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1822 U.S. Patents

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Baker, Luke on January 15, 1822
#X003433 pick axe Pultney, VT

Kimball, Ephraim, Jr. on January 17, 1822
#X003434 manufacturing scythes Fitchburg, MA

Cady, Pascal on January 17, 1822
#X003435 washing machine Brooklyn, CT

Lansing, J., Jr. and Thayer, Amos, Jr. on January 19, 1822
#X003436 rotary shifting piston steam engine Albany, NY

Prouty, Russell on January 19, 1822
#X003437 drawing card and other wire Spencer, MA

Peacock, David on January 21, 1822
#X003438 plough Northampton, NJ

Hallock, John on January 22, 1822
#X003439 machinery for expressing oil from seeds Little Egg Harbor, NJ

Houck, Jacob on January 24, 1822
#X003440 razor strops New Market, MD

Botton, John on January 28, 1822
#X003441 machine for breaking the chaff and cleaning clover seed Warren, NY

Eastman, Jonathan S. on January 29, 1822
#X003442 straw cutting machine Baltimore, MD

Norris, S. & Wood, J C. on January 30, 1822
#X003443 making shoes, socks, and moccasins Philadelphia, PA

McNamara, Charles on January 30, 1822
#X003444 finishing scythes Northbridge, MA

West, Bernice and Soper, Philander on January 31, 1822
#X003445 fastenings for window shutters Rome, NY

Elmer, T. & Pierson, Azel on January 31, 1822
#X003446 polygonal wheel and chain paddles for propelling boats Bridgetown, NJ

Blair, Sherman on February 2, 1822
#X003447 elastic spring sofa New Haven, CT

VanLoan, William W. on February 2, 1822
#X003448 machine called the life pole and fire engine assistant Catskill, NY

Jarves, Deming on February 2, 1822
#X003449 tubes for glass lamps Cambridge, MA

Maggini, Joseph on February 4, 1822
#X003450 fire places Baltimore, MD

Pharo, Timothy on February 5, 1822
#X003451 process of making warm pressed castor oil from castor beans Tuckerton, NJ

Shuart, William G. on February 5, 1822
#X003452 plough Orange County, NY

Baker, Ashly C. and Biddle, Mac Fund on February 7, 1822
#X003453 transferring impressions to wood from paper Albany, NY

Kenrick, Charles on February 8, 1822
#X003454 making waistcoats, pantaloons, etc. New York, NY

Ducher, Josiah on February 12, 1822
#X003455 cast iron plough Durham, NY

Baily, Jeremiah on February 13, 1822
#X003456 mowing machine Chester County, PA

Hawkins, George W. & Emery, Horace on February 16, 1822
#X003457 cast iron plough Windsor County, VT

Freeman, Philip on February 20, 1822
#X003458 pressing, hoisting, and lowering machine Perth Amboy, NJ

Hedl, Paulus on February 21, 1822
#X003459 ornamenting the tops of iron and other railings New York, NY

Brewer, Henry on February 28, 1822
#X003460 drawers for wearing apparel New York, NY

Hatton, Thomas on February 28, 1822
#X003461 steam engine Philadelphia, PA

Holley, Philologus on March 1, 1822
#X003462 cooking stove Red Hook, NY

Pierson, Daniel on March 2, 1822
#X003463 domestic telegraph Boston, MA

Brown, Benjamin F. on March 2, 1822
#X003464 standing press frame New York, NY

Lyman, George on March 4, 1822
#X003465 inclined wheel Charles Parish, LA

Fairchild, Reuben and Fairchild, Ebenezer on March 6, 1822
#X003466 machines and tools for making saddle trees Fairfield County, CT

Andrew, Henry on March 6, 1822
#X003467 window curtains, screws, and key New York, NY

Brower, William on March 6, 1822
#X003468 moccasins, socks, or over shoes Rensselaer County, NY

Ritter, David on March 9, 1822
#X003469 composition for strops for sharpening razors New Haven, CT

Tarr, Bela on March 9, 1822
#X003470 improvement on Hull's patented truss Norwich, NY

