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Pop Culture Madness!

1817 U.S. Patents

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Power, Thomas on January 7,1817
#X002716 improvement on the kiln for burning lime Hudson, NY

Northrop, Isaac on January 7,1817
#X002717 cutting and heading nails at one operation Oneida County, NY

Rogers, Moses on January 7,1817
#X002718 mode of constructing projecting docks New York, NY

Pumell, William on January 10, 1817
#X002719 horizontal and perpendicular water wheel Giles' County, TN

Baker, James on January 16, 1817
#X002720 eliptic valve pump Charleston, MA

Jennings, Isaiah on January 17, 1817
#X002721 improvement on the cotton gin New York, NY

Jennings, Isaiah on January 17, 1817
#X002722 improvement on the rotary steam engine New York, NY

Ruffner, David & Ruffner, Joseph on January 18, 1817
#X002723 mode of obtaining salt water Kanawha, VA

Hotchkiss, Elihu on January 18, 1817
#X002724 straw cutting machine Battleborough, VT

Davis, Samuel on January 22, 1817
#X002725 floating machine for removing mud Baltimore, MD

Nold, Henry on January 22, 1817
#X002726 machine for raising weights Bucks County, PA

Harper, George on January 22, 1817
#X002727 improvement on the lime kiln Jenkerstown, Pa

Hart, Webb on January 22, 1817
#X002728 mode of applying draught horses to machinery Accomack, VA

Wells, Lewis John Bodvil on January 24, 1817
#X002729 compressing and imprinting colors Philadelphia, PA

Shepherd, Levi on January 25, 1817
#X002730 improvement on fire places Northampton, MA

Cromwell, Charles on January 27, 1817
#X002731 machine for smoothing and glossing ribbons New York, NY

Bigelow, Elisha on January 29, 1817
#X002732 machine for heading nails MA

Tyler, Benjamin and Tyler, John on February 1, 1817
#X002733 improvement in the sythe factory machine Claremont, NH

Tyler, Benjamin & Tyler, John on February 1, 1817
#X002734 improvement in wooden bellows Claremont, NH

Swift, Beriah on February 1, 1817
#X002735 machine for rasping and cutting dye woods Washington, NY

Swain, Albertus on February 1, 1817
#X002736 cast iron cooking stoves Hudson, NY

Griffith, Samuel on February 1, 1817
#X002737 mode of purifying water Ranslear County, NY

Baley, William on February 4, 1817
#X002738 raising water by steam Nelson County, KY

Christman, Daniel W. on February 8, 1817
#X002739 improvement in the pump New York, NY

Ewing, James S. on February 10, 1817
#X002740 apparatus for making mineral waters Philadelphia, PA

Read, Nathan on February 21, 1817
#X002741 rotary steam engine Boston, MA

Read, Nathan on February 22, 1817
#X002742 threshing machine Boston, MA

Langdon, Barnabas on February 22, 1817
#X002743 machine for propelling carriages, boats, etc. Whitehall, NY

Wright, James on February 28, 1817
#X002744 improvement in the spinning wheel Campbell County, KY

Drake, Gideon on February 28, 1817
#X002745 machine for grinding and facing cards Windsor, CT

Hedge, Lemuel on March 3, 1817
#X002746 revolving ruler Windsor, VT

Whitlock, Samuel on March 3, 1817
#X002747 straw and fodder cutting machine VT

Mallory, Meredith on March 3, 1817
#X002748 mode of applying the propelling power of water to machinery Benton, Ontario County, NY

Brown, James on March 3, 1817
#X002749 grammatical key Newark, NJ

Troost, Genet on March 3, 1817
#X002750 mode of making alum from lignite Philadelphia, PA

Mead, John on March 13, 1817
#X002751 convalescent chair Albany, NY

Morey, Samuel on March 13, 1817
#X002752 improvement on the boiler for steam engines Orford, NH

Morey, Samuel on March 13, 1817
#X002753 tide and current water wheel Orford, NH

Mead, John on March 14, 1817
#X002754 accommodation couch Albany, NY

Swope, Jacob on March 14, 1817
#X002755 improvement on the lime kiln Lancaster, PA

Rogers, Abijah on March 14, 1817
#X002756 composition for covering houses Hudson, NY

Pitman, John on March 14, 1817
#X002757 improvement on the "effeminate spinner" for rope yarn Medford, MA

Thomas, Benjamin on March 20, 1817
#X002758 improvement on the water wheel Washington, DC

Starr, Eli and Couch, Nathan on March 20, 1817
#X002759 machine for raising the nap on woollen cloth Sullivan Township, NY

