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1824 U.S. Patents

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Boyden, Alexander on January 10, 1824
#X003798 construction of guns Newark, NJ

Noble, Andrew on January 12, 1824
#X003799 threshing machine Alfred, York County, ME

Martin, Ebenezer on January 12, 1824
#X003800 making boots and shoes Salem, NJ

Babb, Henry on January 13, 1824
#X003801 constructing rafts West Brook, Cumberland County, ME

Hopkins, Jesse on January 14, 1824
#X003802 vibrating rolling machine for cotton or wool Strasburgh, PA

Brundred, Benjamin on January 17, 1824
#X003803 throstle cotton spinner Mamaroneck, West Chester County, NY

Dodge, James, Jr. on January 20, 1824
#X003804 preserving the nozzle of bellows from burning St. Albans, VT

Lloyd, Richard L. & Partenheimer, A. on January 27, 1824
#X003805 apparatus used in brewings Philadelphia, PA

Bisbee, Asa on January 27, 1824
#X003806 extender North Yarmouth, ME

Tallcott, Joshua and McCulloch, Jona on January 26, 1824
#X003807 Columbian stove Smyrna, Chenango County, NY

Lewis, Benjamin on January 28, 1824
#X003808 machine for dressing flax and hemp Ligonia, ME

Pancost, William C. on January 29, 1824
#X003809 cast iron plough with a double pointed wing Addison, VT

Carpenter, I. & Roe, J. on January 29, 1824
#X003810 distilling New York, NY

Starke, Horatio on February 3, 1824
#X003811 cotton scraper Wilkinson County, MS
Swift, Beriah on February 7, 1824
#X003812 machine for shearing cloth Washington, Dutchess County, NY

Far, Joseph on February 7, 1824
#X003813 spiral spring truss for ruptures Manlius, Onondago County, NY

Crutchfield, Robert on February 7, 1824
#X003814 burning bricks Botetourt County, VA

Lewis, Seth on February 11, 1824
#X003815 machine for making bricks LA

Hayden, Horace H. on February 11, 1824
#X003816 preventive for the decay of human teeth Baltimore, MD

Foster, Leonard on February 16, 1824
#X003817 windlass bedstead Boston, MA

Richards, Robert U. on February 19, 1824
#X003818 improvement in tubs, pails, etc. Winchester, CT

Costill, Stacy on February 25, 1824
#X003819 machine for making brush blocks Philadelphia, PA

Austin, Solomon on February 27, 1824
#X003820 improvement in the plough, patented by Jethro Wood Sempronius, Cayuga County, NY

Brewster, Gilbert on February 27, 1824
#X003821 houshold spinning wheel for wool Norwich, CT

Schaffle, Charles F. on February 28, 1824
#X003822 spinning wheel Lewisburg, Union County, PA

Brown, Samuel on March 2, 1824
#X003823 gas engine without steam London, England

Rossiter, Joseph P. on March 2, 1824
#X003824 making fine and course salt Salina, Onondago County, NY

Williams, James R. on March 3, 1824
#X003825 frame for finishing ladies' dresses Baltimore, MD

Warren, Edmund on March 6, 1824
#X003826 machine for thrashing and winnowing grain Augusta, ME

Rotch, William Barker on March 9, 1824
#X003827 fur blower New Bedford, MA

Holland, Luther on March 11, 1824
#X003828 horizontal fire engine Belchestown, MA

Congdon, Elisha on March 12, 1824
#X003829 process of manufacturing cotton Norwich, CT

Wilson, James on March 13, 1824
#X003830 making Franklin and cooking stoves New York, NY

Brewster, Gilbert on March 13, 1824
#X003831 making the spindle of the throstle Norwich, CT

Brewster, Gilbert on March 13, 1824
#X003832 method of receiving rolls of wool from the machine Norwich, CT

Brewster, Gilbert on March 13, 1824
#X003833 spinning wool by a continued rotary motion Norwich, CT

Berg & Ivers on March 15, 1824
#X003834 cooper bolts for ship building New York, NY

Eddy, Isaac on March 19, 1824
#X003835 machine for grinding paints, drugs, etc. Boston, MA

Wells, John J. on March 23, 1824
#X003836 bookbinders' cutting presses Hartford, CT

Bulkley, Ralph on March 25, 1824
#X003837 boiler for steam engines New York, NY

White, Cotton and Hill, Alban on March 30, 1824
#X003838 turning lathe Hadley, MA

