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Pop Culture Madness!

1802 U.S. Patents

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Hutton, Joseph and Fairman, Gideon on January 8, 1802
#X000352 improvement in the art of engraving Albany, NY

Hathaway, Rufus on January 20, 1802
#X000353 improvement in a wind mill Plymouth, MA

Willard, Simon on February 8, 1802
#X000354 improvement in a time piece, MA

Baker, Isaac on February 20, 1802
#X000355 machine for churning Amherst, MA

Whitlock, Thomas B. on February 23, 1802
#X000356 improvement in boxes for carriages Mount Pleasant, NJ

Claiborne, Richard on February 23, 1802
#X000357 improvement in paddles for propelling boats Monongalia County, VA

Robbins, Nathaniel on March 11, 1802
#X000358 improved mode of carrying fish in warm weather Burlington, NJ

Warrell, Jacob on March 17, 1802
#X000359 machine for cutting and grinding bark, PA

Biddis, John on March 22, 1802
#X000360 manufacturing starch from potatoes Philadelphia, PA

Holly, John W. on March 27, 1802
#X000361 improvement in a grist mill, CT

Coates, Moses on April 1, 1802
#X000362 improvement in a saw mill which returns the log after each cut Washington County, PA

Whiting, Ebenezer on April 1, 1802
#X000363 improvement on a block making gang lathe Worcester, MA

Bell, William & DeMontmollin, Samuel on April 7, 1802
#X000364 machine for ginning cotton, GA

Pierce, Joel on April 10, 1802
#X000365 machine for churning, NY

Henfrey, Benjamin on April 16, 1802
#X000366 improvement being a cheap mode of obtaining light from fuel, unknown

Downing, Samuel on April 19, 1802
#X000367 extracting the essence of bark for dying Trenton, NJ

Spicer, Asher on April 22, 1802
#X000368 machine for cleaning clover seed, CT

Richardson, Hezekiah, Jr. and Richardson, Levi on April 28, 1802
#X000369 improvement in a saw mill Middleton, MA

Abbott, Henry on May 4, 1802
#X000370 machine for rolling iron round Philadelphia, PA

Abbott, Henry on May 4, 1802
#X000371 improvement in casting close stoves Philadelphia, PA

Johnson, Henry on May 10, 1802
#X000372 improvement in flat roofs for houses and balconies Baltimore, MD

Allison, Burgiss on May 12, 1802
#X000373 mode of improving spirits, NJ

DuPre, Lewis on May 12, 1802
#X000374 scientific steel yards, SC

Ellicott, Benjamin on May 12, 1802
#X000375 machine for manufacturing salt Lancaster, PA

Law, Andrew on May 12, 1802
#X000376 new plan for printing music, CT

Young, Nicholas on May 14, 1802
#X000377 machine for cutting fur for the use of hatters, PA

West, Edward on July 6, 1802
#X000378 machine for cutting nails Fayette County, KY

West, Edward on July 6, 1802
#X000379 improvement in heading and cutting nails Fayette County, KY

West, Edward on July 6, 1802
#X000380 improvement in a gun lock Fayette County, KY

West, Edward on July 6, 1802
#X000381 improvement in a steam boat Fayette County, KY

Perkins, Jacob on July 9, 1802
#X000382 improvement in pumps, unknown

Stilwell, Stephen on July 9, 1802
#X000383 machine for cleaning wheat, NY

Greenleaf, John on July 13, 1802
#X000384 machine for cleaning out docks, MA

Reed, Jesse on July 15, 1802
#X000385 method of rolling iron for nails, MA

Miller, Ezekiel on July 17, 1802
#X000386 machine for making bricks, NY

Miller, Ezekiel on July 19, 1802
#X000387 improved machine for threshing and cleaning wheat, NY

Miller, Martin on July 19, 1802
#X000388 machine for cleaning clover seed, PA

Pope, Joseph on July 22, 1802
#X000389 machine for threshing grain, MA

Rawson, Thomas H. on July 24, 1802
#X000390 antibilious pills, CT

Fobes, Nathan on August 2, 1802
#X000391 machine for making nails, MA

Templeton, James on August 17, 1802
#X000392 improvement in a trigonometrical quadrant, SC

Paine, William on August 24, 1802
#X000393 improvement in a still, PA

Putnam, Elisha on August 24, 1802
#X000394 improvement call a fire stop, NY

Boureau, Nicholas on August 30, 1802
#X000395 economical house and ship steam kitchen Middlesex, NJ

Groves, Matthew C. on September 3, 1802
#X000396 astronomical quadrant, MA

Walcott, Benjamin S. on September 4, 1802
#X000397 machine for heading nails, CT

Kennedy, Leonard on September 7, 1802
#X000398 improvement in fastening, in raising and supporting window sashes, unknown

Richardson, John on September 13, 1802
#X000399 evaporating furnace New York, NY

Idler, Jacob on September 24, 1802
#X000400 machine for pressing cotton or other bale goods, PA

Briggs, Samuel, Jr. on October 9,1802
#X000401 improvement in a steam engine, GA

Aveilhe, John Baptiste on October 14, 1802
#X000402 machine for raising water [perpetual motion], SC

Chickering, Asa W. on November 29, 1802
#X000403 improvement in splitting skins, MA

Gorton, Benjamin on November 29, 1802
#X000404 improvement in extracting neutral salts from alkaline, unknown

Gardiner, Joseph on December on March 1802
#X000405 improvement in erecting dry docks Washington, DC

Caruthers, William on December 13, 1802
#X000406 machine for making nails, VA

Cowen, James on December 14, 1802
#X000407 improvement in the construction of mill wheels, MA

Staples, John on December 15, 1802
#X000408 improvement in stills, VA

Peers, Valentine on December 18, 1802
#X000409 improvement in making salt, VA

Kirk, Timothy on December 20, 1802
#X000410 improvement in a boiling cistern, PA

Lozarus, Simon on December 21, 1802
#X000411 antibilious stomach cordial, VA

Pettibone, Daniel & Chapman, Ezekiel and Nichols, Josiah on December 22, 1802
#X000412 improvement in the manner of welding cast steel to iron Albany, NY

DuBucMarentille, Abraham on December 23, 1802
#X000413 insubmersible boat, unknown

Burgiss, Allison & Hawkins, John on December 30, 1802
#X000414 improvement in manufacturing paper from corn husks Burlington, NJ

Palmer, William on December 31, 1802
#X000415 machine for sawing stone and marble NY

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire.
They have been researched and are called "X-Patents" when found.
Not all have been found and consolidated into the new list.

Officially patents of this era have an "X" at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case. Research online often put the "x" in the front of the number, and we have used that system

Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.
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