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1810 U.S. Patents

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Stevens, John on January 3, 1810
#X001187 construction of steam engines and boilers New York, NY

Fowler, John on January 4, 1810
#X001188 plating gun barrels, locks, etc. Lancaster, PA

Osborn, Ezra on January 8, 1810
#X001189 trip hammer Berkshire County, MA

Osborn, David on January 8, 1810
#X001190 churn Berkshire County, MA

Holmes, Alanson on January 8, 1810
#X001191 machine for carding and spinning wool by one continued operation Pomfret, Niagara County, NY

Spies, John P. on January 8, 1810
#X001192 plating horn combs with tortoise shell Baltimore, MD

Barber, Oliver on January 3, 1810
#X001193 coopering machine Hartford, CT

Gill, Isaac on January 15, 1810
#X001194 marine time keeper Charleston, SC

Elliot, Jonathan on January 18, 1810
#X001195 machine for compressing sole leather Sharon, Litchfield County, CT

Barnum, Thomas S. on January 18, 1810
#X001196 hopper blower Sharon, Litchfield County, CT

Williams, Ennion on January 19, 1810
#X001197 universal protractor Philadelphia, PA

Cook, Elisha on January 20, 1810
#X001198 sawing timber without a stub-short Bethlehem, Berkshire County, MA

Comfort, Joseph on January 25, 1810
#X001199 thrashing and cleaning grain Bucks County, PA

Comfort, John on January 25, 1810
#X001200 thrashing grain and seed Bucks County, PA

Sawin, John P. and Wait, Thomas B. on February 1, 1810
#X001201 circular printing press Boston, MA

Herrick, John, Jr. on February 1, 1810
#X001202 water elevator Albany, NY

Easton, Peleg on February 1, 1810
#X001203 sinking wells in or under water Nantucket, MA

Noble, Sylvester on February 1, 1810
#X001204 washing machine Hosick, Rensselaer County, NY

Easterly, George on February 5, 1810
#X001205 manufacturing Barilla from tobacco stems, corn stalks, etc. Richmond, VA

Lloyd, Robert on February 8, 1810
#X001206 loom for weaving girt and cloth with one hand Philadelphia, PA

Wadsworth, John on February 10, 1810
#X001207 jointer and guage machine Milton, MA

Toppan, Enoch Coleman on February 12, 1810
#X001208 method of making sheaves for blocks Essex, Newburyport, MA

Cutter, Ephraim on February 12, 1810
#X001209 machine for extracting hair from peltry Walpole, Cheshire County, NH

Mead, Henry on February 12, 1810
#X001210 refining of camphor New Haven, CT

Murray, George on February 13, 1810
#X001211 mode of engraving and printing important papers to prevent counterfeits Philadelphia, PA

Parkhurst, John, Jr. on February 13, 1810
#X001212 stove pipes Cheshire, NH

Sweet, John on February 15, 1810
#X001213 sawing plank or timber so as to leave no stub short Bethlehem, Berkshire County, MA

Schenck, Peter H. on February 15, 1810
#X001214 measuring grain and seed New York, NY

Parmele, Henry on February 15, 1810
#X001215 mortising machine Killingworth, Middlesex County, CT

Janes, Walter on February 16, 1810
#X001216 weaving machine Ashford, Windham County, CT

Morgan, Joel on February 20, 1810
#X001217 machine for cleaning grain and destroying insects Baltimore, MD

Shaler, Nathaniel on February 21, 1810
#X001218 system of signals for vessels New York, NY

Morse, Moses L. on February 21, 1810
#X001219 pendulum scale Cambridge, Middlesex County, CT

Raymond, Ebenezer on February 21, 1810
#X001220 cheese press Sherburn, Chanango County, NY

Thorne, Richard V. W. & Thorne, John on February 22, 1810
#X001221 machine for pressing cotton New York, NY

Dyster, Joseph Joshua on February 23, 1810
#X001222 improvement in the construction of bridges and other architectural works Philadelphia, PA

Baily, Jeremiah on March 5, 1810
#X001223 machine for raising grain by blowing Chester County, PA

Farwell, Leonard on March 5, 1810
#X001224 moulds for casting boxes for carriage wheels Lancaster, Worcester County, MA