Wildman, Nirum on April 2, 1824
#X003839 machine for steaming and hardening hats Danbury, CT

Dewey, Jeremiah on April 2, 1824
#X003840 spring lancet Chelsea, VT

Brooks, Guy on April 2, 1824
#X003841 wheel for spinning wool Athol, Warren County, NY

Malfeson, Bernard J. on April 6, 1824
#X003842 wheel carriages Burlington, NJ

Bulkley, Ralph on April 8, 1824
#X003843 safety steam boiler New York, NY

Peek, Lemuel on April 9, 1824
#X003844 corn shelling machine Brookfield, CT

Beach, Waldren on April 9, 1824
#X003845 self-sharpening plough Philadelphia, PA

Boyden, Seth on April 10, 1824
#X003846 making pad caps, blinds, etc. for horses Hewark, NJ

Sternberg, Peter on April 10, 1824
#X003847 horse and oxen shoes Danube, Herkimer County, NY

Guernsey, Sylvanus on April 12, 1824
#X003848 sliding geared water wheel Fenner, Madison County, NY

Stevens, Martin on April 16, 1824
#X003849 making four tined dung forks New Haven, CT

Wakelee, Platt on April 16, 1824
#X003850 dressing flax and hemp Augusta, NY

Altason, Thomas on April 16, 1824
#X003851 cast iron plough Newton Township, Old Gloucaster County, NJ

Wilcox, Richard on April 20, 1824
#X003852 door and other locks New York, NY

Johnson, Daniel on April 21, 1824
#X003853 making suction pumps Boston, MA

James, William T. on April 23, 1824
#X003854 sink or box hearths for stoves New York, NY

Keller, John & Burt, Samuel J. on April 23, 1824
#X003855 hollow inclined horse wheel Cincinnati, OH

Swan, Jonathan on April 24, 1824
#X003856 cast iron cutter for the ploughs Cayuga County, NY

Bulkley, Ralph on April 24, 1824
#X003857 elbow wheel for propelling boats New York, NY

Morse, Solomon on April 26, 1824
#X003858 machine for sharpening saw mill saws Sempronius, Cayuga County, NY

Powers, Royal N. on April 29, 1824
#X003859 re-acting rotary steam engine Cincinnati, OH

Bulkley, Ralph on April 30, 1824
#X003860 steam engine New York, NY

Babcock, John on May 1, 1824
#X003861 generating steam of high temperature Portsmouth, RI

Sawyer, James on May 4, 1824
#X003862 machine for making shingles Templeton, MA

Hollins, William on May 4, 1824
#X003863 safety ark Baltimore, MD

Laporte, Peter on May 5, 1824
#X003864 mail bags Richmond, VA

Shaler, Franklin on May 5, 1824
#X003865 machine for pressing cotton Georgetown, OH

Pomeroy, Samuel W. on April 6, 1824
#X003866 preventing the rot and other diseases in the cotton plant Brighton, MA

Haskins, Isaac H. on April 6, 1824
#X003867 machine for cleaning clover seed Columbia, NY

Kellogg, Erastus on May 11, 1824
#X003868 machine for dressing flax and hemp Palmyra, Ontario County, NY

Winans, Ross on May 11, 1824
#X003869 cast iron plough Vernon, Sussex County, NY

Bradford, John on May 14, 1824
#X003870 inclined horse wheel Lexington, KY

Tuttle, Diana H. on May 17, 1824
#X003871 accelerating wheel head Williamson, Wayne County, NY

Norcross, Leonard on May 18, 1824
#X003872 machine for making wrought nails Livermore, Oxford County, ME

Scarbrough, William on May 19, 1824
#X003873 crossing or collapsing lever power Darien, GA

Scarbrough, William on May 19, 1824
#X003874 planking vessels Darien, GA

Hart, William J. on May 21, 1824
#X003875 machine for hulling grain Talmadge, OH

Watkins, Andrew on May 21, 1824
#X003876 construction of rudders for vessels Salem, MA

Steele, Robert J. on May 24, 1824
#X003877 machine for cutting straws Richmond County, NC

Bulkeley, Chauncey on May 25, 1824
#X003878 machine for shelling corn Manchester, VT

Averill, John R. on May 27, 1824
#X003879 cast iron steam boiler Manchester, Ontario County, NY

Newbern, Aquilla on June 1, 1824
#X003880 hoe harrow Bristol Township, PA

Haworth, William on June 2, 1824
#X003881 machinery for spinning cotton Providence Township, Lancaster County, PA

