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1814 U.S. Patents

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Humphrey, William on January 5, 1814
#X002040 churn OH

Phinney, Zena on January 6, 1814
#X002041 steelyards and scales Green County, NY

Guiramond, John M. Morel on May 7,1814
#X002042 loom Baltimore, MD

Deane, Ezra on January 13, 1814
#X002043 rheumatic pills Biddeford, Suffolk County, MA

Moore, Richard on January 13, 1814
#X002044 machine for cutting nails Lycoming County, PA

Geissenhainer, Frederick William on January 14, 1814
#X002045 rapid boat New York, NY

Hershe, Abraham on January 15, 1814
#X002046 hopper filler for bolting flour Lancaster, Lancaster County, PA

Shallcross, Stephen on January 21, 1814
#X002047 throstle for spinning wool, cotton, flax, and hemp New York, NY

Durrin, Edmund on January 21, 1814
#X002048 zigzag shearing machine Wethersfield, Windsor County, VT

Jennings, Samuel K. on January 21, 1814
#X002049 portable warm and hot bath Lynchburg, Campbell County, VA

Carleton, Jedediah on January 21, 1814
#X002050 mode of manufacturing felt hats from a mixture of clothier's flocks with sheep's wool Salem, Rockingham County, NH

Owings, John on January 25, 1814
#X002051 water mills Baltimore, MD

Owings, John on January 25, 1814
#X002052 impressed roller for making knives, spoons, etc. Baltimore, MD

Rogers, Samuel on January 26, 1814
#X002053 machine for heading nails Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA

Brush, John C. on January 28, 1814
#X002054 chimney fire places, air-flues, and ventilators, on the principle of dense air seeking, like water, its level Washington, DC

Whitney, Calvin on February 1, 1814
#X002055 loom for warping, or mounting the warp on the yarn beam Dedham, Norfolk County, MA

Lewis, William J. on February 1, 1814
#X002056 manufacturing salt, unknown

Merritt, William on February 1, 1814
#X002057 bathing machine New York, NY

Dod, Daniel on February 2, 1814
#X002058 steam boats Mendham, NJ

Gray, John on February 4, 1814
#X002059 washing machine Eaton, Madison County, NY

Lee, Samuel H. P. on February 8, 1814
#X002060 Lee's New London bilious pills New London, New London County, CT

Bryant, Ebenezer on February 8, 1814
#X002061 mills New London, New London County, CT

Rogers, Moses on February 9, 1814
#X002062 propelling boats by animal power New York, NY

Wilbor, Borden on February 10, 1814
#X002063 manufacturing iron ore into paint Whitestown, Oneida County, NY

Pettibone, Daniel on February 12, 1814
#X002064 boring guns, pistols, etc. by an augur, called a pistol groove or twisted screw augur Philadelphia, PA

Heavin, John on February 18, 1814
#X002065 looms Montgomery County, VA

Baker, Peter on February 19, 1814
#X002066 machine for mowing grass Long Island, NY

Briggs, Daniel on February 19, 1814
#X002067 looms Canaan, Litchfield County, CT

Turner, Robert on February 21, 1814
#X002068 cylindrical brad, sprig and nail machine Boston, MA

Miller, Benjamin on February 21, 1814
#X002069 ardent spirit proof North Salem, Westchester County, NY

Broad, Joseph on March 1, 1814
#X002070 rasping and grinding dye woods Springfield, MA

King, Jesse on March 1, 1814
#X002071 machine for grinding potatoes Florida, Berkshire County, NY

Butler, John and Burtler, Joshua on March 1, 1814
#X002072 bar-share plough Brandywine, PA and Chester County, PA

Phinney, Zena on March 4, 1814
#X002073 making bad butter good and making family butter with lard Green County, NY

Postley, Charles on March 7, 1814
#X002074 eleven plate stove for boiling, baking, and warming rooms New York, NY

