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1815 U.S. Patents

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Meriam, Lauren on January 4, 1815
#X002248 lathe for turning and polishing soft metal and composition buttons New Haven, CT

Lyon, Joseph on January 5, 1815
#X002249 apparatus for and mode of packing ground bark and other articles Philadelphia, PA

Yeamans, Royal on January 9, 1815
#X002250 boiler for generating steam Baltimore, MD

Squire, William on January 17, 1815
#X002251 warp suspender loom New York, NY

Brown, Enos on January 23, 1815
#X002252 generating steam for distilling Oneida County, NY

Hackley, Philo M. on January 23, 1815
#X002253 boiler and furnace united Herkimer, NY

Wells, John I. on January 24, 1815
#X002254 hanging carriages and also in placing steps by the sides Hartford, CT

Davis, William on January 24, 1815
#X002255 machine for cleaning wheat and other grain and seeds Fairfield, CT

Morgan, Elisha on January 24, 1815
#X002256 saw mills Clinton County, NY

Arnold, Samuel on January 25, 1815
#X002257 machine for cleaning clover seed Bottetort, VA

Miller, Thomas, Jr. on January 25, 1815
#X002258 mode of making brown paint Madison County, NY

Rittal, Francis on January 28, 1815
#X002259 tide mill Lincoln, MA

Gillespie, Robert on January 31, 1815
#X002260 stills Seneca, NY

Jackson, William on February 2, 1815
#X002261 machine for cutting fur from peltry Burlington, NJ

Jackson, William on February 2, 1815
#X002262 machine for pulling fur from peltry Burlington, NJ

Tousley, Sylvanus on February 7, 1815
#X002263 cast iron sleigh shoes on wrought iron rods or tongues Manlius, Onondaga County, NY

Witherle, Joshua on February 9, 1815
#X002264 making and cutting the screw or thread of wood screws and other screws by means of circular cutters Boston, MA

Burk, Aaron on February 11, 1815
#X002265 manufacturing tin plates New York, NY

Weston, Thomas on February 13, 1815
#X002266 still boiler and worm Peacham, VT

Phinney, Zina on February 16, 1815
#X002267 machine for shelling corn, threshing wheat, and dressing flax Cairo, Greene County, NY

Blydenburgh, Samuel & Healy, Hezekiah on February 20, 1815
#X002268 loom for weaving by water, steam, or other power Worcester, Worcester County, MA

Quin, Henry on February 21, 1815
#X002269 saw mills Huntington, NJ

Worsley, Joseph on February 21, 1815
#X002270 granulating gunpowder Berne, Albany County, NY

Lovell, F.C. and Jackson, P.T. on February 23, 1815
#X002271 looms Boston, MA

Brown, John on February 24, 1815
#X002272 family spinner Providence, RI

Oswan, Frederick on February 25, 1815
#X002273 guns and rifles Harper's Ferry, VA

Stowell, Ebenezer on February 28, 1815
#X002274 weaving, spooling, and winding Middlebury, Adderson County, VT

Morris, John on March 1, 1815
#X002275 stop cock New Haven, CT

Pettibone, Ozias on March 1, 1815
#X002276 cider mill and press Hartford, CT

Snow, Sullivan on March 2, 1815
#X002277 tables Saco, ME

Tomlinson, Peter on March 7, 1815
#X002278 furnaces and fire places for heating, boiling, and evaporating water and other liquids Derby, New Haven County, CT

Otis, Bass on March 14, 1815
#X002279 perspective protractor Philadelphia, PA

Smallman, James on March 27, 1815
#X002280 double air and water pump Philadelphia, PA

Cooper, Peter on March 27, 1815
#X002281 cradle Hempstead, Queen County, NY

Siddall, Thomas on March 27, 1815
#X002282 warping machine Germantown, PA

Richards, Lemuel M. on March 30, 1815
#X002283 boiler or steam generator Cazenova, Madison County, NY

Mason, John on March 30, 1815
#X002284 machine for cutting and heading all kinds of metal screws, unknown

Jackson, James on April 1, 1815
#X002285 application of hat trimmings in making mockasons Burlington, NJ

Allen, Simeon on April 1, 1815
#X002286 cutting horn or tortoise shell for combs, unknown

Kello, Joseph on April 1, 1815
#X002287 machinery by which constant, uniform, and steady motion is produced from the application of varying and irregular power New York, NY

Lovett, George on April 1, 1815
#X002288 mode of preserving timber from being injured by worms under water New York, NY

Stiles, George on April 4, 1815
#X002289 floating battery or steam ship Baltimore, MD

