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1805 U.S. Patents

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Kimball, Increase on May 1, 1805
#X000597 machine for cutting nails, brads, etc. NH

Copes, Joseph on May 2, 1805
#X000598 improvement in the grist mill Georgetown, DE

Spafford, Horatio G. on May 3, 1805
#X000599 close fire place Hudson, NY

Lippart, Frederick on May 3, 1805
#X000600 machine for raising water from a running stream Keetz town, PA

Stickney, John on May 4, 1805
#X000601 andirons Baltimore, MD

Crane, Robert, Jr. on May 4, 1805
#X000602 iron wheel for transporting carriages Woodbury, Litchfield County, CT

Church, Samuel on May 4, 1805
#X000603 felloe mill Amherst, Hampshire County, MA

Houston, John on May 4, 1805
#X000604 metallic hone Williamsburg, VA

Glover, Simeon on May 4, 1805
#X000605 cross cramp for four wheel carriages Newtown, Fairfield County, CT

Higham, Abraham on May 4, 1805
#X000606 washing and scouring machine Hudson, NY

Platt, Joseph on May 4, 1805
#X000607 machine for raising and removing earth Albany, NY

Atherton, Daniel on May 4, 1805
#X000608 physiognotrace Richmond, VA

Platt, Joseph on May 4, 1805
#X000609 machine for raising and removing earth Albany, NY

Hill, Allen on April 6, 1805
#X000610 beaming machine Hinsdale, Berkshire County, MA

Welsh, Jacob on April 6, 1805
#X000611 machine for removing earth Boston, MA

Kunitz, John on May 7,1805
#X000612 bleeding with and breeding leaches Philadelphia, PA

Baker, Isaac on April 8, 1805
#X000613 machine for sawing shingles Amherst, Northampton County, MA

Smith, William on April 9, 1805
#X000614 glazing and polishing linens New York, NY

Poyzer, George on May 10, 1805
#X000615 making sod oil for leather Philadelphia, PA

Zorger, Michael on May 10, 1805
#X000616 machine for shelling and hulling cloverseed York, PA

Lester, Ebenezer on May 10, 1805
#X000617 method of making moulds for casting iron screws Herkimer, Herkimer County, NY

Langdon, Barnabas on May 10, 1805
#X000618 manufacturing tin ware St. Albans, VT

Humiston, James, Jr. on May 10, 1805
#X000619 sluice to convey the water to horizontal wheels and in the manner of forming the wheels of cast iron Wallingford, New Haven County, CT

Witmer, Henry on May 17, 1805
#X000620 improvement on Anderson's patent condensing tub Lancaster, PA

Pryor, Thomas W. on May 21, 1805
#X000621 bark mill Philadelphia, PA

Hodgson, William on May 22, 1805
#X000622 apparatus for making tiles, bricks, etc. Richmond, VA

Pierce, Thomas on May 24, 1805
#X000623 smut fanning mill Fishkill, Dutchess County, NY

Cooley, William on May 27, 1805
#X000624 mode of making posts of clay for fencing Bolton, Tolland County, CT

Tomlinson, Daniel on May 27, 1805
#X000625 machine for raising or projecting fluids Brookfield, CT

Eggleston, Benjamin, Jr. on May 27, 1805
#X000626 method of boiling, applicable to distilling, brewing, etc. Princetown, Albany County, NY

Jenks, Ebenezer on June 1, 1805
#X000627 mode of setting boilers of every description Portland, ME

Bennock, John on June 1, 1805
#X000628 planing by machinery Boston, MA

Hinman, John on June 1, 1805
#X000629 planing machine for sawing bellows boards New Haven, CT

McNitt, Alexander on June 15, 1805
#X000630 method of separating, preparing and collecting the sulphate of pot ashes into salpolychrestum Geneva, Ontario County, NY

Valcourt, Lewis on June 25, 1805
#X000631 improvement in mills and machinery Lewisville, KY

McBride, John on August 8, 1805
#X000632 machine for ginning, carding, and spinning cotton Nashville, TN

Mathews, John on August 13, 1805
#X000633 machine for grinding, sawing or rasping dye woods Philadelphia, PA

McLean, Charles & Loomis, Solomon on September 25, 1805
#X000634 tub mills Hartford, CT

Wing, William on August 28, 1805
#X000635 machine for casting types Hartford, CT

Wing, William and Salisbury, Henry on August 29, 1805
#X000636 springs for wheel carriages Hartford, CT

Bartlett, Samuel on October 1, 1805
#X000637 clay pipe for conduits Hartford, CT

Kelsey, Asahel A. on October 9,1805
#X000638 making shingles Hartford, CT

French, Daniel on October 9, 1805
#X000639 manufacturing old junk or old rigging into oakum Middletown, CT

Share, Joseph on October 28, 1805
#X000640 casting ship bolts Baltimore, MD

Deane, William on November 4, 1805
#X000641 rafts Pittsburgh, PA

LaPaype, Caine on November 4,1805
#X000642 cattle mills Baltimore, MD

Bellij, Seraphim on November 7, 1805
#X000643 machine for raising water Baltimore, MD

Lillie, William on November 9, 1805
#X000644 machine for splitting skins West Chester, NY

Taylor, John Gilman on November 13, 1805
#X000645 making salt, unknown

Kellogg, Friend B. on November 22, 1805
#X000646 machine for shearing woollen or other cloth by water Marlborough, Berkshire County, MA

Heistand, Abraham on November 27, 1805
#X000647 distilling apparatus York Town, PA

Tatterson, James on December on July 1805
#X000648 machine for preparing and hackling tow for paper or linen Southampton, Long Island, NY

Fulsom, William Johnson & Hayden, John on December 17, 1805
#X000649 machine for washing, rinsing, and wringing clothes Hallowell, Kennebeck County, ME

Dexter, George Barber on December 18, 1805
#X000650 rheumatic pill Boston, MA

Poole, William on December 20, 1805
#X000651 kiln for drying grain Wilmington, DE

Abraham, James on December 20, 1805
#X000652 kilns for drying grain Middlesex, NJ

Adams, Samuel on December 28, 1805
#X000653 machine for reaping grain, unknown

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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