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1816 U.S. Patents

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Ormsby, John & Cohoon, Thomas on January 4, 1816
#X002415 improvement in the mill for grinding Washington, DC

Kendall, Jonas on January 4, 1816
#X002416 preventing the canker worm in trees Leominster, MA

Randall, Samuel on January 4, 1816
#X002417 printing books Warren, RI

Cohoon, Thomas on January 5, 1816
#X002418 saw mills Washington, DC

Lloyd, David on May 7,1816
#X002419 pneumatic machine Cambria County, PA

White, Joseph on January 15, 1816
#X002420 stills Baltimore, MD

Cornell, Alvan and Cornell, Hiram K. on January 15, 1816
#X002421 churn Cambridge, NY

Demund, Joseph and Demund, Stinson on January 17, 1816
#X002422 making spirits from corn and corn cobs, NJ

Christie, Joseph A. on January 24, 1816
#X002423 carding and raising a nap on woollen cloths Elizabethtown, NJ

Pearson, David on January 24, 1816
#X002424 maintaining power applied on board ship Newbury, MA

Biglow, Joseph on January 25, 1816
#X002425 improvement on Townsend's cheese press Mountpelier, VT

Schultz, William on January 26, 1816
#X002426 boiler of steam engines New York, NY

Moser, Joseph on January 26, 1816
#X002427 cure of syphilis Philadelphia, PA

Burrall, Edward on January 31, 1816
#X002428 mode of applying spare heat of a blast furnace to steam engines Canaan, CT

Seebold, Christopher on February 1, 1816
#X002429 washing machine New Berlin, PA

Lewis, William J. on February 1, 1816
#X002430 manufacturing salt, unknown

Mason, Joseph on February 8, 1816
#X002431 Columbian sock Cunnington, MA

Porter, David on February 8, 1816
#X002432 boats to be worked, power of quadrupeds Washington, DC

DuCommun, Joseph on February 10, 1816
#X002433 apparatus and process for filtering water New York, NY

Kelly, Hezekiah on February 16, 1816
#X002434 application of steam in distillation Brooklyn, NY

Elder, John on February 16, 1816
#X002435 saw mill for die wood Hamilton, MA

Ellicot, Thomas on February 17, 1816
#X002436 mill for hulling, grinding, sifting grain, etc, PA

Smith, Daniel A. on February 23, 1816
#X002437 perpetual weavers tenters or temples Townsend, MA

Tabb, George on February 23, 1816
#X002438 frame bridges Martinsburg, VA

Eells, Samuel on February 24, 1816
#X002439 making furred boots and shoes CT

Hayes, Henry on February 24, 1816
#X002440 machine for cutting and heading nails Philadelphia, PA

Bonnel, Silvanus on February 28, 1816
#X002441 shaving veneers of mahogany New York, NY

Webster, George on February 28, 1816
#X002442 casting moveable types New York, NY

Adams, William on March 1, 1816
#X002443 fan for cleansing wheat, VA

Woodruff, Samuel H. & Matthews, Anson on March 1, 1816
#X002444 composition for making wire eyed buttons, CT

Bean, Elisha on March 4, 1816
#X002445 corn dressing plough, MA

Price, William on March 4, 1816
#X002446 making glass, PA

Green, John, Sr. on March 5, 1816
#X002447 overshot water wheel, VA

Robinson, Elihu on March 6, 1816
#X002448 spool frame Augusta, MA

Morris, John on March 7, 1816
#X002449 block tin stop cock New Haven, CT

Willson, James on March 9, 1816
#X002450 Franklin stove Poughkeepsie, NY

Moody, Paul on March 9, 1816
#X002451 winding yarn from bobbins or spools Boston, MA

Weaver, Samuel on March 11, 1816
#X002452 wheat fan Frederick County, MD

Drake, Gideon on March 14, 1816
#X002453 shoemaker Windsor, CT

Stevens, John on March 14, 1816
#X002454 improvement in the steam engine Hoboken, NJ

Russel, Frederick A. on March 14, 1816
#X002455 cutting and heading nails Georgetown, DC

