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1811 U.S. Patents

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Hackley, Philo M. on January 11, 1811
#X001410 perpetual steam still and water boiler Herkimer County, NY

Lee, James on January 14, 1811
#X001411 drying fuel for glass furnaces Philadelphia, PA

Witherlee, Joshua on January 16, 1811
#X001412 improved cocks or locks for the passage of fluids Boston, MA

Bernard, Phares and Soper, Timothy on January 16, 1811
#X001413 steam pump Whitestown, Oneida County, NY

Bernard, Phares on January 16, 1811
#X001414 water boiler and steam still Whitestown, Oneida County, NY

Morrison, Michael on January 17, 1811
#X001415 chain float steam boat Boston, MA

Day, Augustus on January 19, 1811
#X001416 improvement in the sleigh Bordentown, NJ

Day, Augustus on January 19, 1811
#X001417 new power by means of combustion or combustion and explosion Bordentown, NJ

Sawin, John P. on January 24, 1811
#X001418 co-operating frictionless cylinders Roxbury, Norfolk County, MA

Steward, Henry on January 24, 1811
#X001419 expanding and folding wheel Clark County, Indiana territory

Burley, Nathaniel on January 24, 1811
#X001420 vat for facilitating and cheapening the tanning of leather and coloring cloth Strafford, NH

Beach, Joseph on January 24, 1811
#X001421 churn Northfield, Hampshire County, MA

Jewett, David on January 24, 1811
#X001422 distilling essential oil and spirits Pittsfield, MA

Sawin, John P. & Wait, Thomas B. on January 28, 1811
#X001423 cylindrical printing press Roxbury, Norfolk County, MA

Binny, Archibald on January 29, 1811
#X001424 improved printers' type mould Philadelphia, PA

Wilbor, Borden and Soper, Timothy on February 4, 1811
#X001425 water boiler and steam still Washington County, NY

Wilbor, Borden on February 4, 1811
#X001426 making salts by evaporation Washington County, NY

Binny, Archibald on February 4, 1811
#X001427 smoothing or rubbing printers' types Philadelphia, PA

Chandler, Stephen on February 4, 1811
#X001428 making rims to ladies' and taylors' thimbles without soldering them New York, NY

Vedder, Volkert on February 6, 1811
#X001429 forming, heating, removing, and using metal plates in pressing woolen cloths Amsterdam, Montgomery County, NY

Hancock, Robert, Sr. & Carr, Edward W. on February 6, 1811
#X001430 cotton gin Philadelphia, PA

Cleveland, Lewis on February 7, 1811
#X001431 churn Holliston, Middlesex County, MA

Sanders, John on February 7, 1811
#X001432 making ardent spirits out of the juice of southern corn stalks called the horse tooth or Virginia corn Schenectady, NY

Sawin, John P. and Skinner, Jacob on February 8, 1811
#X001433 machine for cutting nails or brads Roxbury, Norfolk County, MA

Fulton, Robert on February 9, 1811
#X001434 constructing boats or vessels which are to be navigated by the power of steam engines New York, NY

Walker, James W. on February 9, 1811
#X001435 threshing machine Wilmington, NC

Bacon, Samuel on February 9, 1811
#X001436 steam still Lanesborough, MA

Elliot, Jonathan on February 15, 1811
#X001437 elevator for the use of the sick Newbury, Essex County, MA

Belknap, Stephen & Merrill, Samuel on February 15, 1811
#X001438 descending saw mill Georgetown, DC

Beach, William on February 19, 1811
#X001439 double forcing pump Franklin, Delaware County, NY

Fuller, Salmon on February 19, 1811
#X001440 propelling boats and vessels by horses Clark County, Indiana territory

Ferris, Thomas on February 20, 1811
#X001441 double forcing pump Duchess County, NY

Paul, Thomas on February 23, 1811
#X001442 mode of producing what he calls Columbian oil Baltimore, MD

Nicolls, Robert Lloyd on February 23, 1811
#X001443 mode of preserving and defending wood immersed in salt water from the attacks or injuries of that species of worms which is generally found destuctive at sea Easton, Talbot County, MA