Hascall, J. & Hascall, D. on March 9, 1822
#X003471 construction of grist mills Likay, NY

Graham, Charles M. on March 9, 1822
#X003472 construction of artificial teeth New York, NY

Pierce, John J. on March 11, 1822
#X003473 open cooking stove Greenfield, MA

Brown, John B. and Farmer, Jonathan on March 11, 1822
#X003474 horse shoes Boston, MA

Sharp, John on March 13, 1822
#X003475 spinning woolen yarn Whitestown, NY

Brockway, John C. M. on March 13, 1822
#X003476 anti-dysenteric pills Lyme, CT

Woods, Andrew on March 13, 1822
#X003477 nursing and other chairs Charlestown, VA

Moore, Robert on March 16, 1822
#X003478 delaying of buds from blossoming Rowan County, NC

Cranston, Samuel on March 20, 1822
#X003479 spring shuttle spindle Cumberland, RI

Green, Ebenezer & Blackslee, Merrit on March 29, 1822
#X003480 method of bending timber Litchfield, Kent County, CT

Quidor, Peter, Jr. on March 21, 1822
#X003481 wind, water, and tide mills New York, NY

Ives, John on March 21, 1822
#X003482 making clock cases Bristol, VT

Hall, William on March 23, 1822
#X003483 making isinglass Boston, MA

Murray, George on March 23, 1822
#X003484 formation of bank notes Philadelphia, PA

Gill, Cornelius George and Gill, James (British Subject) on March 25, 1822
#X003485 plough Chester, SC

Prentiss, John on March 27, 1822
#X003486 medicine New London, CT

Savage, Alvin on March 28, 1822
#X003487 threshing machine Wheatland, NY

Beadle, Henry on March 30, 1822
#X003488 winnowing machine Willingford, New Haven County, CT

Sarchet, John on April 2, 1822
#X003489 machine for punching holes in metal Philadelphia, PA

Brooks, Samuel on April 4, 1822
#X003490 method of separating hair from skins New York, NY

Smith, Peter on April 6, 1822
#X003491 printing press New York, NY

Spalding, Stephen on April 11, 1822
#X003492 fire places Colchester, CT

Maltby, Benjamin on April 13, 1822
#X003493 domestic loom New York, NY

Williams, Everett on April 13, 1822
#X003494 covering of rollers for sizing Stratford, NH

Dew, Samuel on April 13, 1822
#X003495 universal compass Romney, VA

Lockwook, Solomon & Loveland, William on April 16, 1822
#X003496 fire engine Little Falls, NY

Weaver, William W. on April 16, 1822
#X003497 making stove pipe Philadelphia, PA

Griener, Philip on April 17, 1822
#X003498 distilling Brandywine, PA

Justin, James on April 19, 1822
#X003499 machine for washing or grinding Pittsburgh, PA

Hyde, Reuben on April 19, 1822
#X003500 machine for making pails Winchester, MA

Skinner, Elijah on April 19, 1822
#X003501 fender for fire places Sandwich, New Haven County, CT

Merrow, Joseph M. and McKee, Robert, Jr. on April 19, 1822
#X003502 making gunpowder East Hartford, CT

Case, Elisha on April 23, 1822
#X003503 team shovel Canton, CT

Tyler, Benjamin & Tyler, John and Andrews, James B. on April 23, 1822
#X003504 threshing machine Windsor, VT
Garey, Jeremiah on April 23, 1822
#X003505 metallic screw cock Baltimore, MD

Fisher, Josiah S. and Talbot, Sylvester W. on April 23, 1822
#X003506 machine for kneading dough Dedham, MA

Ball, William on April 25, 1822
#X003507 knives for cutting up blubber New York, NY

Allen, William H. on April 25, 1822
#X003508 attaching rigging to mast heads U.S. Navy [killed by the Pirates]

White, Thomas on April 27, 1822
#X003509 saw mill Chester, SC

Loomis, William on April 27, 1822
#X003510 machine for getting out clover seed Ashford, CT

