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1819 U.S. Patents

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Leonard, William B. on January 9, 1819
#X003057 spindle and bobbin for spinning cotton Fishkill, NY

Leonard, William B. on January 9, 1819
#X003058 machine for making cordage Fishkill, NY

Barron, James on January 12, 1819
#X003059 machine for making bottle corks Hampton, VA

Morey, Samuel on January 19, 1819
#X003060 mode of shooting with steam Orford, NH

Morey, Samuel on January 20, 1819
#X003061 leading the flame in stoves by wire gauze Orford, NH

Smith, Matthew on January 20, 1819
#X003062 blocks used in stereotype printing New York, NY

McCormick, Stephen (3063½) on February 3, 1819
#X003063 plough Fauquier Court-house, VA

Weed, Shadrach H. on February 3, 1819
#X003063 machine for making brooms Poughkeepsie, NY

Nott, Eliphalet on February 3, 1819
#X003064 construction of fire places Schenectady, NY

Adams, Daniel on February 3, 1819
#X003065 stirrups for saddles Keene, Cheshire County, NH

Lewis, William J. on February 3, 1819
#X003066 mode of propelling boats or vessels VA

Rudder, James on February 6, 1819
#X003067 anti-friction bush for sheaves in blocks Norfolk, VA

Hines, William on February 6, 1819
#X003068 double speeder for winding cotton Coventry, RI

Jenkins, Palmer on February 6, 1819
#X003069 improvement in the cooking stove Hepborn, Washington County, NY

Wells, John J. on February 8, 1819
#X003070 improvement in the printing press Hartford, CT

Barker, Thomas E. on February 19, 1819
#X003071 upright stove boiler Green County, NY

Moody, Nathan on February 19, 1819
#X003072 mode of producing alternate lateral motion Hallowell, Kennebec County, MA

Brower, John on February 19, 1819
#X003073 sheet iron shovel for barns Berk's County, PA

Wheeler, Artemas on February 19, 1819
#X003074 improvement on the rifle or plain barrel gun MA

Barron, James on February 20, 1819
#X003075 pump for air or water Hampton, VA

Guy, Francis on February 23, 1819
#X003076 stamped paper carpets Baltimore, MD

Sheldon, William on February 26, 1819
#X003077 chesnut tree or castanea visca used for tanning Springfield, MA

Maltby, Benjamin & Fowler, Maltby on February 26, 1819
#X003078 machine for hulling grain and rice New Haven, CT

Pierce, Thomas on February 27, 1819
#X003079 boiler for distilleries Hartwick, Otsego County, NY

Bartholomew, Jacob on February 27, 1819
#X003080 improvement in the steelyard Middlebury, VT

Perkins, Jacob on February 27, 1819
#X003081 progressive lever press Philadelphia, PA

Parsons, Seth on March 2, 1819
#X003082 machine for shearing cloth Kooseck, Renselaer County, NY

Allison, Burgess and Elliott, William on March 11, 1819
#X003083 printing by means of rollers Washington, DC

Harris, Zadock (3084½) on March 17, 1819
#X003084 plough Hartford, NY

Stith, Obediah on March 16, 1819
#X003084 improvement in the gun or rifle Quarrelstown, Brunswick County, VA

Caze, James on March 18, 1819
#X003085 improvement in distilling New York, NY

Watkins, Horatio on March 18, 1819
#X003086 winnowing machine Washington County, MD

Youle, George on March 19, 1819
#X003087 fire hearth range or galley New York, NY

Whiting, Nathan on March 19, 1819
#X003088 excavator, scraper and shovel for removing earth Chester, VT

Dearborn, Benjamin on March 24, 1819
#X003089 improvement in the balance Boston, MA

Harper, William on April 2, 1819
#X003090 elastic seat saddles Nashville, TN

Moody, Paul on April 3, 1819
#X003091 double speeder for roping cotton Boston, MA

Lyon, James on April 3, 1819
#X003092 mode of propelling boats Statesburgh, SC

Stewart, Adam on April 8, 1819
#X003093 brick making machine Baltimore, MD

Baker, Charles Thompson on April 12, 1819
#X003094 machine for clearing obstructed channels Providence, RI

Peck, Seth on April 23, 1819
#X003095 machines for making tin ware Southington, CT

Fahnestock, Samuel on April 23, 1819
#X003096 apparatus for making mineral waters Lancaster, PA

Ordronau, John on April 26, 1819
#X003097 balance or fly wheels applied to machinery unknown

Munson, Job L. on April 26, 1819
#X003098 improvement in pumps New Haven, CT

Reynolds, George Norton on April 29, 1819
#X003099 springs for carriages Charleston, SC

Reynolds, George Norton on April 30, 1819
#X003100 improvement on the moveable axle Charleston, SC

Brown, Edmund on April 30, 1819
#X003101 improvement on the tobacco press Richmond, VA

Lansing, John, Jr. on April 30, 1819
#X003102 use of hemlock in tanning Albany, NY

Moody, Paul on April 6, 1819
#X003103 spinning frame for cotton Boston, MA

Janes, Walter on April 6, 1819
#X003104 corn shelling machine Ashford, Windham County, CT

Noble, Roswell on May 17, 1819
#X003105 improvement in manufacturing springs, brads, clouts, etc. Baltimore, MD

Wiseheart, James on May 25, 1819
#X003106 making sugar from wheat, rye, etc. Wayne County, IN

Batby, Antoine on May 26, 1819
#X003107 improvement in the rotary steam engine New York, NY

Ambler, John on May 29, 1819
#X003108 raising water by steam for mills Berlin County, NY