Barnum, T.S. & Smith, E. on April 4, 1815
#X002290 machine for knapping cloth Litchfield, CT

Lawrence, William on April 12, 1815
#X002291 old pin lathe for turning wire-eyed buttons Meriden, New Haven County, CT

Collins, John B. on April 12, 1815
#X002292 improvement in the old single jointed pewter button mould for casting wire-eyed buttons Meriden, New Haven County, CT

Nichols, Jonathan, Jr. on April 12, 1815
#X002293 preparing colors with lime Broadalbin, Montgomery County, NY

James, William T. on April 26, 1815
#X002294 stoves Union Village, Washington County, NY

Peck, George on April 26, 1815
#X002295 water wheels White's Town, Oneida County, NY

Janes, Walter and Bolles, David on April 26, 1815
#X002296 metallic heddles or harnesses for weaving Ashford, Windham County, CT

Postley, Charles on April 26, 1815
#X002297 stoves New York, NY

Wilbor, Borden on April 26, 1815
#X002298 steam engine White's Town, Oneida County, NY

Mathews, Anson on April 26, 1815
#X002299 manufacturing button moulds of wood Southington, Hartford County, CT

Smith, John on April 28, 1815
#X002300 gathering clover seed Frederickburgh, VA

Kneass, John on April 28, 1815
#X002301 printing on the back or reverse face of bank notes to prevent counterfeits, unknow

Stillman, William on April 28, 1815
#X002302 shears for shearing cloth Westerly, RI

Smith, Joseph on April 29, 1815
#X002303 body of stages and other carriages Lancaster, PA

Hatch, John on May 1, 1815
#X002304 machinery for cutting files Dedham, Norfolk County, MA

Warner, Thomas on May 11, 1815
#X002305 threshing machine Genesee, NY

Lane, Aaron on May 11, 1815
#X002306 stoves, unknown

Harris, Charles on May 15, 1815
#X002307 iron back log for warming rooms Boston, MA

Lane, Joshua on May 15, 1815
#X002308 washing machine Homer, Courtland County, NY

Lane, Joshua on May 15, 1815
#X002309 churns Homer, Courtland County, NY

Gale, Luther on May 16, 1815
#X002310 bark mill Lenox, Berkshire County, MA

Danielson, Asa on May 16, 1815
#X002311 fulling mill Otsego, NY

Danielson, Asa on May 16, 1815
#X002312 using water on wheels successively Otsego, NY

Brownell, Joseph on May 16, 1815
#X002313 augur Otsego, NY

Colden, Cadwallader D. on May 19, 1815
#X002314 mechanics, being the application of the hydrostatic paradox to move machinery New York, NY

Atchison, William on May 23, 1815
#X002315 open backed spring box boot New York, NY

Puffer, Timothy on May 23, 1815
#X002316 pressing machine Paris, Oneida County, NY

Smith, Silas on May 23, 1815
#X002317 making whiskey Genesee, NY

Jelleffs, Joseph on May 24, 1815
#X002318 looms Butternuts, Otsego County, NY

Jillson, Asa on May 27, 1815
#X002319 spindle for spinning Dorchester, Norfolk County, MA

Duncan, William & Davidson, John on May 29, 1815
#X002320 raising the knap of cloth Acworth, Chester County, NH

Cooper, Charles and Shalk, George on May 31, 1815
#X002321 loom Lebannon, PA

Colden, Cadwallader D. on June 2, 1815
#X002322 means of applying the principles of the hydrostatic paradox to the principles which govern the pressure of fluids New York, NY

Manny, Gabriel on June 8, 1815
#X002323 improvement in propelling boats Montgomery, Amsterdam County, NY

Bezeau, William on June 13, 1815
#X002324 brewing spruce beer Philadelphia, PA

Wood, James on June 19, 1815
#X002325 horizontal water wheel Mountpleasant, Westchester County, NY

Elgar, Nathan on June 19, 1815
#X002326 nail machine York, PA

Lies, Bennet on June 20, 1815
#X002327 sea pedrometer New York, NY

Lies, Bennet on June 20, 1815
#X002328 rocking or lever boat New York, NY

Lies, Bennet on June 20, 1815
#X002329 conflagration ladder New York, NY

Elgar, John on June 21, 1815
#X002330 nail machine York, PA

Pomroy, Thomas M. & Hedge, Lemuel on June 21, 1815
#X002331 spring pen ruler Windsor, Windsor County, VT

Reynolds, Jonathan on June 24, 1815
#X002332 machine for cutting tenons in carriage wheels Dutchess, NY