Brewster, Samuel on March 15, 1816
#X002456 improvement in mills Middlesex, NJ

Stevens, John on March 16, 1816
#X002457 using sliders instead of valves in working steam engines Hoboken, NJ

Omitted on March 16, 1816
#X002458 through #X002557

Mead, John on March 18, 1816
#X002558 reclining valetudinary cot, chair, etc. Albany, NY

Fuller, Jacob on March 19, 1816
#X002559 machine for shelling Indian corn Rockland, VA

Raymond, George B. on March 26, 1816
#X002560 carpenter's sliding dovetail joint, unknown

Rand, Ebenezer on March 27, 1816
#X002561 construction of chimneys, fire places, etc. Hudson, NY

Sperry, Ely on March 28, 1816
#X002562 manufacturing combs New Haven, CT

Hall, Philander on April 2, 1816
#X002563 swinging false keel, unknown

Edwards, William on April 3, 1816
#X002564 tanning Northampton, MA

Black, Alexander on April 4, 1816
#X002565 apparatus for boiling and making salt Barnstable, MA

Hotchkiss, Elihu on April 8, 1816
#X002566 threshing and fanning machine Brattleborough, Windham County, VT

Elder, John on April 11, 1816
#X002567 saw mill for die woods, unknown

Sandford, Elias B. on April 11, 1816
#X002568 spinning wheel Newtown, CT

Tatham, William on April 18, 1816
#X002569 propelling boats, etc. by steam Washington, DC

Whips, John on April 22, 1816
#X002570 distilling and rectifying Jefferson County, KY

French, Daniel on April 23, 1816
#X002571 turning buttons Bridgeport, PA

Kugler, Benjamin on April 23, 1816
#X002572 making carburated hydrogen gas Philadelphia, PA

Sargeant, John on April 23, 1816
#X002573 reconductor Vernon, NY

Trumball, Shadrach on April 23, 1816
#X002574 spring bolt for windows, doors, etc. Suffield, CT

Osborn, Horace and Fraser, William L. on April 25, 1816
#X002575 shearing cloth, unknown

Verjon, Bernard Edme on April 26, 1816
#X002576 purifying and refining sugar Washington, DC

Dalmas, Charles on April 26, 1816
#X002577 granulating gunpowder Wilmington, DE

Latting, Jacob on April 26, 1816
#X002578 manufacturing pot and pearl ash New York, NY

Honeywells, Israel on April 27, 1816
#X002579 cleansing grain Hillsdale, NY

Bryant, William on April 29, 1816
#X002580 roving machine for cotton Davidson County, TN

Erving, John on April 30, 1816
#X002581 improvement in the churn Boston, MA

Beard, David on April 30, 1816
#X002582 improvement on Cutter's fur cutting machine Guildford, NC

Derby, Joseph H. on April 30, 1816
#X002583 stamping engravings on horn and turtle shell Worcester, MA

Price, William on April 30, 1816
#X002584 composition of glass Pittsburgh, PA

Batchelor, William on May 2, 1816
#X002585 boxes and axeltrees for carts, wagons, etc. New York, NY

Hoxie, Christopher on May 3, 1816
#X002586 cooking and other stoves Hudson, NY

Start, William on May 3, 1816
#X002587 danger 'scape to disengage horses from carriages Greensborough, MD

Talbot, Sylvester W. on May 4, 1816
#X002588 plaiting ruffles Dedham, Norfolk County, MA

Lee, David on April 6, 1816
#X002589 wheel head Guildford, CT

Reich, John & Star, Edward on May 11, 1816
#X002590 mark of opacity in paper Philadelphia, PA

Burt, Enoch on May 12, 1816
#X002591 steam engine Elizabethtown, NJ

Kelly, Hezekiah on May 17, 1816
#X002592 extracting spirits of turpentine by steam Brooklyn, NY

Beatty, Leonard on May 17, 1816
#X002593 machine for washing in breweries, unknown

Paddleford, Peter on May 18, 1816
#X002594 spinning wool and cotton Lyman, NH

Elliot, Moses on May 18, 1816
#X002595 tub winnowing mill Concord, NH

Robeson, Joseph on May 22, 1816
#X002596 heating pulp in vats for paper Montgomery, PA

