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1820 U.S. Patents

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Bragg, John on January 4, 1820
#X003160 improvement in bridges Montreal, Canada

Treadwell, Ephraim on January 10, 1820
#X003161 bread finisher Philadelphia, PA

Crain, Eleazer on January 10, 1820
#X003162 machine for making ropes Springfield, Otsego County, NY

Swain, William W. on January 14, 1820
#X003163 casting or moulding spermaceti candles by heat applied to the moulds New Bedford, MA

Martin, William on January 15, 1820
#X003164 mortice water lock gate Windham County, CT

Williams, Charles on January 18, 1820
#X003165 improvement in railways and carriages Richmond, VA

Martin, Samuel and Chapin, Zadock on January 18, 1820
#X003166 machine for washing, drying, and screening wheat Ontario County, NY

Leek, Charles on January 22, 1820
#X003167 raising the power of steam in steam engines without increasing the quantity Ross County, OH

Cooper, Peter on January 24, 1820
#X003168 apparatus for towing boats on canals New York, NY

Town, Ithiel on January 28, 1820
#X003169 improvement on bridges Fayetteville, NC

Kendall, Jonas on January 28, 1820
#X003170 apparatus for preparing the oxy muriate of lime Lincoln, Worcester County, MA

Russell, James on January 29, 1820
#X003171 coating for ships' bottoms New Bedford, MA

White, Canvas on February 1, 1820
#X003172 water proof cement White's town, Oneida County, NY

Buffum, Arnold and Kelly, Jeremiah on February 17, 1820
#X003173 elastic water proof hats Smithfield, RI

Williams, John on February 17, 1820
#X003174 makring spruce beer Cambridge, Middlesex County, MA

Martin, Peter H. on February 23, 1820
#X003175 elastic seat saddles Nashville, TN

Keyes, Israel on February 23, 1820
#X003176 cooking stove Putney County, VT

Marshall, Phillip & Smith, Jacob B. on March 3, 1820
#X003177 improvement in the plough Lambertsville, NJ

Brewster, Abel on March 6, 1820
#X003178 improvement in ship building Hartford, CT

Griffiths, Elijah on March 6, 1820
#X003179 improvement in fire places Philadelphia, PA

Mussey, Thomas on March 6, 1820
#X003180 hollow or guttered grid irons New London, CT

Bronson, Heman on March 8, 1820
#X003181 wind power pump Litchfield, Kent County, CT

Duplat, Marc Marie on March 16, 1820
#X003182 construction of privies Charleston, SC

Eastman, Robert and Jaquith, Josiah on March 16, 1820
#X003183 circular saw for making clap boards Brunswick, MA

Lamb, John on March 18, 1820
#X003184 fire hearth for vessels Amboy, NJ

Williamson, Peregrine on March 20, 1820
#X003185 coffee roaster Baltimore, MD

Fraser, Simon on March 23, 1820
#X003186 tobacco press Nottingham, MD

Skinner, Ichabob L. & Tooker, Samuel F. on March 23, 1820
#X003187 apparatus for removing earth Hartford, CT

Bryant, Ebenezer on March 28, 1820
#X003188 fire engine New London, CT

Day, Henry and Day, Jacob on April 4, 1820
#X003189 improvement in locks New York, NY

Parson, Osborn on April 4, 1820
#X003190 improvement in boiling salt Pittsburgh, PA

Holmes, William on April 4, 1820
#X003191 manner of using the twisted screw auger for boring guns Winchester, NH

Bruce, George on April 4, 1820
#X003192 making shaded letters New York, NY

Byram, John & Fuller, Sylvanus D. on April 14, 1820
#X003193 machine for knapping and brushing up cloth Mendam County, NJ

Merrill, Pardon H. on April 6, 1820
#X003194 improvement on the common hoe Hinsdale, Cheshire County, NH

Gillett, Samuel (Sena Gillett, administrator) on April 8, 1820
#X003195 double forcing pump Windsor, CT

Newell, Theodore on April 12, 1820
#X003196 heleogeastrum or planetarium Poultney, Rutland County, VT

Wilcox, Richard on April 20, 1820
#X003197 improved application of steam or vapor in extracting spirits and working steam engines New York, NY