Higgins, Ebenezer on April 27, 1822
#X003511 fire engines Saratoga, NY

Gillman, Reynolds on April 29, 1822
#X003512 threshing machine New York, NY

Rolfe, Benjamin on April 30, 1822
#X003513 machine for pressing bricks During, NH

Warren, Edmund on May 1, 1822
#X003514 loom New York, NY

Gibson, John on May 2, 1822
#X003515 ploughs Montgomery County, NY

Hitchcock, Lemuel on May 4, 1822
#X003516 stoves and fire places Weathersfield, VT

Willis, William on May 7,1822
#X003517 plough, drill, and cotton thinner Edgefield, SC

Tallman, Jedediah on April 8, 1822
#X003518 machine for cleaning wheat Oneida County, NY

Stubbs, James E & Bonner, James on May 10, 1822
#X003519 making bricks and tile Cincinnati, OH

Oakes, Joshua on May 11, 1822
#X003520 glass lights for ships and building Boston, MA

Barron, James on May 14, 1822
#X003521 angle lever Norfolk, VA

Barron, James on May 14, 1822
#X003522 stove Norfolk, VA

Ames, John on May 14, 1822
#X003523 machine for making paper Springfield, MA

Morris, John on May 15, 1822
#X003524 stop cock New Haven, CT

Davison, Samuel on May 17, 1822
#X003525 machine for breaking flax Romulus Township, Seneca County, NY

Mason, David H. on May 17, 1822
#X003526 making and preparing metallic plates for engraving and printing Philadelphia, PA

Thomas, John on May 17, 1822
#X003527 blocks and wedges for raising vessels and for other uses in ship building Washington, DC

Thayer, Joel F. on May 18, 1822
#X003528 construction of locks and latches Boston, MA

Barnitt, Thomas on May 20, 1822
#X003529 machine for pressing tar out of yarn for cordage Philadelphia, PA

Elliott, James on May 24, 1822
#X003530 bark mill Philadelphia, PA

Seymore, Bradford and Bettis, Andrew C. on May 25, 1822
#X003531 stove Utica, NY

Hendryx, Josiah J. on May 29, 1822
#X003532 scale for measuring Bennington, VT

Leal, Robert on May 31, 1822
#X003533 vertical tide water wheel Delhi, NY

Butters, Joshua on May 31, 1822
#X003534 machine for splitting leather New York, NY

Goucher, Francis on June 15, 1822
#X003535 washing machine Philadelphia, PA

Burden, Henry on June 15, 1822
#X003536 hemp and flax dressing machine Albany, NY

Haden, Benjamin, Jr. on June 15, 1822
#X003537 churn Trenton, NJ

Bent, William on June 17, 1822
#X003538 machine for splitting skins and pelts Philadelphia, PA

Brown, Eleazar & Keith, Ansel on June 19, 1822
#X003539 churn Winfield, NY

Shaw, Joshua on June 20, 1822
#X003540 percussion gun Philadelphia, PA

Rodgers, John on June 24, 1822
#X003541 marine rail way Washington, DC

Phoebus, William on June 24, 1822
#X003542 wind mills New York, NY

Whitaker, John on June 24, 1822
#X003543 making carriage wheels Dingman's ferry, PA

McMinn, Robert on June 24, 1822
#X003544 stove for burning Lehigh coal Philadelphia, PA

Lewis, Charles and Taylor, G. on June 26, 1822
#X003545 throstle spindle Poughkeepsie, NY

Pennock, Moses on June 26, 1822
#X003546 horse hay rake East Marlborough, PA

Carpenter, Baily on July 1, 1822
#X003547 plough share Somers' Town, NY

Sealy, Richard on July 1, 1822
#X003548 lever to raise bodies perpendicularly New York, NY

Ward, Richard on July 5, 1822
#X003549 mode of making leaden pipes Waterbury, CT

Cumberland, William on July 9, 1822
#X003550 machine for dressing flax and hemp New York, NY

McDonald, Major on July 9, 1822
#X003551 threshing machine Topsham, ME

Smith, James on July 10, 1822
#X003552 art of vaccination Baltimore, MD

Merchand, Lewis on July 10, 1822
#X003553 revolving lever for propelling boats Blakely, AL