Munger, George on March 20, 1817
#X002760 improvement on window blinds Cambridge, MD

Sullivan, John L. on March 24, 1817
#X002761 submarine propeller Boston, MA

Sullivan, John L. on March 24, 1817
#X002762 application of condensed and compressed air in propelling boats Boston, MA

Sullivan, John L. on March 24, 1817
#X002763 improvement on the steam engine Boston, MA

Mitchell, William on March 26, 1817
#X002764 brickmaking and clay grinding machine Richmond, VA

Lewis, Nathan on March 29, 1817
#X002765 improvement on small spinning wheels Canandiagua, NY

Rucco, Jules on March 29, 1817
#X002766 elexir of life Baltimore, MD

Olney, James on March 29, 1817
#X002767 teazling cloth Westmoreland, NY

Burr, Theodore on April 3, 1817
#X002768 improvement on Rumsey and McComb's water wheel Burr Haven, Dauphin County, PA

Burr, Theodore on April 3, 1817
#X002769 improvement on building bridges Burr Haven, Dauphin County, PA

Detroismonts, Louis D. on April 5, 1817
#X002770 construction of chimneys, stoves, and fire places New York, NY

Simpson, Joseph P. on April 5, 1817
#X002771 improvement on the stove New York, NY

Fountain, David & Fountain, Minor on April 5, 1817
#X002772 improvement on the saw mill Eastern Shore, MD

Cohoon, Thomas and Elliot, William on April 12, 1817
#X002773 improvement on the threshing machine Washington, DC

Pinkney, Israel on April 16, 1817
#X002774 cylindrical boot cleaning machine New York, NY

Bursons, Bishop N. on April 16, 1817
#X002775 machine for knapping woollen cloth New York, NY

Griswold, Ira on April 16, 1817
#X002776 improvement on the water wheel Granby, CT

Haslett, William on April 17, 1817
#X002777 spring vaccinator Baltimore, MD

McCluer, Heman on April 18, 1817
#X002778 improvement on the nail machine Homer, NY

Widdifield, James on April 21, 1817
#X002779 perpetual water wheel Philadelphia, PA

Treadwell, Ephraim on April 26, 1817
#X002780 improvement on stoves Boston, MA

Wall, Richard on April 28, 1817
#X002781 composition for making copy, writing, and drawing books Philadelphia, PA

Nicholson, Thomas on April 29, 1817
#X002782 improvement in pumps Washington, DC

Jordon, John on April 30, 1817
#X002783 improvement in window and door frames Rockbridge County, VA

Scott, Isaac on May 2, 1817
#X002784 metalic single valve pump box Boston, MA

Dearborn, John M. on May 3, 1817
#X002785 improvement in pumps Boston, MA

Webb, Joseph on May 3, 1817
#X002786 rotary dry dock New York, NY

Tilton, William P. on April 6, 1817
#X002787 improvement in pumps Boston, MA

Baker, James on April 9, 1817
#X002788 improvement on his eliptic valve pump box Charleston, MA

Cruttendon, Timothy on May 12, 1817
#X002789 improvement on the spinning wheel New York, NY

Jenkins, Gudley on May 16, 1817
#X002790 machine for cutting brads and sprigs Plymouth County, MA

Beckwith, Josiah on May 16, 1817
#X002791 teazling cloth Lyme, CT

Blanchard, Abel on May 17, 1817
#X002792 trusses for ruptures Pembroke, NH

Leman, Ebenezer on May 23, 1817
#X002793 horizontal circular valve pump spear Boston, MA

Briggs, Samuel on May 28, 1817
#X002794 application fo steam as a moving power to machinery New Orleans, LA

Peacock, David on May 29, 1817
#X002795 improvement on the plough New Mills, NJ

King, Benjamin on May 29, 1817
#X002796 machine for making holes in horizontal plates or bars Washington, DC

Hopkins, Samuel on May 31, 1817
#X002797 preparation of the flour of mustard Philadelphia, PA

Jenks, Ebenezer on June 6, 1817
#X002798 folding paddle for impelling boats Colebrook, CT

Way, Baruch on June 7, 1817
#X002799 boot and shoe maker's work bench Ontario County, NY

Mussey, Thomas on June 10, 1817
#X002800 improvement on his water loom New London, CT

Kello, Joseph & Carter, Joseph on June 10, 1817
#X002801 improvement on the nail machine Philadelphia, PA

Collins, James on June 10, 1817
#X002802 revolving shears for shearing cloth Anson, Somerset County, ME

Young, William on June 10, 1817
#X002803 right and left boot and shoe last Baltimore, MD