Wilcox, Richard on April 20, 1820
#X003198 portable rotary oven New York, NY

Hackley, Harvey on April 21, 1820
#X003199 brewing by steam New York, NY

Howard, Ephraim and Butters, Joshua on May 3, 1820
#X003200 splitting leather Boston, MA

Winslow, Nathan (3200½) on May 3, 1820
#X003200 cooking stove Portland, ME

Skinner, Ichabob L. on May 3, 1820
#X003201 machine for excavating canals Hartford, CT

Keplinger, Samuel on May 4, 1820
#X003202 machine for making watch chains Baltimore, MD

Ives, Shalor (3203½) on May 17, 1820
#X003203 lamp wick machine, spinning candle wick Chillicothe, OH

Read, Nathan on April 8, 1820
#X003203 hominy mill Belfast, ME

Omitted on April 8, 1820

Howard, Samuel on May 24, 1820
#X003205 improved mode of towing boats Savannah, GA

Curtis, Elijah S. on June 2, 1820
#X003206 improvement on the white wash brush Charlestown, MA

Hatch, John on June 5, 1820
#X003207 machine for making watch chains Baltimore, MD

Woolworth, Azariah on June 15, 1820
#X003208 machine for turning gunstocks Waterbury, CT

Parmly, Levi Spear on June 17, 1820
#X003209 composition for cleansing and preserving teeth New York, NY

Coit, Daniel on June 17, 1820
#X003210 improvement on his Family pills New York, NY

Bailey, Asael on June 24, 1820
#X003211 floating wharfs for catching fish Havre de Grace, MD

Hall, Elisha on July 5, 1820
#X003212 improvement on the water wheel Baltimore, MD

Tomlinson, Daniel on July 6, 1820
#X003213 improvement in the currying knife Brookfield, CT

Jenkins, John W. on July 6, 1820
#X003214 improvement in ploughs Hudson, NY

Redheffer, Charles on July 11, 1820
#X003215 machinery for the purpose of gaining power Philadelphia, PA

Fisk, Daniel on July 18, 1820
#X003216 balance lever hydraulic machine Springfield, Otsego County, NY

Simmons, Benjamin on July 20, 1820
#X003217 linen spinning wheel Paris, Oneida County, NY

Dakin, Thomas on July 28, 1820
#X003218 machine for draw grinding gun barrels Harper's Ferry, VA

Wright, John S. on July 28, 1820
#X003219 improvement in the plough Greenwich, Washington County, NY

Fowler, Mallby on July 28, 1820
#X003220 machine for hulling grain and rice New Haven, CT

Deneale, James on August 3, 1820
#X003221 imstrument for mapping lands Dumfries, VA

Cunningham, Robert P. on August 3, 1820
#X003222 spiral helm wheels Pomfret, CT

Thwing, Lemuel on August 12, 1820
#X003223 machinery for passing boats up rapids Dedham, MA

Chittenden, J. (Harvey Durkee assignee) on August 12, 1820
#X003224 locks and latches Burlington, VT

Haight, John & Haight, Nicholas on August 12, 1820
#X003225 making ingrained carpeting New York, NY

Cox, Benjamin on August 15, 1820
#X003226 washing machine Hadley, Hampshire County, MA

Sellers, Nathan on August 16, 1820
#X003227 wire rolling sifters or screens Philadelphia, PA

Shattuck, Asa on August 23, 1820
#X003228 thrashing machine Pepperhill, MA

Gillaspie, James on August 23, 1820
#X003229 smut machine Middletown, Frederick County, MD

Berrian, Richard and Class, Francis on August 31, 1820
#X003230 circular open stove or fire place New York, NY

Wadsworth, Eli on September 7, 1820
#X003231 weighing machine Hartford, CT

Henry, James on September 13, 1820
#X003232 construction of clocks Maysville, KY

Henry, James on September 13, 1820
#X003233 mode of finding the longitude Maysville, KY

Stevens, Robert L. & Stevens, Edwin A. on September 13, 1820
#X003234 plough Hoboken, NJ

Ballthrope, John on September 20, 1820
#X003235 double shovel plough Loudon County, VA

Prince, James on October 2, 1820
#X003236 wheel for propelling boats New York, NY

Evans, David on October 2, 1820
#X003237 knapping hats with rabbits' fur Alexandria, VA

Ramsey, Alexander on October 3, 1820
#X003238 improvement on the common sewer mouth Philadelphia, PA