Haworth, William on June 2, 1824
#X003882 carriage of the mule for spinning cotton Providence Township, Lancaster County, PA

Sullivan, William C. on June 5, 1824
#X003883 horizontal double rotary machine Jefferson County, IN

Stevens, John on June 8, 1824
#X003884 construction of rail road Hoboken, NJ

Stevens, John on June 8, 1824
#X003885 rendering rapids and shallow rivers navigable Hoboken, NJ

Lee, David B. on June 9, 1824
#X003886 mode of generating steam Philadelphia, PA

McDonald, Major on June 10, 1824
#X003887 machine for cutting straw and hay Topsham, ME

Morgan, Thomas on June 17, 1824
#X003888 self-feeding nail machine Paterson, NJ

Cornelius, Christian on June 18, 1824
#X003889 carriage hub or gig band Philadelphia, PA

Rose, Hugh M. on June 19, 1824
#X003890 double side saddle Lexington, KY

Davison, William C. on June 22, 1824
#X003891 breaking and swingling flax and hemp Pittsford, NY

Prentis, Ebenezer and Prentis, John on June 22, 1824
#X003892 atmospheric engine Baltimore, MD

Parsons, Lemuel H. on June 23, 1824
#X003893 carriage springs Stockbridge, MA

Dewey, Ebenezer on June 24, 1824
#X003894 washing machine Butternuts, Otsego County, NY

Whiting, Calvin and Goulding, J. & Janes, W. on June 25, 1824
#X003895 loom for weaving Dedham, MA

Whiting, Calvin and Lowder, Samuel & Lowder, S. on June 25, 1824
#X003896 machine for forming the rolls of cotton Dedham, MA

Jennings, Isaiah on June 25, 1824
#X003897 sliding joint for the backs of settees New York, NY

Foster, Leonard on June 25, 1824
#X003898 windlass bedstead Boston, MA

Brown, John on June 28, 1824
#X003899 making razors Providence, RI

Merrill, C. and Batchellor, C. & King, S., Jr. on July 3, 1824
#X003900 horizontal spinner Lowville, NY

Gamble, William on July 3, 1824
#X003901 umbrella Washington, DC

Wadsworth, John A. on July 3, 1824
#X003902 horse scythe Portsmouth, RI

Allen, Adolphus on July 10, 1824
#X003903 mode of watering cattle Troy, PA

Sylvester, Nathaniel on July 12, 1824
#X003904 mode of preventing forgeries on banks New York, NY

Rogers, David on July 13, 1824
#X003905 constructing balances Auburn, NY

Herbert, Obadiah R. on July 14, 1824
#X003906 construction of bedsteads Mount Pleasant, NJ

Williams, Thomas R. on July 16, 1824
#X003907 retreating spring lancet Newport, RI

Jaques, Gideon on July 16, 1824
#X003908 medicine for scrofula, rheumatism, etc. Wilmington, DE

Bolles, William on July 17, 1824
#X003909 trigonometer Griswold, CT

Schieffelin, John S. on July 19, 1824
#X003910 making carbonated sarsaparilla mead New York, NY

Reynolds, Gideon on July 20, 1824
#X003911 machine for thrashing grain and breaking flax and hemp New York, NY

Hoxie, Christopher on July 26, 1824
#X003912 auger for boring post holes Hudson, NY

Davison, William C. and Clark, Daniel on July 26, 1824
#X003913 diving suit Pittsford, Monroe County, NY

Hoopes, Henry & Hoopes, Ezra on July 26, 1824
#X003914 revolving hay rake Wilmington, DE

Chase, Samuel on July 26, 1824
#X003915 curing smokey chimneys Williamsport, DE

Pomeroy, Ebenezer G. on July 27, 1824
#X003916 crimping boots and shoes Lancaster, Fairfield County, OH

Dwight, John on July 29, 1824
#X003917 longitudinal bar in the piano forte Boston, MA

Cooley, Anthony on July 29, 1824
#X003918 rotary steam engine LeRoy, Genessee County, NY

Chase, D. and Gregg, Abraham & Gregg, J. on August 4, 1824
#X003919 cast iron plough Palmyra, Wayne County, NY

Pettis, Phineas on August 12, 1824
#X003920 smut machine Tallmadge, Portage County, OH

Peck, Lemuel on August 13, 1824
#X003921 fanning mill Brookfield, CT

Knox, Z and Hoskins, Willis on August 16, 1824
#X003922 running geer for the cotton gin Lowville, Lewis County, NY