Fairbanks, Benjamin on March 5, 1810
#X001225 churn Worcester, MA

Templeman, John on March 6, 1810
#X001226 bridges Georgetown, DC

Wright, Abel on March 7, 1810
#X001227 saw mill Canaan, Columbia County, NY

Reid, Briggs Rogers on March 8, 1810
#X001228 nail cutting machine Danvers, Essex County, MA

Hall, Benjamin on March 8, 1810
#X001229 ship carpenter's boring machine Canaan, Columbia County, NY

Hall, Benjamin on March 8, 1810
#X001230 mitre point borer Canaan, Columbia County, NY

Smith, Roger on March 8, 1810
#X001231 spring bolt and key for raising and fastening windows Norwich, New London County, CT

White, Josiah on March 14, 1810
#X001232 machine for moulding and rolling iron Philadelphia, PA

Gregg, John on March 14, 1810
#X001233 planking hats Green County, PA

Jones, Adonijah, Jr. on March 14, 1810
#X001234 sawing timber Bethlehem, Berkshire County, MA

Laighton, Mark on March 14, 1810
#X001235 rollers for sheaves of blocks Portsmouth, Rockingham County, NH

Ruggles, Lazarus and Tomlinson, Daniel on March 16, 1810
#X001236 machine for separating onion seed from grain Brookfield, CT

Baldwin, Sylvanus on March 17, 1810
#X001237 machine for mortising and tenanting Mount Pelier, Caledonia County, VT

Chamberlin, William on March 17, 1810
#X001238 distilling apparatus Representative from Vermont

Shriver, David on March 17, 1810
#X001239 machine for shaving hoops out of split timber Petersburg, Adams County, PA

Robinson, Robert on March 19, 1810
#X001240 process of and machinery for stamping and staining leather Newburyport, MA

Drury, Winsor on March 19, 1810
#X001241 spinning wheel Brookfield, Worcester County, MA

Beck, John & Coppinger, Joseph on March 19, 1810
#X001242 machine for beating out rice Beeks-ferry, SC

Coppinger, Joseph on March 19, 1810
#X001243 driving a whip saw Frederick, GA

Tuthill, Abraham Gulielmus Domini on March 22, 1810
#X001244 propelling and navigating boats, vessels, rafts, etc. New York, NY

Hunt, Daniel on March 22, 1810
#X001245 machine for making mortar Stanford, CT

Melville, David on March 24, 1810
#X001246 gas lamp Newport, RI

Thorne, Richard V. W. and Thorne, John on March 26, 1810
#X001247 pressing machine New York, NY

Holland, Luther on March 28, 1810
#X001248 horizontal pump Belcherston, Hampshire County, MA

Williams, David, 3rd on March 28, 1810
#X001249 machine for manufacturing ivory combs Saybrook, Middlesex County, CT

Wheeler, Benjamin on March 28, 1810
#X001250 manufacturing salt Boston, MA

Miller, Joseph L. on March 28, 1810
#X001251 screw grist mill Brookfield, Madison County, NY

Beach, Joseph on March 30, 1810
#X001252 threshing machine Northfield, MA

Jennings, Isaiah on March 30, 1810
#X001253 threshing machine Brookfield, Madison County, NY

Webster, Alpheus on March 31, 1810
#X001254 spinning flax Green County, NY

Gillespie, Robert on April 2, 1810
#X001255 perpetual still and evaporator Seneca County, NY

Minor, Jonathan on April 2, 1810
#X001256 water wheels for mills Saratoga County, NY

Battle, Mellen on April 4, 1810
#X001257 wheel wright's labor saving machine, NY

Ramsey, James on April 4, 1810
#X001258 earthen or clay tubes for aqueducts Burke, Caledonia County, VT

Clark, David on April 9, 1810
#X001259 funnel with a vent West Stockbridge, Berks County, MA

Clark, David on April 9, 1810
#X001260 marble or pipe stone turner West Stockbridge, Berks County, MA

Clark, Anson on April 10, 1810
#X001261 machine for cutting, chiselling and polishing marble West Stockbridge, Berks County, MA

