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1821 U.S. Patents

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Giraud, John James on January 3, 1821
#X003280 machinery for propelling boats Baltimore, MD

Converse, Elijah on January 10, 1821
#X003281 machine for cutting dye woods Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH

Moody, Paul on January 19, 1821
#X003282 machine for roping cotton Boston, MA

Brown, John on January 23, 1821
#X003283 machine for roping and spinning wool and cotton by hand Providence, RI

Pomeroy, Elisha Miner on January 24, 1821
#X003284 paste for razor straps New Haven, CT

Rosevelt, H. & Rosevelt, E.J. on January 26, 1821
#X003285 machine for shelling corn New York, NY

Chandler, M and Brown, E. on January 26, 1821
#X003286 harness for weaving Cazenovia, NY

Wood, John on February 1, 1821
#X003287 shifting share plough Castleton, NY

Greaves, Robert on February 1, 1821
#X003288 machine for laying cordage Boston, MA

Newberry, George John on February 1, 1821
#X003289 mode of applying dry metallic and colored powders to type printing New York, NY

Jarves, Deming on February 2, 1821
#X003290 machine for opening the mould of glass blowers Boston, MA

Giraud, John James on February 5, 1821
#X003291 improvement in the horizontal pedal water wheel and perpendicular pivot Baltimore, MD

Doxey, B. S. on February 9, 1821
#X003292 machinery for gearing and ungearing the paddle wheels for propelling all kinds of vessels U.S. Navy, Baltimore, MD

White, Canvass on February 17, 1821
#X003293 water proof cement Whitestown, NY

Davis, Phineas on February 17, 1821
#X003294 vibrating steam engine York, PA

Moody, Paul on February 19, 1821
#X003295 machine for roping and spinning cotton Boston, MA

Moody, Paul on February 19, 1821
#X003296 machine for roping cotton, called the double speeder Boston, MA

Moody, Paul on February 19, 1821
#X003297 spinning frames for cotton Boston, MA

Gould, William on February 20, 1821
#X003298 foot gin for cleaning cotton McIntosh County, GA

Blake, Thatcher on February 20, 1821
#X003299 lever press Turner, Oxford County, ME

Cary, Zachary on February 20, 1821
#X003300 machine for shearing cloth Oxford County, ME

Deavs, Isaac on February 21, 1821
#X003301 making mantel pieces of cast iron or other soft metal Philadelphia, PA

Vail, Daniel on February 21, 1821
#X003302 mode of cleaning furs, wool, etc. Philadelphia, PA

Warren, Josiah on February 20, 1821
#X003303 improvement in lamps for burning fat Cincinnati, OH

Ruggles, Elisha on February 27, 1821
#X003304 fire fenders to prevent the spread of fires Rochester, MA

Southworth, Elijah on February 28, 1821
#X003305 improvement in the hydrometer New York, NY

Jennings, Thomas L. on March 3, 1821
#X003306 dry scouring clothes New York, NY

Hart, Simeon on March 3, 1821
#X003307 cutting boots and shoes by rule Monkton, VT

Oliver, Benjamin L. on March 9, 1821
#X003308 improvement in the crank, called the anti-friction crank Salem, MA

Robbins, Thomas B. on March 19, 1821
#X003309 making aqueduct pipes Stockbridge, MA

Aborn, John on March 20, 1821
#X003310 machine for dipping candles Burlington County, NJ

Laporte, Peter on March 20, 1821
#X003311 bridle for stopping horses when running away Louisa County, VA

Cock, Andrew on March 20, 1821
#X003312 machine for planting corn Flushing, Queens County, NY

Hunt, Russel, 2nd on March 20, 1821
#X003313 hooping or tireing carriage wheels Litchfield, Kent County, CT

Stansbury, Abraham O. on March 21, 1821
#X003314 spiral lever press New York, NY

Shepard, Silas on March 23, 1821
#X003315 machine for making cotton roping Taunton, Bristol County, MA

