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1922 Trivia, Facts & History

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1922 History Snapshot

  • Politics: Founded ~1299, The The Ottoman Empire dissolved and when Sultan Mehmed VI, abdicated. The Caliphate was abolished in 1924.
  • Influential Songs include: Three O'Clock in the Morning by Paul Whiteman. Trixie Smith's My Man Rocks Me (With a Steady Roll) may be the first song reference with the phrase "rock and roll".
  • The Big Movies included Robin Hood, Oliver Twist and Nosferatu
  • Price of a pound of rice in 1922: 6 cents
  • The World Population was ~ 1,980,000,000
  • The Lincoln Memorial was dedicated on May 30, 1922.
  • And... The last team to win gold in rugby (in the 1924 Olympics) was the USA team, which taught some All-American Football players how to play it during the boat ride to the games. France insisted on having the match and the American team was expected to lose.
1922 Books

World Series Champions

New York Giants

Stanley Cup Champs

Toronto St. Pats

US Open Golf

Gene Sarazan

US Tennis (Men/Ladies)

William T. Tilden/Molla B. Mallory

Wimbledon (Men/Women)

Gerald Patterson/Suzanne Lenglen

NCAA Football Champions

California & Cornell & Princeton

Kentucky Derby


"The Quotes"

"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval" - George Santayana (War Shrines)

The New York Times first mentioned Adolf Hitler, writing that his antisemitism was "not as genuine or violent as it sounded."

1922's New Faces, Top Stars, Models and Actresses

Theda Bara, Marion Davies, Pola Negri, Mary Pickford

Miss America

Mary Katherine Campbell (Columbus, Ohio)

Scandals, RIP and Odd News

Hetch Hetchy: a valley that was said to be as beautiful as its neighbor Yosemite. It was dammed in 1923 despite naturalist John Muir's protestations, and today provides the majority of San Francisco's water.

The first woman to serve in the US senate was Rebecca Latimer Felton in 1922. She was 87 and served for only one day. She championed prison reform, women's rights, and education. She was the last member of Congress to have owned slaves, was a white supremacist and openly supported lynching.

People rioted over whether it was okay or not to wear a straw hat past the "socially acceptable" date of September 15, in New York. The riot lasted 8 days and led to multiple arrests.

In Chicago, the Herrin Massacre occurred in June 1922 in Herrin, Illinois. 19 'scabs' and 2 union miners (Jordie Henderson and Joe Pitkewicius) were killed in mob action between June 21-22, 1922.

A fur trapper named Ben Cochrum was attacked by wolves in 1922. After shooting seven wolves and beating four to death with his gun, the stock broke and he succumbed to being "torn to shreds". His body was found surrounded by the remains of the 11 wolves he had killed fighting for his life.

There is a brown bear on California's state flag but the last brown bear in California was killed in 1922.

In Germany 1922, in January one US dollar was worth 191 Reichsmarks (Germany's currency at the time), but by November it was worth 4,200,000,000 Reichsmarks.

1922 Pop Culture News

The term 'The Jazz Age' was coined by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1922, the same year that the Great Gatsby is based

Gummy bears were made in the shape of bears after Hans Riegel, Sr., founder of the Haribo company, was inspired by trained bears that he witnessed performing at street festivities across Europe.

Film director Hal Roach released the first of many 'short' features called Our Gang. Considered racist by many today, it was actually groundbreaking to include black and white children playing together in 1922. In 1955, the series of shorts was renamed Little Rascals for television.

Charles Osborne had the hiccups non-stop for approximately 68 years, from 1922 to 1990. His hiccups first started in 1922 while weighing a hog for slaughter. He fell and busted a blood vessel in his brain resulting in him damaging a small part of the brain that inhibits the hiccup response

Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Pharoah Tutankhaman, better known as King Tut.

Vegemite's creation began in 1922 when Kraft Food Company hired a young chemist to develop a spread from one of the richest known natural sources in the Vitamin B group: brewer's yeast.

Walgreens introduced the malted milkshake in 1922.

In NYC there is a pizza sized plot of land sitting in the middle of a sidewalk. As a result of a surveying error, it was left as part of an estate. The heirs refused to donate the plot of land to NYC, instead putting a mosaic on the plot in 1922. The mosaic is still there, surrounded by sidewalk

All telephone service in the US and Canada was silenced for one minute on August 4th, 1922 to mark the funeral of Alexander Graham Bell.

The first ever 3D movie was The Power Of Love, a silent film released in 1922. It was also the first film to have an alternative ending, and the viewer could choose between the happy and sad endings (both shot in 2D) by closing one eye or the other. No copies exist.

Highest scoring baseball game ever: 49 runs when the Chicago Cubs beat the Phillies 26 to 23 on August 25th.

112 people died during the Hoover Dam project. The first was J. G. Tierney, a surveyor who drowned on December 20, 1922. His son, Patrick W. Tierney, was the last man to die working on the dam, 13 years to the day later.

Jame Joyce's Ulysses was first published in its entirety after its material first appeared in serialized parts in the American journal, becoming one of the most important works of modernist literature.

The discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922 influenced the Art Deco design style and repopularized the use of eyeliner in the West.

Highclere Castle, the filming location for Downton Abbey, belongs to the Carnarvon family - the family of the Fifth Earl of Carnarvon, who accompanied Howard Carter during the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922.

A US National Monument in South Dakota protecting a unique group of fossilized cycad trees was established by President Harding in 1922, but by 1930 almost all the fossils were gone -- mostly due to unauthorized removal by the scientist who nominated the site.

These years use the same calendars: 2017, 2006, 1995, 1989, 1978, 1967, 1961, 1950, 1939, 1933, and 1922.

The hottest temperature ever measured on Earth was in Aziziya, Libya on September 13 1922, and the temperature measured was 136 degrees Farenheit (57.8 degress Celsius).

Reader's Digest began publication

Better Homes And Gardens began publication

The Habits

Reading If Winter Comes by A.S.M. Hutchison
Reading Ulysses by James Joyce

1922's Most Popular Christmas Gifts

"Playing Doctor" kits

Popular Movies:

Dr. Mabuse the Gambler, Foolish Wives, Haxan, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Nanook of the North, Nosferatu, A Symphony of Terror/Horror, Oliver Twist, Robin Hood

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