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1803 U.S. Patents

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Rouse, Simeon on January 1, 1803
#X000416 improvement in the caboose of a vessel for distilling fresh from salt water, NY

Saltonstall, Gurdon F. on January 4, 1803
#X000417 saw mill for cleaning cotton Fayetteville, NC

Hoxie, Christopher on May 7,1803
#X000418 machine for hulling rice Hudson, NY

Moore, Thomas on January 27, 1803
#X000419 refrigerator for domestic uses, MD

Moffat, John on February 1, 1803
#X000420 boiler for accelerating the evaporation of liquids, NY

Moffat, John on February 1, 1803
#X000421 improvement in stills, NY

Cooley, Benjamin on February 1, 1803
#X000422 machine for raising water Whatley, MA

Peasley, Jedediah on February 1, 1803
#X000423 manufacturing marle into lime, VT

Hutter, Christopher J. on February 11, 1803
#X000424 making brandy out of all kinds of grain or fruit, PA

Coates, Moses on February 14, 1803
#X000425 machine for paring apples Coatsville, PA

Stowel, Abel on February 14, 1803
#X000426 improvement in a gauge auger, MA

Bartlett, Elisha and Bartlett, Oliver & Bartlett, Otis and Bartlett, George on February 17, 1803
#X000427 machine for making hot wrought nails, unknown

Bell, William & DeMontmollin, John S. on March 7, 1803
#X000428 improvement to their patented roller cotton gin, GA

Naylor, John on March 7, 1803
#X000429 improvement in extracting a spirit from starch water, unknown

Bent, Silas on March 7, 1803
#X000430 wheel to turn under water, OH

Aveilhe, John Baptiste on March 16, 1803
#X000431 horizontal wind mill, SC

DuBucMarentille, Abm. on March 18, 1803
#X000432 wreck raft, NJ

DuBuemarentille, Abm. on March 18, 1803
#X000433 sea sitting chair, NJ

Staples, John, Jr. on March 18, 1803
#X000434 power obtained by the rising and falling of the tide to give motion to all kinds of machinery Long Island, NY

Staples, John, Jr. on March 18, 1803
#X000435 submarine passage or hollow inverted arch Long Island, NY

Cottle, John on March 21, 1803
#X000436 machine for cleaning clover seed Philadelphia, PA

Launy, David F. on March 21, 1803
#X000437 improvement in time pieces New York, NY

Hunter, George on March 24, 1803
#X000438 improvement in the process of manufacturing sea salt, PA

DeLaBigarre Peter and Picornell, J.B.M. on March 24, 1803
#X000439 improvement in the mode of obtaining antiseptic gas, NY

Marquam, Edward on March 28, 1803
#X000440 improved house fan, unknown

Rawson, Thomas H. on April 4, 1803
#X000441 antibilious pills New London, CT

Richardson, John on April 4, 1803
#X000442 improvement in his evaporating furnace New York, NY

How, William on April 6, 1803
#X000443 improvement in a cooler or condensor of vapor Bucks County, PA

Stevens, John on April 11, 1803
#X000444 improvement in producing steam New York, NY

Brewer, Daniel on April 22, 1803
#X000445 improvement in a ruling machine Philadelphia, PA

Platt, Benjamin on April 27, 1803
#X000446 improvement in heating and boiling water, CT

Beebe, Eliphalet on April 27, 1803
#X000447 improvement in the mode of constructing vessels with crooked keels Allegany County, PA

Barney, Matthew on May 4, 1803
#X000448 machine for deepening channels Nantucket, MA

Hopkins, William on May 13, 1803
#X000449 improvement in building boats, CT

Saltonstall, Gurdon F. on May 14, 1803
#X000450 rolling machine for cleaning cotton, NC

Ilsley, Daniel on May 14, 1803
#X000451 improvement in distilling spirits, MA

French, Richard & Hawkins, John T. on May 17, 1803
#X000452 improvement in cutting grain and grass, NJ

Hawkins, John J. on May 17, 1803
#X000453 improvement in the pentagraph and parallel ruler Bourdenton, NJ

Allison, Burgiss on May 17, 1803
#X000454 improvement in the application of the principle of rectifying or improving spirits, NJ

Clark, John on May 19, 1803
#X000455 machine for pumping Hudson, NY

Godfrey, John W. on May 25, 1803
#X000456 improvement in working the bellows of a furnace or forge, PA

Alden, Timothy, Jr. on May 25, 1803
#X000457 expediting the manufacture of common salt, NH

Kilborn, Lemuel J. and Biddis, John on June 4, 1803
#X000458 improvement in the method of distilling or making alcohol Freehold, NY & Phildelphia, NY

Bedwell, Thomas and Mitchell, William on June 7, 1803
#X000459 improvement in extracting the effective matter contained in barks for dying, PA

Morse, David on June 10, 1803
#X000460 machine for making hinges, MA

Corning, Ezra, Jr. on June 13, 1803
#X000461 improvement in the manufacturing of hats Hartford, CT

Morey, Samuel & Graves, Rufus and Richards, Giles on June 15, 1803
#X000462 improvement in the steam engine, MA

