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1807 U.S. Patents

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DeNiroth, Louis on February 3, 1807
#X000716 composition for covering and flooring houses Baltimore, MD

Rogers, Levi on February 4, 1807
#X000717 Traverse sleigh Berwick, MA

Brown, David, Jr. on February 5, 1807
#X000718 machine for winding cotton Warren, Bristol County, RI
Mathews, John on February 6, 1807
#X000719 machine for grinding, sawing, and rasping dye woods Philadelphia, PA

Shee, Parke on February 7, 1807
#X000720 paper trimmer Philadelphia, PA

Beath, John on February 7, 1807
#X000721 accommodating bolted truss for ruptures Boston, MA

Hale, William on February 7, 1807
#X000722 auger Champlain, Clinton County, NY

Ellis, Jonathan on February 10, 1807
#X000723 machine for cutting brads, unknown

Milliken, Samuel on February 10, 1807
#X000724 mode of making the bottoms of shoes and boots of metallic substance Lexington, MA

Hardenbrook, Abel W. on February 10, 1807
#X000725 water tight swivel screw, adapted to steam engines, stills, etc. New York, NY

Montgomery, William on February 11, 1807
#X000726 making boots and shoes Philadelphia, PA

Stansbury, Abraham Ogier on February 11, 1807
#X000727 Egyptian lock New York, NY

Fales, Charles on February 11, 1807
#X000728 making charcoal from peats Worcester, MA

Button, Richard on February 11, 1807
#X000729 hemp and flax machine Cassenovia, NY

Lester, Ebenezer on February 12, 1807
#X000730 method of making moulds for casting trundle head, of any kind of metal Little Falls, Herkemer County, NY

Hobart, Abraham on February 17, 1807
#X000731 tilting wagon Braintree, Norfolk County, MA

Fisher, Abraham on February 19, 1807
#X000732 fire place with a flat funnel Hudson, NY

Buffum, Arnold on February 21, 1807
#X000733 carding fur and wool for hats, unknown

Hale, Ezekiel on February 22, 1807
#X000734 grist mill Haverhill, Essex County, MA

Reed, Jesse on February 22, 1807
#X000735 machine for cutting and heading nails at one operation Boston, MA

Fox, Joel, Jr. on February 25, 1807
#X000736 machine for working a trip hammer with a perpendicular handle Middlesex, MA

Burtis, Bornt G. and Burtis, Gersham on February 27, 1807
#X000737 making butter New York, NY

Elliot, Richard R. on February 28, 1807
#X000738 washing machine Watertown, Middlesex County, MA

Green, Timothy on April 1, 1807
#X000739 mode of making salt New York, NY

Dupre, Lewis on April 1, 1807
#X000740 pendulum screen Charleston, SC

Colver, Charles on April 1, 1807
#X000741 double forcing pump Champlain, Essex County, NY

Youle, George on April 1, 1807
#X000742 cabouse stove for cooking New York, NY

Peacock, David on April 1, 1807
#X000743 ploughs Burlington, NJ

McIllvain, Jeremiah on April 1, 1807
#X000744 machine for dressing shingles and staves Chester, Delaware County, PA

Bigelow, Elisha on April 1, 1807
#X000745 machine for cutting nails Baltimore, MD

Pearce, James A. on April 7, 1807
#X000746 machine for propelling boats, & etc. by oars, & etc. Louisville, Falls of Ohio, KY

Craig, Alexander on April 15, 1807
#X000747 machine for raising stumps, etc. from the groung NH

Whipple, Sylvester G. on April 17, 1807
#X000748 application of bark for hats, caps, & etc. Hollowell, Kennebeck County, MA

Jenks, Ebenezer on April 17, 1807
#X000749 making fire brick Canaan, Litchfield County, CT

Mix, Jonathan on April 18, 1807
#X000750 main springs for carriages New Haven, CT

Pope, Thomas on April 18, 1807
#X000751 construction of bridges New York, NY

Langdon, Barnabas on April 23, 1807
#X000752 steel yard St. Albans, VT

Weaver, Abraham on April 23, 1807
#X000753 apparatus for and mode of distilling Adams County, PA

Dunlap, Henry on April 23, 1807
#X000754 splinter bar and swingle trees of carriages to suddenly disengage from horses Georgetown, DC

Pollock, Allan on April 23, 1807
#X000755 applicable to fire places and stoves Boston, MA

Pollock, Allan on April 24, 1807
#X000756 heating rooms Boston, MA

Willard, Simon, Jr. on April 25, 1807
#X000757 washing machine Hudson City, NY

Beatty, Thomas on April 25, 1807
#X000758 washing, scouring, and churning machine, unknown

Sellers, John & Bartle, Andrew on May 5, 1807
#X000759 making ropes of any size and lines Alexandria, VA

Hammond, Charles on April 6, 1807
#X000760 gunner's quadrant Concord, Middlesex County, MA

Tobey, Cornelius on May 7,1807
#X000761 machine for breaking and grinding bark Hudson, NY

Kinsey, Charles on April 8, 1807
#X000762 machine for making paper Essex, NJ

Dorr, Russell on March 8, 1807
#X000763 machine for shearing cloth Kenderhook, NY