McThorndike, John on March 7, 1814
#X002075 using pelts for manufacturing paper, unknown

Platt, Charles & Platt, Daniel on March 7, 1814
#X002076 cutting files Sharon, Litchfield County, CT

Gleason, James on March 7, 1814
#X002077 cutting, heading, filing, turning, sawing the head, and cutting the thread of screws Philadelphia, PA

Stearns, Daniel on March 10, 1814
#X002078 smoothing card boards Brattleborough, Windham County, VT

Gregg, Thomas on March 16, 1814
#X002079 air furnace for melting oars, refining and heating iron with stone coal Connell's Ville, Fayette County, PA

Morison, John H. on March 18, 1814
#X002080 expeditious sawyer Boscowen, Hillsborough County, NH

Gregg, Thomas on March 19, 1814
#X002081 ball proof vessel to be propelled by steam applied under water Connell's Ville, Fayette County, PA

Brown, Brightberry on March 21, 1814
#X002082 water loom Albermarle, VA

Omitted on March 21, 1814

Smith, Ebenezer on March 23, 1814
#X002084 family billy and jenny for spinning Paris, Oneida County, NY

Giraud, John James on March 24, 1814
#X002085 perpetual steam still Baltimore, MD

Allison, Reginald and Allison, Nathaniel Stout on March 26, 1814
#X002086 match lights and boxes Burlington, NJ

Wright, Harvey & Roberts, Orlestus on March 26, 1814
#X002087 spinning wheel Bristol, Harford County, CT

Osgood, Christopher on March 26, 1814
#X002088 composition for making black lead pencils Salem, Essex County, MA

Sanford, Isaac on March 26, 1814
#X002089 machine for shearing cloths Providence, RI

Sanford, Isaac on March 26, 1814
#X002090 substitute for teasels and cards for raising the nap of cloths Providence, RI

Derby, Joseph Heartwell on March 26, 1814
#X002091 cutting combs at a single operation Leominster, MA

Holbrook, David on March 28, 1814
#X002092 medicine called canker drops Onondaga County, NY

Hartman, Jacob on March 31, 1814
#X002093 machine for raising water Lampeter, Lancaster County, PA

Lineback, John on March 31, 1814
#X002094 machine for hulling cotton seed Salem, Stoke County, NC

Browne, Sidney B. on April 2, 1814
#X002095 mode of putting leather together by wooden or metal pegs Westchester County, NY

Howe, Martin on April 2, 1814
#X002096 augurs New York, NY

Lester, Ebenezer Avery on April 2, 1814
#X002097 vibrating nail cutting machine Herkimer, NY

Sullivan, John L. on April 2, 1814
#X002098 steam tow boat and warping windlass Boston, MA

Davey, Jacob on April 7, 1814
#X002099 heading cut nails Fair Haven, Rutland County, VT

Belknap, Stephen on April 8, 1814
#X002100 cutting brads, nails, and spikes of all sizes Washington, DC

Hord, Thomas on April 8, 1814
#X002101 manufacturing salt Caroline County, VA

Talmage, Ezra on April 9, 1814
#X002102 stills Richmond, VA

Blocher, John on April 12, 1814
#X002103 machine for planting corn Lancaster, PA

Dupuy, Joel M. on April 13, 1814
#X002104 water engine Woodford, KY

Ford, Ebenezer on April 14, 1814
#X002105 torpedo Baltimore, MD

Todd, Alpheus on April 18, 1814
#X002106 making lead pipes for conveying water Oxford, Grafton County, NH

Breasted, Peter on April 18, 1814
#X002107 grinding paints Green County, NY

Russell, Emery on April 18, 1814
#X002108 wheels for spinning with heads to be used for spinning and quilling Long Meadow, Hamden County, MA

Coulter, John and Gano, Stephen on April 18, 1814
#X002109 looms Berkley County, VA

