825
#X004248 improvement called a re-acting or lever wheel Northampton, MA

Whitman, Stephen W. on November 4, 1825
#X004249 cast iron shoes for horses or oxen Madison, OH

Omitted on November 4,1825
#X004250 see 4273½
Cooper, Samuel on November 5, 1825
#X004251 improvement called the double tenon draw key bedstead Chambersburg, PA

Peyton, John on November 7, 1825
#X004252 fan and screen in cleaning grain for grinding Orange County, VA

Woodruff, Oliver on November 7, 1825
#X004253 constructing furnaces for burning anthracite coal New York, NY

Stockman, Christian on November 7, 1825
#X004254 truss for ruptures Albany, NY

Hall, Benjamin A. and Hall, Chauncey on November o7, 1825
#X004255 straw cutting machine Middletown, CT

Burt, Morris on November 8, 1825
#X004256 apparatus used in dying hats Warwick, NY

Howard, Joseph & Hayward, Allbigence on November 8, 1825
#X004257 method of drawing lotteries Providence, RI

Beach, William on November 8, 1825
#X004258 tooth for the cultivator or hoe harrow Philadelphia, PA

Clark, Moses J. on November 8, 1825
#X004259 washing machine Auburn, NY

Averill, J.R. and Hoard, Francis on November 12, 1825
#X004260 rotary steam engine Rochester, NY

Williams, Samuel & Williams, Amos on November 12, 1825
#X004261 tanning Orange, Essex County, NJ

Winter, John on November 15, 1825
#X004262 machinery for raising water and sawing timber Brutus, NY

Neale, Daniel on November 15, 1825
#X004263 printing press Philadelphia, PA

Culver, Jonathan on November 15, 1825
#X004264 sawing shingles with a gang of saws Norfolk, NY

Conger, J. and Woodbury, L. on November 15, 1825
#X004265 making metal eyes for weavers harness Locke, NY

Beach, Timothy on November 16, 1825
#X004266 elementary circulating steam engine Deer Creek, OH

Gillett, William S. on November 16, 1825
#X004267 improvement called the alarm or reversed safety valve Lower Three Runs, SC

Barnet, William G. on November 18, 1825
#X004268 making coach lace Newark, NJ

Turner, Elisha on November 18, 1825
#X004269 machine for raising boats from canals Rochester, NY

Judson, Levi C. on November 18, 1825
#X004270 punch, rivet, and screw cutter Waterville, NY

Pratt, Philo on November 22, 1825
#X004271 vice used in cutting combs Mereden, CT

Wadsworth, John A. on November 23, 1825
#X004272 improvement called the compound evaporator Portsmouth, RI

Howard, Reuel & Flagg, J.B. (4273½) on November 5, 1825
#X004273 thrashing machine call the Sidney Sidney, Kennebec County, ME

Ryon, Isaac on November 24, 1825
#X004273 saw mill Bridgewater, MA

Betts, Mahlon on November 26, 1825
#X004274 method of generating steam Wilmington, DE

Douglass, John C. on November 26, 1825
#X004275 apparatus for distilling Troy, NY

Sullivan, John L. on November 26, 1825
#X004276 anthracite coal furnace New York, NY

Conn, Stephen T. on November 29, 1825
#X004277 mode of generating and applying steam New York, NY

Ives, Joseph on December 2, 1825
#X004278 mills for grinding grain New York, NY

Ross, William on December 2, 1825
#X004279 brand for branding flour barrels New Orleans, LA

Buck, James on December 5, 1825
#X004280 machine for working butter and cutting curds Chatham, CT

Harris, Stephen on December 5, 1825
#X004281 revolving oven for baking Norfolk, VA

Wilkinson, David on December 8, 1825
#X004282 press for packing cotton North Providence, RI

Bostwick, Shelbern on December 8, 1825
#X004283 washing machine Thompson, OH

Hoxie, Christopher on December 8, 1825
#X004284 corn shelling machine Hudson, NY

Caswell, Lebbeus on December 9, 1825
#X004285 machine for pressing cheese Harrison, ME

Churchell, Bela on December 9, 1825
#X004286 mode of grinding apples and other fruit Buckfield, ME

Fraser, Daniel on December 12, 1825
#X004287 preventing doors from being too tight New York, NY

Lynch, James on December 12, 1825
#X004288 making wooden screws Pulaski, TN

Nagle, Patrick G. on December 14, 1825
#X004289 making boots and shoes water proof Philadelphia, PA

Blagge, John on December 15, 1825
#X004290 trusses for ruptures Portland, ME

McClintic, John M. on December 17, 1825
#X004291 machine for cutting paper Chambersburg, PA

Babcock, Alpheus on December 17, 1825
#X004292 piano fortes Boston, MA

Parker, Ephraim on December 17, 1825
#X004293 mill for sawing shingles Cheshire County, NH

Shinie, Alexander on December 21, 1825
#X004294 machine for cleaning rice Charleston, SC

Ripley, Ezra on December 22, 1825
#X004295 mortising machine New York, NY

Clarke, Levi H. and Wise, Lewis M. on December 22, 1825
#X004296 fresh water dry dock New York, NY

Witt, Jeremiah on December 28, 1825
#X004297 cast iron box for the hubs of wheels Chambersburg, PA

Dana, Francis W. on December 28, 1825
#X004298 system of lotteries and mode of drawing Boston, MA

Chinn, Achilles on December 28, 1825
#X004299 mode of rotting flax and hemp by steam Harrison County, KY

Blanchard, Thomas on December 28, 1825
#X004300 mode of regulating the speed of carriages Springfield, MA

Musselman, Michael on December 29, 1825
#X004301 application of steam to machinery generally Phelps, Ontario County, NY

Macomber, Laban L. on December 31, 1825
#X004302 mode of planking wool hats by machinery Bath, Lincoln County, ME

Turner, Elisha on December 31, 1825
#X004303 machine for raising boats Rochester, Monroe County, NY

Norcross, Thomas on December 31, 1825
#X004304 mode of pressing unburnt bricks Hallowell, ME

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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