Reynolds, Jonathan on June 24, 1815
#X002333 wind and water wheel Dutchess, NY

Boyden, Seth, Jr. on June 27, 1815
#X002334 machine for cutting brads Boston, MA

Mesteyer, Benjamin on June 28, 1815
#X002335 staining and printing paper, cloth, etc. New York, NY

Newberry, Josiah W. on June 28, 1815
#X002336 application of water power for working mills Luzerne, PA

Tanner, Henry S. on July 1, 1815
#X002337 etching the end pieces of bank notes Philadelphia, PA

Meere, John on July 1, 1815
#X002338 graphic plates for bank notes Philadelphia, PA

Morey, Samuel on July 14, 1815
#X002339 steam engine Boston, MA

Jillson, Asa on July 17, 1815
#X002340 applying the water to water wheels Roxbury, near Boston, MA

Tisdall, Ephraim on July 17, 1815
#X002341 bushing screen for cleaning grain Windham, CT

Tiffany, William and Allen, Phineas on July 17, 1815
#X002342 carding, drawing, and roping cotton Otsego, NY

Bissel, Luther & Hinman, Luke C. and Willson, Spebren on July 17, 1815
#X002343 spinning cotton Otsego, NY

Brush, Mary on July 21, 1815
#X002344 corsets New York, NY

Morton, John A. on July 21, 1815
#X002345 vertical horse wheel Baltimore, MD

Parker, Fielding on July 25, 1815
#X002346 making charcoal for manufacturing gunpowder Prince George's, MD

Elgar, Nathan on July 25, 1815
#X002347 cutting and heading nails York Town, PA

Shaw, Francis B. on July 27, 1815
#X002348 removing cataract by tubes and canular points Philadelphia, PA

Densmore, Abel on July 29, 1815
#X002349 threshing and cleaning grain Leroy, Gennessee County, NY

Densmore, Abel on July 29, 1815
#X002350 toothed roller for loosing the earth preparatory to planting or sowing Leroy, Gennessee County, NY

Palmer, Urban on July 31, 1815
#X002351 trip hammer Spencer, Tioga County, NY

Pollock, Allen on July 31, 1815
#X002352 scale beams and balances Boston, MA

Porter, Aaron & Mead, James and Stedwell, James on July 31, 1815
#X002353 machine for knitting stocking and stockingnette Queensbury, Warren County, NY

Randolph, David M. on August 1, 1815
#X002354 making mould candles Richmond, VA

Randolph, David M. on August 2, 1815
#X002355 ship building Richmond, VA

Learned, Samuel on August 3, 1815
#X002356 doffer cylinder and machine for roping and spinning wool Watertown, Middlesex County, MA

Ives, Ira on August 7, 1815
#X002357 smoothing and rounding the edges of metal buttons Bristol, CT

Ives, Ira on August 7, 1815
#X002358 construction of an eye for metal buttons cast in moulds Bristol, CT

Ives, Ira on August 7, 1815
#X002359 setting the eyes of metal buttons in the mould Bristol, CT

Curtis, Junia on August 8, 1815
#X002360 steam engine Baltimore, MD

Griffing, Edward C. on August 10, 1815
#X002361 machine for bowing wool or fur for hatters Lyme, New London County, CT

Lowe, Gilbert D. on August 12, 1815
#X002362 improvement on Joseph Jelleff's circular or revolving interest table Hampfield, Lancaster County, PA

Barker, William on August 12, 1815
#X002363 mode of making machine and hand cards for cotton Smithfield, RI

Soper, Joel on August 12, 1815
#X002364 mechanical shoemaker's bench Windsor, Hartford County, CT

Stanger, Jacob & Miller, Daniel H. on August 16, 1815
#X002365 improvement in furnaces for making glass Philadelphia, PA

Bartholomew, Erastus and Church, William on August 18, 1815
#X002366 nail machine Boston, MA

Bartholomew, Erastus and Church, William on August 18, 1815
#X002367 construction of fire places called the defiance Boston, MA

Baldwin, Sylvanus on August 18, 1815
#X002368 spinning machine called the linum spinner Boston, MA

Pendergast, Garrett Ellicott on August 18, 1815
#X002369 family mineral fountains Philadelphia, PA

Bryan, Jehiel & Bryan, John on August 26, 1815
#X002370 manufacturing hats Saratoga, NY

Smallman, James on August 29, 1815
#X002371 double air pump for steam engines Philadelphia, PA

Cluff, Mathew on September 1, 1815
#X002372 steam engines Norfolk, VA

Whitemell, Thomas on September 2, 1815
#X002373 apparatus for cooling mash for distillation Scotland Neck, Halifax County, NC

