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1813 U.S. Patents

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Grandin, William on January 6, 1813
#X001863 pendulum mill Hector, Seneca County, NY

Starr, Jehosaphat on January 8, 1813
#X001864 machine for making ship and other bread Middletown, Middlesex, CT

Byington, Jared on January 12, 1813
#X001865 pitch forks Hinesborough, Chittenden County, VT

Alexander, Henry on January 14, 1813
#X001866 preparing colors and paints from ores Baltimore, MD

Morey, Samuel on January 18, 1813
#X001867 fire place and chimney for saving fuel Philadelphia, PA

Carrier, Omri on January 18, 1813
#X001868 distilling Enfield, Harford County, CT

Bates, John on January 26, 1813
#X001869 distilling Hartford, CT

Barnes, Allen & Gray, Samuel and Clark, Jabez on February 3, 1813
#X001870 making cloth and blankets from sheep's wool Windham, CT

Cutter, Ephraim on February 4, 1813
#X001871 machine for cutting fur from peltry Walpole, NH

Stowell, Abel on February 4, 1813
#X001872 machine for heading wood screws Worcester, Worcester County, MA

Dempsey, Stephen on February 4, 1813
#X001873 manufacturing acetate of copper or verdigris New York, NY

Phillips, Gabriel N. on February 6, 1813
#X001874 stove and boiler Goshen, Orange County, NY

Patterson, George on February 6, 1813
#X001875 raising water from wells Philadelphia, PA

Jessup, John on February 6, 1813
#X001876 machine for carding cloth Orange County, NY

Spencer, John on February 8, 1813
#X001877 kitchen stove Albany, NY

Richards, George on February 8, 1813
#X001878 machine for making bread Manlius, Onondago County, NY

Sietz, John on February 8, 1813
#X001879 plough Strasburg, Lancaster County, PA

Latour, Louis Mure on February 16, 1813
#X001880 wheels of elastic oars for propelling boats, unknown

Elliot, William on February 17, 1813
#X001881 printing press and mode of distributing ink on types New York, NY

Mills, Zachariah on February 27, 1813
#X001882 printing press Hartford, CT

Janes, Alfred on March 1, 1813
#X001883 tassels and cords for boots Hartford, CT

Janes, Alfred on March 1, 1813
#X001884 stoves Hartford, CT

Badger, William on March 2, 1813
#X001885 machine for plaining boards and plank, and shaving shingles Madison County, Mississippi Territory

Williams, John I. on March 2, 1813
#X001886 ice-breaking machine Georgetown, DC

Whitcomb, Hiram on March 2, 1813
#X001887 saw mills Cornwall, Litchfield County, CT

Thompson, Samuel on March 2, 1813
#X001888 medicine made use of in fevers Surry, Cheshire County, NH

Morris, John on March 3, 1813
#X001889 boiling liquors and for distillation New Haven, CT

Allison, Burgiss on March 3, 1813
#X001890 perpetual wool spinner Burlington, NJ

Homan, Daniel on March 8, 1813
#X001891 sifting meal Brookhaven, Suffolk County, NY

Bronaugh, John W. & Talbot, Jesse on March 16, 1813
#X001892 refrigerator Georgetown, DC

Robinson, George Whitfield on March 17, 1813
#X001893 manufacturing brass, copper, and composition nails Attleborough, Bristol County, MA

Bamford, Joseph on March 18, 1813
#X001894 mode of applying heat to machines for preparing wool for worsted Philadelphia, PA

Church, Eli on March 18, 1813
#X001895 wheel head Homer, Cortland County, NY

Launy, David F. on March 18, 1813
#X001896 fire places Philadelphia, PA

Melville, David on March 18, 1813
#X001897 gas lamp Newport, RI

Janes, Walter on March 20, 1813
#X001898 domestic and factory loom Ashford, Windham County, CT

Chambers, Joseph C. on March 23, 1813
#X001899 repeating gunnery West Middletown, Washington County, PA