Thomas, Thomas G. on June 14, 1817
#X002804 machine for cutting all kinds of combs Philadelphia, PA

Bliss, Jeremiah on June 17, 1817
#X002805 machine for laying out and striking all kinds of sash work Somerset, CT

Jaquith, Josiah on June 26, 1817
#X002806 sawing machine for clap boards, shingles, etc. Sherburn, MA

Richmond, James on June 28, 1817
#X002807 excavating plough for canals Hudson, NY

Smith, Jarvis on July 1, 1817
#X002808 letting water on the flutter wheel Queen's County, NY

Stewart, Adam on July 5, 1817
#X002809 belt or band saw Baltimore, MD

Stewart, Adam on July 5, 1817
#X002810 machine for sawing, veneering, etc. Baltimore, MD

Stewart, Adam on July 5, 1817
#X002811 horizontal or verticle radial saw Baltimore, MD

Webb, Orange on July 5, 1817
#X002812 buckle for suspenders New York, NY

Thayer, Amos on July 7, 1817
#X002813 improvement on the water wheel Albany, NY

Hunt, John on July 12, 1817
#X002814 machine for scraping and sweeping chimneys Baltimore, MD

Hall, Amos G. on July 17, 1817
#X002815 improvement on trusses for ruptures Utica, NY

Herrick, Samuel on July 21, 1817
#X002816 machine for giving motion to saw gates Clermont County, OH

Lupton, John on July 31, 1817
#X002817 angular plough VA

Rogers, Solomon A. on July 31, 1817
#X002818 improvement on Dearborn's patent balance Geneva, NY

Helme, John C. on August 1, 1817
#X002819 improvement in pumps and pump boxes Newport, RI

Darmand, Charles on August 7, 1817
#X002820 hydraulic machine Georgetown, DC

Carver, James on August 8, 1817
#X002821 veterinary ventilated bath Philadelphia, PA

Franklin, H.P. and Winsor, William B. on August 8, 1817
#X002822 mode of preparing yarn for weaving Providence, RI

Dow, Phinehas & Treadwell, Daniel on August 8, 1817
#X002823 improvement in their screw machine Boston, MA

Andrews, John on August 11, 1817
#X002824 machine for cutting wooden and metal screws Dinwiddie County, VA

Andrews, John on August 11, 1817
#X002825 vertical axes, steps, or ink and gudgeon Dinwiddie County, VA

Remington, Eliphelit on August 13, 1817
#X002826 improvement on cloth shearing machines Frankfort, Herkimer County, NY

Ayers, William and Gay, Herman on August 13, 1817
#X002827 straw cutting machine Windsor, VT

Seaman, Cornelius on August 15, 1817
#X002828 head oar for steering Washington County, MD

Salisbury, William on August 16, 1817
#X002829 constructing fire places Derby, VT

Richardson, R. B. on August 22, 1817
#X002830 making Japanned bellows Philadelphia, PA

Kendan, Jonas on August 22, 1817
#X002831 bleaching cotton and linen yarn Leominster, MA

Smith, Silas on August 23, 1817
#X002832 improvement on the threshing machine Albany, NY

Heavin, John on August 27, 1817
#X002833 improvement on the steam engine VA

Aveilhe, Jean Baptiste on August 28, 1817
#X002834 improvement on the sugar mill New York, NY

Cerneau, Joseph on August 28, 1817
#X002835 propelling vessels by pendulum power New York, NY

Laighton, Luke M. on September 1, 1817
#X002836 improvement on pumps Portsmouth, NH

Strowhuver, G. and Sanxay, Fred on September 1, 1817
#X002837 hand ruling machine Cincinnati, OH

Noyes, David E. on September 6, 1817
#X002838 machine for twining horn and tortoise shell combs Philadelphia, PA

Giraud, John James on September 9, 1817
#X002839 grand anti-bilious and depurative gurider Baltimore, MD

Hilyard, Ebenezer on September 10, 1817
#X002840 improvement in sinking wells Philadelphia, PA

Edwards, William on September 11, 1817
#X002841 improved box with anti-friction rollers Baltimore, MD

Durand, J. P. on October on March 1817
#X002842 mode of propelling vessels by animal power New York, NY

Findley, Samuel & Morse, Breese and Morse, Sidney Edward on October 3, 1817
#X002843 raising and forcing water and other fluids Charleston, MA

DeGrandval, Henry G. on October 3, 1817
#X002844 carriage life preserver Portsmouth, NH

Black, Alexander on October 3, 1817
#X002845 improvement on lamps Barnstable, MA

Rogers, Samuel & Blanchard, Thomas on October 3, 1817
#X002846 machine for manufacturing tacks and brads Boston, MA

