1953 Popular Books and Bestsellers

1953 Books & Bestsellers

1953 Fiction Top Ten Books

(according to Publisher’s Weekly)
1. The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas
2. The Silver Chalice by Thomas B. Costain
3. Désirée by Annemarie Selinko
4. Battle Cry by Leon M. Uris
5. From Here to Eternity by James Jones
6. The High and the Mighty by Ernest K. Gann
7. Beyond This Place by A.J. Cronin
8. Time and Time Again by James Hilton
9. Lord Vanity by Samuel Shellabarger
10. The Unconquered by Ben Ames Williams

1953 Non-Fiction Books

1. The Holy Bible: Revised Standard Version
2. The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale
3. Sexual Behavior in the Human Female by Alfred C. Kinsey et al.
4. Angel Unaware by Dale Evans Rogers
5. Life Is Worth Living by Fulton J. Sheen
6. A Man Called Peter by Catherine Marshall
7. This I Believe, Edward R. Murrow, edited by Edward P. Morgan
8. The Greatest Faith Ever Known by Fulton Oursler and G.A.O. Armstrong
9. How to Play Your Best Golf by Tommy Armour
10. A House Is Not a Home by Polly Adler

1953 Notable Literature

Go Tell It on the Mountain by James Baldwin
The Second World War by Winston Churchill
The Adventures of Augie March by Saul Bellow
The Genius of American Politics by Daniel J. Boorstin
Natural Right and History by Leo Strauss
Sexual Behavior in the Human Female by Alfred Kinsey
The Captive Mind by C. Milosz
Writing Degree Zero by Roland Barthes
The Hedgehog and the Fox by Isaiah Berlin
Philosophical Investigations by Ludwig Wittgenstein
The Quest for Community by Robert A. Nisbet
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
The Conservative Mind by Russell Kirk
The Mirror and the Lamp by Meyer Howard Abrams

1953 Book of the Month Club Selections

Charles Dickens: His Tragedy and Triumph by Edgar Johnson
The Second Happiest Day by John Phillips
Prince of Players by Eleanor Ruggles
The Hour Awaits by March Cost
Stay Away, Joe by Dan Cushman
The High and the Mighty by Ernest Gann
Kingfishers Catch Fire by Rumer Godden
7½ Cents by Richard Bissell
You Shall Know Them by Vercors
Westward the Sun by Geoffrey Cotterell
Lady with a Spear by Eugenie Clark
Too Late the Phalarope by Alan Paton
The Spirit of St. Louis by Charles A. Lindbergh
The Enchanted Cup by Dorothy James Roberts
Fire in the Ashes by Theodore H. White
Triumph and Tragedy by Winston Churchill
1953 Nobel Prize in Literature
Most Popular Books of 1953, according to GoodReads
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