Thomas, Robert on May 29, 1819
#X003109 improvement in the tube auger Richmond County, NC

Martin, Anthony B. on June 2, 1819
#X003110 compost for improving soils Baltimore, MD

Jones, Samuel on June 2, 1819
#X003111 hat rounder and hat gauge Bridgeport, Fayette County, PA

Langdon, Barnabas on June 5, 1819
#X003112 paddle wheel Troy, NY

Langdon, Barnabas & Langdon, John C. (3112½) on June 5, 1819
#X003112 propelling boats by horse power Troy, NY

Quigley, Moses A. on June 15, 1819
#X003113 mode of heating plates for hot pressing Washington County, MD

Baldwin, Thomas on June 22, 1819
#X003114 machine for manufacturing snuff New Castle, DE

Clarkson, William K., Jr. on June 26, 1819
#X003115 improvement in the velocipede New York, NY

Dixon, Peter on July 16, 1819
#X003116 making saddles without saddle trees Philadelphia, PA

Deming, George on July 22, 1819
#X003117 horizontal water wheel Burlington, VT

Hedge, Lemuel on July 22, 1819
#X003118 machine for dicing and polishing leather Windsor, VT

Heaton, James on July 28, 1819
#X003119 carbonated mead New York, NY

Idler, Jacob on July 31, 1819
#X003120 construction of engines generally Philadelphia, PA

Tisdale, Ephraim on July 31, 1819
#X003121 machine for cleaning wheat, etc. from smut Warren County, NY

Brush, John C. on August 19, 1819
#X003122 improvement on close and open fire places Washington, DC

Wilmer, Benjamin on August 20, 1819
#X003123 instrument for measuring heights and distances Baltimore, MD

Bury, Richard on August 21, 1819
#X003124 glass instead of metallic strings for piano fortes Albany, NY

Pettibone, Daniel on August 21, 1819
#X003125 welding cast steel to iron Boston, MA

Fulton, Gardiner on August 21, 1819
#X003126 granulating gun powder Philadelphia, PA

Draper, Simeon on August 26, 1819
#X003127 improvement in mail coaches Brookfield, Worcester County, MA

Geib, George on August 30, 1819
#X003128 teaching music by means of a dumb instrument New York, NY

Pommer, Charles on August 30, 1819
#X003129 producing the swell in keyed instruments Philadelphia, PA

Wood, Jethro on September 1, 1819
#X003130 improvement in the plough Poplar Ridge, Cayuga County, NY

Blanchard, Thomas on September 6, 1819
#X003131 machine for turning gun stocks Middlebury, MA

Tilge, John Heinric on September 23, 1819
#X003132 water proof stiffening for hats Washington, DC

Noyes, David E. on October 14, 1819
#X003133 machine for cutting combs Philadelphia, PA

White, Josiah on October 19, 1819
#X003134 improvement on locks for canals Philadelphia, PA

Foot, Nison on October 28, 1819
#X003135 machine for cutting combs Philadelphia, PA

Haskell, Benjamin on November 3, 1819
#X003136 machine for cutting combs Paris, France

Cummings, Jacob A. on November 3, 1819
#X003137 conveying the true pronunciation of syllables Boston, MA

Russell, William, Jr. on November 8, 1819
#X003138 composition for ships' bottoms New Bedford, MA

Tucker, John on November 10, 1819
#X003139 mode of cleaning streets, roads, etc. New York, NY

Pettibone, Daniel on November 10, 1819
#X003140 casting balls, shot, etc. of lead Philadelphia, PA

Bergen, Cornelius on November 11, 1819
#X003141 improvement in the plough Brooklyn, NY

Isaacs, Moses on November 17, 1819
#X003142 inclined circular plane New York, NY

Pignatelli, John B. on December 2, 1819
#X003143 machine for making paper New York, NY

Willard, Simon on December 8, 1819
#X003144 improvement in clocks Boston, MA

Barton, William on December 13, 1819
#X003145 method of shoeing sledges, sleds, sleighs, etc. New York, NY

Cooper, James on December 14, 1819
#X003146 improvement in the Archimedian screw Augusta County, VA

Kalisky, Frederick on December 14, 1819
#X003147 improvement in the apparatus for distilling Philadelphia, PA

Hotchkiss, Elihu and Jaque, Aaron on December 15, 1819
#X003148 machine for shearing cloth Brattleboro, VT

Hale, John on December 15, 1819
X003149 improvement in the churn Hillsboro, NH

Simmons, Samuel on December 21, 1819
#X003150 rockers for cradles, chairs, etc. Baltimore, MD

Corbett, James on December 21, 1819
#X003151 machine for boring holes in posts Hanover, PA

Greene, Lemuel on December 21, 1819
#X003152 straw cutting machine Green County, GA

Croasdale, Bezaleel on December 21, 1819
#X003153 improvement in making brushes from broom corn Byberry, PA

Crumbacker, Jonas on December 24, 1819
#X003154 improvement in making razor strops Union, Frederick County, MD

Lynar, Anthony on December 24, 1819
#X003155 method of hanging bells New York, NY

Rowand, Thomas on December 24, 1819
#X003156 improvement in the art of hollowing out iron bars Gloucester County, PA

Baker, William on December 31, 1819
#X003157 improvement in the double forcing pump Springfield, Otsego County, NY

Pierson, Jeremiah H. & Simmons, James H. on December 31, 1819
#X003158 improvement in the art of weaving Hempstead, Rockland County, NY

Graves, Robert on December 31, 1819
#X003159 improvement in the gauge plate for making readies for ropes Boston, MA

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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