Olds, Jared on April 18, 1814
#X002110 bark mills Meriden, New Haven County, CT

Russell, Emery on April 18, 1814
#X002111 wheel heads Long Meadow, Hamden County, MA

Alder, John W. on April 19, 1814
#X002112 distillation Pennsborough, Lycoming County, PA

Humphries, Richard & Humphries, Israel C. on April 22, 1814
#X002113 carriage springs Cantwell's Bridge, New Castle, DE

Hawkins, William M. on April 23, 1814
#X002114 salt water evaporator King and Queen County, VA

Dowers, John, Jr. on April 23, 1814
#X002115 steam engines and steam boats Philadelphia, PA

Annesly, Robert on April 27, 1814
#X002116 atmospherical house warmer and smoke driver Philadelphia, PA

Sprinkle, Jacob on April 27, 1814
#X002117 loom Wythecourt House, Wythe County, VA

Clark, Edward on April 27, 1814
#X002118 lamps Philadelphia, PA

Barnhurst, Thomas and Walker, William & Barnhurst, Joseph on May 4, 1814
#X002119 furnace for melting and refining of metals Philadelphia, PA

DeButts, Elisha on May 5, 1814
#X002120 making white lead Baltimore, MD

Wollias, William M. and Barlow, Hiram on April 6, 1814
#X002121 distilling Oneida County, NY

Noble, David on April 9, 1814
#X002122 making tin plates Philadelphia, PA

Miller, Benjamin on April 9, 1814
#X002123 machine for cutting shoes Philadelphia, PA

Hawes, Silas on May 11, 1814
#X002124 cutting files Bennington, Bennington County, VT

Cooper, David on May 12, 1814
#X002125 improvement on Farnham's horizontal water wheel Jerico, Chenango County, NY

Hall, Benjamin on May 13, 1814
#X002126 still and condenser New Haven, CT

Coleman, Eliphalet B. on May 13, 1814
#X002127 baking, boiling, and steaming stove New Haven, CT

Barber, Oliver on May 13, 1814
#X002128 inkstands Hartford, CT

Tuley, Joseph on May 17, 1814
#X002129 family stove Frederick County, VA

Dexter, Willaby on May 17, 1814
#X002130 andirons Winchester, Litchfield County, CT

Binny, Archibald on May 17, 1814
#X002131 moulds for casting printing types Philadelphia, PA

Harris, Benjamin James on May 17, 1814
#X002132 fire proof ceiling Richmond, VA

Richardson, Benjamin on May 17, 1814
#X002133 guage to be attached to the anvil of a trip hammer for plating out scythes Western, Worcester County, MA

Porter, Benjamin on May 18, 1814
#X002134 pressing brick and tiles Salem, MA

French, Lewis on May 18, 1814
#X002135 carding wool New Haven, CT

Alger, Cyrus on May 18, 1814
#X002136 casting iron hinges Boston, MA

Pulsifer, John on May 24, 1814
#X002137 splitting and shearing horn for lantern lights, combs, etc. Newbury, Essex County, MA

Jaques, Eliphalet on May 24, 1814
#X002138 washing machine Newburyport, MA

Hawkins, William & Hawkins, John D. on May 26, 1814
#X002139 apparatus for making salt Raleigh, NC

Walworth, Daniel on May 27, 1814
#X002140 melting all kinds of ore and metals Middletown, Middlesex, CT

Goulding, Joseph on May 27, 1814
#X002141 cheese press Worcester, Worcester County, MA

Andrews, John on May 27, 1814
#X002142 mode of balancing wheels Litchfield, Herkimer County, NY

Dudley, Luther on May 27, 1814
#X002143 manufacturing scythes Sutton, Worcester County, MA

Deering Richard on May 28, 1814
#X002144 apparatus for manufacturing salt, boring wells, and pumping water, unknoen

Beale, Thomas K. on May 28, 1814
#X002145 making cornices of brick for buildings Alexandria, Columbia