Brown, Ephraim on April 10, 1810
#X001262 horse mill, unknown

Ennals, Joseph on April 10, 1810
#X001263 saw and grist mill New Market, Dorchester County, MD

Downer, Elisha on April 11, 1810
#X001264 trip hammer Duceyter, Madison County, NH

Miner, Amos on April 11, 1810
#X001265 heads of spinning wheels Marcelles, Oneida County, NY

Smith, Aaron on April 11, 1810
#X001266 churn Tyngsborough, Middlesex County, MA

Sweet, John on April 11, 1810
#X001267 beehives Bethlehem, Berkshire County, MA

Arnold, Josiah on April 14, 1810
#X001268 quadrant Caledonia, VT

Sage, Joseph on April 14, 1810
#X001269 machine for pressing clothes Berlin, Hartford County, CT

Brainard, Jeremiah on April 16, 1810
#X001270 turnpike gate Canaan, Columbia County, NY

Wilde, Oliver on April 16, 1810
#X001271 flax machine Canaan, Columbia County, NY

Maverick, Andrew on April 17, 1810
#X001272 cylinder roller for distributing ink on copper plates for copper plate printing New York, NY

Norton, Lewis Mills on April 2, 1810
#X001273 cheese vat for forming pineapple cheese Goshen, Litchfield County, CT

Barnard, Cromwell on April 17, 1810
#X001274 machine for breaking dough Nantucket County, MA

Richardson, Oliver on April 18, 1810
#X001275 contructing chimneys to prevent smoking Medway, Norfolk County, MA

Hartshorne, Joseph on April 20, 1810
#X001276 preparing carbonated silk and paper for multiplying writings Philadelphia, PA

Hawkins, Joseph on April 21, 1810
#X001277 lamps and the liquid to be burned therein Baltimore, MD

Clark, Martin on April 21, 1810
#X001278 machine for cutting fur from skins and pelts New York, NY

Currey, Samuel on April 24, 1810
#X001279 machine for raising water Williamson County, TN

Smith, Roger on April 20, 1810
#X001280 machine for sawing wood in a circular form Norwich, New London County, CT

Bremler, Frederick on April 24, 1810
#X001281 coaches and other carriages New York, NY

Richards, Robert U. & Richards, Mills on April 24, 1810
#X001282 machine for pricking leather to be stitched Norfolk, Litchfield County, CT

Church, Samuel on April 25, 1810
#X001283 machine for cutting and dressing felloes Amherst, Hampshire County, MA

Roberts, Jesse on April 25, 1810
#X001284 washing and churning machine Germantown, PA

Mosely, David C. on April 25, 1810
#X001285 spring tree saddle Boston, MA

Ames, Oliver on April 25, 1810
#X001286 trip hammer Plymouth, MA

Wright, Russel H. on April 25, 1810
#X001287 wind mills Boston, MA

Whiting, Nathaniel P. on April 25, 1810
#X001288 machine for shaving and splitting hides Providence, RI

Lorillard, Peter on April 25, 1810
#X001289 manufacturing of tobacco New York, NY

Snedeker, Samuel on April 27, 1810
#X001290 fanning mill Johnstown, Montgomery County, NY

Nicholson, John on April 28, 1810
#X001291 wheel carriage boxes Herkimer, Herkimer County, NY

Nicholson, John on April 28, 1810
#X001292 casting metal crews Herkimer, Herkimer County, NY

Basford, Ebenezer and Johnson, Elisha on April 28, 1810
#X001293 machine for cutting tennons in wood Livermore, Oxford County, MA

Basford, Ebenezer on April 28, 1810
#X001294 machine for trying sash stuff Livermore, Oxford County, MA

Hoskin, Shubael on April 30, 1810
#X001295 manufacturing military hats Catskill, Green County, NY

Bennett, John Morris on May 1, 1810
#X001296 distilling by steam Middletown, Middlesex County, CT

Judd, Oliver, Jr. on May 1, 1810
#X001297 machine for sawing boards Loudon, Berkshire County, MA

Webster, John on May 1, 1810
#X001298 boring machine Great Barrington, Berkshire County, MA

Youngs, Seth on May 1, 1810
#X001299 machine for turning gun barrels Hartford, CT