Sedam, Henry on September 6, 1815
#X002374 machine for heading nails Troy, Renssellaer County, NY

Eberts, John on September 8, 1815
#X002375 fall tops of giggs, phaeton, or other carriages Philadelphia, PA

Mathews, Heman on September 12, 1815
#X002376 machine for making wire-necked metal buttons Southington, Hartford County, CT

Mathews, Heman on September 12, 1815
#X002377 finishing wired neck metal buttons Southington, Hartford County, CT

Greenough, Bracket L. on September 12, 1815
#X002378 facilitating the making of carriage wheels Lebanon, Grafton County, NH

Warner, Erastus on September 12, 1815
#X002379 boiling and steam stove, unknown

Gates, John M. on September 14, 1815
#X002380 composition for preparing cotton and wool machine cards Warren, Lincoln County, MA

Hugus, James on September 15, 1815
#X002381 carding machines by gleaning savers Greenbush, Westmoreland, PA

Ware, Jacob on September 20, 1815
#X002382 method of drawing and curing cancers Philadelphia, PA

Donlery, John S. on September 21, 1815
#X002383 loxodromick pulley or measuring power to ascertain a ship's way, and for other purposes New York, NY

Liddle, William on September 21, 1815
#X002384 biscuit making machine New Orleans, LA

Donaldson, Richard A. and Wheeler, Joseph L. on September 25, 1815
#X002385 horizontal water wheel Newark, NJ

Enters, Lewis & Zigler, William on September 28, 1815
#X002386 giving light by a flame produced from the vapour on gas of stone coal Georgetown, Washington DC

Ayres, William and Cochran, James on October 6, 1815
#X002387 spinning wool, called the family spinner Durnham, Windsor County, VT

Widdifield, James on October 11, 1815
#X002388 screw wheel for propelling boats Philadelphia, PA

Allen, Charles Louis on October 13, 1815
#X002389 pendulum machine for mechanical operations Newark, NJ

Boston, Edward on October 14, 1815
#X002390 mould for making stone posts for fences Glocester, NJ

Russell, John on October 14, 1815
#X002391 setting and using the teeth of saws Brooke, VA

Meeker, Benjamin on October 21, 1815
#X002392 beef cutter Brooklyn, NY

Hassell, James on October 21, 1815
#X002393 kilns for manufacturing earthen ware Elizabeth Town, NJ

Philips, Charles, Jr. on October 21, 1815
#X002394 nail machine Sackett's Harbour, NY

Waring, William & Philips, Charles, Jr. on October 21, 1815
#X002395 nail machine Jefferson, NY

Bryan, John on October 24, 1815
#X002396 saddles Lexington, KY

Taylor, John on October 28, 1815
#X002397 machine for knapping, teazling, shearing, or bushing cloth Waltham, Middlesex County, MA

Brewster, Samuel on October 30, 1815
#X002398 elevating saw mill Middlesex, NJ

Perkins, Jacob on November 1, 1815
#X002399 cylindrical nail cutter, patented the 16th of January, 1815 Newburyport, MA

Babcock, Alven on November 6, 1815
#X002400 cast iron weights, called adjustable weights Boston, MA

Graham, John on November 9,1815
#X002401 economical stove New York, NY

Seger, John on November 14, 1815
#X002402 family cooking machine New York, NY

Hall, James on November 22, 1815
#X002403 mode of obtaining ardent spirits from lime New York, NY

Vannini, Joseph on December 4, 1815
#X002404 lotteries Washington, DC

Rapp, William Adam on December 4, 1815
#X002405 distilling turpentine, tar, etc. New York, NY

Marshall, Benjamin on December 5, 1815
#X002406 manufacturing mineral waters Albany, NY

Hall, Joshua on December 15, 1815
#X002407 cutting and forming boots and shoes Frederick Town, MD

Greely, Allen on December 23, 1815
#X002408 foot stove Oxford, MA

Lester, Ebenezer Avery on December 27, 1815
#X002409 cylindrical vibrating nail brad cutting machine Baltimore, MD

Jennings, Isaiah on December 27, 1815
#X002410 machine for ginning cotton New York, NY

Merritt, Lemuel and Rogers, Samuel C. on December 27, 1815
#X002411 machine for relieving the toothache by steam New York, NY

Hills, Samuel on December 27, 1815
#X002412 steel yards Lincoln, MA

Springer, Jesse on December 27, 1815
#X002413 wind saw mill Cape May, NJ

Barney, Comfort on December 27, 1815
#X002414 stove Warren, Bristol County, RI

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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