Todd, Isaac & Day, Augustus and Bache, William on June 15, 1803
#X000463 physiognotrace, PA

Keeler, Walter & Waring, James on June 23, 1803
#X000464 rocking churn, CT

Stanley, Liberty on June 25, 1803
#X000465 machine for shearing woollen and other cloths, unknown

Standring, Benjamin on June 28, 1803
#X000466 machine for breaking and carding sheep's wool, NH

Young, Nicholas on June 28, 1803
#X000467 machine for pulling hair from skins, PA

Ashbridge, William on June 28, 1803
#X000468 improvement in the construction of iron cabooses, PA

Heterick, Robert on June 30, 1803
#X000469 improvement called the Columbia fireplace Wincester, VA

Camp, Samuel S. on July 1, 1803
#X000470 improvement in the mode of applying springs to window sashes Norwalk, CT

Brown, Samuel and West, Edward & West, Thomas on July 8, 1803
#X000471 improvement in distillation by the application of steam in wooden or other stills Fayette County, KY

Clark, John and Evans, Evan on July 20, 1803
#X000472 machine for packing goods Hudson, NY

Lownes, David on July 21, 1803
#X000473 method of cooling liquors Philadelphia, PA

Lownes, David on July 21, 1803
#X000474 method of securing leaden or other pipes from frost, PA

French, Daniel on July 25, 1803
#X000475 machine for splitting and shaving shingles Middletown, CT

Keyser, George on July 27, 1803
#X000476 improving in a powder mill Philadelphia, PA

Kirk, Timothy on July 28, 1803
#X000477 machine for separating clover seed from the "pod" York, PA

Geanty, Lewis on August 4, 1803
#X000478 improvement in the construction of stills, Md

Aveilhe, John Baptiste on August 24, 1803
#X000479 machine for boring holes in rocks under water, unknown

Youle, George on August 25, 1803
#X000480 improvement in a water cock New York, NY

Cleveland, George on September 9, 1803
#X000481 preparing seals' fur for hats Hartford, CT

Betts, Hezekiah on September 13, 1803
#X000482 wheel press Norwalk, CT

Stroebel, John C. on September 19, 1803
#X000483 mode of constructing carriages Reading, PA

Coit, Daniel on October on May 1803
#X000484 family pills St. Albans, VT

Ruggles, Lazarus on October 18, 1803
#X000485 machine for making wrought nails and brads out of hot rods Milford, CT

Turner, Jedediah T. on October 19, 1803
#X000486 threshing machine, DE

Livingston, Gilbert on October 22, 1803
#X000487 improvement in the construction of the keels of vessels Dutchess County, NY

Pilsbury, Paul on October 25, 1803
#X000488 machine for shelling corn, MA

Thornton, William on October 28, 1803
#X000489 improvement in boilers, also working stills with the same, DE

Goodwin, Samuel on October 31, 1803
#X000490 horizontal draft wind mill Baltimore, MD

Cook, Valentine on November 1, 1803
#X000491 finding salt water and metals [bletonism] Hillsdale, NY

Cooley, Samuel on November 12, 1803
#X000492 vegetable elixir, or cough drops Bolton, CT

Alden, Enoch on November 15, 1803
#X000493 dry bellows pump, MA

Minor, Amos on November 16, 1803
#X000494 improvement in spinning wheels, unknown

Paine, Asahel E. on November 19, 1803
#X000495 improvement in wind mills Harpersfield, NY

Osborn, Jacob on November 24, 1803
#X000496 improvement in fastening and supporting window sashes, CT

Bell, William on November 24, 1803
#X000497 improvement in the cotton gin, PA

Bell, William on November 25, 1803
#X000498 improvement in propelling boats for inland navigation, PA

Bell, William on November 25, 1803
#X000499 improvement in the wind mill,PA

Fairbanks, John on November 30, 1803
#X000500 cylindric ruler for ruling paper Boston, MA

Cist, Jacob on December 3, 1803
#X000501 improvement in grinding painters' colors, printers' ink, etc., PA

Eve, Joseph on December 6, 1803
#X000502 machine for separating the seed from cotton, PA

Earle, Pliny on December 6, 1803
#X000503 twilling machine for pricking leather for cards Leicester, MA

Steward, Stephen on December 6, 1803
#X000504 improvement in a fire engine, NY

Rogers, Samuel & Otis, Melvill on December 7, 1803
#X000505 machine for rolling plates of iron and cutting them into nails, MA

Curtis, James, Jr. on December 10, 1803
#X000506 improvement in window springs, MA

Richardson, Edward on December 16, 1803
#X000507 improvement in still heads and condensors, PA

Elgar, Joseph on December 16, 1803
#X000508 improvement in making cold cut nails and brads out of rolled iron Brookville, MD

Buckman, David on December 21, 1803
#X000509 improvement in separating clover seed, wheat, etc. from the husk PA
Beverley, John on December 26, 1803
#X000510 hydro-mechanical press Philadelphia, PA

Selby, John on December 30, 1803
#X000511 improvement in painting rooms Baltimore, MD

Guy, Francis on December 30, 1803
#X000512 improvement in making colors for painting, printing, etc. Baltimore, MD

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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