Merritt, Oliver on May 22, 1816
#X002597 sawing shingles Berkhemsted, CT

Klasson, Charles on May 22, 1816
#X002598 spring saddle Baltimore, MD

Benton, Caleb and Benton, William A. on May 22, 1816
#X002599 wheel for dressing flax or hemp Amenia, NY

Smith, John D. on May 24, 1816
#X002600 shearing cloth Fredericktown, MD

Weston, Nathan on May 24, 1816
#X002601 manufacturing cemented hats Reading, MA

Curtis, Philo Clinton on May 28, 1816
#X002602 water loom Paris, NY

Dalie, Silas on May 28, 1816
#X002603 horizontal water wheel Cumberland, MA

Littleboy, Maulby John on May 28, 1816
#X002604 cutting comb teeth Philadelphia, PA

Beard, David on May 28, 1816
#X002605 blocking hats Guildford, NC

Beecher, Benjamin D. on May 30, 1816
#X002606 fanning mill for cleaning wheat New Haven, CT

Cory, Eliakim on May 30, 1816
#X002607 stove Milton, NY

Draper, Ira on June 7, 1816
#X002608 improvement in weaving Weston, MA

Worrall, Henry on June 12, 1816
#X002609 moulding and casting the sheaves of pulley blocks New York, NY

Terry, Eli on June 12, 1816
#X002610 thirty hour brass and wooden clocks Litchfield County, CT

Goodsell, Namen on June 13, 1816
#X002611 distilling apparatus Paris, Oneida County, NY

Norton, John on June 13, 1816
#X002612 manufacturing and polishing wooden button moulds Southington, Hartford County, CT

Rudd, Stephen on June 14, 1816
#X002613 propelling vessels in a calm New York, NY

Weaver, William I. on June 14, 1816
#X002614 eagle chair New York, NY

Hawkins, Joseph on June 14, 1816
#X002615 generating steam New York, NY

Richardson, William on June 15, 1816
#X002616 distillation Kingston, NY

Stevens, Montgomery on June 17, 1816
#X002617 improvement in stills New York, NY

Dearborn, Benjamin on June 20, 1816
#X002618 alternate lift for bricks and mortar Boston, MA

Pullen, Thomas on June 20, 1816
#X002619 breaking flax and hemp Lexington, KY

Scammon, Edward B. on June 20, 1816
#X002620 improvement in the pump Scipio, NY

Mitchell, William on June 24, 1816
#X002621 making bricks Henrico, VA

Burt, Enoch on June 25, 1816
#X002622 steam engine Elizabethtown, NJ

Judkins, William on June 26, 1816
#X002623 ointment for various uses Smithfield, OH

Reeve, Mark on June 26, 1816
#X002624 cutting and heading nails Philadelphia, PA

Reeve, Mark on June 27, 1816
#X002625 improvement in the nail machine Philadelphia, PA

Kurtz, Andrew on June 28, 1816
#X002626 manufacturing charcoal Philadelphia, PA

Flag, Calvin & Wright, Obed on June 29, 1816
#X002627 spooling, winding, and bobbing machine Hudson, NY

VanSicler, John F. on July 3, 1816
#X002628 improvement in the Franklin stove Poughkeepsie, NY

Wilkinson, Jeptha A. on July 3, 1816
#X002629 manufacturing weavers' reeds Otsego, NY

Talmage, Ezra on July 8, 1816
#X002630 distilling Lancaster, KY

Martin, Moses on July 8, 1816
#X002631 propelling boats by power of weights Woodbridge, NJ

Charters, George on July 8, 1816
#X002632 improvement in the piano forte New York, NY

Barker, Ephraim and Hall, John & Hall, Aaron on July 12, 1816
#X002633 cylindrical steam press Boston, MA

Curtis, Lemuel on July 12, 1816
#X002634 improvement in the Wellard patent time piece Concord, MA

Hickingbottom, William on July 12, 1816
#X002635 preparing flax and hemp without rotting by water New York, NY

Parmele, Samuel on July 15, 1816
#X002636 machine for cutting, twining, etc. Shell and horn combs Saybrook, CT

