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1941 Trivia

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World Series Champions:
New York Yankees
NFL Champions:
Chicago Bears
Stanley Cup Champs:
Boston Bruins
U.S. Open Golf:
Craig Wood
U.S. Tennis (Men/Ladies):
Robert Riggs/Sarah Palfrey Cooke
Wimbledon (Men/Women):
not held
NCAA Football Champions:
NCAA Basketball Champions:
Kentucky Derby:
The Hotties, Sex Symbols and Fashion Icons:
Ingrid Bergman, Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth, Katharine Hepburn, Lena Horne, Veronica Lake, Hedy Lamarr, Carole Landis, Vivien Leigh, Brenda Marshall, Alexis Smith, Barbara Stanwyck, Gene Tierney, Lana Turner
"The Quotes"
- Orson Wells, in 'Citizen Kane'

"The stuff that dreams are made of"
- Humphrey Bogart in 'TheThe Maltese Falcon'

Time Magazine's Man of the Year:
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Miss America:
Rosemary LaPlanche (Los Angeles, CA)
The Scandals and Odd News:

Regis Toomey and Jane Wyman held the longest screen kiss at 3 minutes and 5 seconds in You're In The Army Now.

World War II News & Trivia:
The US was the only nation to ever receive a declaration of war from Nazi Germany

Despite facing enemy fire at Pearl Harbor, Doris Miller helped move his wounded Captain to safety, and later operated an anti-aircraft gun until running out of ammunition. He was the first African American to be awarded the Navy Cross, and is one of the "first US heroes of World War II."

December 7th 'a date which will live in infamy.' Many American's believe that President Franklin D. Roosevelt knew about the Japanese "sneak attack" on Pearl Harbor. They say he let it happen because it was the only way he could get Americans involved in the war.

During WWII, from 1941 - 1945 the US manufactured 47 billion rounds of small arms ammunition.

During World War II, the British Government covered the Taj Mahal with Bamboo scaffoldings to protect it from German Bombers. This was done again during 1965 and 1971, when India were involved in conflicts with Pakistan.

Frank Sinatra did not serve in World War II because he was classified 4-F, but also that doctors believed that he was "neurotic" and "not acceptable material from a psychiatric standpoint".

The "Axis" powers of WWII were named as such because Mussolini declared that all other European countries would from then on rotate on the Rome–Berlin axis.

The longest echo ever recorded in a man-made structure was set in an underground fuel depot constructed in Scotland before World War Two when a blank was fired from a pistol it lasted 112 Seconds.

The average infantryman in the South Pacific during World War II saw about 40 days of combat in four years. The average infantryman in Vietnam saw about 240 days of combat in one year.

Ivan Sidorenko was a Soviet sniper who by the end of the Second World War, was credited with about five hundred confirmed kills and had trained over two hundred and fifty snipers. Ranked a Major, he was the most successful Soviet sniper of WW2.

Glenn Miller's "Chattanooga Choo Choo" was the number one hit single on December 7,1941 when America entered the Second World War.

1941 Pop Culture News:
Fantasia and Citizen Kane both bombed at the box office.

Coach bags, introduced in 1941, were based on the design and surface wear on a baseball glove.

Using Dr. Charles Drew's idea, the American Red Cross decided to set up blood donor stations to collect plasma for the U.S. Armed Forces.
Glenn Miller's "Chattanooga Choo-Choo" was awarded the first Gold record.

Plutonium was officially chemically identified on February 23rd by Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg's team.

A ten second ad for Bulova watches, is aired by NBC. This was the first television commercial, and cost $7.

John Huston made his directorial debut in the gritty detective movie The Maltese Falcon starring Humphrey Bogart. Many historians consider this film to be the first example of film noir.

Aquaman debuted in More Fun Comics, issue number 73.

The Habit:
Talking about 'Citizen Kane' at the local barbershop.
1st appearances & 1941's Most Popular Christmas gifts, toys and presents:
FAO Schwartz opened in New York City.
Best Film Oscar Winner:
How Green Was My Valley
Popular Music in 1941 - # 1 Hits of 1941