Schaffer, William on June 6, 1814
#X002146 German flute New York, NY

Broad, Aaron on June 6, 1814
#X002147 buff or polishing wheel Litchfield, CT

Broad, Aaron on June 6, 1814
#X002148 manufacturing screws, ramrods, knives, and forks Litchfield, CT

Broad, Aaron on June 9, 1814
#X002149 cutting dye stuffs, barks, etc. Litchfield, CT

Cabell, John I. on June 10, 1814
#X002150 manufacturing salt Lynchburg, Campbell County, VA

Wilson, Andrew on June 11, 1814
#X002151 bayonet socket New York, NY

Love, John on June 14, 1814
#X002152 metallic Columbian cup and saucer Baltimore, MD

Hoadley, Benjamin on June 14, 1814
#X002153 shaving woods for various purposes Waterbury, CT

Ives, Ira on June 18, 1814
#X002154 holdfast for buttons while polishing New Haven, CT

Dunham, David on June 28, 1814
#X002155 machinery for horse boats New York, NY

Dunham, David on June 28, 1814
#X002156 bridge and ferry stairs New York, NY

Stiles, Chauncey, Jr. on June 28, 1814
#X002157 saddle trees Philadelphia, PA

Philips, Gabriel N. on June 28, 1814
#X002158 boilers Goshen, NY

Allison, Burgis on June 28, 1814
#X002159 portable spinning machine Burlington, NJ

Youle, George on July 1, 1814
#X002160 moveable kitchen New York, NY

Zwisler, James on July 1, 1814
#X002161 mould and dipped candles New York, NY

Swift, Beriah on July 1, 1814
#X002162 machine for shearing cloths Washington, Dutchess County, NY

Varle, Charles on July 1, 1814
#X002163 stove chimneys Fredericktown, MD

Wood, Jethro on July 1, 1814
#X002164 ploughs Scipio, Cayuga County, NY

Moore, Henry on July 2, 1814
#X002165 imitating brandy of domestic materials Aurora, NY

Mead, Benjamin and Richards, Giles on July 2, 1814
#X002166 dies of metals Boston, MA

Shurtliff, Simeon on July 5, 1814
#X002167 distilling from grain Oneida County, NY

Swan, Jonathan on July 5, 1814
#X002168 ploughs Scipio, Cayuga County, NY

Nourse, Asa on July 5, 1814
#X002169 pounding rice and other substances St. Lukes, Beaufort District, SC

Dewey, David on July 5, 1814
#X002170 distilling by steam Sullivan, Madison County, NY

Peck, Benjamin on July 5, 1814
#X002171 carriages Philadelphia, PA

Sharman, Daniel on July 5, 1814
#X002172 stop cock Warren, Herkimer County, NY

Hill, Charles on July 7, 1814
#X002173 machine for weeding corn and other crops in which the hand hoe is generally used Essex County, VA

Siddall, Thomas on July 9, 1814
#X002174 looms Bristol Township, Philadelphia County, PA

Briggs, Joseph on July 9, 1814
#X002175 head block of the carriage of the saw mill Schoharie, NY

Rickets, G.H. & Kinney, John, Jr. on July 12, 1814
#X002176 machine for breaking and dressing flax, hemp, etc. Mount Pleasant, Morris County, NJ

Reynolds, Charles on July 23, 1814
#X002177 steam engines East Windsor, Harford County, CT

Scott, Andrew on August 15, 1814
#X002178 application of various cements for the walls, ceilings, and floors of houses and for the manufacturing of sulphuric acid Newbern, NC

Welsh, James & Evans, Thomas on August 15, 1814
#X002179 manufacturing white lead Philadelphia, PA

Spickard, Henry on August 16, 1814
#X002180 machine for cleaning clover seed Faincastle, Botetourt County, VA