Stubbs, James and Parsons, Nathaniel on February 25, 1811
#X001444 steam engine called the vaporeun machine Chilicothe, Ross County, OH

Abbot, Miles H. on February 26, 1811
#X001445 saw mill, unknown

Comfort, John on February 26, 1811
#X001446 cutting and gathering grain and grass Bucks County, PA

Sweet, John on February 26, 1811
#X001447 andirons and fire places Berkshire, MA

Perkins, Elisha on February 26, 1811
#X001448 making flour, starch and spirit from wheat or other vegetable matter Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, NJ

Willmarth, Ezra on February 28, 1811
#X001449 shearing cloth Rumney, Grafton County, MA

Pond, William on February 28, 1811
#X001450 manufacturing straw wove platt Wrentham, Norfolk County, MA

Goulding, Joseph on February 28, 1811
#X001451 machine for cutting felloes for wheels Leicester, MA

Goulding, Joseph on March 1, 1811
#X001452 forge and trip hammer Leicester, MA

Goulding, Joseph on March 1, 1811
#X001453 mills Leicester, MA

Cock, Townsend on March 1, 1811
#X001454 training and breaking horses New York, NY

Hancock, Robert, Sr. & Carr, Edward W. on March 1, 1811
#X001455 machine for cutting wooden screws Philadelphia, PA

Paine, Otis on March 1, 1811
#X001456 reverting wheels for various purposes Foxborough, Norfork County, MA

Blanche, Noel on March 2, 1811
#X001457 condensation of vapours in distillation New York, NY

Wheeler, Dexter on March 2, 1811
#X001458 tide mill wheel Bristol, MA

Watson, William on March 2, 1811
#X001459 stove Weymouth, Gloster County, NJ

Price, Nehemiah on March 2, 1811
#X001460 machine for rubbing out clover Frederick County, MD

Pierson, Azael on March 2, 1811
#X001461 chain paddles for propelling boats Cumberland County, NJ

Dewey, Sherman on March 2, 1811
#X001462 machine for hulling rice Hartford, VT

Cummings, Benjamin on March 2, 1811
#X001463 shearing cloth Palmer, Hampshire County, MA

Sheldon, William, Jr. on March 2, 1811
#X001464 application of slate to various uses Springfield, MA

Miller, Jacob on March 2, 1811
#X001465 distilling Lancaster County, PA

Russell, Barzillai on March 4, 1811
#X001466 warming rooms Harford, CT

Killogg, George C. on March 4, 1811
#X001467 machine for shearing cloth New Harford, Lichfield County, CT

Mussy, Thomas on March 4, 1811
#X001468 water loom Philadelphia, PA

Gray, Levi on March 7, 1811
#X001469 reverse impelling pump being a double forcing pump Otsego County, NY

Swan, Israel on March 7, 1811
#X001470 planking and felting hats Haverhill, NH

Upham, Pliny on March 9, 1811
#X001471 pump for raising water Brookfield, Worcester County, MA

Randall, Samuel on March 12, 1811
#X001472 subignis air draught Providence, RI

Neff, George on March 19, 1811
#X001473 machine for cutting sausage meat Dauphin County, PA

Quincy, Abraham on March 20, 1811
#X001474 fire cavern Boston, MA

Sternberg, Peter on March 20, 1811
#X001475 fire places Montgomery County, NY

Gale, Luther on March 30, 1811
#X001476 bark mill Berkshire County, MA

VanVoorhis, Daniel on March 21, 1811
#X001477 horizontal bellows wind wheel which by reversing the wheel may be applied to water Long Island, NY

Cook, Lyman on March 26, 1811
#X001478 condenser Whitestown, Oneida County, NY

Mumford, Harry on March 28, 1811
#X001479 churn Ulster County, NY

VanHouton, Rulef C. on March 28, 1811
#X001480 threshing machine New York, NY

Cook, Lyman on March 28, 1811
#X001481 four wheel carriages to be moved by manual labor Whitestown, Oneida County, NY