Perkins, Jacob on March 23, 1813
#X001900 pumps Newburyport, MA

Perkins, Jacob on March 23, 1813
#X001901 machine for making screw shanks Newburyport, MA

Perkins, Jacob on March 23, 1813
#X001902 fire engine Newburyport, MA

Perkins, Jacob on March 23, 1813
#X001903 vault lock for banks Newburyport, MA

Share, Joseph on March 30, 1813
#X001904 portable or separating furnace for casting brass or other metal Baltimore, MD

Abbett, Henry on March 30, 1813
#X001905 boiling stoves Philadelphia, PA

Warrall, George on March 30, 1813
#X001906 stoves Philadelphia, PA

Parker, Samuel on April 5, 1813
#X001907 shaving and splitting leather Billerica, Middlesex County, MA

Dunn, William on April 8, 1813
#X001908 mode of preparing magnesia Boston, MA

Russell, James D. on April 10, 1813
#X001909 steam engines Washington, Beaufort County, NC

Cram, David on April 15, 1813
#X001910 machine for cutting timber Clarksburg, Harrison County, VA

Norton, Theodore and Biddis, George on April 15, 1813
#X001911 carding, spinning and roping machine Milford, Wayne County, PA

Reeve, Mark & Reeve, Richard on April 16, 1813
#X001912 machine for cutting and heading nails, and making wrought nails Philadelphia, PA

Hummel, Jacob Frederick on April 29, 1813
#X001913 varnish of elastic gum to render water-proof, and for many other uses Philadelphia, PA

Thorn, Richard V. W. on April 29, 1813
#X001914 press for pressing hay New York, NY

DeWitt, Simeon on April 30, 1813
#X001915 art of drawing in perspective mechanically Albany, NY

Sloat, Jacob on May 4, 1813
#X001916 machine for cutting screws Ramapo Cove, Rockland County, NY

James, John, 3rd on May 4, 1813
#X001917 machine for winnowing grain Plymouth, MA

Blanchard, Thomas on May 4, 1813
#X001918 horizontal shearing machine Sutton, Worcester County, MA

Nine, Daniel, Jr. on May 4, 1813
#X001919 carriage to be moved by hand Reading, Berks County, PA

Millard, Ira on April 6, 1813
#X001920 machine for breaking flax and hemp Kent, Litchfield County, CT

Pettibone, Daniel on April 6, 1813
#X001921 manufacturing all sorts fo plane irons and sythes Philadelphia, PA

Smelzer, John on April 6, 1813
#X001922 flour worm for cooling flour Adams County, PA

Staples, John I. on May 10, 1813
#X001923 machine for drawing wire Flushing, Long Island, NY

Lloyd, James on May 11, 1813
#X001924 liquid combustible shell grenade and serpentine rocket Adams County, PA

Brown, John on May 12, 1813
#X001925 roping and spinning wool called the farmers' spinner Providence, RI

Williamson, Peregrine on May 12, 1813
#X001926 machine for making shot and bullets Baltimore, MD

Briggs, Shepard on May 27, 1813
#X001927 loom Canaan, Litchfield County, CT

Mathes, James on May 27, 1813
#X001928 raising a nap on cloth Barre, Jefferson County, VT

Cabell, John J. on May 28, 1813
#X001929 apparatus for boiling and manufacturing salt Lynchburg, Campbell County, VA

Smith, George on May 28, 1813
#X001930 preparing and manufacturing different parts of the asclepias or silk weed for thread or cordage New York, NY

Jackson, Cyrus on May 28, 1813
#X001931 machine for cutting and making files Butternuts, Otsego County, NY

Tousley, Sylvanus on May 28, 1813
#X001932 bull plough Onondaga County, NY

Briggs, Samuel and Steel, Andrew on May 29, 1813
#X001933 steam engine Baton Rouge, Iberville County, LA

Anthony, Samuel on May 29, 1813
#X001934 furnace and boilers for manufacturing salt Lynchburg, Campbell County, VA

Patrick, Mathew on June 2, 1813
#X001935 plough Scipio, Cayuga County, NY

Atwater, Caleb on June 2, 1813
#X001936 heating water and tanning in cold weather Geneva, Orange County, NY