Dotterer, Henry on May 1, 1810
#X001300 elastic piston bellows Philadelphia, PA

Harris, George on May 3, 1810
#X001301 saw mill to be worked by hand Philadelphia, PA

David, John on May 5, 1810
#X001302 varnish for leather Philadelphia, PA

Heavin, John on April 8, 1810
#X001303 machine for shelling corn Frederick town, MD

Sprague, Eleazer on April 9, 1810
#X001304 machine for cutting fur from peltry Danbury, Fairfield County, CT

Sprague, Eleazer on April 9, 1810
#X001305 shearing cloth Danbury, Fairfield County, CT

Mathews, Herman on May 15, 1810
#X001306 shearing cloth DE

Flagg, Josiah & Flagg, Josiah, Jr. on May 17, 1810
#X001307 elastic lamp reflector or elactic tubes for Argand's lamps Boston, MA

Sawin, John P and Skinner Jacob on May 17, 1810
#X001308 tide mill Roxbury, Norfolk County, MA

Davis, James on May 18, 1810
#X001309 suspenders Philadelphia, PA

Nichols, Perkins on May 18, 1810
#X001310 mining auger Boston, MA

Swift, Beriah on May 24, 1810
#X001311 improvement in shearing cloth New York, NY

Lee, Samuel on May 24, 1810
#X001312 medicine, being a preparation called Lee's (Windham) billious pills New London, CT

Yeamans, Royal on May 28, 1810
#X001313 pumping machine Springfield, MA

Fairchild, Reuben & Fairchild, Eben on June 1, 1810
#X001314 machine for making saddle trees Fairfield, Trumbull County, CT

Peabody, William H. on June 8, 1810
#X001315 machine for cleaning grain and seeds Woodbury, Litchfield County, CT

Lewis, Winslow on June 8, 1810
#X001316 reflecting and magnifying lantern Boston, MA

Wright, Russel H. on June 9, 1810
#X001317 perpetual balance scale Boston, MA

Lefever, Joseph on June 13, 1810
#X001318 pendulum machine for various purposes Providence, RI

Perkins, Jacob on June 16, 1810
#X001319 copperplate printing and modes of preventing counterfeits Boston, MA

Hines, Joseph on June 16, 1810
#X001320 fly or trip hammer Providence, RI

Whiting, Ebenezer on June 18, 1810
#X001321 fire places Great Barrington, Berkshire County, MA

Burke, Henry on June 18, 1810
#X001322 winding and spinning wire Philadelphia, PA

Tobey, Augustus on June 21, 1810
#X001323 apparatus for distilling Alford, Berkshire County, MA

Cooley, David on June 23, 1810
#X001324 mode of breaking horses and cattle Orange County, NY

Loofborrow, Isaac on June 26, 1810
#X001325 washing machine New York, NY

Phoebus, William on June 27, 1810
#X001326 boat and ship building New York, NY

Rentgen, Clement on June 27, 1810
#X001327 rolling iron round for ship bolts West Chester, PA

Cooper, Charles D. on June 27, 1810
#X001328 fire places Albany, NY

Chase, Berry on June 28, 1810
#X001329 making printer's ink New London, CT

Frisbie, Jeremy on June 30, 1810
#X001330 constructing mills PA

Rogers, George A. on July 3, 1810
#X001331 casting hinges Newburyport, MA

Smith, Samuel, 2nd on July 6, 1810
#X001332 moulds for casting boxes for carriage wheels Amherst, Hampshire County, MA

Buel, Samuel on July 7, 1810
#X001333 flat bottom boat with moveable keels Burlington, VT

Parry, Benjamin on July 7, 1810
#X001334 machine for drying corn and grain of all kinds Bucks County, PA

Bogenreiff, Valentine on July 10, 1810
#X001335 machine for boring blocks for cartouch boxes, brushes, etc. Georgetown, DC

Dow, Phinehas on July 12, 1810
#X001336 cylindrical leather splitting mill Boston, MA

Cooley, Abiel A. on July 13, 1810
#X001337 machine for shaving shingles Bolton, CT