Sayre, Stephen on April 9, 1807
#X000764 rigging vessels of every denomination Bordentown, NJ

Harvey, Peter on April 9, 1807
#X000765 hanging curtains or blinds in coaches Philadelphia, PA

Young, Thomas on May 11, 1807
#X000766 shingling the roofs of houses Philadelphia, PA

Young, William on May 20, 1807
#X000767 lasts for boots and shoes Philadelphia, PA

Smith, Jacob, Jr. on May 20, 1807
#X000768 fire engines New York, NY

Green, John on May 20, 1807
#X000769 mechanical spring buckle New York, NY

Hamaker, Christian on May 21, 1807
#X000770 mills Lancaster, PA

Cleaveland, Josiah on June 6, 1807
#X000771 washing machine Franklin County, PA

Glover, Simeon and Parmelee, David on June 8, 1807
#X000772 mortising machine Newtown, CT

Phoebus, William on June 9, 1807
#X000773 galvanism for salivating New York, NY

Steward, Stephen on June 20, 1807
#X000774 stills Walpool, NH

Crawford, Obadiah on June 22, 1807
#X000775 cotton gins, unknown

Burt, Enoch on June 23, 1807
#X000776 machines for shearing cloth Princeton, NJ

Spofford, Jacob on June 23, 1807
#X000777 saw mills Ipswich, MA

Buck, Reuben on June 23, 1807
#X000778 churns Baltimore, MD

Beach, Cyrenus on June 26, 1807
#X000779 axle and box of carriages Newark, NJ

Freytag, Michael on July 1, 1807
#X000780 filtering pot Philadelphia, PA

Shaw, Ralph on July 2, 1807
#X000781 piano fortes Boston, MA

Dodge, Jordan on July 8, 1807
#X000782 manufacturing wrought nails and brads Rutland, VT

O'Connor, Thomas on July 9, 1807
#X000783 condensers in distillation New York, NY

Lewis, Webster on July 10, 1807
#X000784 machine for making pills, unknown

Nichols, Jonathan on July 11, 1807
#X000785 machine for making wrought nails' RI

Longwell, Matthew on July 11, 1807
#X000786 mode of heating water in boilers of steam engines by the rays of the son Gettysburgh, Adams County, PA

Sartori, John B. on July 13, 1807
#X000787 making Italian pastes, maccaroni, vermicelli, etc. Philadelphia, PA

Cleaveland, Josiah on July 18, 1807
#X000788 machine for cutting straw Franklin County, PA

Connor, Benjamin on July 20, 1807
#X000789 machine for cutting straw Portsmouth, NH

Jones, Ebenezer on July 24, 1807
#X000790 washing machine Alfred, Berkshire County, MA

Bruff, Thomas on July 24, 1807
#X000791 apparatus for, and mode of, cleaning windows Washington, DC

Lehman, Joseph on August 11, 1807
#X000792 preparing a vermifuge Philadelphia, PA

Lee, Martin & Barber, Timothy on October 1, 1807
#X000793 washing machine Oneida County, NY

Cutler, Buel on October 3, 1807
#X000794 churning machine Washington, Dutchess County, NY

Richardson, Edward on October 3, 1807
#X000795 stills Fredericks Town, NY

McIlwham, Thomas on October 6, 1807
#X000796 moulds for casting copper sheathing nails Princeton, NJ

DeCarrendeffez, Baron Alexis on October 12, 1807
#X000797 preparing green coloring matter or paint New York, NY

Webb, Orange on October 14, 1807
#X000798 mode of preparing leather for straps of suspenders New York, NY

Pitkin, Joseph and Kimball, Timothy on October 19, 1807
#X000799 machine for planking hats and making cloth without yarn Hartford, CT

Arnold, Jesse on October 26, 1807
#X000800 cheese press Pawlings, Dutchess County, NY

Wheatley, Richard & Beaumont, James on November on April 1807
#X000801 manufacturing sheet iron into funnel for stove pipes Boston, MA

Butland, James on November 12, 1807
#X000802 manufacturing iron Philadelphia, PA

Vinton, Seth on November 18, 1807
#X000803 plow harrow Willington, CT

Jennings, Isaiah on November 20, 1807
#X000804 manufacturing thimbles for the sails of ships New York, NY

Blake, Anson on November 27, 1807
#X000805 gauge setting machine for saw mills Lincoln, KY

Bernard, Benjamin B. on November 30, 1807
#X000806 thrashing machines, VA

Willard, Simon on November 30, 1807
#X000807 cutting and heading nails Hudson, NY

Willard, Simon, Jr. on November 30, 1807
#X000808 thrashing and cleaning grain Hudson, NY

Willard, Simon, Jr. on December 1,1807
#X000809 water wheel Hudson, NY

Thornton, William on December 13, 1807
#X000810 improved still Washington, DC

Rogers, Samuel on December 15, 1807
#X000811 machine for heading nails Plymouth, MA

Scripture, John on December 15, 1807
#X000812 churning machine Alford, Buchshire County, MA

Pierson, Jeremiah H. on December 24, 1807
#X000813 manufacturing hoop and sheet iron Ramapo Works, Rockland County, NY

Pierson, Isaac on December 24, 1807
#X000814 rolling and slitting mills New York, NY

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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