Mix, Jonathan on June 3, 1813
#X001937 cartouch box New York, NY

Bruff, Thomas on June 4, 1813
#X001938 making shot and bullets by pressure Washington, DC

Whipple, John F. on June 10, 1813
#X001939 washing machine Easton, Washington County, NY

Noble, John on June 10, 1813
#X001940 composition for taking off the glaze from the face of mill stones Derby, New Haven County, CT

Pope, Samuel on June 15, 1813
#X001941 cradle Windsor, Hartford County, CT

Hunt, Melzor & White, Cotton on June 15, 1813
#X001942 machine for making wheels Sunderland, Franklin County, MA and Hartford, Hampshire County, MA

Pettee, Simeon on June 15, 1813
#X001943 yarn beam for looms Foxborough, Norfolk County, MA

Ware, Alfred, Jr. on June 18, 1813
#X001944 looms Franklin, Norfolk County, MA

Paine, Otis on June 18, 1813
#X001945 machine for making shingles Foxborough, Norfolk County, MA

Hotchkiss, Josiah on June 18, 1813
#X001946 washing machine Woodbury, Litchfield County, CT

Bissell, Luther & Hinman, Justus and Hinman, Luke C. & Gains, Benoni on June 19, 1813
#X001947 machine for spinning cotton Hartwick, Otsego County, NY

Cohoon, Thomas on June 25, 1813
#X001948 ferry boats Pittsfield, MA

Perkins, Jacob and Murray, George on June 25, 1813
#X001949 improvement of Jacob Perkins' method of impressing all kinds of die work on steel, copper, etc. by circular dies Newburyport, MA & Philadelphia, PA

Hitchcock, Silas on June 25, 1813
#X001950 washing machine Vernon, Oneida County, NY

Hitchcock, Silas on June 25, 1813
#X001951 press Vernon, Oneida County, NY

Broad, Joseph on June 25, 1813
#X001952 twisted screw gimblet Salisbury, Litchfield County, CT

Haskell, Ezra on June 25, 1813
#X001953 fire places and stoves New London, New London County, CT

Giraud, John James on June 26, 1813
#X001954 stills Baltimore, MD

Perkins, Jacob on June 26, 1813
#X001955 water mills Newburyport, MA

Perkins, Jacob on June 29, 1813
#X001956 making spoons Newburyport, MA

Perkins, Jacob on June 29, 1813
#X001957 copper and steel plate printing press Newburyport, MA

VanDuzer, William on June 30, 1813
#X001958 machine for breaking flax and hemp Warwick, Orange County, NY

Bissell, Luther on July 3, 1813
#X001959 saw mills Hartwick, Otsego County, NY

Williams, Thomas Robinson on July 3, 1813
#X001960 loom Newport, RI

Guernsey, Chauncey on July 7, 1813
#X001961 fire places and stoves Poultney, Rutland County, VT

Foster, Nathaniel on July 8, 1813
#X001962 improvement in his spinning machine which was patented the 28th of June, 1809 Feming, KY

Fisher, Charles F. on July 12, 1813
#X001963 stills York, PA

Jenks, Charles and Pease, Abiel on July 12, 1813
#X001964 cylinder heater for heating mash water for distilling East Windsor, Harford County, CT

Chevens, Henry on July 13, 1813
#X001965 floating house or bathing machine New York, NY

Milne, Alexander & Deane, Daniel S. on July 14, 1813
#X001966 bleaching cotton goods by steam Clinton, Dutchess County, NY

Stowell, Abel on July 15, 1813
#X001967 machine for finishing the heads of wood screws or iron screws for wood work Worcester, Worcester County, MA

Brewster, Abel on July 15, 1813
#X001968 die work as a substitute for etching Frankfort, Philadelphia County, PA

Churchman, Caleb and Martin, George, Jr. on July 16, 1813
#X001969 bark mill Upper Chichester, Delaware County, Pa