Boynton, John on March 30, 1811
#X001482 straining and grinding cards Windham County, CT

Alger, Cyrus on March 30, 1811
#X001483 mode of casting large iron rollers for rolling iron Boston, MA

Eastman, Abiather on April 8, 1811
#X001484 nail machine for making wrought nails and spikes or drawing small iron into any form Norway, Oxford County, MA

Baley, William on April 10, 1811
#X001485 stave and shingle machine Nelson County, KY

Morgan, John on April 10, 1811
#X001486 form of cossack boots or rather in the mode of cutting leather for the formation of boots of every description Philadelphia, PA

Barker, Joseph on April 10, 1811
#X001487 tanning leather Deerfield, Oneida County, NY

Freeman, Erastus V. on April 10, 1811
#X001488 making gin, unknown

Swain, Jacocks and Swain, H. & Swain, Joshua on April 10, 1811
#X001489 lee board Cape May Courthouse, NJ

Evans, Oliver on April 15, 1811
#X001490 saw mills Philadelphia, PA

Bernard, Joseph on April 16, 1811
#X001491 vibrating nail plates while cutting Troy, NY

Gamble, William on April 15, 1811
#X001492 distilleries and kitchen ranges Washington County, DC

Kimball, Shubael on April 24, 1811
#X001493 lever purchase machine for propelling boats, working mills, etc. Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, NY

Randolph, John F. on April 25, 1811
#X001494 floating machine for supplying ships with fresh water New York, NY

Sherwood, Andrew on April 25, 1811
#X001495 kitchen stove New York, NY

Sibley, Jeremiah on April 25, 1811
#X001496 cramping Suwarrow boot legs New York, NY

Sherwood, Andrew on April 25, 1811
#X001497 drum cooking stove New York, NY

Schoolfield Benjamin and Stanton, William on April 25, 1811
#X001498 spiral water wheel by balance gates Lynchburg, Campbell County, VA

Atherton, Daniel on April 26, 1811
#X001499 trimming and pressing straw plait Providence, RI

Rumsey, Edward on April 26, 1811
#X001500 flax and hemp break Christian County, KY

Mollenaux, Jesse on April 30, 1811
#X001501 shearing cloth Hempstead, NY

Hovey, Eleazer on May 2, 1811
#X001502 shearing machine Canaan, Columbia County, NY

Stone, Samuel on May 3, 1811
#X001503 rasping or sawing dye woods Enosburg, Franklin County, VT

Robinson, Daniel on May 3, 1811
#X001504 churn Franklin, Delaware County, NY

Dunlap, Andrew on May 3, 1811
#X001505 distilling Boston, MA

Andrews, Mark on May 4, 1811
#X001506 mode of working a water wheel by raising and lowering it in a current or tide Kennebec, MA

Gregg, James on May 7,1811
#X001507 manufacturing bricks NH

Rewey, John on April 8, 1811
#X001508 machine for cutting off the ends of bolts Berkshire, Broome County, NY

Lester, Ebenezer Avery on April 8, 1811
#X001509 vertical balance wheel nail cutting machine Herkimer, Herkimer County, NY

Armat, Thomas on May 10, 1811
#X001510 weighing hay, live cattle, etc. Philadelphia, PA

Gibson, Edward on May 10, 1811
#X001511 bodies of carriages called the standing roof landau New York, NY

Miller, Ezra L. on May 11, 1811
#X001512 writing instrument Charleston, SC

Giraud, John J. on May 15, 1811
#X001513 perpetual steam still Baltimore, MD

Johnston, John C. on May 16, 1811
#X001514 breaking hemp and flax Fayette County, KY

Thornton, William & Hatkill, John on May 21, 1811
#X001515 fire arms Washington, DC

Hall, John H. and Thornton, William on May 21, 1811
#X001516 fire arms Portland, ME & Washington, DC

Stephens, John on May 21, 1811
#X001517 constructing steam engines for propelling boats New York, NY

Ballthorpe, John on May 22, 1811
#X001518 spring for fastening window sashes, unknown