Blake, Thatcher on July 12, 1822
#X003554 machine for hulling all kinds of grass seeds Paris, ME

McAllister, David on July 15, 1822
#X003555 heating liquids in wooden cisterns Brookfield, VT

Lee, Abijah on July 22, 1822
#X003556 plough West Chester, NY

Wells, Samuel on July 24, 1822
#X003557 art of rigging vessels Boston, MA

Wells, Samuel on July 24, 1822
#X003558 truss lever and sling Boston, MA

Pennoyer, Samuel on July 24, 1822
#X003559 cotton gin Cross River, NY

Cozzens, Frederick S. on July 27, 1822
#X003560 method of distilling New York, NY

Pope, Joseph on July 30, 1822
#X003561 machine for threshing Hallowel, ME

Baldwin, Enos on July 31, 1822
#X003562 cast iron truss shears New York, NY

Richardson, William H. on August 3, 1822
#X003563 machine for granulating gun powder Baltimore, MD

Mellus, William on August 3, 1822
#X003564 mode of covering the heads of the nails and bolts in vessels Dorchester, MA

Null, Anthony (3564½) on August 29, 1822
#X003564 riding saddle tree Philadelphia, PA

Puglia, James Phillip on August 13, 1822
#X003565 mode of making bank notes Philadelphia, PA

Hastings, John on August 14, 1822
#X003566 manufacturing of isinglass Cambridge, MA

Judd, Ebenezer W. on August 14, 1822
#X003567 machine for sawing marble Middlebury, VT

Laporte, Peter on August 15, 1822
#X003568 bridle Richmond, VA

Robinson, George W. on August 19, 1822
#X003569 mode of making furnaces Attleborough, MA

Richards, Spencer on August 19, 1822
#X003570 method of finishing glass buttons Attleborough, MA

Elliott, James on August 20, 1822
#X003571 preparation of quercitron bark Philadelphia, PA

Elder, William on August 21, 1822
#X003572 fermenting apple cider New Brunswick, NJ

Force, Peter on August 22, 1822
#X003573 machines for printing paper hangings, cloth, books, etc. Washington, DC
Skinner, Charles W. on August 23, 1822
#X003574 method of ventilating vessels Norfolk, VA

Willis, William on August 24, 1822
#X003575 cutting box SC

Bender, George on August 26, 1822
#X003576 canal locks New York, NY

Cumberland, William on August 27, 1822
#X003577 bleaching unrotted flax and hemp New York, NY

Null, Anthony on August 27, 1822
#X003578 saddle trees and in making Philadelphia, PA

Ball, Daniel on August 29, 1822
#X003579 grid irons Ballston Spa, NY

Davis, David St. Leger on August 30, 1822
#X003580 kiln for drying malt by steam Hibernia, TN

Macdonald, James on August 31, 1822
#X003581 machine for dressing flax and hemp New York, NY

Brown, Beriah on September 2, 1822
#X003582 wool picker Exeter, RI

Read, Nathan on September 10, 1822
#X003583 machine for divesting coffee of the hull Belfast, ME

Mitchell, James on September 11, 1822
#X003584 machine for breaking sugar Northern Liberties, Philadelphia County, PA

Collins, Samuel on September 11, 1822
#X003585 forge hollow fire Springfield, MA

Barker, Luke on September 12, 1822
#X003586 pessaries New York, NY

Woolley, Joseph on September 14, 1822
#X003587 plough Troy, NY

Bolles, Lemuel on September 19, 1822
#X003588 machine for heading nails and tacks New York, NY

Goodsall, Naman on September 19, 1822
#X003589 flax and hemp dressing machine Paris, NY

Gray, George H. D. on September 25, 1822
#X003590 current mill Southampton, VA

Pettee, Seneca on October 1, 1822
#X003591 manufacture of sleigh shoes Salisbury, CT

Nichols, Jonathan on October 2, 1822
#X003592 elastic or spring carriage seat Providence, RI