Greaves, Robert on March 28, 1821
#X003316 top sled for cordage Boston, MA

Ward, Minas on March 23, 1821
#X003317 improvement in the steam engine Columbia, OH

Lindsay, Noah on March 28, 1821
#X003318 machine for shelling corn Catskill, NY

Bulkley, Ralph on March 29, 1821
#X003319 machine for protecting firemen New York, NY

Gregg, James on March 30, 1821
#X003320 machine for threshing and cleaning grain Londonderry, NH

Dawson, N.C. & Rucker, A. on April 3, 1821
#X003321 improvement in boats for rivers Pedlar's Mills, Amherst County, VA

Morgan, James on April 5, 1821
#X003322 improvement in warping, dressing, etc, cotton goods Baltimore, MD

Stansbury, Abraham O. on April 7, 1821
#X003323 printing press New York, NY

Blanc, Evariste, Jr. on April 14, 1821
#X003324 machine for sifting sand, lime, etc. New Orleans, LA

Donoghoe, Daniel on April 16, 1821
#X003325 fanning mill for grain New York, NY

Oxley, Thomas on April 18, 1821
#X003326 land clearing machine Norfolk, VA

Stewart, Jared S. on April 19, 1821
#X003327 linen spinning wheel head Springfield, Otsego County, NY

Stevens, R. L. and Stevens, E.A. on April 23, 1821
#X003328 construction of cast iron ploughs Hoboken, NJ

Stevens, R. L. & Stevens, E.A. on April 23, 1821
#X003329 hardening the edge of plough shares Hoboken, NJ

Dixon, Peter on April 25, 1821
#X003330 riding saddle Philadelphia, PA

Blaikie, Robert on April 27, 1821
#X003331 distilling spirits New York, NY

Langdon, Barnabas on May 1, 1821
#X003332 propelling horse boats Troy, NY

Wiltse, James (3333½) on May 4, 1821
#X003333 keels and kelson, of leeboard vessels Fishkill, NY

Woodard, Joshua on May 2, 1821
#X003333 carding machine Portage County, OH

Rust, Samuel on May 13, 1821
#X003334 printing press New York, NY

Wellford, R. and Deas, J.H. on May 14, 1821
#X003335 carpenters' planes Philadelphia, PA

Belknap, Seth on May 17, 1821
#X003336 machine for making bricks Newbury, NY

Jones, Francis on May 23, 1821
#X003337 machine for winding quills New York, NY

Boyd, James on May 30, 1821
#X003338 fire engine hose Boston, MA

Tolson, Alexander on June 2, 1821
#X003339 machine for pulverizing wood Georgetown, DC

Bliss, Jonathan on June 4, 1821
#X003340 improvement on Morrison's spiggot and faucet Philadelphia, PA

Willingham, Richard on June 8, 1821
#X003341 fire irons New York, NY

Ward, Allen on June 16, 1821
#X003342 mode of marking and cutting out clothes Huntsville, AL

Langdon, Reuben on June 20, 1821
#X003343 mode of packing thread Hartford, CT

Douglass, John on June 25, 1821
#X003344 liquor fount New York, NY

Hance, Theodore C. on June 25, 1821
#X003345 hay rake Palmyra, NY

Winans, Ross on June 26, 1821
#X003346 fulling cloth Warwick, Orange County, NY

Stillwell, Stephen on June 26, 1821
#X003347 water boiler and steam still Bainbridge, NY

Sanno, Frederick D. on June 29, 1821
#X003348 valve cock Philadelphia, PA

Bryan, Thomas & Bryan, William on June 29, 1821
#X003349 staining and printing silks New York, NY

Haskell, Roger on July 7, 1821
#X003350 navigable mercantile house Geneva, NY

Chapman, Josiah on July 9, 1821
#X003351 manufacturing sail duck Frankford, PA

Richards, George H. on July 8, 1821
#X003352 travelling carriages New London, CT

Rose, Robert on August 6, 1821
#X003353 machine for cutting gun trucks Washington, DC