Huckaby, Brittain on August 16, 1824
#X003923 running geer for the cotton gin and corn mill Huntsville, Madison County, AL

Hull, Amos G. on August 19, 1824
#X003924 construction of trusses for ruptures New York, NY

Joslin, Benjamin F. on August 21, 1824
#X003925 portable two horse engine Schenectady, NY

Safford, Noah on August 25, 1824
#X003926 machine for cutting straw, hay, etc. Springfield, Windsor County, VT

Taylor, Israel on August 27, 1824
#X003927 dyeing hats Trenton, NJ

Wampler, Joseph & Matthews, G. on August 27, 1824
#X003928 tanning Steubenville, OH

Owings, John on August 27, 1824
#X003929 wagons or carts for removing earth Baltimore, MD

Martin, Robert C. on August 28, 1824
#X003930 leather trunks Philadelphia, PA

Rogers, O.G. and Rogers, N. on August 28, 1824
#X003931 substitute for the flyer in spinning Whitestown, Oneida County, NY

Danforth, George on September 2, 1824
#X003932 counter twisting speeder Norton, MA

Wood, Elias on September 3, 1824
#X003933 domestic spinning machine Lowville, NY

Cloud, James on September 8, 1824
#X003934 mode of making saw plates Chester, Delaware County, PA

Burbank, Isaac on September 8, 1824
#X003935 manufacturing paper Worchester, MA

Glendening, Andrew on September 9, 1824
#X003936 washing machine Loudon County, VA

Glendening, Andrew on September 9, 1824
#X003937 machine for cutting apples Loudon County, VA

Glendening, Andrew on September 9, 1824
#X003938 machine for killing flies Loudon County, VA

Glendening, Andrew on September 9, 1824
#X003939 machine for making sausages Loudon County, VA

Fowks, Samuel on September 13, 1824
#X003940 vertical cylindrical foot mill Catskill, NY

Buchanan, Joseph on September 13, 1824
#X003941 mode of producing steam for engines Lexington, KY

Tufts, Nathan, 2nd on September 13, 1824
#X003942 construction of wheel barrows Charlestown, MA

Raymond, Hubert V. on September 16, 1824
#X003943 applying steam boilers to hatters grates New York, NY

Henderson, David on September 17, 1824
#X003944 lithography Jersey City, NJ

Fish, Preserved on September 24, 1824
#X003945 making trusses for hanging the yards of ships New York, NY

Wallace, James on September 25, 1824
#X003946 crank wheel motion Columbia, SC

Conn, Stephen T. on September 29, 1824
#X003947 generating and applying steam Washington, DC

Patterson Abram & Burdock, Francis on September 29, 1824
#X003948 machine for roping and spinning wool and cotton Delaware County, NY

Wadsworth, J. A. and Wadsworth, Elizabeth on October 5, 1824
#X003949 double stitched selvage Portsmouth, RI

Price, Francis on October 5, 1824
#X003950 wool and cotton spinnger New York, NY

Richardson, Ross B. on October 6, 1824
#X003951 construction of saws for cutting veneers Philadelphia, PA

Lewis, Joseph L. on October 8, 1824
#X003952 casting ornamental borders New York, NY

Shaw, Neale H. on October 9, 1824
#X003953 method of propelling an inclined wheel Charlotte Hall, St Mary's County, MD

Smith, Thomas B. on October 11, 1824
#X003954 bedsteads put together with right and left screws Troy, NY

Bruce, John on October 15, 1824
#X003955 scarfing and rolling the scalp for gun barrels Springfield, MA

Briggs, Nathaniel on October 21, 1824
#X003956 fastening window shutters or blinds New York, NY

Holmes, Almoran on October 21, 1824
#X003957 engine for raising weights Boston, MA

Stevens, John on October 23, 1824
#X003958 mode of constructing rail roads Hoboken, NJ

Gillman, Reynolds on November 5, 1824
#X003959 machine for breaking flax and hemp and shelling corn New York, NY

Hopkins, Henry & Pratt, Jacob on November 9, 1824
#X003960 self sharpening harrow Pompey, NY

Bacheder, James on November 9, 1824
#X003961 machine for sharpening curriers' knives Lancaster, NH

Whitney, Lewis on November 13, 1824
#X003962 machine for shelling corn New York, NY

