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1808 U.S. Patents

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Boucherie, Antoine on January 8, 1808
#X000815 making and refining sugar Philadelphia, PA

Barnum, Eli on January 9, 1808
#X000816 machine to facilitate the making of boots and shoes MA
Evans, Oliver on January 22, 1808
#X000817 machine for manufacturing flour and meal Philadelphia, PA

Hicks, Jonathan on January 28, 1808
#X000818 nail cutting machine Hadley, Hampshire County, MA

Gould, John F. on February 1, 1808
#X000819 fire place or open stoves Newburyport, MA

Dodge, Samuel on February 9, 1808
#X000820 fanning mill for grain Cleveland, Trumbull County, OH

Bent, William on February 24, 1808
#X000821 machine for splitting leather and skins Boston, MA

Harris, Hezekiah on February 24, 1808
#X000822 plough Bullitt, KY

Watson, Daniel on March 4, 1808
#X000823 common suction pump Plymouth, MA

Heaton, Philemon and Boyes,Mark B. & Heaton, Philemon, Jr. on March 4, 1808
#X000824 propelling boats, unknown

Fulton, Robert and Cutting, Nathaniel on March 4, 1808
#X000825 machine for manufacturing cordage and improving its quality New York, NY & Washington, DC

Pratt, Phineas on March 5, 1808
#X000826 machine for making combs Saybrook, CT

Hays, Simeon on March 8, 1808
#X000827 churns Poultney, Stuben County, NY

Cady, Eleazer, Jr. on March 9, 1808
#X000828 forcing pump with double action applied to engines Chatham, Columbia County, NY

King, Nicholas on March 10, 1808
#X000829 revolving churn Washington, DC

Stackhouse, Stephen on March 11, 1808
#X000830 churn Casanovia, Madison County, NY

Gridley, Giles on March 13, 1808
#X000831 chimneys Newburyport, MA

Gridley, Giles on March 14, 1808
#X000832 fire places Newburyport, MA

Wadsworth, William on March 15, 1808
#X000833 washing machine Hartford, CT

Wadsworth, William on March 15, 1808
#X000834 machine for propelling boats Hartford, CT

Pease, Obadiah and Donalds, Asher on March 18, 1808
#X000835 machine for grinding bark and dye woods Norfolk, CT

Johnson, John on March 21, 1808
#X000836 wheel to run under water Knox County, IN Territory
Benedict, Ebenezer on March 21, 1808
#X000837 cyder and cheese press New Marlborough, MA

Barnum, Eli & Brooks, Benjamin on March 21, 1808
#X000838 distilling or boiling water New Marlborough, MA

Townsend, William W. on March 22, 1808
#X000839 churns Sandy Hill, NY

Barrett, Oliver, Jr. on March 23, 1808
#X000840 fanning mill for grain or clover seed Sandy Hill, NY

Hopkins, Roswell on March 25, 1808
#X000841 lever for turning wheels, for rowing boats, etc. Hopkinton, St. Lawrence County, NY

Smith, Eleazer on March 30, 1808
#X000842 machine for trimming straw plat for bonnets Franklin, Norfolk County, MA

Tallman, Jedediah on March 31, 1808
#X000843 mode of applying power and causing motion to machinery by the pendulum Albany, NY

Poudrell, Joseph on April 6, 1808
#X000844 economical furnace or stove New York, NY

Cohoon, Thomas on April 11, 1808
#X000845 cross cut saw machine Cazenovia, NY

Kilborn, Robert on April 12, 1808
#X000846 lessening the friction in axletrees of carriages Great Barrington,Berkshire County, MA

Warner, Ephraim on April 12, 1808
#X000847 cheese presses Waterbury, Newhaven County, CT

Cohoon, Thomas on April 13, 1808
#X000848 machine for breaking and swingling hemp and flax Cazenovia, NY

Cohoon, Thomas on April 14, 1808
#X000849 screw press Cazenovia, NY

Ives, Ira on April 14, 1808
#X000850 faucets for drawing liquor from casks Bristol, Hartford County, CT

Collidge, William on April 18, 1808
#X000851 machine for smoothing and polishing paper and other substances Boston, MA

Frothingham, Samuel and Harris, George on April 20, 1808
#X000852 mode of striping allum dressed leather for shoe binding Middletown, Middlesex County, CT