Dungan, David on May 23, 1811
#X001519 washing machine Upperville, Loudon County, VA

Lewis, Marshall on May 24, 1811
#X001520 saw mills Chenango, Broome County, NY

Woolverton, Charles and Ridgway, Benjamin, Jr. on May 24, 1811
#X001521 machine for dressing mill stones Morris Villa, PA

Burke, Henry on May 25, 1811
#X001522 suspenders Bucks County, PA

Palmerler, Heman on May 25, 1811
#X001523 carding machine Shoreham, Addison County,VT

Witherle, Joshua on May 28, 1811
#X001524 cutting fur from peltry Boston, MA

Osborn, John, Jr. on May 29, 1811
#X001525 horizontal water wheel Litchfield, CT

Wolcot, Benjamin on May 29, 1811
#X001526 double suspender spring Danbury, Huron County, OH

Parker, Daniel & Sanford, John on May 30, 1811
#X001527 machine for shaving shingles Sharen, Litchfield County, CT

King, Vincent and King, Jeremiah on May 30, 1811
#X001528 working certain ores Bellair, Harford County, MD

Ruggles, Joseph on June 6, 1811
#X001529 water blast New Milford, Litchfield County, CT

Bissel, Luther on June 7, 1811
#X001530 sawing and polishing marble Otsego County, NY

Hinman, Luke C. & Bissel, Luther and Barnes, Moses on June 7, 1811
#X001531 machine for moving two water wheels at the same time Otsego County, NY

Bascom, Harvey on June 10, 1811
#X001532 composition for mending china, glass, etc. Westom, MA

Stillman, William on June 11, 1811
#X001533 shears for shearing woolen cloth Westerly, RI

Smith, Samuel on June 11, 1811
#X001534 steam kitchen for baking Herkimer, Herkimer County, NY

Ellis, Abner on June 12, 1811
#X001535 chair bottoms Dedham, Norfolk County, MA

Giraud, John James on June 14, 1811
#X001536 distilling Baltimore, MD

Sherer, Jacob & Killian, Abraham on June 17, 1811
#X001537 distilling and refining apparatus Lancaster, PA

Jessup, Thomas W. on June 18, 1811
#X001538 fanning mill for cleaning grain Fredericktown, MD

Langdon, Barnabus and Mowry, William on June 20, 1811
#X001539 machine for saving, jointing and forming the staves and heads of barrels Washington County, NY

Noyes, Josiah on June 21, 1811
#X001540 steam stove for roasting, boiling and baking Herkimer, Herkimer County, NY

Baxter, John George on June 22, 1811
#X001541 family cotton spinning machine Philadelphia, PA

Lyon, Joseph on July 1, 1811
#X001542 preparing and packing quincitron or black oak bark or other barks for exportation Philadelphia, PA

Jessop, Jonathan on July 1, 1811
#X001543 balance bridge York Town, PA

Bergh, Christian & Shermerhorn, Peter, Jr. on July 2, 1811
#X001544 spinning and winding rope yarn New York, NY

McMurtry, Charles on July 8, 1811
#X001545 forge bellows New Marlborough, MA

Miller, Robert on July 13, 1811
#X001546 breaking hemp and flax Lexington, KY

Harrington, Allen on July 16, 1811
#X001547 medicine cases Otsego County, NY

Staples, John on July 18, 1811
#X001548 pendulum steam engine Richmond, VA

Hughson, John on July 18, 1811
#X001549 kiln drying corn and malt Clinton County, NY

Smith, Haziel on July 19, 1811
#X001550 machine for chopping meat or any other substance fine Philadelphia, PA

Putnam, Archelaus on July 20, 1811
#X001551 improved accelerating wheel head Philadelphia, PA

Sommer, Leonard on July 22, 1811
#X001552 horizontal wooden springs for carriages Downington, Chester County, PA

Dana, Jacob A. on July 23, 1811
#X001553 flax and hemp break Casanovia, Madison County, NY

Righter, Jonathan on July 23, 1811
#X001554 machine for making sacket and sand shovels Downington, Chester County, PA