Hubball, Ebenezer on October 4, 1820
#X003239 improvement on the common cock Baltimore, MD

Bald, William, Jr. on October 4, 1820
#X003240 machine for spinning cotton yarn Providence, RI

Beauchamp, David on October 10, 1820
#X003241 water wheels Elizabethtown, Wood County, VA

French, Richard on October 19, 1820
#X003242 machine for cleaning rice Morrisville, Bucks County, PA

Gilmore, William on October 28, 1820
#X003243 power loom Smithfield, Providence County, RI

Sears, Nathan on October 31, 1820
#X003244 machine for breaking bark Hudson, NY

Pease, Daniel, Jr. on October 31, 1820
#X003245 smut machine Winfield, NY

Burtus, William on November 7, 1820
#X003246 improvement in baking or burning pans New York, NY

Cluley, John and Slancliff, Benjamin on November 8,1820
#X003247 improvement on the valve cock Philadelphia, PA

Edmonston, Samuel S. on November 8, 1820
#X003248 machine for sweeping chimneys New York, NY

Kirk, Joseph on November 8, 1820
#X003249 swinging horse frame for facilitating the shoeing of horses Weston, Windsor County, VT

Wood, Charles & Brundage, Gilbert on November 9, 1820
#X003250 plough Bloominggrove, Orange County, NY

Etienne, Pierre on November 14, 1820
#X003251 windmill New York, NY

Blake, Edward on November 16, 1820
#X003252 bee hives Hartford County, ME

Walker, Elihu on November 16, 1820
#X003253 making saddles Aurora, Niagara County, NY

Brown, Josiah on November 24, 1820
#X003254 winnowing machine New London, CT

Barstow, Charles Chauncey on November 21, 1820
#X003255 machine for making ram rods Exeter, NH

Graves, Robert on November 22, 1820
#X003256 improved mode of drawing yarns and forming them into readies Boston, MA

Graves, Robert on November 22, 1820
#X003257 mode laying cordage Boston, MA

Graves, Robert on November 22, 1820
#X003258 machine for equalizing the strain upon yarns Boston, MA

Giraud, John James on November 22, 1820
#X003259 machine for propelling vessels Baltimore, MD

Brown, J. on November 24, 1820
#X003260 (see patent number 3254X)

Burr, James on November 24, 1820
#X003261 machine for finishing leather Johnston, Montgomery County, NY

Dow, Lorenzo on November 24, 1820
#X003262 improvement in medicine Hebron, CT

Rowell, Thomas on November 24, 1820
#X003263 improvement in the manufacture of wooden pegs for boots and shoes Hartford, Windsor County, VT

Fiske, Jonathan on December 7, 1820
#X003264 combination of improvements on the double speeder Medway, MA

Fiske, Jonathan on December 7, 1820
#X003265 improvement on the double speeder no.1 Medway, MA

Fiske, Jonathan on December 7, 1820
#X003266 improvement on the double speeder no.2 Medway, MA

Fiske, Jonathan on December 8,1820
#X003267 improvement on the double speeder no.3 Medway, MA

Fiske, Jonathan on December 8, 1820
#X003268 improvement on the double speeder no 4 Medway, MA

Fiske, Jonathan on December 8, 1820
#X003269 improvement on the double speeder no.5 Medway, MA

Hunt, Ralph on December 11, 1820
#X003270 machine for dowelling heading for cooperage Ontario County, NY

VanVechten, Douw K. on December 12, 1820
#X003271 improvement in raised banding and ornamental binding New York, NY

Seaver, John and Fay, John on December 14, 1820
#X003272 cast iron plough Rockingham, VT

Digges, George P. on December 16, 1820
#X003273 application of the oil of cotton seed for all the purposes of linseed oil Albemarle County, VA

Bond, Thomas J. on December 21, 1820
#X003274 iron boats for navigating rivers Baltimore, MD

Moody, Paul on December 30, 1820
#X003275 double speeder Waltham, MA

Fisher, Jacob on December 30, 1820
#X003276 sleighs Kennebeck, ME

Hardy, Samuel and Hardy, Enoch on December 30, 1820
#X003277 reel for spinning and making tobacco Kennebeck, ME

Allen, Henry on December 30, 1820
#X003278 current and tide mill Fayette County, TN

Sabin, Aaron Niles on December 30, 1820
#X003279 application of steam Frankfort, KY

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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