Fairbanks, John on April 21, 1808
#X000853 cylindric ruling machine Boston, MA

Pierpont, Daniel on April 22, 1808
#X000854 churn New Haven, CT

Cruttenden, Timothy on April 23, 1808
#X000855 spinning wheel Poultney, Rutland County, VT

Pitkin, Roswell on April 23, 1808
#X000856 manufacturing hats, cloths, etc. without bowing from a fleece or sheet taken from a carding engine East Hartford, CT

Reed, Aaron on April 25, 1808
#X000857 churn Columbia County, NY

Cobb, David on April 25, 1808
#X000858 carriages for field artillery Boston, MA

Howe, Nehemiah on April 25, 1808
#X000859 churn Windham, CT

Reeve, Joseph on April 25, 1808
#X000860 preparing and making twisted whalebone whips Newburgh, Orange County, NY

Taylor, Benjamin on April 25, 1808
#X000861 mode of impelling boats, water or land carriages New York, NY

Jennings, Josiah on April 25, 1808
#X000862 machine for making rivets New York, NY

Rider, Daniel on April 26, 1808
#X000863 making oakum New York, NY

Kennedy, Leonard on April 26, 1808
#X000864 washing machine Hartford, CT

Stowell, Ebenezer on April 26, 1808
#X000865 machine for shearing woollen and other cloths Worcester, Worcester County, MA

Dearborn, Benjamin on April 29, 1808
#X000866 anglet for taking and laying down angles Boston, MA

King, Elam on May 14, 1808
#X000867 washing machine Johnstown, Montgomery County, NY

Ainsworth, Ruben on May 14, 1808
#X000868 making pearl ash in kettles without the use of ovens, unknown

Flower, William on May 14, 1808
#X000869 life buoy or seaman's friend Philadelphia, PA

Bailey, John, Jr. on May 16, 1808
#X000870 friction roller door hinge Plymouth County, MA

Rhoades, William on May 16, 1808
#X000871 construction of pumps New York, NY

Rhoades, William on May 16, 1808
#X000872 floating dry dock for cleansing the bottoms of vessels New York, NY

Willard, Simeon B. on May 18, 1808
#X000873 churn Bloomfield, Ontario County, NY

Cunningham, Robert Pierpoint on May 21, 1808
#X000874 pressing machine Pomfret, CT

Barber, Samuel & Tompkins, Nehemiah U. on June 1, 1808
#X000875 application of the whip saw New York, NY

Johnson, Caleb on June 3, 1808
#X000876 double lever press for tobacco New Glasgow, VA

Reed, Jesse on June 3, 1808
#X000877 machine for rasping dye woods Boston, MA

Ives, Enoch and Hill, Jerry on June 3, 1808
#X000878 carriage springs New Haven, CT

Stillwell, Samuel & Wandall, Daniel T. on June 3, 1808
#X000879 apparatus for propelling boats across rivers by force of the current New York, NY

Lee, Martin on June 4, 1808
#X000880 washing machine New York, NY

Patton, Robert on June 13, 1808
#X000881 machine for washing, churning and getting out clover seed Columbia, Lancaster County, PA

Jelleff, Joseph on June 14, 1808
#X000882 machine to cut and head nails Butter Nutts, Otsego County, NY

Finley, James on June 17, 1808
#X000883 chain bridge Fayette County, PA

Mix, Jonathan on June 17, 1808
#X000884 thorough
#X000brace springs for carriages New Haven, CT

Pollock, Allen on June 17, 1808
#X000885 stoves for heating rooms Boston, MA

Benedict, Ebenezer on June 18, 1808
#X000886 cyder and cheese press New Marlborough, MA

Jones, Ebenezer on June 20, 1808
#X000887 perpendicular washing machine Alfred, Berkshire County, MA

Jones, Ebenezer on June 20, 1808
#X000888 machine for sawing stone, wood, & etc. Alfred, Berkshire County, MA

Stewart, Simson and Hovey, Ebenezer & Henderson, James on June 21, 1808
#X000889 shearing cloth Pittstown, Ontario County, NY

Burt, David on June 22, 1808
#X000890 hydrant for drawing water from aqueducts Schenectady, NY

Parsons, Osborn on June 23, 1808
#X000891 rectification of spirits Hudson City, NY