Garber, Michael, Sr. on July 13, 1810
#X001338 distilling Stauton, VA

Hall, Stephen on July 13, 1810
#X001339 draining plough Boston, MA

Perkins, Jacob on July 17, 1810
#X001340 manufacturing cut nails, cut points and cut brads Boston, MA

Smith, William P. and Odell, Jacob on July 17, 1810
#X001341 machine for smoothing linen Durham, Stafford County, NH

Newel, Daniel on July 26, 1810
#X001342 machine for shaving and dressing shingles Saratoga, NY

Bacon, Ephraim on July 26, 1810
#X001343 churning machine Hancock County, MA

Williams, John H. on July 26, 1810
#X001344 machine for boiling water and producing steam Brunswick, NJ

Black, Jeremiah on August 2, 1810
#X001345 Chinese chain pump for raising water Northumberland, PA

Richards, Jedediah, 3rd on August 13, 1810
#X001346 machine for cutting dye woods Norfolk, Litchfield County, CT

Siter, Edward on August 14, 1810
#X001347 tanning hides Spread Eagle, Delaware County, PA

Fairbanks, John on August 14, 1810
#X001348 excentric roller nail machine Boston, MA

Lundy, Eleazer on August 14, 1810
#X001349 cramping Suwarrow boots legs New York, NY

Dow, Phineas on August 15, 1810
#X001350 Grecian chaise body Boston, MA

Miller, Ezekiel & Andrews, John on August 15, 1810
#X001351 machine for thrashing, fanning and cleaning grain Westmoreland, Oneida County, NY

Simons, Charles D. and Riondel, Jean J. on August 16, 1810
#X001352 mode of saturating water and other liquids with carbonic acid gas Charleston, SC

Ruggles, Levi on August 16, 1810
#X001353 mode of winding the thread and quills of a shuttle for weaving, called the thread guiding quill wheel Boston, MA

Foster, Benjamin & Washburn, Daniel and Rockwell, Northorp & Walker, James O. on August 16, 1810
#X001354 making harness for carriages and saddlery Castleton, Rutland County, VT

Parsons, Eli on August 16, 1810
#X001355 socket hair comb Bristol, CT

Gray, Simeon on August 17, 1810
#X001356 churn Genessee, NY

Hearrick, Ebenezer on August 17, 1810
#X001357 domestic spinner Albany, NY

Reid, Brigs Rogers on August 18, 1810
#X001358 machine for cutting and heading nails at one operation Salem, MA

Janes, Walter on August 20, 1810
#X001359 machine for winding spools and bobbins for weaving Ashford, CT

Harris, Joseph B. on August 21, 1810
#X001360 making brick or artificial stone without burning Philadelphia, PA

French, Daniel on August 22, 1810
#X001361 machine for making bricks and tiles New York, NY

Letton, Ralph on August 29, 1810
#X001362 apparatus for propelling boats by steam Albany, NY

Williams, Thaddeus on August 31, 1810
#X001363 windlass lever press Philadelphia, PA

Strong, Elisha and Killogg, Cotton on August 31, 1810
#X001364 making rifle guns New Harford, Lichfield County, CT

Reid, Upton on August 31, 1810
#X001365 machine for swaing or setting shovels Jopper Cross Roads, Harford County, MD

Robinson, Nathaniel Perrine on August 31, 1810
#X001366 machine for breaking flax and hemp Fleming County, KY

Janes, Walter on September 1, 1810
#X001367 new constructed loom Ashford, CT

Winter, Elisha on September 4, 1810
#X001368 double screw press New Orleans, LA

Underwood, William on September 6, 1810
#X001369 carriage block for sawing timber without a stubshort Herkimer, Herkimer County, NY

Granger, William on September 8, 1810
#X001370 Columbian balance Middlebury, VT

Teale, John C. on September 11, 1810
#X001371 smoke conductor New York, NY

Blydenburgh, Samuel on September 12, 1810
#X001372 weaving machine West Brookfield, MA

Reed, Jesse on September 16, 1810
#X001373 machine for cutting and heading nails at one operation Kingston, Plymouth County, MA

Perkins, Elijah on September 16, 1810
#X001374 making elastic clear starch from wheat, in making spirits from the residue and taking mildews from linen Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, NJ