Bronson, Harris and Curtis, Joel on August 22, 1814
#X002181 turning and slitting pinions for wooden clocks Waterbury, CT

and Cairo, Green County, NY

Harrison, James on August 22, 1814
#X002182 time part of the common wooden clock Boston, MA

Sperry, Anson on August 22, 1814
#X002183 machine for pointing wire for clocks and other purposes Waterbury, CT

Curtis, Joel on August 22, 1814
#X002184 mode of boring clock plates Cairo, Green County, NY

Curtis, Joel & Bradley, Dimon on August 22, 1814
#X002185 engine for cutting and pointing the teeth of wheels and pinions for clocks Cairo, Green County, NY and CT

Hopkins, Asa on August 22, 1814
#X002186 machine, or engine for cutting wheels for wooden clocks and other purposes Litchfield, CT

Morse, Moses L. on August 22, 1814
#X002187 machine for making pins used in clothes from the wire at one operation Boston, MA

Spohn, Adam on September 22, 1814
#X002188 chimneys and fire places Comrio, Berks County, PA

Ridgway, James on September 22, 1814
#X002189 making spoons Groton, Middlesex County, MA

Sarchet, Peter on September 27, 1814
#X002190 manufacturing salt Cincinnati, OH

Getzendannar, Jacob on September 30, 1814
#X002191 improvement in Alkana Cob's machine for making blankets Frederick County, MD

Pelton, David on September 30, 1814
#X002192 wheel mill for grinding tanner's bark Lyme, Grafton County, NH

Morgan, Jedediah and Harris, Jonathan B. on October 11, 1814
#X002193 plough Scipio, Cayuga County, NY

Hathaway, Charles on October 11, 1814
#X002194 family loom Walton, Delaware County, NY

Orth, C. Henry & Strohn, Frederick on October 11, 1814
#X002195 machine for shearing cloth Steubenville, Jefferson County, OH

Carman, James on October 12, 1814
#X002196 cutting and finishing harness buckles Hudson, NY

Eckstein, Frederick and McIlhenney, James on October 12, 1814
#X002197 composition to be used instead of jostick Philadelphia, PA

Wright, William on October 12, 1814
#X002198 loom Brookline, NH

Hill, William F. on October 15, 1814
#X002199 machine for making pins and needles New York, NY

Goodwin, William & Goodwin, Jonathan, Jr. on October 16, 1814
#X002200 machine for shaving tanner's bark Lebanon, CT and Mansfield, CT

Nelson, Martin on October 17, 1814
#X002201 suspenders Philadelphia, PA

Harrison, Thomas and Pierpoint, Robert on October 18, 1814
#X002202 dyeing silks New York, NY

Sherwood, Augustus C. on October 18, 1814
#X002203 winding spools and bobbins, unknown

Craige, Seth on October 18, 1814
#X002204 looms Philadelphia, PA

Rogers, Samuel on October 21, 1814
#X002205 cutting and heading nails Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA

Bolton, William on October 21, 1814
#X002206 mockasins and socks, called the Tusearora socks Northampton, MA

Hills, Samuel & Emery, Moses, Jr. on October 21, 1814
#X002207 horn splitting and comb stamp twining machine Newburyport, MA

Reed, Jesse on October 22, 1814
#X002208 cutting, griping, and heading nails Hanover, Plymouth County, MA

Cooley, David on October 24, 1814
#X002209 preserving animal and vegetable substances New York, NY

Ricketts, G H and Kinney, John, Jr. on October 24, 1814
#X002210 machine for dressing hemp and flax Morristown, NJ

Bazier, John, Jr. on October 28, 1814
#X002211 stocking loom Canton, Norfolk County, MA

Merwin, Daniel & Killogg, Horace on October 28, 1814
#X002212 knapping cloth Hudson, NY

Fitch, Samuel on October 29, 1814
#X002213 fanning mills Homer, Cortland County, NY

Hart, Napbtali on October 29, 1814
#X002214 distilling Easton, Northampton County, PA