Lewis, Winslow on June 24, 1808
#X000892 lighting the binnacle of ships Boston, MA

Ramsey, Robert on June 24, 1808
#X000893 making conduit pipes from clay Hanover, NH

Ross, John Henry on June 24, 1808
#X000894 illuminator for lighting stair cases Baltimore, MD

Armour, James, Jr. on June 27, 1808
#X000895 folding or spiral springs for carriages Baltimore, MD

Olds, Ezekiel on June 29, 1808
#X000896 machine for slitting boards, planks, & etc. Brookfield, Worcester County, MA

Paine, Asahel E. on July 1, 1808
#X000897 washing machine Delhi, Delware County, NY

Cleveland, Dyer on July 7, 1808
#X000898 churn Sheffield, MA

Ramsey, Robert on July 9, 1808
#X000899 pressing and boring machine Hanover, NH

Parker, Samuel on July 9, 1808
#X000900 tanning Bellerica, Middlesex County, MA

Parker, Samuel on July 9, 1808
#X000901 currying and finishing leather Bellerica, Middlesex County, MA

Brewster, Abel on July 11, 1808
#X000902 universal vitriolic test for making all kind of bank or other bills Hartford, CT

Trescott, Enos on July 11, 1808
#X000903 washing machine New Marlborough, Berkshire County, MA

Henry, Theron on July 11, 1808
#X000904 washing machine Bloomfield, Ontario County, NY

Osgood, Thomas on July 11, 1808
#X000905 washing machine Charleston, Middlesex County, MA

Lister, Ebenezer on July 11, 1808
#X000906 washing machine Killingworth, Middlesex County, CT

Loomis, Dudley and Millington, Ira on July 11, 1808
#X000907 washing machine Springfield, Otsego County, NY

Cleveland, Dyer on July 11, 1808
#X000908 churn Sheffield, MA

Townsend, Erastus on July 12, 1808
#X000909 churns Canaan, Columbia County, NY

Cobb, Isaac on July 12, 1808
#X000910 machine for splitting skins Walpole, NH

Lucas, Jonathan, Jr. on July 12, 1808
#X000911 machine for cleaning rice Charleston, SC

Barnum, Eli & Brooks, Benjamin on July 13, 1808
#X000912 distilling New Marlboro, Berkshire County, MA

Apple, Philip on July 13, 1808
#X000913 funnels for filling vessels with fluids Philadelphia, PA

Geer, Uzziel on July 18, 1808
#X000914 wind mill Norwich, CT

Bartlett, Samuel on July 19, 1808
#X000915 rolling tub mills East Windsor, CT

Tullar, Martin on July 29, 1808
#X000916 shaving and splitting leather Royalton, VT

Bolton, John on August 2, 1808
#X000917 churns Philadelphia, PA

Hotchkiss, Elihu on August 2, 1808
#X000918 machine for cutting straw Battleboro, Windham County, VT

Seely, Obediah on August 6, 1808
#X000919 spinning wheel, unknown

Coon, Jacob on August 6, 1808
#X000920 machine for making wheels of all sorts Granville, NY

Ricketts, John Thomas on August 8, 1808
#X000921 machine for hulling and cleaning rice and many other purposes Cameron, Fairfax County, VA

Smith, William on August 12, 1808
#X000922 elevating water at mills Gloucester County, NJ

Templeman, John on August 16, 1808
#X000923 improvement in chain bridges invented by James Finley Allegany County, MD

Cone, Joshua on August 26, 1808
#X000924 carriage springs Reading, CT

Barker, William on August 26, 1808
#X000925 machine for raising water Wilkesbarre, PA

Dana, Stephen W. on August 30, 1808
#X000926 washing machine Rutland, VT

Dana, Stephen W. on August 30, 1808
#X000927 wheel carriages Rutland, VT

Winchester, Stephen on August 31, 1808
#X000928 washing and churning machine Newtown, CT

Prince, Samuel on August 31, 1808
#X000929 machine for pressing straw or chip hats New York, NY

Gragg, Samuel on August 31, 1808
#X000930 elastic chair Boston, MA

Cobb, Gersham on September 7, 1808
#X000931 geometrical interest table Boston, MA

Bishop, Garry on September 7, 1808
#X000932 washing and churning machine Cazenovia, Madison County, NY

