1909 Popular Books and Bestsellers

1909 Books & Bestsellers

1909 Fiction Top Ten Books

(according to Publisher’s Weekly)
1. The Inner Shrine by Basil King
2. Katrine by Elinor Macartney Lane
3. The Silver Horde by Rex Beach
4. The Man in Lower Ten by Mary Roberts Rinehart
5. The Trail of the Lonesome Pine by John Fox Jr
6. Truxton King by George Barr McCutcheon
7. 54-40 or Fight by Emerson Hough
8. The Goose Girl by Harold MacGrath
9. Peter by F. Hopkinson Smith
10. Septimus by William J. Locke

1909 Notable Literature

A Pluralistic Universe by William James
The Promise of American Life by Herbert Croly
American Prose Masters by W.C. Brownell
1909 Nobel Prize in Literature
Most Popular Books of 1909, according to GoodReads
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