Pierson, Daniel on July 16, 1813
#X001970 printing press Newburyport, MA

Sawyer, Abraham on July 20, 1813
#X001971 grist mills Chester, Windham County, VT

Shotwell, William & Kinder, Arthur on July 23, 1813
#X001972 making cloth of hair New York, NY

Robinson, Elihu on July 24, 1813
#X001973 loom Augusta, Kennebeck County, MA

Drummond, John on July 24, 1813
#X001974 weavers' lathe New York, NY

Ludlum, James M. on August 3, 1813
#X001975 tubulated cylinder shot New York, NY

Giraud, John James on August 3, 1813
#X001976 improvement in distilling, and of wooden still Baltimore, MD

Heavin, John on August 3, 1813
#X001977 machine for making ropes and twine Montgomery Court House, VA

Hurlbut, Daniel on August 4, 1813
#X001978 spinning wheels Aurelius, Cayuga County, NY

Pie, William on August 5, 1813
#X001979 construction of locks New York, NY

Nicholson, Thomas and Gunn, Samuel on August 6, 1813
#X001980 pumps Genoa, Cayuga County, NY

Moore, Alexander Duncan on August 7, 1813
#X001981 mill for grinding and pounding New Haven County, NC

Hitchcock, Silas on August 7, 1813
#X001982 pendulum churn Vernon, Oneida County, NY

Murray, Mathew on August 7, 1813
#X001983 improvement in the plough Middletown, Frederick County, MD

Belden, Thomas on August 18, 1813
#X001984 heating liquors, mash, etc. for distilling Hartford, CT

Hopkins, Samuel on August 19, 1813
#X001985 preparation of flour of mustard Rahway, NJ

Hollingshead, John & Baker, Daniel on August 19, 1813
#X001986 extracting hair from fur skins Trenton, NJ

Stowell, Ebenezer on August 20, 1813
#X001987 machine called the cylindrick polisher Middelbury, Addison County, VT

Carrington, Daniel and Ives, Ira on August 20, 1813
#X001988 twining comb machine Litchfield, CT

Foster, William, Jr. & Foster, Leonard on August 20, 1813
#X001989 improvement in the lamp, consisting of a double reflector to one blaze Boston, MA

Williams, Goliah on August 24, 1813
#X001990 weavers' beam North Providence, RI

Withers, Michael on August 24, 1813
#X001991 mill gudgeon Strasburg, Lancaster County, PA

Connor, Benjamin on August 26, 1813
#X001992 constructing and navigating ships, boats, etc. Portsmouth, Rockingham County, NH

Pease, Horace on August 28, 1813
#X001993 plough Enfield, Harford County, CT
Haight, Halsted E. and Haight, John on August 30, 1813
#X001994 doubling, twisting, and reeling machine New York, NY

Gibbs, Abraham on August 31, 1813
#X001995 setting stills, and in the furnace Lancaster, PA

Edmonston, Samuel S. on September 1, 1813
#X001996 improvement in the press, patented by John Cunningham and Samuel S. Edmonston New York, NY

Earl, Willard on September 3, 1813
#X001997 machine for sawing shingles called a shingle mill Hubbardston, Worcester County, MA

Long, Stephen H. & Hauto, George F. on September 3, 1813
#X001998 hydrostatic engine and steam engine Germantown, Pa

Steel, Hezekiah on September 8, 1813
#X001999 manufacturing paper hangings with light colored satin grounds Hudson, NY

Lutgen, Henry on September 8, 1813
#X002000 machine for cutting nails Marietta, Lancaster County, PA

Bent, William on September 9, 1813
#X002001 machine for splitting skins Boston, MA

Reeve, Mark and Reeve, Richard on September 28, 1813
#X002002 improvement in the nail machines patented by them on the 3rd of February, 1812, 31st October 1812, and 16th of March, 1813 Philadelphia, PA

Hess, John on October on February 1813
#X002003 revolving weaving loom Hempfield, Lancaster County, PA

Ewing, John & Dickey, David on October on February 1813
#X002004 pump for elevating meal, grain and other light substances Oxford, Chester County, PA