Averill, Isaac W. on November 5, 1814
#X002215 boilers for and in making salt Salino, Onondago County, NY

Chappins, John Francis on November 8, 1814
#X002216 spinning hemp and flax New York, NY

Scott, Abel, Jr. and Selden, Alonzo on November 8, 1814
#X002217 composition for softening cast or crude iron Winchester, Cheshire County, NH

Reynolds, Thomas on November 8, 1814
#X002218 crane, screw, and bale for raising mill stones Westfallowfield, Chester County, PA

Patrick, George on November 8, 1814
#X002219 table for the use of ships Wilkesbarre, Luzerne County, PA

Tousley, Rosewell & Swan, Jonathan on November 9, 1814
#X002220 bull plough, unknown

Fuller, Salmon on November 14, 1814
#X002221 machine for sawing shingles Indiana Territory

Shurley, Thomas on November 18, 1814
#X002222 heater and condenser for manufacturing spirituous liquors Near Madison Court House, Madison County, VA

Hall, James on November 19, 1814
#X002223 cultivating and improving the earth and raising the largest crops with the greatest facility and celerity , unknown

Rogers, Benjamin on November 24, 1814
#X002224 temples for looms Beaver Creek, Green County, OH

Antrim, Pinder on November 25, 1814
#X002225 preparing flax and hemp to be spun into thread Philadelphia, PA

Spafford, Horatio Gates on November 25, 1814
#X002226 wheel carriages Albany, NY

Bronson, Salmon on November 25, 1814
#X002227 looms Kent, Litchfield County, CT

Browning, Samuel on November 25, 1814
#X002228 magnetic cylinder, called the magnetic separating machine Franconia, Grafton County, NH

Laighton, Luke M. on November 29, 1814
#X002229 pivot gun carriage Portsmouth, Rockingham County, NH

Roosevelt, Nicholas I. on December 1, 1814
#X002230 porpelling boats, etc. by steam NJ

Eaton, Theophilus on December 2, 1814
#X002231 farmer's carriage scythe Albany, NY

Beaumont, James on December 3, 1814
#X002232 manufacturing cotton wadding Canton, Norfolk County, MA

Soper, Joel on December 3, 1814
#X002233 fanning mills Windsor, Hartford County, CT

Rhodes, John and Rhodes, Adam on December 6, 1814
#X002234 circular scythe Union Township, NY

Dewey, David on December 7, 1814
#X002235 vibrating shearing machine Poultney, Rutland County, VT

Stone, John, Jr. on December 8, 1814
#X002236 steam or stove still Worthington, MA

Smith, Brown and Stewart, Charles on December 9, 1814
#X002237 linen wheel head Truxton, Clinton County, NY

Cornwell, William on December 15, 1814
#X002238 horizontal water wheel for mills Onancock, Accomack County, VA

Hoadley, Benjamin on December 16, 1814
#X002239 wheel lathe New Haven, CT

Bruff, John on December 16, 1814
#X002240 machine for cleaning chimneys Baltimore, MD

Reed, Jesse on December 16, 1814
#X002241 cutting and heading nails Hanover, Plymouth County, MA

Wills, James, Jr. on December 17, 1814
#X002242 fishing vessel and nets Galloway, Gloucester County, NJ

Shultz, Henry on December 17, 1814
#X002243 plough Lancaster, PA

Freymuth, Benjamin E. on December 22, 1814
#X002244 alarm bell to be fixed to a clock or watch Philadelphia, PA

Thornton, William on December 23, 1814
#X002245 application of steam to flutter or paddle wheels on the sides of a boat or vessel as a propelling power Washington, DC

Boulu, Augustus on December 24, 1814
#X002246 making permanent colors for calicoes Philadelphia, PA

Birckhead, Levin on December 30, 1814
#X002247 wooden springs for carriages Philadelphia, PA

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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