1935 Popular Books and Bestsellers

1935 Books & Bestsellers

1935 Fiction Top Ten Books

(according to Publisher’s Weekly)
1. Green Light by Lloyd C. Douglas
2. Vein of Iron by Ellen Glasgow
3. Of Time and the River by Thomas Wolfe
4. Time Out of Mind by Rachel Field
5. Good-Bye, Mr. Chips by James Hilton
6. The Forty Days of Musa Dagh by Franz Werfel
7. Heaven’s My Destination by Thornton Wilder
8. Lost Horizon by James Hilton
9. Come and Get It by Edna Ferber
10. Europa by Robert Briffault

1935 Non-Fiction Books

1. North to the Orient by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
2. While Rome Burns by Alexander Woollcott
3. Life with Father by Clarence Day
4. Personal History by Vincent Sheean
5. The Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T.E. Lawrence
6. Francis the First by Francis Hackett
7. Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles by Stefan Zweig
8. Rats, Lice and History by Hans Zinsser
9. R.E. Lee by Douglas Southall Freeman
10. Skin Deep by M.C. Phillips

1935 Notable Literature

Studs Lonigan Trilogy by James T. Farrell
The Strange Death of Liberal England by George Dangerfield
Permanence and Change by Kenneth Burke
Philosophy and Logical Syntax by Rudolf Carnap
An Interpretation of Christian Ethics by Reinhold Niebuhr
Symbols of Government by Thurman Arnold

1935 Book of the Month Club Selections

Heaven’s My Destination by Thornton Wilder
Road of Ages by Robert Nathan
Salah and His American by Leland Hall
A Man Called Cervantes by Bruno Frank
Claudius the God by Robert Graves
The Road to War by Walter Millis
National Velvet by Enid Bagnold
Paths of Glory by Humphrey Cobb
Deep Dark River by Robert Rylee
Life with Father by Clarence Day
Vein of Iron by Ellen Glasgow
The Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T.E. Lawrence
Old Jules by Mari Sandoz
With Napoleon in Russia by Gen. Armand de Caulaincourt
There was no 1935 Nobel Prize in Literature
Most Popular Books of 1935, according to GoodReads
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