Kallenback, Baltazar Ignace on August 6, 1821
#X003354 perpetual proof still Philadelphia, PA

Bulkley, Ralph on August 7, 1821
#X003355 oblique water wheel New York, NY

Thayer, Amos, Jr. on August 8, 1821
#X003356 steam wheel Albany, NY

Moore, John W. on August 8, 1821
#X003357 machine for sweeping chimneys Washington, DC

Eveleth, John on August 9, 1821
#X003358 mud machine Georgetown, DC

Reeve, G. F. and Ketchum, Joseph on August 10, 1821
#X003359 inclined wheel applied to churning Orange County, NY

Woodward, Frederick on August 10, 1821
#X003360 smut and scouring machine Butternuts, Otsego County, NY

Thorp, John on August 10, 1821
#X003361 braiding machine Providence, RI

Richards, James on August 10, 1821
#X003362 manufacturing sail cloth Patterson, NJ

Smith, George on August 7, 1821
#X003363 anti-dyspeptic pills New York, NY

Grant, Joseph on August 11, 1821
#X003364 machinery for setting up hats Providence, RI

Taber, Benjamin on August 11, 1821
#X003365 machine for mincing whale's blubber Fairhaven, MA

Brown, John on August 11, 1821
#X003366 machine called the vertical spinner Providence, RI

Peck, Daniel on August 14, 1821
#X003367 manufacture of boots and shoes New York, NY

Sater, Joseph on August 14, 1821
#X003368 curing blindness in horses Huntsville, NC

Duke, James on August 15, 1821
#X003369 lamps New York, NY

Bruff, John on August 16, 1821
#X003370 saw mill Somerset County, MD

Foster, Aaron on August 24, 1821
#X003371 machine for teazling and napping cloth Whitestown, NY

Seely, Obadiah on August 27, 1821
#X003372 cast iron plough Pottstown, NY

Morris, John J. on August 28, 1821
#X003373 making saddles New York, NY

Bulkley, Ralph on August 28, 1821
#X003374 dry docks New York, NY

Powers, Enoch on August 28, 1821
#X003375 portable ice preserver Hartford, CT

Bushnell, William & Altoffer, J. on August 30, 1821
#X003376 machine for spinning wool Harrisburg, VA

Altoffer, J and Bushnell, William on August 30, 1821
#X003377 machine for raising water by weights Harrisburg, VA

Cumings, Benjamin on September 1, 1821
#X003378 threshing machine Brooklyne, NH

Morgan, Thomas on September 5, 1821
#X003379 machine for cutting and heading nails Hempstead, NY

Fisher, Henry F. on September 12, 1821
#X003380 apparatus for distilling Philadelphia, PA

Falconner, William on September 13, 1821
#X003381 cast iron plough New York, NY

Morrison, Michael on September 15, 1821
#X003382 machine for threshing and cleaning rice Waterbury, CT

Thompson, George on September 15, 1821
#X003383 machine for cutting and heading nails Philadelphia, PA

Jennings, Isaiah on September 22, 1821
#X003384 repeating rifle New York, NY

Bliss, Jonathan on September 24, 1821
#X003385 improvement in cocks for drawing liquor New York, NY

Randolph, David M. on September 26, 1821
#X003386 water cement Richmond, VA

Fuller, Francis on September 29, 1821
#X003387 making candles New York, NY

Fors, John M. on October 2, 1821
#X003388 razor strop Baltimore, MD

Bulkley, Ralph on October 8, 1821
#X003389 right and left chain wheel New York, NY

Crey, Frederick on October 8, 1821
#X003390 preventive for smoking chimneys Baltimore, MD

Ruggles, Lazarus on October 12, 1821
#X003391 machine for cleaning rice New York, NY

Cooke, John on October 12, 1821
#X003392 machine for packing cotton Fayetteville, NC