Green, James on October 3, 1817
#X002847 nut boring bit for boring gun barrels Harper's Ferry, VA

Cummings, Benjamin on October 3, 1817
#X002848 improvement in the loom Townsend, MA

Geib, John on October 3, 1817
#X002849 improvement on the piano forte New York, NY

Purdy, Jeremiah on October 4, 1817
#X002850 sap bucket Cherburne, Chenango County, NY

Mott, Edward on October 4, 1817
#X002851 anti-attrition compound Philadelphia, PA

Brainard, Jeremiah on October 4, 1817
#X002852 improvement on his rising gate and fawcet gate Oneida County, NY

Child, Lewis on October 4, 1817
#X002853 metalic projecting letters and figures New York, NY

Hale, Benjamin on October 4, 1817
#X002854 improvement in carriages Newburyport, MA

Eagleson, Wilkinson R. on October 4, 1817
#X002855 improvement in setting natural and artificial teeth Baltimore, MD

Sargent, Charles Lenox on October 4, 1817
#X002856 improvement in making and laying cordage Suffolk, MA

Shephard, Caleb on October 4, 1817
#X002857 improvement in boiling Cicinnatus, NY

Spencer, Thomas on October 10, 1817
#X002858 improvement in pump, being a folding paddle Boston, MA

Hagner, George F. on October 13, 1817
#X002859 improvement in manufacturing verdegris Philadelphia, PA

Hagner, George F. on October 13, 1817
#X002860 improvement in manufacturing white lead Philadelphia, PA

Richardson, Israel J. on October 13, 1817
#X002861 improvement in the steam engine Geneva, NY

Isaacs, Moses and Wilbank, John on October 14, 1817
#X002862 horizontal inclined wheel moved by animal weight Philadelphia, PA

Bazen, Stephen & Bazen, James A. on October 17, 1817
#X002863 machine for manufacturing all kinds of cordage Canton, MA

Witherle, Joshua on October 24, 1817
#X002864 making pewter candlesticks Boston, MA

Waters, Asa on October 25, 1817
#X002865 mode of manufacturing gun barrels Millbury, MA

Purcell, William on November 1, 1817
#X002866 improvement in pumps New York, NY

Mead, Nathan and Cutel, Jonathan on November 3, 1817
#X002867 mortising machine Walpole, NH

Utley, Joseph on November 5, 1817
#X002868 remedy for toothache Hartford, CT

Lee, Martin on November 6, 1817
#X002869 improvement in the process of milling, fulling cloths Otsego, NY

Grant, John on November 11, 1817
#X002870 cement to be used under water Saratoga, NY

Hall, Everard on November 14, 1817
#X002871 improvement in the manufacture of salt Princess Ann, VA

Yeamans, Royal on November 20, 1817
#X002872 improvement in steam boilers Baltimore, MD

Hall, Francis on November 28, 1817
#X002873 lint loom Charleston, MA

Phoebus, William on November 28, 1817
#X002874 collecting, regulating, and retaining heat in stoves New York, NY

Ruckles, William on November 28, 1817
#X002875 water proof stiffening for fur and wool hats Baltimore, MD

Brayton, Arnold & Green, H.C. on December 5, 1817
#X002876 straw cutting machine Cheshire, MA

Rice, John on December 6, 1817
#X002877 improvement in stove, fire place, and oven Hartland, VT

Hoyt, Thomas Rowell on December 6, 1817
#X002878 elastic clamp for shoemakers Goffstown, NH

Olney, Anthony on December 11, 1817
#X002879 propelling boats by wheels by animal power Canton, MA

Morey, Samuel on December 11, 1817
#X002880 American water burner Orford, NH

Paine, Ephraim on December 11, 1817
#X002881 machine for extinguishing fires and sweeping chimneys Philadelphia, PA

Read, Nathan on December 23, 1817
#X002882 threshing machine for threshing small grain Belfast, ME

Allen, Andrew on December 26, 1817
#X002883 improvement in the art of gilding, silvering on leather New York, NY

Maxwell, Hugh on December 26, 1817
#X002884 rollers for distributing the, on printer's types Lancaster, PA

Saltonstall, Gurdon F. on December 31, 1817
#X002885 cotton hopper for cleaning cotton Fayetteville, NC

Hall, Moses on December 31, 1817
#X002886 machine for finishing and dicing morocco Charleston, MA

Otis, Melville on December 31, 1817
#X002887 machine for cutting and heading nails Boston, MA

Hall, Aaron and Hall, John on December 31, 1817
#X002888 removing spots from silken and woollen goods Boston, MA

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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