Denny, John on October 3, 1822
#X003593 machine for floating vessels Queen Ann County, MD

Mark, John H. on October 3, 1822
#X003594 manufacture of glue Philadelphia, PA

Clark, Samuel on October 4, 1822
#X003595 churn Morris County, NJ

Follet, Francis on October 15, 1822
#X003596 mode of hanging window sashes Pittsburgh, VA

Watson, David on October 15, 1822
#X003597 washing machine Fayette, Kennebrook County, ME

Williamson, Peregrine on October 17, 1822
#X003598 bedstead Baltimore, MD

Kallenback, Baltazar I. on October 17, 1822
#X003599 still Philadelphia, PA

Wright, Horace on October 23, 1822
#X003600 machinery for cooper's work Onondago, NY

Mingle, Philip S. on October 24, 1822
#X003601 stove for burning Lehigh coal Philadelphia, PA

Beach, Joseph on October 28, 1822
#X003602 construction for setting saws Middletown, CT

Spafford, Horatio Gates on October 30, 1822
#X003603 art of making cast or wrought steel Albany, NY

Spafford, Horatio Gates on October 30, 1822
#X003604 art of making iron and steel Albany, NY

Holcomb, Albert on October 31, 1822
#X003605 fire arms Litchfield, NY

Plantou, Julia on November 4, 1822
#X003606 foot stove Philadelphia, PA

Andrews, Robert on November 7, 1822
#X003607 kiln for drying all kinds of grain Fleming County, KY

Stewart, James on November 14, 1822
#X003608 sounding boards for pianos Boston, MA

Clute, Peter J. on November 16, 1822
#X003609 plough Schenectady, NY

Rolph, Social on November 16, 1822
#X003610 method of raising water Albany, NY

Swetland, Uriah on November 18, 1822
#X003611 apparatus for distilling Kingston, PA

Messer, Asa on November 19, 1822
#X003612 flumes for mills Providence, RI

Mane, Honore on November 23, 1822
#X003613 machine for moulding bricks Point Coupee, LA

Leman, Ebenezer, Jr. on November 28, 1822
#X003614 construction of locks Boston, MA

Cumberland, William on November 29, 1822
#X003615 construction of a machine for cleaning unrotted or rotted flax or hemp New York, NY

Jordan, David C. on December 2, 1822
#X003616 saw setter New York, NY

Thomas, John on December 2, 1822
#X003617 planking vessels by hooking or jogging the planks Washington, DC

Howe, Timothy on December 3, 1822
#X003618 threshing machine Turner, ME

Heald, Ezekiel on December 4, 1822
#X003619 machine for shearing cloth Norridgework, ME

Wheeler, Lee & Powell, Timothy on December 6, 1822
#X003620 inclined horse and water wheel Coxsackie, NY

Schoonmaker, Jacob J. and Dobson, Jacob on December 7, 1822
#X003621 cast iron plough Ulster, NY
& Duchess, NY

Bicknell, John on December 11,1822
#X003622 mode of grinding grain Buckfield, ME

Colden, Cadwalder D. on December 14, 1822
#X003623 mode of making salt New York, NY

Williams, Thomas on December 19, 1822
#X003624 machine for covering corn Pittsylvania, VA

Spafford, Horatio Gates on December 19, 1822
#X003625 art of making edge tools Troy, NY

Grandy, Rufus on December 21, 1822
#X003626 saw setter New York, NY

Tucker, Joseph C. and Dwelle, Elisha on December 23, 1822
#X003627 hydrometer Boston, MA

Garnet, William on December 27, 1822
#X003628 making and application of combustible gas New York, NY

Cornelius, Christian on December 28, 1822
#X003629 lamps for light houses Philadelphia, PA

Buffum, Arnold on December 28, 1822
#X003630 making boots and shoes water proof Smithfield, RI

Earl, William on December 28, 1822
#X003631 machinery for manufacturing shingles Boston, MA

Gue, John on December 31, 1822
#X003632 machinery of wind mills Waterford, Saratoga County, NY

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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