Harrington, Daniel on October on April 1813
#X002005 warm bathing vessel Centerville, Fairfax County, VA

Hall, Francis on October on July 1813
#X002006 machine for and mode of preparing hemp and flax TN

Corkings, Ezra B. on October on August 1813
#X002007 manufacturing wine from cider Bristol, Ontario County, NY

Hort, Benjamin S. on October on September 1813
#X002008 improvement in the flood gate George Town, SC

Hackley, Philo M. on October on September 1813
#X002009 cylindrical boiler Hudson, NY

Briggs, Nathaniel on October 13, 1813
#X002010 spring bolt for holding up window sashes New York, NY

Werely, John on October 14, 1813
#X002011 mould for forming wool and rorams into batts for hats Albany, NY

Hills, Silas on October 22, 1813
#X002012 machine for shearing cloth Hudson, NY

Herrick, Ebenezer on October 22, 1813
#X002013 stocking loom Stockbridge, Berkshire County, MA

Kimball, William and Willard, Samuel, Jr. on October 23, 1813
#X002014 machine for plaining card boards and scabboards Mount Vernon, Hillsborough County, NH

Schenck, John T. on October 23, 1813
#X002015 mode of propelling boats by levers and weights New York, NY

Alexander, Henry on October 27, 1813
#X002016 grinding and reducing ores into powder and preparing them for various uses Baltimore, MD

Anderson, Alexander on October 27, 1813
#X002017 improvement in his condensing tub for heating water for distillation Philadelphia, PA

Willard, Simeon B. on November 3, 1813
#X002018 machine for sawing, polishing and moulding stone Bloomfield, Ontario County, NY

Shotwell, William and Kinder, Arthur on November 4, 1813
#X002019 spinning the hair of neat or black cattle New York, NY

Shotwell, William & Kinder, Arthur on November 4, 1813
#X002020 carding the hair of neat or black cattle New York, NY

Board, Joseph on November 4, 1813
#X002021 rendering leather impermeable to water New York, NY

Hamilton, Alexander James on November 8,1813
#X002022 manufacturing white lead and flake whate New York, NY

Thrall, Luke H. on November on October 1813
#X002023 wooden springs for carriages Troy, NY

Roy, Robert on November 13, 1813
#X002024 spiral stove Warwick, Orange County, NY

Jenks, Ebenezer on November 13, 1813
#X002025 art and process of making and using elastic steel card teeth, and cconverting iron fish hooks into steel when formed of iron Colebrook, Litchfield County, CT

Wheatley, James on November 13, 1813
#X002026 still and condensing tub Fauquier County, VA

Soper, Timothy, Jr. and Reynolds, Charles on December on February 1813
#X002027 water boilers and steam stills Hartford, CT

Sugden, Robert on December 2, 1813
#X002028 loom Boston, MA

Powell, Thomas on December 3, 1813
#X002029 multiplying reacting hollow cylinder New York, NY

Ewell, Thomas on December 7,1813
#X002030 manufacturing gun powder Georgetown, DC

Obert, Peter on December 18, 1813
#X002031 mode of giving power and motion to machinery by weights New York, NY

Humes, John on December 30, 1813
#X002032 machine for cutting screws Richmond, VA

Hunt, Salmon on December 30, 1813
#X002033 making steel plated sleigh shoes Canaan, Litchfield County, CT

Burnham, Abner & Barnum, Thomas S. on December 31, 1813
#X002034 machine for making screws Sharon, Litchfield County, CT

Steward, Stephen on December 31, 1813
#X002035 mode of weaving millinet, muslin, lace, etc. Cheshire, Walpole County, NH

Loring, David on December 31, 1813
#X002036 wheel head Canandaigua, NY

Ogden, Francis B. on December 31, 1813
#X002037 steam engines and in applying steam Essex County, NJ

Coleman, John on December 31, 1813
#X002038 machine for polishing and framing cyphering slates Baltimore, MD

Hoffman, Isaac on December 31, 1813
#X002039 distilling apparatus Shawangunk, Ulster County, NY

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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