Brewster, Abel on July 15, 1816
#X002637 usse of types in guarding banks notes against forgery Hartford, CT

Andrews, James on July 15, 1816
#X002638 apparatus for preparing quercitron bark Philadelphia, PA

Walworth, Thomas P. on July 15, 1816
#X002639 apparatus for moulding bushes or coggs for sheaves Patterson, NJ

Fisher, Schuyler on July 15, 1816
#X002640 hatter's plank kettle Herkimer County, NY

Blood, Amos on July 16, 1816
#X002641 distilling apparatus Boston, MA

L'Hommedieu, Ezra on July 17, 1816
#X002642 screw auger, called the single twist auger Norwich, CT

Barron, James on July 18, 1816
#X002643 improvement in the windmill Elizabeth City, VA

Bowne, Rodman on July 18, 1816
#X002644 propelling boats by horses, mules, etc. New York, NY

Britz, Adam on July 18, 1816
#X002645 machine for beating, bruising, cutting substances Philadelphia, PA

Wheeler, Zaccheus on July 18, 1816
#X002646 improvement in the spinning machine Richmond, NH

Carberry, Henry and Tatham, William on July 19, 1816
#X002647 construction of pontoons Washington, DC

Jones, Nathan on July 23, 1816
#X002648 pulverator for reducing ligneous substances to powder Boston, MA

Jackson, Robert on July 23, 1816
#X002649 improvement in the loom Attleborough, PA

Shephard, Silas & Thorp, John on July 25, 1816
#X002650 upright power loom Taunton, MA

Heath, David on July 26, 1816
#X002651 evaporator and steam engine Philadelphia, PA

Bills, Artemas on July 29, 1816
#X002652 improvement in the churn Baltimore, MD

Andrus, James on July 30, 1816
#X002653 cure of cancers Hillsborough, NH

Reed, Jesse on August 1, 1816
#X002654 machine for making tacks Hanover, MA

Johnson, Luke on August 6, 1816
#X002655 machine for drawing a plough Leominster, MA

Goodrich, William on August 20, 1816
#X002656 improvement in making hats Philadelphia, PA

Biemler, Frederick on August 22, 1816
#X002657 mode of greasing the axletrees of carriages New York, NY

Hilton, John on August 22, 1816
#X002658 improvement in the steam engine Somerset, ME

Webb, Benjamin on August 22, 1816
#X002659 improvement in the churn Tolland, CT

Porter, Aaron on August 22, 1816
#X002660 stocking loom Queensbury, NY

Edwards, John on August 22, 1816
#X002661 imprinting and forming colored figures on hard substances New York, NY

Sprinkel, Jacob on August 23, 1816
#X002662 machine for spinning cotton and wool Wythe, VA

Henry, Lewis on August 24, 1816
#X002663 machine for ruling paper Bellows Falls, VT

Chapman, Samuel on August 30, 1816
#X002664 improvement in the loom Otsego,NY

Power, Thomas and Power, Isaac on August 31, 1816
#X002665 improvement in stoves Hudson, NY

Newhall, Timothy, Jr. on September 7, 1816
#X002666 cutting and heading nails Essex County, MA

Liebenau, Henry F. on September 7, 1816
#X002667 improvement in stoves New York, NY

Owings, John on September 9, 1816
#X002668 floating wheel Baltimore, MD

Treadwell, Ephraim on September 12, 1816
#X002669 air conducting bricks for stoves Essex County, MA

Annesley, William on September 12, 1816
#X002670 mode of building boats and sea vessels New York, NY

Barnett, Joseph on September 14, 1816
#X002671 improvement in suspenders Philadelphia, PA

Chandler, Stephen on September 20, 1816
#X002672 making rims for thimbles on the same body New York, NY

Ellicott, George on September 20, 1816
#X002673 rolling bar iron edgewise Baltimore, MD

Azam, Pierre on September 24, 1816
#X002674 manufacturing elastic boots and shoes Baltimore, MD

Potter, Bradford A. on September 26, 1816
#X002675 improvement in tanning Manlius, NY

Richardson, Israel J. on September 26, 1816
#X002676 floating valve wheel Geneva, NY