Sealy, Richard on July 25, 1811
#X001555 still and condenser Newark, NJ

Hollingsworth, William on July 30, 1811
#X001556 tanning Elkton, MD

Hitchcock, Samuel B. and Bement, John on July 30, 1811
#X001557 boot and shoe making Homer, Cortland County, NY

Emerson, Hawley on August 14, 1811
#X001558 wear for catching fish Hancock County, MA

Reed, Jesse on August 14, 1811
#X001559 cutting and heading nails Kingston, Plymouth County, MA

Miller, William on August 15, 1811
#X001560 mill stones Lampter, Lancaster County, PA

Morrison, Michael on August 15, 1811
#X001561 picking wool called the wool picker Boston, MA

Gorsuch, William on August 17, 1811
#X001562 perpetual lime kiln Baltimore, MD

Lies, Bennet on August 19, 1811
#X001563 sea motion pump New York, NY

Sanford, John on August 20, 1811
#X001564 varying the motion of a plough Sharon, Litchfield County, CT

Miller, Nathaniel & Miller, Philip W. on August 20, 1811
#X001565 weaving Franklin, Norfolk County, MA

Reynolds, Charles on August 21, 1811
#X001566 mode of propelling carriages by steam East Windsor, CT

Hare, Robert on August 22, 1811
#X001567 mode of ripening and keeping malt liquor and cider Philadelphia, PA

Launy, David F. on August 23, 1811
#X001568 electrophorus Philadelphia, PA

Lands, Abraham on August 28, 1811
#X001569 water wheel Georgetown, DC

Hart, Theodore on August 30, 1811
#X001570 double spring angular truss New York, NY

Henshaw, Andrew and Harlow, Nathaniel, Jr. on August 30, 1811
#X001571 constructing and working pumps for the use of ships Banger, Hancock County, MA

Decker, Jacob on September 2, 1811
#X001572 stills and boilers Green, Shenango County, NY

Strong, Stephen on September 2, 1811
#X001573 drying house for drying fruit Wilks Township, Gallia County, OH

Quincy, Abraham Howard on September 3, 1811
#X001574 manufacturing ink stands of stone Boston, MA

Atkinson, Joseph on September 5, 1811
#X001575 water wheel Amhurst, MA

Turbutt, Nicholas on September 7, 1811
#X001576 common plough Fredericktown, MD

Holland, Luther on September 10, 1811
#X001577 horizontal pump Belehuston, Hampshire County, MA

Read, Daniel on September 10, 1811
#X001578 spinning wool and cotton called the pleasant spinner Brookfield, Madison County, NY

Pratt, Thomas on September 12, 1811
#X001579 horizontal vibrating churn Cheshire County, NH

Wittmer, Henry on September 19, 1811
#X001580 stills Lancaster, PA

Perry, Nathaniel on September 25, 1811
#X001581 looms Boston, MA

Rodgers, James on September 27, 1811
#X001582 propelling boats by steam Albany, NY

Power, Thomas on September 27, 1811
#X001583 stoves New York, NY

Cutter, Ephraim on September 27, 1811
#X001584 crank loom for weaving all kinds of cloth Walpole, NH

Avery, Alexander H. on September 30, 1811
#X001585 tanning Bennington, VT

Shepard, Joseph H. on October 1,1811
#X001586 churn Canaan, Somerset County, MA

Jaques, Moses & Freeman, Henry on October 2, 1811
#X001587 press for pressing cotton, hay, etc. Woodbridge, Middlesex County, NJ

Humphreys, William on October 4,1811
#X001588 drawing and spinning wool Humphreysville, Newhaven County, CT

Beal, Josiah on October 5, 1811
#X001589 trip hammer Ontaria County, NY

Thayer, Solomon on October 9, 1811
#X001590 pendulum mill Braintree, Norfolk County, MA

Gehbe, Ernst on October 10, 1811
#X001591 cutting files North Hampton County, PA

Sellers, Charles W. on October 11, 1811
#X001592 manufacturing fine salt from coarse Alexandria, DC