Parmele, Dan on September 8, 1808
#X000933 rocking churn Dutchess County, NY

Chandler, Asaph and Shephard, Silas on September 16, 1808
#X000934 machine for heading nails Taunton, Bristol County, MA

Atwell, Benjamin on September 19, 1808
#X000935 fanning and winnowing mill Burlington, Otsego County, NY

Jennings, Isaiah on September 20, 1808
#X000936 pump bellows for furnaces and forges New York, NY

Parmelee, Marcus B. on September 21, 1808
#X000937 ratchet wheel Newtown, CT

Frost, Asa on September 21, 1808
#X000938 making brick Cazenovia, Madison County, NY

Pilsbury, Paul on September 22, 1808
#X000939 machine for grinding bark, for tanning Newbury, MA

Burtis, William on October 3, 1808
#X000940 taylor's bench New Brunswick, NJ

Calender, Elisha on October 3, 1808
#X000941 lightning rods Boston, MA

Bruff, Thomas on October 5, 1808
#X000942 machine for making balls and shot by pressure Washington, DC

Lherbette, John P. on October 7, 1808
#X000943 military knapsacks Washington, DC

Moon, Samuel, Jr. on October 24, 1808
#X000944 churns Downingtown, Chester County, PA

West, John on October 27, 1808
#X000945 ovens Stafford County, VA

Cist, Jacob on October 28, 1808
#X000946 black pigment or mineral black for printing ink or painting in oil or water Wilkesbarre, PA

Pettebone, Daniel on October 28, 1808
#X000947 rarefying air stove for warming rooms Roxbury, Norfolk County, CT

Cooper, Charles on November 4, 1808
#X000948 looms for weaving of every kind Lebanon, Dauphin County, PA

Wallis, Randall on November 9, 1808
#X000949 machine for separating grain and seeds from straw Baltimore, MD

Fourestier, Eli on November 17, 1808
#X000950 refining lamp oil Philadelphia, PA

Willard, Simon B. on November 17, 1808
#X000951 machine for scrubbing or scouring floors of houses Bloomfield, Ontario County, NY

Adams, Stedman on November 21, 1808
#X000952 stills and rotary steam engines, unknown

Chamberlain, Samuel on November 21, 1808
#X000953 boots and shoes Boston, MA

Farnham, Joel on November 23, 1808
#X000954 improvement in McComb's horizontal, re-acting water wheel Owego, Tioga County, NY

Chenoweth, Richard B. on November 25, 1808
#X000955 ploughs Baltimore, MD

Mirick, Stephen on November 30, 1808
#X000956 rolling wheel on an inclined shaft Madison County, NY

Devotie, John on December 5, 1808
#X000957 churn and washing machine Vernon, Oneida County, NY

Brown, William on December 8. 1808
#X000958 mill for breaking plaister of paris Baltimore, MD

Adams, Rufus W. on December 8, 1808
#X000959 grist mills Marlboro, Windham County, VT

Giddins, Benjamin on December 10, 1808
#X000960 elastic trace and brace by connected springs Baltimore, MD

Couch, Stephen & Towne, Asa on December 10, 1808
#X000961 machine for rolling and plating iron and cutting nails Boston, MA

Jones, Luther on December 10,1808
#X000962 churn Canton, Hartford County, CT

Bennitt, Isaac on December 12, 1808
#X000963 still tubs Newtown, CT

Nicholson, Robert and Nicholson, Thomas on December 13, 1808
#X000964 machine for dressing shingles Bairdstown, KY

Parke, James P. on December 19, 1808
#X000965 alarm bell for fire engines Philadelphia, PA

Martin, Levi on December 19, 1808
#X000966 cheese press Granville, NY

Gunn, Anos on December 19, 1808
#X000967 double boiler for distilling New Haven, CT

Badger, William on December 26, 1808
#X000968 casting pipes or tubes Boston, MA

Henderson, Joseph on December 26, 1808
#X000969 mode of suspending or hanging pleasure carriages Gilford, CT

Dickerman, Hezekiah on December 27, 1808
#X000970 cheese press Great Barrington, Berkshire County, MA

Dimond, John on December 28, 1808
#X000971 distillation Philadelphia, PA

Erwin, Hazen on December 28, 1808
#X000972 geer press for pressing cheese Boston, MA

Rogers, George on December 31, 1808
#X000973 vegetable pulmonic detergent Northampton, MA

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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