Simonds, Benjamin, Jr. on October 15, 1821
#X003393 stove bottom boiler Bedford, MA

Simonds, Benjamin, Jr. on October 15, 1821
#X003394 oven door flue Bedford, MA

Jennings, Isaiah on October 29, 1821
#X003395 chains for cables New York, NY

Covenhoven, Edward on October 30, 1821
#X003396 floating dry docks Greenburgh, NY

Powles, Daniel on October 31, 1821
#X003397 bedsteads Baltimore, MD

Whaley, Thomas on November 2, 1821
#X003398 sliding door locks and bolts New York, NY

Winning, William on November 7, 1821
#X003399 improvement in ladies' reticules New York, NY

Graham, Charles M. on November 10, 1821
#X003400 improvement in fire grates, called the caloret New York, NY

Humes, John on November 10, 1821
#X003401 machine for digging canals Richmond, VA

Mestayer, Benjamin on November 13, 1821
#X003402 machine for cutting the tops and bottoms of bandboxes New York, NY

Herbin, Peter Francis on November 15, 1821
#X003403 metalic reeds for weavers Paterson, NJ

Pye, William on November 16, 1821
#X003404 andirons New York, NY

Williams, Charles on November 16, 1821
#X003405 railways Boston, MA

Phelps, Oliver on November 17, 1821
#X003406 elastic floor for propelling boats Lansing, NY

Phelps, Oliver & Morehouse, G. on November 17, 1821
#X003407 plough Lansing, NY

Trask, E. and Trask, J. on November 22, 1821
#X003408 bark mill Sangerfield, NY

Skidmore, Theodore on November 30, 1821
#X003409 boilers for steam engines New York, NY

Skidmore, Theodore on December 1, 1821
#X003410 condensers for steam engines New York, NY

Yard, James M. on December 4, 1821
#X003411 making candles by machinery Trenton, NJ

Vought, John G. on December 4, 1821
#X003412 chemical anti-dysenteric medicine Rochester, NY

Thompson, Gabriel H. on December 4, 1821
#X003413 improvement in the sliding sector Boston, MA

Spencer, Elihu on December 5, 1821
#X003414 machine for hulling and shelling rice New Haven, CT

Williamson, Peregrine on December 6, 1821
#X003415 improvement in bedsteads Baltimore, MD

Marshall, Benjamin on December 7, 1821
#X003416 machine used for the medicated steam bath New York, NY

Barron, James on December 7, 1821
#X003417 improvement in the washing machine Norfolk, VA

Hart, Webb on December 7, 1821
#X003418 improvement in setting saw teeth Camden, SC

Walcott, Erastus on December 11, 1821
#X003419 making cotton yarn without the aid of twist Newport, NY

Warren, Edmund on December 11, 1821
#X003420 improvement in the loom New York, NY

Ballon, Seth on December 12, 1821
#X003421 machine for threshing and winnowing wheat Livermore, ME

Destrehan, N. N. on December 13, 1821
#X003422 method of raising water Charles' Parish, LA

Baker, Stephen on December 13, 1821
#X003423 steam boilers New York, NY

Rowell, Thomas on December 13, 1821
#X003424 making treenails for ships Hartford, VT

Wood, James C. on December 14, 1821
#X003425 ornamenting cloth Philadelphia, PA

Howard, Horace on December 26, 1821
#X003426 horizontal water wheel Wooster, OH

Wells, Gurdon & Wells, Sophia on December 29, 1821
#X003427 manufacturing grass bonnets and hats Wethersfield, Hartford County, CT

Hitchcock David on December 29, 1821
#X003428 cast iron plough New York, NY

Dana, Aaron on December 31, 1821
#X003429 water proof boots and shoes Boston, MA

Warral, Henry on December 31, 1821
#X003430 cupola furnace New York, NY

Cantello, William James on December 31, 1821
#X003431 corsetts New York, NY

Dean, William on December 31, 1821
#X003432 machinery of clocks Pleasant Valley, Dutchess County, NY

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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