Harper, William on October 15, 1811
#X001593 breaking, swingling and beating hemp and flax Richmond, VA

Sizer, Jonathan on October 15, 1811
#X001594 circular boilers New London, New London County, CT

Pierson, Jacob on October 17, 1811
#X001595 wooden screw press for packing cotton, wool, etc. Knoxville, Knox County, TN

Vernon, John on October 21, 1811
#X001596 cutting and manufacturing boot legs Baltimore, MD

Tanner, Archibald on October 24, 1811
#X001597 breaking and swingling hemp and flax Trumball County, OH

Sternberg, Peter on October 28, 1811
#X001598 improvement in his patent fire place Montgomery County, NY

Witherill, Samuel, Jr. on November 1, 1811
#X001599 mode of washing white lead Philadelphia, PA

Witherill, Samuel, Jr. on October 29, 1811
#X001600 setting the beds or stacks (by admission of air) in making white lead Philadelphia, PA

Witherill, Samuel, Jr. on October 29, 1811
#X001601 screening and separating in water the corroded parts of lead from the uncorroded parts in the process of making white lead Philadelphia, PA

Witherell, Samuel, Jr. on November 1, 1811
#X001602 machine for separating the oxidated from the metallic lead in the process of manufacturing red lead and of the manner of using the machine Philadelphia, PA

Mack, Elisha on November 2, 1811
#X001603 water wheel Sheffield, MA

Larrabee, Lebbeus on November 4, 1811
#X001604 casting metallic boxes or centres of shieves or trundles for pulleys Nantucket, MA

Sizer, Jonathan on November 6, 1811
#X001605 machine for basoning, hardening and steaming hats New London, New London County, CT

Butler, Anthony on November 6, 1811
#X001606 machine for boring posts VT

Bell, Benjamin on November 7, 1811
#X001607 process of making sulphuric acid Boston, MA

Claiborne, William Presley on November 8, 1811
#X001608 cutting wheat and other small grain King William County, VA

Maher, William on November 12, 1811
#X001609 balance water gate Rome, Oneida County, NY

Shaw, Jonathan on November 13, 1811
#X001610 mode of distilling ardent spirits by one operation Palmer, Hampshire County, MA

Reeve, Mark and Reeve, Richard on November 14, 1811
#X001611 hot heading nail machine for cutting and heading nails Philadelphia, PA

King, Benjamin on November 15, 1811
#X001612 mode of welding or uniting scrap iron or steel preparatory to forming it into bars, by the forge hammer and of effecting the same by pit coal in its crude state without the use of coke or charcoal Navy Yard, Washington, DC

Clapp, Joseph on November 16, 1811
#X001613 elevating aqueduct or water conductor, being an improvement of Clapp's crank engine Greenfield, MA

Macomber, James on November 19, 1811
#X001614 descending air flue with the chimney pipes in which it is to be used Greenwich, Washington County, NY

Sternberg, Peter on November 19, 1811
#X001615 improvement on his former improvement in fire places Montgomery County, NY

Turner, Robert on November 25, 1811
#X001616 compound lever and parallel shaft nail machine Boston, MA

Ford, Joseph & White, John on November 25, 1811
#X001617 making hats of paper Boston, MA

Sheble, Adam on November 27, 1811
#X001618 churn Philadelphia, PA

Rotch, Francis on November 29, 1811
#X001619 constructing boats and vessels New Bedford, Bristol County, MA

Rogers, Richard C. on November 29, 1811
#X001620 loom Maine, MA

Dod, Daniel on November 29, 1811
#X001621 steam engine New York, NY

Truman, James on December 3, 1811
#X001622 portable kitchen or stove cabouse Philadelphia, PA

Barrett, Oliver, Jr. on December 3, 1811
#X001623 machine for roving and spinning wool and cotton Schaghticoke, Rensselier County, NY

Lecesne, Lewis on December 4, 1811
#X001624 distilling apparatus Belleville, NJ

Stanly, Timothy on December 9, 1811
#X001625 structure of bee-hives Farmington, Harford County, CT

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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