Totten, Lafferd on November 13, 1824
#X003963 domestic wool spinner Schoharie, NY

Gilbert, John on November 17, 1824
#X003964 rotary steam engine LeRoy, NY

Whiting, Sydney on November 17, 1824
#X003965 making cotton roping, slack, thread, etc. Franklin, MA

Dabney, William on November 20, 1824
#X003966 machine for raising water Richmond, VA

Pennoch, Moses on November 23, 1824
#X003967 revolving hay and grain horse rake Kennett Square, Chester County, PA

Kellsey, Franklin on November 26, 1824
#X003968 machinery for dressing flax and hemp Middletown, CT

North, Daniel and Naramor, Horace on November 26, 1824
#X003969 machine for shaving and listing staves Caledonia, Livingston County, NY

Barnum, T. S. & Barnum, A. on November 27, 1824
#X003970 machines for dressing flax and hemp New York, NY

Markham, Daniel on December 2, 1824
#X003971 mode of obtaining oil from the poppy seed unknown

Crooker, Benjamin on December 2, 1824
#X003972 machine for shelling corn New York, NY

Moore, George C. on December 4, 1824
#X003973 steam kilns New York, NY

Wood, William, Jr. on November 4, 1824
#X003974 preserving flour from becoming sour St. Clairsville, OH

Brown, Joel on December 8, 1824
#X003975 cutting comb teeth Springfield, MA

Pride, Joseph on December 9,1824
#X003976 cheese press Potsdam, Lawrence County, NY

Isnard, Maximin on December 11, 1824
#X003977 gas engine New York, NY

Manchester, Job on December 13, 1824
#X003978 bobbin tube used in spinning cotton Warwick, RI

Ludlow, Ezra on December 14, 1824
#X003979 construction of cellars, vaults, magazines, etc. New York, NY

West, John on December 14, 1824
#X003980 washing machine Middletown, CT

Staples, John J and Cornell, William H. on December 15, 1824
#X003981 making moccasins in moulds New York, NY

Joslin, Benjamin F. on December 16, 1824
#X003982 mode of generating and condensing steam Schenectady, NY

Flagg, David, Jr. on December 17, 1824
#X003983 making bricks by pressure Gardiner, Kennebec County, ME

Hovey, William on December 17, 1824
#X003984 cloth shearing machine Worcester, MA

Greenough, Bracket L. on December 22, 1824
#X003985 machine for cutting the felloes of wheels Lebanon, NH

Little, Alanson on December 23, 1824
#X003986 machine for shelling corn Columbia, Windham County, CT

Laning, Joseph H. on December 23, 1824
#X003987 generating and charging liquids with gas Davidson County, TN

Wells, Samuel Adams on December 23, 1824
#X003988 lever truss and sling for the yards of vessels Boston, MA

Cooper, Peter on December 24, 1824
#X003989 mode of manufacturing salt New York, NY

Humphrey, Robert on December 24, 1824
#X003990 machine for shelling, riddling and fanning Waterville, Delaware County, NY

Bostwick, Gershom & Spenser, H. on December 24, 1824
#X003991 thrashing grain and clearing it from smut Marylandtown, Otsego County, NY

Hunt, James Y. on December 24, 1824
#X003992 plough Turnbridge, Orange County, VT

Hunt, Hiram and Bradish, C. on December 24, 1824
#X003993 horizontal machine for spinning wool and cotton Lowville, Lewis County, NY

Pool, D. & Copeland, Arronah on December 24, 1824
#X003994 machine for spinning wool Philadelphia, PA

VanGaasbeck, T.B. and Sands, D. on December 24, 1824
#X003995 water and tide wheels Kingston, Uster County, NY

Pool, Daniel on December 24, 1824
#X003996 machine for rolling and cutting crackers Philadelphia, PA

Cornell, James on December 24, 1824
#X003997 machine for transporting weights Brookfield, VT

Ellington, Garland on December 25, 1824
#X003998 plough Madison County, AL

Reading, Peirson on December 27, 1824
#X003999 corn sheller Trenton, NJ

Pray, E. & Benjamin, E. and Stone, J.S. on December 28, 1824
#X004000 machinery for sawing clapboards ME

Jackson, Daniel on December 28, 1824
#X004001 machinery used in distilling Peru, Clinton County, NY

Averill, John R. on December 29, 1824
#X004002 cylindrical stave dresser Manchester, Ontario County, NY

Whiting, Sidney on December 31, 1824
#X004003 spinning Wrentham, MA

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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