1954 Popular Books and Bestsellers

1954 Books & Bestsellers

1954 Fiction Top Ten Books

(according to Publisher’s Weekly)
1. Not as a Stranger by Morton Thompson
2. Mary Anne by Daphne du Maurier
3. Love Is Eternal by Irving Stone
4. The Royal Box by Frances Parkinson Keyes
5. The Egyptian by Mika Waltari
6. No Time for Sergeants by Mac Hyman
7. Sweet Thursday by John Steinbeck
8. The View from Pompey’s Head by Hamilton Basso
9. Never Victorious, Never Defeated by Taylor Caldwell
10. Benton’s Row by Frank Yerby

1954 Non-Fiction Books

1. The Holy Bible: Revised Standard Version
2. The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale
3. Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book by the BH&G editors
4. Betty Crocker’s Good and Easy Cook Book by the Betty Crocker editors
5. The Tumult and the Shouting by Grantland Rice
6. I’ll Cry Tomorrow by Lillian Roth, Gerold Frank, and Mike Connolly
7. The Prayers of Peter Marshall by Catherine Marshall
8. This I Believe, vol. 2, edited by Raymond Swing
9. But We Were Born Free by Elmer Davis
10. The Saturday Evening Post Treasury, edited by Roger Butterfield

1954 Notable Literature

Lord of the Flies by William Golding
Under the Net by Iris Murdoch
Ideas and Opinions by Albert Einstein
Melbourne by Lord David Cecil
The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein
People of Plenty by David Potter
Collected Poems by Wallace Stevens
Technological Society by Jacques Ellul
Science and Civilisation in China, vol. 1 by Joseph Needham

1954 Book of the Month Club Selections

Cress Delahanty by Jassamyn West
The Great Iron Ship by James Dugan
The Man Who Never Was by Ewen Montagu
Seven Years in Tibet by Heinrich Harrer
Bhowani Junction by John Masters
Of Whales and Men by R.B. Robertson
A Time to Love and a Time to Die by Erich Maria Remarque
Mary Anne by Daphne du Maurier
The Fall of a Titan by Igor Gauzenko
The Roosevelt Family of Sagamore Hill by Hermann Hagedorn
The Ramayana by Aubrey Menen
The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant by Douglass Wallop
No Time for Sergeants by Mac Hyman
Good Morning, Miss Dove by Frances Gray Patton
My Brother’s Keeper by Marcia Davenport
Song of the Sky by Guy Murchie
1954 Nobel Prize in Literature
Most Popular Books of 1954, according to GoodReads
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