Richardson, William on September 26, 1816
#X002677 making cider and vinegar from the offals of a distillery Kingston, NY

Keen, Joseph S. on October 1, 1816
#X002678 double stave and parallel jointer Philadelphia, PA

Bailey, Francis on October 9,1816
#X002679 ornamentings, gildings, etc. with types Philadelphia, PA

Brown, Peter A. on October 9, 1816
#X002680 improvement in a piston Philadelphia, PA

Josselyn, Charles on October 9, 1816
#X002681 improvement in an anvil and hammer Pembroke, MA

Thorp, John & Shepard, Silas on October 14, 1816
#X002682 socket bobbin winder Taunton, MA

Bowhay, William on October 14, 1816
#X002683 coguing or dowelling instrument Philadelphia, PA

Robinson, Joseph Best on October 14, 1816
#X002684 inclined horse wheel Cincinnati, OH

Richardson, Jacob on October 16, 1816
#X002685 machine for spinning wool and cotton, and for quilling Scipio, NY

Cleaveland, Josiah on October 22, 1816
#X002686 tide mill St. Mary's, MD

Cromwell, John on October 23, 1816
#X002687 double plough Roystertown, MD

Fairlamb, Samuel on October 24, 1816
#X002688 improvement in the steam engine Marietta, OH

Shillideay, Caleb and McCaslon, George on October 24, 1816
#X002689 spinning and reeling machine Shelbyville, KY

Thacher, David on October 24, 1816
#X002690 plan of erecting salt works Tuckerton, NJ

Ives, Ira on October 25, 1816
#X002691 improvement in the tinder box Farrington, CT

Merrill, Mervin on October 25, 1816
#X002692 preparing moulds for refining sugar New York, NY

Balch, Israel & Carter, Moses on October 26, 1816
#X002693 metalic flexible catheter Salisbury, MA

Farrington, Elijah on October 26, 1816
#X002694 manufacturing posts for sitting chairs New York, NY

Farrington, Elijah on October 29, 1816
#X002695 improvement in making seats or chair bottoms New York, NY

Hanks, Benjamin on November 4,1816
#X002696 moulding and casting bells Albany, NY

Rumsey, James (executor, Edward Rumsey) on November 15, 1816
#X002697 improvements on steam boilers and steam engines, KY

Rumsey, James (executor, Edward Rumsey) on November 15, 1816
#X002698 improvements in wheels and other machinery operated on by steam, KY

Rumsey, Edward on November 15, 1816
#X002699 improvements in the steam engine, applicable to navigation and other purposes, KY

Cruse, Englehart on November 18, 1816
#X002700 cotton gin for separating the seed from cotton Charleston, SC

Edwards, John on November 19, 1816
#X002701 improvement in the manufacture of scale beams New York, NY

Broadway, Abel on November 25, 1816
#X002702 improvement in the churn Monson, MA

Sullivan, John S. on December 4, 1816
#X002703 steam tow boats Boston, MA

Martial, Benjamin and Johnson, Dearborn on December 7, 1816
#X002704 fur cutting and cloth shearing machine Concord, NH

Adamson, John on December 13, 1816
#X002705 floating dry dock Boston, MA

Tucker, James on December 13, 1816
#X002706 machine for clearing the bottoms of rivers Baltimore, MD

Ricketson, Humphrey on December 13, 1816
#X002707 steam boiler New York, NY

Cornwell, William on December 14, 1816
#X002708 improvement in the horse mill Accomak, VA

Lothian, George B. on December 18, 1816
#X002709 type moulds New York, NY

Rogers, George on December 18, 1816
#X002710 rarefied chimney stoves Northampton, MA

Brown, Thomas on December 20, 1816
#X002711 improvement in the construction of the electrica apparatus Albany, NY

Gilpin, Thomas on December 24, 1816
#X002712 improvements in making paper by machinery Philadelphia, PA

Martin, Anthony B. on December 26, 1816
#X002713 improvement in stoves Hagerstown, MD

Newhall, Timothy, Jr. on December 26, 1816
#X002714 double ruling machine Lynn, MA

Putnam, Elisha on December 31, 1816
#X002715 mode of preventing the waste of water in conduit pipes Albany, NY

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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