Phillips, John & Smallman, James on September 18, 1810
#X001375 steering vessels Philadelphia, PA

Miller, William on September 26, 1810
#X001376 machine for cutting and heading nails at one operation New York, NY

Randal, Samuel on October 1, 1810
#X001377 teaching the art of writing Warren, RI

Willard, Elias on October 8, 1810
#X001378 composition for the cure of the scrophula and cancer Albany, NY

Jackman, William on October 8,1810
#X001379 washing machine Painsville, OH

Kneeland, Seth R. on October 9, 1810
#X001380 machine for cutting smoked beef, unknown

Parmelee, David on October 25, 1810
#X001381 machine for sawing various articles of carpenter's, wheelright's, joiner's and cooper's work Redding, Fairfield County, CT

Parsons, Stephens on October 25, 1810
#X001382 currying knife Parsonsfield, MA

Eaton, William on October 29, 1810
#X001383 improvement in the boiler invented by and patented to Timothy Kirk and in the rectifying still patented to Wm. Chamberlin Baltimore, MD

Harper, Nathan on October 30, 1810
#X001384 preparing quercitron, or black oak bark for dying and tanning Frankfort, PA

Antrim, Pinder and Bolton, Samuel on November 1, 1810
#X001385 water wheels, a compound wheel and chain or band wheel for propelling boats by steam Philadelphia, PA

White, Philip on November 1, 1810
#X001386 machine for splitting and shaving skins and leather Worcester, Brookfield County, MA

Graham, Augustus on November 6, 1810
#X001387 stoves Fredericktown, MA

Galvin, John on November 6, 1810
#X001388 windlass and capstan Philadelphia, PA

Smith, Eli on November 6, 1810
#X001389 horizontal double forcing pump for fire engines Palmer, Hampshire County, MA

Armistead, William on November 13, 1810
#X001390 mode of destroying the Hessian fly and weavel or preventing it from injuring wheat or grain Prince William County, VA

Curtis, Philo Clinton on November 17, 1810
#X001391 loom Paris, Oneida County, NY

Bernard, Phares on November 17, 1810
#X001392 steam still and water boiler Whitestown, Oneida County, NY

Potter, Hosea E. & Griswold, Chester on November 20, 1810
#X001393 machine for cutting tan bark and softening hides, fulling cloth, and for a grist mill, etc. Otsego, NY

Potter, Hosea E. on November 20, 1810
#X001394 machine for boiling potatoes, pumpkins or other food, for cattle or swine, by steam Otsego, NY

Clap, Joseph on November 21, 1810
#X001395 crank engine for raising and throwing water Montague, Hampshire County, MA

Graham, Augustus on November 24, 1810
#X001396 grated fire places Fredericktown, MA

Henderson, Allen on November 24, 1810
#X001397 heating water in vats to expedite the tanning of leather Great Barrington, Berkshire County, MA

Robinson, William on November 27, 1810
#X001398 wooden C springs for carriages Wilmington, DE

Reuck, Aaron on December 5, 1810
#X001399 water wheel for mills Chilicothe, OH

Stetson, Oliver and Sebree, William on December 11,1810
#X001400 method of using the common screw auger Georgetown, Boone County, KY

Robinson, Daniel on December 15, 1810
#X001401 washing machine Franklin, Delaware County, NY

Gates, Cyrus on December 15, 1810
#X001402 coring and quartering apples Rutland County, VT

Arnold, Daniel C. on December 15, 1810
#X001403 thrashing machine, unknown

Giraud, John J. on December 22, 1810
#X001404 double perpetual still and mode of using it Baltimore, MD

Hall, Chauncy on December 24, 1810
#X001405 diving dress CT

Tibballs, Samuel, Jr. on December 26, 1810
#X001406 manufacturing hats Tyringham, Berkshire County, MA

Olds, Ezekiel & Upham, Pliny on December 26, 1810
#X001407 improvement in their sawing machine, patented 21st Dec. 1809 Brookfield, MA

Cannon, George on December 27, 1810
#X001408 window springs Nantucket, MA

Beatty, Leonard on December 28, 1810
#X001409 machine for printing calico and paper Wilkesbarre, Luzerne County, PA

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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